According to this year’s almanac, walkthrough and Let’s Play videos are all the rage with the world’s youths. So if you want people to watch your gaming channel over everyone else’s, you need a gimmick. On March 28, 2011, Kurt J. Mac discovered his hook: He would walk to the end of the popular open-world game Minecraft. And he’s been fake-walking ever since.

The end of Minecraft, dubbed the “Far Lands,” is a glitchy nightmare where logic and sanity have forsaken the player in favor of a pixelated hellscape. Developer Markus Persson was aware of the glitches, but didn’t bother to fix them because he incorrectly thought that no one would ever make it that far in the game.

After four continuous years of walking, Mac has only made it 16.78 percent of the way to the Far Lands, and it’s estimated that he won’t see the end for another couple of decades. This GIF represents Mac’s path as of September of last year, demonstrating the 1,303.1 miles he walked up to that point.

The worst part of the entire endless jaunt is that, in most versions of the game, the Far Lands don’t even exist anymore. Mac is playing on the Beta 1.7.3. version of the game, and the Far Lands wereeliminated in version 1.8. It isn’t all for naught, though. While Mac quickly discovered he was in over his head, he refused to quit his journey. Mac now walks for charity, providing sick kids with books and toys. Mac is like Santa Claus, if Santa took 30 years to do deliver presents because he was busy pretending to walk across an imaginary continent.

6 People Who Prove Sometimes You Really Should Give Up

So I can’t stop thinking about the the pillow thing, but like it’s just that

the pillow really has always been dead center

even as recently as 9x04, which I hadn’t really noticed until just now

And the second nightstand wasn’t present as recently as 9x04 either, but now

It’s there. I suppose it could be argued that the nightstand was ONLY added now so they would have something to sit another lamp on and add to the flickering lights, which I guess is valid…but…it doesn’t change the framing of this shot, how he is only occupying EXACTLY ONE HALF of the bed and a second nightstand would indicate a second person sharing that bed (which they clearly AREN’T but they COULD BE in the future).

So, this was a very well thought out and perfectly executed shot. IDK I guess I’m just still bothered by people saying we’re reading too much into it? Especially since I just now noticed how the bedroom setup was still the same in 9x04. This shot says SO much, and it in and of itself has nothing to do with Dean and Cas, I will give you that, but it DOES indicate that Dean is lacking an intimate partner in his life, and I think you all know who I would say is going to be filling that space in the future. ;)

closed starter for Padraigthedemon

Lydia was walking around during the daytime looking around at people finding someone to play cat and mouse with for a bit. She enjoyed making her targets feel scared before killing them slowly and painfully so she liked to have a day or two of playtime. So of course she would need to find out her next victim first. And one person she noticed quickly. A boy who appeared to be albino like her it was rare for her to find another albino she would have fun playing with this rare toy. So she began to follow him around with a happy grin and decided to greet him so she could start learning about him. Quickly walking over to the other she approached them. “Hello mister! My name is Lydia!” She said to the stranger. She may seem weird to just come up to people out of the blue. But why would his thoughts on her bother her. He would be dead before the week ended anyways.

Just a Bruise (Calum)
Anon: Can you do a Calum imagine where he leaves a few bruises on you from, ya know, doing itttt, and you try to hide them but eventually he sees them and he feels terribly bad about it and you try to reassure him that it’s alright? Pretty please?

“Just a minute!” you call as Calum knocks on the bathroom door, which you have locked as you try and get ready for the day. You and Cal were planning on going to the hotel pool with the rest of the guys on one of their rare days off, but once you saw the darkening purple bruises clustered on your hips and thighs you started to have second thoughts. You only had a bikini and you knew Calum would get upset when he saw the bruises. He always felt really bad when he left marks, like he hurt you or something. They didn’t bother you at all – especially once you remembered where you got them from – but you knew he would feel terribly guilty if he saw them.

You decided on going down to the pool but not actually swimming. You would just sit on the side, and not get undressed. As you heard Calum getting more restless outside the bathroom, you pulled on a loose white cotton dress over your bikini.

