Context: Two PCs, talking to an old, dementia-ridden sea captain at a Gentlemans’ Club, Victorian Era setting. One is a gunslinger and the other is a cliche cowboy, hat and all.

Gunslinger: “Okay, we’ll be taking or leave now.”
Old man: *Snoring*
Gunslinger: “Excuse me?”
Old man: “I’m awake! …Who are you again?”
Gunslinger: “Leaving.”
Old man: “Oh, goodbye Sir Leaving! Oh, wait, who is your friend? Does he know his hat is too big?”
Gunslinger: “He’s our American.”
Old man: “American?! Bloody hell! Do you know your hat is too big for your head? Do you carry six guns? Are you a cowboy? Do you use spurs? Bad for the horses. We used to use them too. What were we talking about?”
American: “I mean-”
Gunslinger (to the American): “Walk away while you have the chance.”

Mystic Messenger High School AU (Fanfic)

Sooo I’ve had this sitting on my computer for a while now and haven’t posted it. I’d like to work on it some more yet, but figured I’d share what I’ve written :P Feedback and ideas more than welcome!

Summary: High school AU, pretty much what’s on the tin. This is just the intro – essentially covers part of MM’s prologue. I might use this setting to write a request or two if I like it enough~ E for everyone, no spoilers. I named the MC Kassi (Kasumi) because this would be really hard to do without a name for her. Enjoy!

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Hilary I just was curious your opinion if people judge me for loving a show like Lucifer (and deckerstar) is it polite to tell them ok I don't acre I love it anyways bye bye to your judgement (and yes one lady is convinced I'm going to hell for loving this show....)

like, i realize the main character is the devil and that could be a problem for some people, especially portraying him sympathetically (i mean he’s a complete and total ass and selfish and prideful etc, but still sympathetic and the protagonist and is clearly being set up for a love story and sure it’s a bit strange to like chloe and root for her to fall in love with satan, lol, i mean i can get why it would not be everyone’s cup of tea for that reason

but john milton (paradise lost) was the guy who started the idea of lucifer as an anti-hero and compelling narrative character; hell, lucifer is pretty much the star of paradise lost and that’s where the background for this iteration of lucifer (a powerful, charismatic, not unsympathetic, tragic, prideful fallen angel) comes from, rather than anything really in the bible. supernatural has been doing this with archangels and gods and demons for years (i wrote a paper for a class in my master’s degree a while back on how it used/incorporated the religious elements and how people treat them as just other character). my master’s degree is in history and religion; i am a crusade historian; i study religion and its effect and manifesations in lots of different ways. i am aware of the complexities. and in short:

i frigging love this damn show, wanna stare at tom ellis’ face forever, ship deckerstar like crazy, and will happily roll in my feels about it.

sometimes, contrary to tumblr (and on this occasion the real world) Problematizing ™ everything, a spade is just a spade. it’s a well made, clever, compelling, complicated, interesting television show that deals with religious themes in subversive and yet sympathetic ways. like, the priest episode – damn. we start out with lucifer throwing every stereotype in the book he can think of at father frank, openly insinuating he molests boys (the whole time i was like, “oh damn they are going for it!”) and so forth. and yet, throughout the episode, they become friends. chloe thinks it’s adorable to see the devil and a priest getting along. and when father frank dies, literally in lucifer’s arms, as the first friend he’s had in god knows how long, lucifer loses it.

the scene where it’s only chloe that gets him to stop killing father frank’s murderer, and then he goes home and angrily, tearfully challenges god as to what the point is, what the point is if you’re just going to fall and good people are going to die, is fucking powerful as hell and i need that kind of meat in a show. and i love that it does these things. i love that it makes the devil the protagonist but it doesn’t shy away from taking on real questions people end up having in their lives, real struggle with the idea of any omnipotent and benevolent deity, and the question and the choice of doing good things if it doesn’t seem to matter. i love it for the theology and the questions it deals with and the challenges it brings up, as much as i love tom ellis’ face and love lucifer and chloe as characters who are clearly made for each other and have so much in common with my all time favorite, captain swan.

if there is a god, i’m quite quite sure They are not sending people to hell for enjoying a TV show, lol. so frankly, i wouldn’t even be able to take seriously anybody who thought this would have any bearing on it. it’s typical of small, insecure faith when it thinks things like this could destroy it, honestly, and i can only say that from my experience, but yeah.

