Crossing Lines: Arrow 5x19 Review (Dangerous Liaisons)

If 5x19 is indicative of the final four episodes of Season 5, then we are in for one hell of a ride. 

After setting Oliver and Felicity off into trajectories, Arrow returns to the center as Felicity’s relationship with Helix come to a head. Original Team Arrow is splintered as Felicity aligns herself against Oliver and Diggle. Smoak versus Arrow is more than just Felicity going head to head with those who know and love her best. It’s about diving into Felicity’s real motivations. Sure, we were told Felicity’s grief over Billy is pushing her over the edge 

(keep singing that tune Arrow), but we knew there was more. The truth is, Felicity’s motivations haven’t strayed too far from center after all.

Let’s dig in…

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The Tyke

Pairing: past Daryl x Reader
Word count: 1,458
Warnings: Angst, swearing, mentions of cheating

Scooping the smiling little boy from his car seat, your breath caught in your throat. He was four, and the way his blue eyes were every bit his father never stopped amazing you. He’d look up at you and memories would come at you like a tidal wave. “Come on, baby. Let’s get you cleaned up for dinner.” You said, setting him on the sidewalk next to you.

The small boy knelt down, driving his toy car in circles as you grabbed the few bags from the trunk. “You need some help, ma’am?” Came a voice from behind you that made you freeze.

“Mommy, is rude ta inore!” Came the sweet voice of your son, making your eyes dart to him before turning to come face to face with Merle Dixon.

You’d never liked Merle, and he’d always made you uneasy. Years away hadn’t changed that one bit. “Well, well, well.” He smirked, a twinkle in his eye that made you taste bile. “If it isn’t little miss Y/N.”

“No, I don’t need help, Merle.” You told him, refusing to back down.

“Ain’tchya gon’ introduce me ta the tyke?” He asked, moving more towards him. “Hey, there, buddy.”

You were shaking slightly as you slammed your trunk shut, everything in your arms. “Come on, Finn.” You told your son firmly. “Say goodbye to Mr. Merle.” You hated the man with a passion, but you were trying to raise Finn right. There was no way you’d be blurting out that they shared a last name.

“Bye, Mr. Merle!” Finn’s eyes lit up as he waved.

Merle raised an eyebrow at you, but looked back to Finn. “See ya round, Finn. Nice meetin’ ya.” He stood up, his eyes locked on yours as he slowly walked by. “I’ll be seein’ ya.” It sounded almost like a threat to you.

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The Crown weighs heavy (Ch.19)

Pairing: NeganxReader

Rating: M overall

Chapters: 19/?

A/N: I knowwwww it has been years since I have updated this story. Inspiration has just been way lacking for me in the Negan area :( It’s not the longest but since it has been a while I decided to update it with this anyway.


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anonymous asked:

I know it's easier to blame **** but we have to admit zayn is becoming a sellout . I can't shake off the time where his sister shaded him on insta saying things like family is more important than money,etc. Everything he seems to be doing now seems like a cash grab. from the fifty shades sound track or this tasteless versus campaign, I am deeply disappointed :(

what kind of nonsense?!??!?!? what the fuck is wrong with you people? how in the world is zayn a sellout when he literally says every time he has the chance that he doesn’t care about money, he doesn’t care about sales? y’all have some nerve, i swear to fucking god. zayn has enough money to live 50 lives, you don’t see him going around buying luxury cars or changing his house every month or literally bragging about how much money he has like other celebs do. he’s a very decent guy. he’s got one hell of an education, an amazing set of morals instilled in him by his parents from a young age and there’s no fucking way you’re gonna go around and mistreat him because he has some projects you don’t like. you are seriously going to judge him based on some posts a couple of angry teenagers made? you didn’t see doniya (who is older and obviously wiser and definitely knows better) going around and talking shit about him. family members fight, it’s natural, and they make up, but you have no fucking right to get in between and make stupid assumptions. you have no idea what happened between them and if they wanted to take it out on social media, let them do it. it’s silly and childish but what can we do? they’re still children after all. safaa is only 14 and waliyha is 18. they moved on, they made up and they started praising him again. he’s out there in america working his ass off not just for him, but for his family as well. he’s going to support his mom and sisters in starting a business in bradford and tell me how the fuck shouldn’t they be thankful and appreciative? i didn’t see anyone calling the weeknd or beyonce a sellout for having a song on the 50 shades soundtrack, but of course it’s wrong and has a filthy purpose when it comes to zayn just because he is zayn. y’all are getting mad at him and think you have the audacity to ‘drag’ him (in some incredible lame way) for even having the nerve to breathe. i didn’t see anyone calling other musicians a sellout for being a part of a fashion brand campaign? where were y’all with your justice back then? why does this apply only when zayn does something? versace is a huge brand, one of the biggest in the industry. y’all should be fucking happy for him if you claim to stan him.   “Everything he seems to be doing now seems like a cash grab”. do you know what money machine means? think of one direction. if zayn wanted to do everything for money, he would’ve put song after song after song out, promoted the shit out of them, of his album, his book, started a tour, promoted his merch, being literally everywhere all the time. i don’t think you see him on every tv show possible or at every festival etc? get the fuck out of my inbox with this nick grimtrash bullshit 