“Ready to go?” you asked. The two of you made your way down to the pool, where you could already see Luke, Ashton, and Michael pushing each other off the pool deck and into the water.

“Race you into the water!” Calum said cheekily, beginning to tug on your hand but dropping it after realizing you weren’t budging.

“I don’t think I’m gonna swim today, Cal,” you say.

“What? Why not?” he looks puzzled, scrunching up his nose in a way that shouldn’t have been endearing but was. “I thought you were excited,” he pouts.

“Fine, just… you go ahead, I’ll get in in a couple minutes,” you say and he grins before taking a dive into the pool with his friends.

You waited until the boys were distracted, all splashing each other and shouting obscenities as they struggled to stay afloat in the deep end of the pool, then quickly pulled off the dress and jumped into the pool, praying the bruises wouldn’t be visible underwater. As you surfaced for air, you felt yourself bump into somebody’s bare chest and opened your eyes to see Calum treading water right beside you. You swam over to the wall and he followed.

“That bikini looks great,” he remarked, his gaze hovering over on your chest. You felt your stomach flip flop as his eyes raked over your body, then landing on your hipbones with a startled expression.

“Calum – ” you start, as he presses a finger to one of the purple splotches underwater, and you mentally smack yourself as you flinch from his touch.

“Wait, Y/N… Are those… from last night?” he cuts you off with a whisper, horrified. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” he says, pulling away from you.

“No, no, Calum – it’s fine. Really,” you say. “They’re literally just bruises, I’m fine.”

“But I hurt you,” he says, trying to remain quiet so the other guys don’t hear.

“No you didn’t, babe, I’m fine,” you insist, pulling his lips to yours and pecking them lightly.

“Was that why you didn’t want to swim?” he asks. “God, now I feel awful,” he groans.

“Oh my god Calum, I swear I’m fine,” you say, grabbing both sides of his face and forcing him to look at you. “Most guys like leaving marks on their girlfriends you know,” you say, cocking an eyebrow at him as he began to calm down.

“I just feel bad,” he whines, before you splash him with water. He responds with another pout.

“God, shut up! If you didn’t leave bruises I’d be mad,” you say, splashing him again, until eventually he responds – resulting in both of you laughing ridiculously and gasping for breath.

A/N: I had no idea where to end this, it kind of cuts off at an awkward point :/ Anyways, sorry this was bad I just wanted to post this since it’s been sitting on my request list for a while. Tell me what you think and request whatever! Love you :-)





Ames was already stripping his shirt off, hiding the wince from the soreness his body was feeling, when he heart footsteps walk into his room. Only one person would be around at this time of night. He assumed she had left early after the mess that took place earlier. Some drunks he could handle, but others he tended to react poorly to. The man had been larger than him, but he still managed to throw him out. But not without beer being thrown onto him and a few blows connecting. He wanted to change before he cleaned up downstairs.

“I thought you would have left by now.” He considered stopping what he was doing, not certain he wanted her around while he changed, but the stench of the beer was bothering him and he assumed she wouldn’t do anything. He turned to her while he undid his belt, looking less than amused. “Do you think you will learn to knock at any point in time?”

25 Favorite Photographs of Grand Duchess Olga {7/25}

As a child, Olga was once frightened when she witnessed a policeman arresting someone on the street. She thought the policeman would come to arrest her because she had behaved badly for Miss Eagar. Olga said to Miss Eager, ‘Did you see that policeman?’“ Miss Eagar told her the policeman would not bother her. Olga replied, "But this one was writing something; I was afraid he might have been writing 'I saw Olga, and she was very naughty.’” Miss Eager said this would be highly unlikely, but Olga reminded her rather reproachfully - that some time before she had seen a drunken woman arrested in the street, and had asked Miss Eagar to tell the police not to hurt her. Miss Eagar, however, had refused to interfere, saying that “the woman was naughty and the police quite right in taking her.” Miss Eagar responded to this irrefutable fact by stating that a person had to be quite big and very naughty before the police would take that person to prison. 