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I woke up at 6am cuz I accidentally set my alarm for 6 instead of 7 for my 8:00 college class. Checked my phone; saw that youtube icon telling me there's something new. Me: "oh. must be something from new from one of the channels." *saw that it's from Big hit* "Wait. wut..." *sees agust d* "the hell?!? you're kidding me!" So needless to say, I never went back to sleep and Agust D just became the best alarm clock.

LMAOOO agust d is now our anthem

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A large azure shape suddenly tackled a felguard, preventing the demon from striking Cendelorn.

Cendelorn was preoccupied as he had cut down a small group of imps as they began to surround him. Soon enough, fel guards set his gaze on him and charged, only for one to be tackled to the ground, knocking over the rest that were next to it.

“Wh-what?! What the hell was that?!”

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hello! i just want to add to the "call me mr. park" fic submission because it needs more reason why it's an amazing fic. bee's writing style, the pacing of the story, the dynamics of kris and chanyeol's relationship + kris and kyungsoo's relationship, the concept of bdsm aND JUST BASICALLY EVERYTHING IN THE FIC I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. if you guys haven't read her other works, you should probably read it because you can really envision the universe she makes like it feels so real, so beautiful -c-

-c- i know we all feel that when we read stories, we get suck into that universe or setting but this is different, so distinct istg i get so excited reading her fics. also the pacing of the story was smooth af like everything just went into place. AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ABOUT KRISYEOL’S RELATIONSHIP. from beginning til end, it was one hell of roller coaster ride for me. it was so beautiful. BUT THIS, KRISOO’S RELATIONSHIP. YOU GUYS HAVEN’T HEARD OF MULTIPLE PARTNERS SO KIDS, PLS SIT DOWN. -c-

-c- i must say, call me mr. park is by far the best bdsm fics out there. the way bee explained this and that in her fic, she really really put a lot of effort in researching about it and hell, fifty shades of grey is shit i mean it gives you a lot of misconceptions about bdsm but this fic is quite informative in my opinion. JUST SCREAMS. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY ANYMORE BUT I FUCKING LOVE THIS FIC. I HOPE YOU GUYS WILL APPRECIATE BEE’S WORK OF ART. + puppy!baek im crying just beautiful -T83

Here ya go folks! If you were skeptical about reading it, hopefully this nony’s reasonings changed your mind ^^ 

Please check out the lovely fic submitted here!

- FY!EF Team

greek gods as @wolfpupy tweets
  • zeus:in a way aren't we all responsible for my actions
  • hera:love is a battlefield. huh love is a emotion or feeling? then what the hell is a battlefield?? no no this doesn't make sense at all
  • ares:have to stop saying "how am i going to kill my way out of this one" everytime there is trouble going on, or at least not out loud
  • aphrodite:everyone who died and was killed on my quest to get really good hair and fashion deserved it and i dont care
  • dionysus:learning from mistakes is for people who recognise that they make mistakes. i dont give a shit
  • hephaestus:im well aware that ive accidently set myself on fire and its none of your business. i dont need your pity water either. let me burn in peace
  • hestia:the world continues to spiral out of control and i am just sitting here like a bad bitch
  • artemis:until i can have a bow in my hair that can be turned into a mini crossbow no one gets to be happy
  • apollo:only the good die young? phew good thing that i am so incredibly awful
  • hermes:i love cracking wise, talking with sass and causing a frackus
  • hades:hate when people say im lurking in the shadows when im just chilling
  • demeter:puting flowers in my hair to accentuate my dirt like quality
  • persephone:combat helmet? no thanks ill take my sunflower hat, im not going to look like an idiot out there on the battlefield
  • poseidon:i live at the bottom of the ocean now because its less drama

Dean looked past his brother into the room, to one of the beds where you’d already fallen asleep, one arm tucked snug under your head.

“Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me,” he said.


“What the hell is she doing here, man? Have you two even spoken since your little fallout?”

“No,” Sam said, his jaw set. “And she didn’t say much. Just that she needed a safe place to crash and thought of us. She was exhausted; I figured I’d get the details in the morning.”

“Oh, that’s convenient.”

“Dean!” Sam glanced back to you to make sure you were still asleep. 

“She sure made herself at home quick,” Dean said with a scoff. “Stealing your jacket, probably going to snore, just like old times.” He gave Sam a hard look.

“She didn’t steal it,” Sam said softly, still looking at you. “I put it over her. I didn’t want her to get cold.” Dean rolled his eyes before Sam turned back to him. “I couldn’t turn her away, Dean. One night. She might need our help.”

Dean looked into the room again, at the way you had your fist curled tight around the collar of Sam’s jacket, your face half-buried in it. And though he knew the circumstances of your return couldn’t be anything fantastic, Sam still seemed more at ease than he had since you’d left. Dean shook his head and ran his hand over his mouth, avoiding Sam’s hopeful expression.

“One night.”


Imagine Showing Up at Sam & Dean’s Motel Room Weeks After You and Sam Had a Nasty Breakup, and Sam Fighting To Let You Stay

Gif Imagines!

Gabriel: *is pissed off at something and points at Dean* Fuck you

Gabriel: *points at Castiel* Fuck you too

: *points at Sam with a childish pout* And Fuck you in particular

Castiel: *tilts his head* Gabriel what is the matter?

Dean: Yeah Gabriel, the hell did I do?

Sam: *is being a confused moose*

Gabriel: *glares at Cas and Dean holding hands* No one told me you were together!! I had a whole speech planned to set you two up!!

: *glares at Sam, biting his bottom lip* And you…you didn’t give me a kiss this morning…*stomps his foot* I want my kiss Damnit

Dean: *smirks at Gabriel* You really didn’t know?

Castiel: *rests his head on Deans shoulder* You can be a little dense sometimes brother.

Gabriel: *puffs up his cheeks* Don’t laugh at….mmphhh

Sam: *kisses Gabriel quickly and lifts him up in his arms* I’m sorry Gabe. *uses the full force of his puppy eyes* Forgive me.

Gabriel: *tries to resist but fails and nuzzles Sam* Damn you and you cute ass puppy eyes Sam-squatch

The Fakes dicking around in one of those children’s areas with the foam pit

THE foam pit, you know the one, and Gavin gets tossed in there by Michael bc Michaels an asshole sometimes and yeah they all have a laugh and file out bc you know, its Heist Time and they get to the bank their gonna rob and

Gavin ain’t fucking there

And they’re all like “no fucking way.” Yes fucking way. Gavin is trapped in hell and he can’t get out its like quicksand but way more harmful to ones pride like what the fuck!!!

Eventually Ray and Jeremy have to come back and haul him out and the heist comes and goes kinda to shit and Gavin doesn’t speak to Michael for a full week and now he won’t even set foot in the restaurant with the foam pit

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What about bittyholtz?? I wish there was more of them

sure thing babe!

