Happy 9th anniversary, SHINee!! ♡ ♡ ♡   #9yearswithSHINee


“we’d choose to be shinee again if we were reborn, as long as it were with these same members.”
- happy 9th anniversary shinee! ♡


⭐ Happy 9th Anniversary SHINee! 25/05/08-25/05/17 ⭐

Thank you for all the laughter, fun and dorky sassiness all these years! Here are just several of my favourite moments of ot5 snarking each other up! To many more years of joy, amazing music and being the closest family :’) 


⭐ Happy 9th Anniversary to the brightest stars in the sky 

Five incredibly talented men that I will never regret supporting. Five gems made to last together, against all odds and limits. The sheer passion, talent and drive they have as performers to give everything their all will never cease to inspire me. Here’s to many more years of unique stages and music with the colour only SHINee can bring to the table!! They deserve the world. 


(170525) @allurekorea

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note: onew and minho went to the maldives for a photoshoot with allure magazine. there is no information regarding what issue they will be in, but it can be expected that they will either the june or july issue (most likely the first lol). more info coming soon~