Roselyn Callahan

Name: Roselyn Lysandra Callahan

Age: 26, verse depending,

Birthday: April 17th, 1991

Species: Demigoddess, Daughter of Apollo

Gender: Female

Looks: Blonde hair, hazel eyes

Sexuality: Bisexual

Faceclaim: Dianna Agron

Personality: She’s sweet and has a heart of gold, she’s slow to temper but she has a hell of one when it’s set off. She’s a quiet leader but she’s also funny and sassy. She’s calm and witty. But she doesn’t trust easily, she’s shut off and would rather keep her feelings to herself. She’ll help others all day long but she’ll never let anyone know that she’s broken on the inside too. 


Rose is the daughter of Apollo and Sabrina Callahan, an Irish witch, whom Rose received no powers from, gaining them all from her father. She’s gifted with a healing touch and expert archer. Archery calms her down just as much as reading does and she reads more often than not.

Rose lost her mother when she was four and she was kidnapped by the murders as revenge against her father. She was only there for six months after but it still scarred her for life and she was saved by three demigods, one of which was a half brother of her’s. She was quiet and shy as a child and would be until she grew older and grew into herself. Rose is an expert archer like most Apollo children and she’s an expert medic, becoming a nurse once she leaves Camp Half blood but seeing as she is a powerful demigoddess monster attacks happen frequently. 

During her time at Camp Half-Blood, she fought in the Titan and Giant War along side Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase and granted she’s a couple of years older than them, she was still a leading General and the leader of the Apollo cabin by the time she’s eighteen and she’d leave Camp when she’s twenty two to become a travelling nurse. She spends most of her time in Charleston with her mother’s family and also in Ireland but she goes back to Camp Half blood every summer to help train young demigods and if she meets them while in the mortal world, she leads them to Camp.

Romantic Maiden Hanzo #1

Continuing where we left off on the Gibraltar cliff with McCree looking out into the sea and sunset. He sees that a drunk Hanzo is standing behind him, not doing anything and being silent.

McCree: “…Aw-awkward!” McCree thinks to himself. “Why? Why is he standing there?! Why isn’t he saying anything?! This cliff is ridiculously huge, he could’ve gone anywhere. Hell he could just sit next to me but he’s just standing there! Should I say something? But what the hell do I say in this situation I’m in? Ummm…. the sunset is beautiful? No no no, to cheesy and boring. Not gonna work. Wait a minute, I’ve seen something like this before. On this cliff dyed in the setting sun, he meets a lone man sitting there. This is one hell of a romantic story setting. Does he want me to say something cool?” 

He turns and sees Hanzo fidgeting as if he was waiting for something. 

McCree: “He does! Never expected him to want enact the whole ‘boy-meets-boy’ encounter. Guess I should say something, but freaking hell. I’m only out here so I can skip out of cleaning duty, leave my lazy ass alone! But we’re already at this point and I don’t wanna disappoint him. So here we go.” 
The wind… it seems troubled.” ‘Fuck I just wanna die after saying that! Now what does he think of it?’

He turns around and sees that Hanzo smiling from all this and is enjoying every minute of it.

McCree: “He’s happy! Though I kinda felt mah soul die after saying that dumb line. Alright let’s hear what you have to say.”

Hanzo: “But the wind… it seems to be weeping a bit.” He said with such poise and grace.

