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I just don't get why they're doing this because it's overshadowing Drag Me Down and it has a negative impact in the fandom when their main income comes from the fandom?! It's like 1DHQ sabotaging 1D. It's so stupid.

you’re talking about the same people that buried Four and thought selling harry as a manwhore at age 16/17 was a good thing.

  • VIOLLETTE:ok so lemme tell u about my day
  • VIOLLETTE:get some popcorn ready it's gonna be good
  • VIOLLETTE:& the conclusion is i'm trying out for american ninja warrior so
  • VIOLLETTE:ur in for a treat i swear

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Homophobic people are so stupid that I can feel my brain lobes dying every time I read something written by them. I'm sorry that its your ask box that has to be going through this crap! ._.

THANK YOU. Maybe one day they will learn.. x

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those photos are so shady... even if they did hook up why only release them now??? it seems like they were waiting for the perfect moment to start this baby bullshit and release the picture if people did not believe them... they are so stupid thinking we would fall for that... try again 1dhq

lets say they hook up…why would her family members take pictures and share them??? like ok lets say ashley took them for whatever reason… why would she send them TO THE GRANDMA????? id rather die than having my grandma post something like that about me on facebook like what the hell why do people think this is normal behavior

I just want Jonnor to have more screen time. I used to ship Brallie but honestly I’m so done with it (no offense to anyone who ships it) but I personally think Callie and Brandon are being selfish and stupid. Jonnor has helped so many people, in what other show will you find such a young same sex couple fighting real life battles? And like seriously at least Jude and Connor do not live under the same roof and they’re relationship doesn’t hurt anyone else. As a young queer person what is this straight incest couple supposed to do for me??

I play four instruments

I ALWAYS get good grades

I’ve won multiple spelling bees and writing competitions

I plan on getting a PhD in neuroscience

All my teachers love me

So if you think of calling ME, of all people, STUPID?

You can stick my future PhD up your ass

Sorry for being so brutal but I am so tired of people calling me stupid

So my fuckbuddy drove me home after work tonight because my dad’s working and my mom is taking my sister to meet-the-teacher night

so i came home to nobody home but 4 cats

zeppelin greeted me at the door, zelda came out from hiding to rub on me and receive pets, alex woke up from his nap to get pets, and Kitty came out from sleeping in my dad’s office to see what was goin down and like

Holy shit this is the best can every day be like this it’s seriously the least stressed I have ever felt coming home after work wtf

People who complain about captioned vines are so bitter and honestly stupid like sorry that deaf people and HoH people want to enjoy stuff lmao


Bucky is very capable cat that can manage and adapt to any mess he gets himself into (mostly, though help won’t hurt, usually there is quite a lot of mess)

(obviously my take on leaked Antman scene ;)

*misses you*
*still doesn’t talk to you*


FIVE (5) Elephants Murdered, 1 Baby Orphaned ( Monday, July 27, 2015 - Kenya)

At approximately 7.00 pm on 27th July, gunshots rang out in the darkness across Tsavo West. The incident was reported to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), who responded promptly at first light the following morning. The DSWT was contacted to support the extensive operation in southern Tsavo West National Park by flying in a KWS tracker dog from Ngulia rhino sanctuary and providing further ground support from our Chyulu Anti-Poaching Team.

The lifeless corpses of five slain elephants, with their ivory missing, lay strewn within fifty metres of each other. Security teams from KWS, DSWT and Big Life were deployed both in the air and on the ground with the tracker dogs available to support the ground efforts. By the evening of 28th the first of the poachers was arrested, and to date 3 have been apprehended for the crime, with operations ongoing.

On the morning of 29th July another tiny victim from this ghastly incident was found alive - a young elephant calf of approximately six to seven months old. He was rescued by KWS and Big Life teams, then driven to Ziwani airfield while the DSWT mobilised Keepers and a rescue plane from Nairobi to collect the calf to fly him back to our Nairobi Nursery. Surprisingly, despite his ordeal of having witnessed his whole family gunned down at the hands of humans, he has been friendly from the outset, needy of company and attention and clearly grateful to have been saved. After his terrifying 38 hours he has responded immediately to the company of the other orphans in our care, not wanting to leave their sides since arrival. We have called him Losoito, after the name of the hill close to where he was found.

We will do all in our power to help Losoito overcome his harrowing ordeal, for it is impossible to imagine the emotional trauma he has endured in witnessing the murder of 5 members of his family. All killed to satisfy a demand for ivory from people that wish to display and wear something that only has real value to an elephant. We talk of an elephant being killed every 15 minutes for its ivory, a shocking statistic, yet in this tragic incident, 5 elephants were killed in a minute!

Things that made me smile this week:

Sunday: While driving to New Jersey, two idiots flew past us doing about 900mph on a congested stretch of highway. They were racing, and as they wove back and forth dangerously between the traffic, I wondered how people can be so self-centered, careless, and stupid. A few miles down the road, we passed them. The racers had been pulled over by several police officers. It made me smile, and laugh.

Monday: I had to wake up at 5am this morning, and as my brain was coming out of its slumber, I noticed the soft trickle of rain against the window. The gentle sound made me smile.

Tuesday: Anna and I went to the beach for a mini vacation. She assembled my beach wheelchair and took me down to the water so we could hang in the surf together. A few waves almost knocked me out of the chair, although Anna swears she was in control the whole time. Her constant willingness to adapt so that we can experience life together made me smile.

Wednesday: Sarah said Andrew’s bedroom smells like cat urine. It made me smile.

Thursday: We went to my grandfather’s house to celebrate his birthday. We discovered that his can of bug spray had expired in 2004. It did not keep the mosquitos away but it made me smile.

Friday: Erinn and I got into a heated argument during work. It was the first time in our 10+ years of knowing each other that I felt the entirety of her wrath. It was terrifying. Half an hour later, the office blanketed with awkward silence, Erinn piped up: “Shane I’m sorry I lashed out at you before.” We all started laughing, and it made me smile.

Saturday: Anna and I went on an interesting date tonight. We wrote out a series of directions. (e.g. Turn left after counting 25 mailboxes. Make a right when you see a dog.) We left the house and followed the directions as they led us to many towns we had never seen before. At the end of the excursion, we pulled into the first dining establishment we saw (a little Italian family restaurant), where we had a delicious meal. The whole evening made me smile.

What made you smile this week?