Nevertheless, upon returning home, Olga asked everyone if a policeman had come by while she was out, then recounted the entire story to her father. Had her father ever been a prisoner? she asked. The Emperor answered that he had never been quite naughty enough to go to prison, where upon Olga replied with much admiration, “Oh! How very good you must have been!”

When reading a history lesson, she remarked that she was glad she lived in current times, when people were good and not as evil as they had been in the past.

This last call could be all we can do for each other / Embrace for a dear old friend / Bring wine to bed / We’ll toast what could have been / My dearly departed / To my dearly departed

Liam liked to believe there were certain moments in life when people could actually be a hero. And while he was obsessed with Batman—he wasn’t so sure he could live up to the potential of the masked man.

But God for you, he would do anything to be your hero if only for one minute.

Which is why he was driving, fighting off sleep in the middle of the night because he just felt something so deep in his bones that something was bothering you and something wasn’t going right. You had texted him after a long while of being out of communication with one another and simply put “In case anyone hasn’t told you lately, third time is not the charm.”

Of course Liam knew that you had been dating someone pretty steadily but he still thought you would have been on guy number six because there was no way anyone was good enough for you. And much like himself, they would tell you that you deserved better.

Liam hated himself for saying that to you, because he knew you would never ever believe that. You would always think something was wrong with you. There was nothing wrong with you. It was impossible. You were in every form of the word perfect.

You hated being perfect. You had told Liam that if you were perfect then everyone would leave you just as he did because no one would ever feel good enough. Liam hated the sound of that—but he would never deny it. You were entirely, entirely right. No one was good enough. You were wonderful. The things you did were above and beyond the call of girlfriend. No one should be that nice and yet you were. You were an angel.

So this was one of those times that Liam felt he could be a hero. He doesn’t know why but he knew you would be here—the place you loved to go and sit by the water and watch the boats pass under the bridge. Even late at night you were always down for a road trip to the water.

Having grown up on an island the water was the one place you could sit and think and exist for a while without having to exist. You were something else. Something wonderful and beautiful and Liam wished with all his heart that he was good enough for you. The quirks you had were some of his favorite things—the way you could sit in silence for hours. How you loved to read and write but were obsessed with science to the point he wondered how on earth you were not an astronaut.

That’s where he found you. You were laying on the hood of your car staring up at the sky. He sat in his car a moment because he knew you hadn’t cared who pulled up beside you. You were probably more heartbroken than he knew how to handle.

The thing was that you were meant to be in a relationship. Because the things you did were amazing and beautiful and someone deserved to feel the love you had to share. But Liam wanted you to have someone that endlessly showed you love that you deserved. And you deserved far more than him. He knew that whole-heartedly.

Part of Liam was also pissed at you because how could you sit in the dark alone in the middle of nowhere?

Slowly he got out of his car and almost cried when he heard the beautiful sad song you were playing to yourself and listened to your sniffles that sounded like the song itself in a sadder form. “Oh sweets,” he whispered softly.

You started to sob before you could stop yourself because all you wanted was to be in love and be happy and never be without someone. Of course you could be. Liam only found you when you were well into college—nearly everyone was shocked you had never had a boyfriend and no one was able to believe that you were single. So when Liam discovered he was your first boyfriend he was shocked and awed. You should have been snapped up. And he was grateful for his chance to be with you but he wanted you to have more.

“You can’t call me that,” you sniffled. He swallowed thickly and laid down beside you on the hood of your car. His thumb brushed against your cheeks and wiped the tears away. “It’s not fair,” you croaked.

“I know,” he said simply.

You felt like dying and just wanted to not exist anymore. “Why are you here?”

“Because I’m worried about you. And I told you I would always love you and be here for you.”

“Then why did you go?” You croaked. Of course you were sad and lonely in this very moment and you didn’t want Liam to leave you and you wished with all your heart he hadn’t left you so long ago. “You…we were so happy, Li,” you whimpered. “It wasn’t fair. You broke my heart and you were fine.”