McCree: “PFFFTHAHAHAHAHA! This guy’s a riot! But I’m sorry, I’m all tuckered out from all of this. Gimme a break already, I can’t do this anymore. I’m happy that I made you happy, but enough is enough. I can’t handle another dumb line. Which is why I called for some backup!”

McCree had texted to Reinhardt and Genji to help him out of this predicament. A second later, Reinhardt comes to aid McCree in his time of need. 

Reinhardt: “Let us go, Jesse. It seems as though the wind blew something unpleasant into our midst.”


Hanzo is really smiling from all of this, he really seems elated for living one of his fantasies out.

McCree: “Damn he looks happy as hell! But enough is enough, I’m going back to the real world! But I might as well say one last thing before I do.

McCree turns to leave for homebase, but not before saying one last thing.

McCree: “Let us make haste, lest the wind ceases.” He said but he felt a chunk of his soul die. “WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING?!?! ENOUGH ALREADY! THIS AS FAR AS I CAN GO!”

Genji: “Wait!” The ninja finally makes his appearance.

McCree: “Ah the last one’s hear. Where were you?”



WHAM! Hanzo smacks Genji in the face with his Storm Bow for ruining his fantasy. McCree and Reinhardt just leave the two behind.


Oh, it’s about to go down in London! August 9th, we open The House of Vans London beneath London’s Waterloo Station, occupying the infamous Old Vic Tunnels with one hell of a sick sick skate set up. Sidewalk Mag has a sneak peak of the space as it’s getting built out and this Vans HOV video teaser gives you a further look at the rad space.

why rami malek is a disaster
  • small tiny
  • that one beautifully sad quote about snafu and sledge’s “relationship” (!!!???)
  • his fashion sense (hipster?? dad?? hobo??? who knows!)
  • his dancing at the end of the night at the museum
  • his fucking eyes? have you seen those? bye i’m melting
  • he’s got a voice like a baby’s ass. soft. smooth. you wanna rub it against ya face
  • his flawless acting in the pacific
  • hands????????please spare me
  • that interview where the guy says something about rami being kinda goofy and it cuts to a clip of rami making the most ridiculous face i wanted to eject myself out of the milky way
  • he’s so deep n thoughtful?? i hate him
  • he looks really tiny but he’s actually 6'0’’ what in the fuck hell
  • that one pic set of him cutting pickles
  • he looks like a small tiny frog boy
  • did i mention his twin brother sami
  • bye this man is a disaster

A bit long but hopefully worth it :)

For the last four years I have posted something on this Tumblr, on my twitter and on my Facebook EVERY SINGLE DAY – for four years, no exceptions, and I’m not planning to stop. I’m doing it for a lot of reasons. Because I always see things, read things and feel things that I want to share. Because I want to let you in on my journey, because I want you to feel like you’re a part of all this. But mostly, honestly, I’m doing it for selfish reasons. It’s my way of capturing this journey of mine, this life of mine. And because sharing my journey with all of you makes me feel less alone. It gives me someone to sing for, to write for, to talk to. And that has changed my life. To, at least hope and believe, that someone out there can relate. And care. And maybe even enjoy it.

Going back through these 4 years of posts, tweets and journals, you will see me go through achievements and storms. Happiness and heartbreak. Inspired days of music and days of rain with no one around. And that’s why I’m doing this. 
Some of my friends find me silly when I always run to post something here every morning, telling me that it’s okay to turn off the internet one single day. But they don’t get it, because it’s the consistency of a little step every day that builds the journey. Something small every single morning that slowly builds up the story line of four years. A story line, that through daily determination with no exception, because I believed in it with all my heart, turned into my life.

So, after all these years, I’ve had hundreds of new ideas and plans and things I would like to achieve and do and be. I’ve lost track of the real path a few times, strayed out on foreign land, explored new interests and voices, sounds or styles, but there is one single thing that always pulls me back; the hunger to learn and grow and improve myself. As a writer, as a songwriter, as a producer. As a person, a friend, a daughter. I’m a lifelong student, and if I launch a project, release an album or publish a book that completely fails and that everybody hates, I will still feel fulfilled if I learned something in the process.

So what I want to say to you with this last post this year, is just simply thank you for letting me pursue my dream of growing as a songwriter, writer and person. Thank you for letting me record, produce and release my new album this year, and with that grow as a producer and artist. Thank you for giving me memories through my House Shows that I will never ever forget, teaching me how to not close in on myself, trust other people and understand different ways of living. Thank you for constantly giving me a reason to keep writing and learning when I some days lose sight of it, because you’re teaching me about giving back and about being accountable. And even, thank you for sometimes righting me when I’ve done wrong. For telling me that I can do better when I’ve settled. Thank you for not judging me when I make mistakes, but for letting me know and then learn together with me.