•once holster said he couldn’t find his glasses while he was wearing his glasses and bitty chirped him about it for three months

•holster retaliates by sneaking up on bitty while he’s baking and scaring him (he records the reaction jumps and sets them to music on a vine account)

•they are the Ultimate Chicken Fight Partners at pool parties bc holster is a firmly grounded base and bitty can fight like hell on his shoulders

•holster has been forbidden to touch the oven since the Pizza Roll Incident of 2014

•they love legally blonde: the musical and after they watched it together bitty IMMEDIATELY got out his puck bunny costume

•bitty found holster’s myspace from his emo days. he comes back one day to find his eyeliner-heavy teenage photos framed in every room

•these photos are immediately torn up into little pieces and thrown in the garbage disposal

•the next day all the photos in the frames are of preteen bitty in sparkly figure skating shirts. holster emailed suzanne for them

•eventually the original, nice photos are put back into the frames except every once in a while holster will replace one with steve buscemi and see how long is takes bitty to notice

•also once holster sneezed so hard bitty fell off his lap

ideal graceland s4:

  • charlie is the only one of them still working in law enforcement. she does her job and does it well. she is happy and thriving. she works on a team with all women, and starts dating one of them, and it’s good and pure. she has sauce night with all her coworker ladies and they all appreciate her
  • johnny went to see the southern cross with lucia. they live in a cute little house there and love each other very much. lucia still feels guilty sometimes about carlito going to prison, but johnny tells her none of it was her fault.
  • jakes and courtney are rich as hell and very happy together. he uses some of the money to set up a little auto repair garage, more as a hobby. jakes hasn’t had any alcohol for a while, and he’s feeling good. sometimes he sends charlie postcards, but doesn’t sign them.
  • mike has an apartment and a dog (from the pound). he goes to group therapy for people recovering from addiction. he talks about how he thought he deserved to die, and somebody finally tells him he didn’t deserve anything that happened to him, especially the things paige did to him. he visits charlie sometimes.
  • paige is serving time for conspiracy to commit murder, domestic violence, assaulting/conspiracy to kill a federal agent, and all the other shit she did. she tries to take mike down with her, telling them about lina’s death, but nobody believes her. she’s stripped of her medal of honor and badge. she’s not doing well in prison
  • briggs chills and stops lying to people all the damn time

I think what bothers me most about Sausage Party being the first R-rated fully animated film is not simply that it’s anthropomorphic household product porn, it’s that we already know that a better subject can be animated than anthropomorphic household product porn. How do we know that?

Video games.

Video games have been relaying complex stories for the whole spectrum of human age and interest with full CG animation for decades. Some of it is more realistic, some more stylized. Settings in the past, present, and future. Some fantasy, some sci-fi, some dystopian, some action, some adventure… It’s no secret that video games are incredibly diverse, and nearly all of them are visually similar to animated films. Hell, some have enough cut-scenes to edit into a feature-length film. R-rated ones, too.

That’s why I’m upset. Sausage Party isn’t breaking boundaries or adding anything new to the mix by being lewd and ridiculous, it’s caricaturing and insulting animation. Its existence proves that Hollywood’s mediocre comedians (and a sizable portion of other adults) think that animation is inherently nonsensical and that adults can, and should, exploit hardworking animators to debauch something that’s “for kids” for their amusement.

I try not to get involved w/ drama in the fandom but one thing that really pisses me off is this weird erasure of bisexuality. Like I’ve seen multiple posts that refer to Bellarke fans as “the straights” and posts actually claiming that BC fans are lying about bisexuality and like…its 2016. A lot of women in their teens and twenties identify as bisexual, more than ever before, and like…why are y'all trying to set us back? Do y'all not realize that calling bisexual women “fake” because we ship a m/f pairing is so….damaging? Why are y'all so hell bent on shaming bisexual women that don’t like certain f/f ships? Stop trying to force us to like what you like.

Hell wasn’t so bad for Theo Raeken. In fact, he realised that heaven and hell was one continuum with only a thin border. It was hard in the beginning. But he became more powerful. He let it snow in hell and set fire to the heavens.
Best part of it: Playing Kiss Kiss Bang Bang with those winged girls from the upper floor. Attracted by this evil, very evil boy.