“I was not fine, beautiful,” he promised and reached over to cup your face. “I was not fine at all.”

You didn’t respond to that. “I’m so done. I just want to give up. I’m meant to be in a relationship and I just can’t find the person I want to take care of and love.”

Liam’s heart softened because you meant every word and he felt bad for you and also love for you that he missed feeling. “Sweets, you need to find someone that loves and wants to take care of you.”

You shook your head letting the tears flood your face. How long had you been holding them in? It was longer than just tonight. “I don’t deserve that. I don’t want that. I just—” You almost choked on your broken breath.

“Alright, come on,” he said and tugged you to him and wrapped you tightly in his arms. He pressed his chin on top of your head. You sobbed against his shirt and you cuddled so close to him because it had been so long since he held you like this and so long since you felt this loved and safe. “It’s getting cold, now, sweets,” he whispered into your hair as you cried and he slowly pulled you off of the hood with him and he gently rested you down on the backseat of the car. Carefully he laid down on top of you and you started to breathe normally again.

“The other two didn’t lay on me. They thought I was weird,” you sniffled and wiped your eyes as you breathed with Liam’s weight pushing delightfully against your body. Liam smirked sadly.

“You are weird, silly goose,” he whispered softly.

You giggled despite yourself and nodded. “Yeah,” you answered. Liam rested his forehead against yours and he hated seeing the anguish in your eyes.

“You’re going to find him,” he promised you.

You shook your head. “It’s okay if I don’t,” you croaked but your eyes said anything but what your lips had moved to say.

“You’re going to find him,” he repeated. “If anyone in this world deserves love, care, and affection it is the princess of care and love,” he said and gently kissed your forehead.

“Why isn’t it you?” You whimpered again and you turned your face from him. Liam felt tears in his eyes and he shook his head.

“More, love. You deserve so much more than me.”

“No,” you sniffled. “I really don’t.”

“It’s because you don’t think you do, that you do. You felt like your heart was just gone and there was this empty hole in your chest trying to pump blood and live. But it was hard. When you were this lonely, everything felt hard and broken. But here was Liam. Promising you things that could never be but all that could have been if he just believed in himself. If any of the guys you dated believed in themselves. “Don’t you want the best?” Liam wondered quietly. “That’s what you should have.”

“No,” you said. “I really don’t want that.”

“Why not, sweets?”

“Because they’ll always leave! They’ll never think they’re the best! That’s why I try so hard, because I’m not the best, I’ll never be the best, someone will always be better than me, and that’s fine. But someone has to settle for me and all I do because I’m never going to be more. If I dated the best…” you shook your head. “I wouldn’t be able to handle that.”

Liam sighed sadly. “God, beautiful. You’re so stupid,” he cooed and kissed your forehead.

You nodded and sniffled. “I’m well aware.”

And so Liam settled himself more snuggly against you. “All that could have been.”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “You could be my Batman,” you mumbled. Liam wondered if you really could sense him thinking about heroes. When the two of you were dating once in a while you would get this sense of what he was feeling and thinking because you were so goddamn attuned to him that you knew what he was feeling before he felt it.

It was a blessing and a curse. It made his head spin and he wished he could turn you off because you made it so easy to love you but you deserved so much more.

And yet, all you wanted was someone to lay on you like this.

The two of you laid there and you felt whole for a moment. Just laying here with Liam and it was good. Everything was okay as long as this moment never ended. You didn’t want him to leave. You said nothing. You just waited, and waited.

Liam squeezed you tightly and let his lips drag across your temple and just brush your hairline. “All that will be,” he said simply and Liam really did wonder if this was a hero moment. Because it felt like it, but it was so simple. You deserved more, you always would.

But Liam was glad you felt you deserved him.

This would be the last call he would get from you like this.

Tomorrow he would wake up beside you.

That’s all that mattered now.