So finally, here’s to another year of growing, learning, feeling and seeing. Experiencing and exploring. Falling in love and learning heartbreak, finding new favorite bands and reading books, road trips and nightly conversations by the sea. Morning texts from someone you love, long walks home in the snow and endless possibilities to do something you never thought you could do. Here’s to the first day of spring, when the air is crisp and you feel lighter. Here’s to staying inside a whole weekend when it’s raining, with too much coffee and acoustic music. Here’s to trying something new, and maybe failing, but leaving it with one hell of a story. Here’s to setting goals, like for me writing four new books, release a new acoustic EP and start the journey of my third full-length. I want to collaborate with other artists and creative people, and I want to sing my heart out on stages all over the world. 

So here’s to not settling and here’s to facing fear. Enjoying the free fall and the rush of adrenaline.
And finally, here’s to how I found you, and here’s to how you found me. Happy New Year my friends 

“She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them.”
— Beau Taplin

iggy31  asked:

Do you happen to know when Meryl arrived and left the studio?

Ok, so this time stamp thing is confusing as hell.

On one set of pictures, Meryl arrived at 6:04PM and left at 6:51PM, so she was only there for about 45min. I would say that this rules out any type of rehearsal.

In the picture I posted under, which is almost identical to one posted earlier, the time stamp is 5:43pm.

Nastia had already left the studio before Meryl arrived. (Based on the time of the picture time stamp)

It looks like Val and Rumer left around the same time as Meryl, or was out in the parking lot around the same time. Here are 2 pictures with both Meryl and Rumer in them, but with the top being at 6:51 and the bottom at 5:43. I’m thinking that 6:51 is the correct time.

And before you ask (not you iggy31, just in general), no, there are no pictures, that I have seen so far, of Meryl and Val together.

anonymous asked:

disney is an american company, america is majority white, creates their films about different cultures of white people (the only disney movie I can think of set in the usa is Lilo and Stich, all humans are poc except background characters), places of white folklore and even ancient greece. I would honestly like to know how white people making most of their movies about white people is different than japanese people making movies about japanese people

“There are 20 films set in the U.S. according to the map, including Lady and the Tramp in New England, A Bug’s Life in Texas, The Rescuers in New Orleans, Bolt in Hollywood and Toy Story in a small Ohio town.” - source

You’re talking about the US which is the biggest melting pot in the world, even moreso in cities like New York and California. That being said, even in films with those super diverse locations you still only wind up seeing one race. Hell, you have Tarzan set in Africa and all the humans are white.

Even WORSE is when you actually have a film set in non-US and non-European locations and, wouldn’t ya know it, most of the cast are ANIMALS. If they have a human form the time it’s seen on screen pales to the amount of time they spend as an animal throughout the film. Films like Brother Bear and The Princess in the Frog are the worst culprits.

America may be mostly white but it’s not the ONLY race.

Also, you forget that Disney itself is a company set in Burbank.

  • Population Hispanic- 28.98%
  • Population Non Hispanic- 71.02%

It’s not about white folk making films about white folk, it’s about white being the “default” and the erasure of other cultures, contributions, and the sheer presence of your audience and even your own damn employees.

Listen, supporting Bernie Sanders is great, and voting for Bernie Sanders is the best, but up until primary elections begin, there’s something that is as equally important, the need for resources in his campaign. This either means volunteering and organizing, or the more convenient and practical option for many, DONATE. Bernie does not have the benefit(or desire either) to have a group of extremely wealthy people bankrolling a good chunk of his campaign structure. You don’t need to donate a lot, every dollar helps. Hell one of the pre-set suggested options on his campaign page is $10, and even if you only have $5 to give it would be just as helpful.

Also do not lose sight of another point. We’re all aware that especially against the Hillary juggernaut the chances of Bernie winning the Democratic nomination are not the best odds. What we have though here is the chance to try to change the national discourse(also the chance for some great debate moments as Bernie calls out Hillary on some her bullshit. I look forward especially to him calling her out on previous statements being against raising the payroll tax cap to help Social Security’s long term solvency)