All the problems I had with ep11: a Masterpost


Beyond him saying the experiments were too cruel for his taste (which could just be him lying to Master) there is the horrible fact that Moral said Hajime might be the one to cure Nice’s loneliness

Why horrible? Because he doesnt even mention her in season 01. Not even a “Ah yes I thought that girl would do it but boy was she disappointing” nothing, nada. He’s more worried about trying to see if Art would become the one. No attempt to gauge if Hajime could still be that person is ever made. A friend tried to excuse this by suggesting Takahiro’s thing was an attempt to jog Hajime’s memory. But really, if it was, why woudlnt they have him at least mentioning her? Considering how he used it to taunt Art, that was clearly due to him not Hajime.

This is a small issue, but it bothered me.

2- Coat? Birthmark? Haha fuck continuity bitches ignore that ever happened.

Skill in s1 was shown to wear the same coat Nice would later start wearing. And has a birthmark like SArt’s

For no fucking reason i can think of, they scrapped his design and shown neither Nice or Skill with the coat.

“maybe itll be explained later” let’s fucking face it: if they could reqrite Honey’s backstory, it’s likely they just decided to ignore this. ugh

3-Hajime doesnt want to be alone

and now this is bullshit. look, before episode 11 i would have 100% be ok with this line. But considering what we learned in ep11 that was bullshit

Doesnt want to be alone without Nice? Why would she be if he died? The one who saved her, fed her, gave her a place to stay and has been more around her is Master. And also koneko. Yet they mean nothing? Seriously?? Say that he’s the most important one to you, but dont fucking act like you’d have noone when in the same fuckign episode I was told you have Master and koneko.

4- My brother is very important to me! which is why you are only hearing his name from my lips now…

Seriously. Before this episode he is never mentioned by Art. Oh sure we see him in flashbacks (but out of 3 he appears, in only 1 is he important) and Art and nice visit the grave…but that’s it

Two seasons. They could have set up Art’s motivation long ago by having him mention Skill. Considering how many times alone he and Nice were in s1, it would have been easy to drop a line like “Hey, Nice, remember that time Skill…nevermind” and stuff.

Hell, we wouldnt veen know his name before this last episode if it werent for ending credits. Think about that: the brother Art was going to all this shit for -even killing his bestfriend- was never mentioned by him before.

5-Muh brother the Minimum Holder would sure as fuck want me to kill Nice to erradicate all the other Minimum Holders :D

Logic? What Logic?

6- People can be equal without Minimums! I will protect Nice! Oh wait, I DO have a Minimum…let’s murder him instead!

In s1 not only was Skill never even mentioned, but before dying Art had accepted that people dont need to have Minimums to be equal.

Suddenly dying changes his mind about that??

I do realize there’s still the small chance this change had to do with what moral whispered to him. Still, in case they dont explain it, I’m mentioning it here.

7- Master’s backstory: any more rushed would be impossible

Master’s flashback with his “dont treat people like they’re objects! Dont you dare kill this little girl!” is sorta ridiculous when one remembers the many children we saw being turned into monsters. Oh, killing a cute little girl is no-no but turning cute little children into monsters is a-ok?

Oh right, that is brought up to which he replies “we were wrong” ah yes that wasnt rushed and ridiculous at all. If they had actually shown Master as he took kids to the experiment rooms, showing him hesitatint, hating it etc this would have been good. As it is, it’s ridiculus.

So basically: I’m not mad at the episode because Nice was killed (like, lmao I doubt thats permanent) but Im mad because of the inconsistencies, characters with ridiculously stupid motivations that were never implied before etcetc. This isnt a 12 episode series: it’s 24. They had ample time to imply some of these issues way before now, and instead left it all for the penultimum episode.

And that’s all i can think of…for now

A Little Rendezvous [CLOSED]

With his foot tapping every second against the pavement, Polnareff stationed himself outside of the Hotel himself and the crusaders had booked into. However the only thing that was bothering him was that he was alone, old man Joseph and Avdol parted not too long ago leaving him with his grandson Jotaro and Iggy who both had also miraculously disappeared too. The stand user was used to the dog wandering off but to think Jotaro would abandon him? Of all people?

…On second thought, the idea wasn’t that far fetched. Not that he would ever admit that.

“I might as well have a little rendezvous myself then if no one wants to hang out with moi.” He grumbled to himself, deciding to now take a leisurely stroll down the path and further into the city of Cairo. Many things caught his eye such as stalls, people passing by, and even the conversations that made their way to his ears and out the other end; apparently being so enthralled that he hadn’t noticed another person bumping into him and promptly falling down with a thud..

“Ah! My apologies mon cher - I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Polnareff knelt down to help them up as well as scoping the ground to see if any miscellaneous personal items fell from the other’s person.



With all the financial problems he was facing he was going to have to do something to make money quickly or any hopes he had of continuing with the revolution would be impossible. So after giving it a few moments of thought he agreed to make a few videos a week.

It never bothered him, he got paid well and people apparently liked his videos though he never checked for himself how many people had seen it. He probably should have as his videos were a lot more popular than he thought and he only found out when he walked into the musain and began to wonder why no one would make eye contact with him.

“Alright someone tell me what’s going on!” He demanded “I really don’t have the time for this” he snapped, glaring around at everyone.

i-am-the-discourse-queen  asked:

Okay I finally caught up with your blog and I'm really curious about that new guy on whether he is an OC or not. At first I thought it was Johnny but then I remembered that he's Peter's friend... So, here's a completely unrelated question, Mod. Is there any possible crossovers you would see yourself doing in the future? Whether in the Marvel Universe or not? I love the blog btw sorry to bother you

MOD: Well I will not introduce something like an OC or I think so (I don’t have one by the way) but I have some ideas for the future about crossovers, maybe with other blogs, that would be great. Don’t worry you don’t bother me, I’m really glad you ask :)

anonymous asked:

I know I'm probably the only one thinking this but the kiss really bothered me why couldn't Robert have realised he wasn't attracted to her without the kiss? So if the attraction had been there would he have cheated?

Hi nonnie

I’m sure you’re not the only one. To me, I thought Robert was playing the game again. He had already made up his mind about Rebecca, but he wanted her to think that she was in with a chance so that when he knocked her back so surely, it would hurt just a little bit more, take a little bit more out of her pride. And it worked, because as soon as he said that he feels nothing at all for her, she immediately dropped her hands and stepped back. I think that by doing that, cause her a little bit of pain and take a chunk out of her pride, ensured that she wouldn’t try it on with him again. And to add insult to it, even when she asked for one last kiss, almost in exchange for her leaving Aaron out of it, he caused more pain by saying that he couldn’t even bring himself to do that.

When I saw it, I saw Robert at his trashy best!

blackcuttingmoon  asked:

Shirosaki has been kind enough as for obliging and just lay down by Grimmjow's side as the man nuzzled him sleepily. What a sacrifice. The fresh grass under their bodies, the moon high in the sky, which was splattered with some stars... There was calm. The pale being sighed in relaxation and leaned closer towards Grimmjow, running a hand through blue tresses while the other slowly fell asleep. Just for today, he would continue being weak. Everyone needed a break, after all.

6. — Who had thought the other could have a soft side too, one where he would permit such thing and simply relax right beside him, it was beautiful  —  so he wouldn’t question it further and just enjoy this as long as he could. They were alone and thus no one could bother them, though there was always the chance that some Shinigami appear or Kurosaki himself as their reiatsu was still easily to detect. Speaking of that, he could perfectly feel the other’s power, how strong it was, bigger than his own there was no doubt. He stood no chance against Kurosaki and even less against Shirosaki, unable to keep up with that kind of power and while he tries to improve, the other improves too. 

“Shiro’ …”  he mumbled, a small smile forming upon his lips while he was petted, grumbling a little as it was not needed but it felt good and soon was the Espada asleep / hopefully there would be no meeting in the middle of the night or whatever time, he could not tell when they were holding meetings as there was no real time in Las Noches, who knows, perhaps they were often awake while everyone else was asleep ;  just hoped now to not miss anything while he was here, doing something forbidden with the enemy. They were not supposed to get along but … fuck that