(Art by: Alessandro Taini,

Gilded Burlesque

Our lovely host Viola set the mood tonight by welcoming everyone onto the stage. She worked extra hard tonight and put on one hell of a show as always!

Alexei showing his hard earned wings tonight! Beautiful performance as usual.

Raeje blowing kissed to her beloved fans. Oh so lucky to have her tonight for the Burlesque this was her first one, lets hope its not her last!

Miss Zeraia brought her game tonight. This was her second show ever and first Burlesque performance. She blew us all away with her act. We’re very excited to see what else she brings us!

Another new face to the Gilded Pony, Lynx did not shy away from the challenge. He strutted his stuff just like a professional! Greatness is expected in the future!

Our very own Doman Princess Suiren graced us tonight with her first performance as well! She was elegant and beautiful with great instrumental assistance to boot. More great things to come!

Then there was L’yon. This cat knew what he was doing when he got on stage. Always a pleasure to see the bosses working just as hard as the rest of the performers. 

Also want to give a special thanks to our wait staff and our security team for making the night extra special and alive. You guys did great and I hope to see a turn out like this again for future shows!

And our lovely V.I.Ps and guests, because with out you, we wouldn’t be here of course!

It Was Real

A/N: This is based off the basic angst starters sentence  “Wake up! Wake up!!! You’re having a nightmare!”

Warnings: I mean it’s set in hell so there’s torture.

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The fire crept closer and all Dean could do was squirm. The blood that had been pooling out only landed on the chains, sliding down trying to form a droplet. Another cut ran down Dean’s side and he let out a groan, his voice too horse by now to scream. 

“Dean,” the demon above him said, wide eyes eliciting amusement at causing Dean’s pain.

Tears weren’t something that came naturally with Dean. Even when tortured Dean rarely shed a tear, it was a rarity at best. Not it didn’t seem so easy to hold the tears back, they were a cut away from spilling over. How long had he been here though? Strapped up in hell for at least two hundred pushing more years right? He was strong for having made it this long.

“Dean!” The demon yelled, shaking the chains which only added to Dean’s discomfort.

The flames that had been kept at bay were closing in on Dean. A few danced at his finger tips, scorching the prints off his fingertips. Dean took in a deep breath, not letting out any noise that would only give the demons satisfaction. The fire crawled up his skin and spread over the cuts adorning every inch that wasn’t bruised. The chains rattled more, shaking every inch of Dean’s body.

“C’mon Dean! Wake up! Wake up! You’re having a nightmare!

Dean shot up in bed, launching for his gun. A hand held him back and Dean’s mind jumped into overdrive. It was a demon, a monster. Dean wasn’t out of danger yet. There was no way he could be.

“Hey, calm down, it’s (Y/N).”

Dean looked at you and finally took the deep breath he needed. His shoulders relaxed first followed by the rest of his body. Only his mind stayed sharp, eyes jumping around the room to make sure it was just the two of you.

“Do you want to talk about?” You asked. Dean pulled away from you, grabbing a pair of jeans and a shirt out of his dresser.


“Talking could help.”

“I don’t want help (Y/N),” Dean hissed, turning a glare on you.

Dean was already dressed and walking out of his room before you knew what was happening. You followed behind, not to close that you were disturbing him but making sure that he was okay. A hand shot out as you passed Sam’s door and you flipped around.

“Nightmare,” you nodded, “He gets them sometimes, just go back to bed.”

You wanted to object, wanted to make sure that Dean was okay, but Sam was already heading out of his room and towards the kitchen where Dean had headed. Whatever Sam was going to do or say, this was something between brothers it seemed. You left Sam to do whatever it was he would do and headed back to your room, mind stuck on Dean and the tear you’d seen smother by the pillow before he woke up.

Maybe I’m just addicted to the sadness and the pain. It makes me want to write. When I’m happy I don’t even think of anything but trying to live in the moment, rather than trying to document it. But when the pain, oh when the pain sets in, it’s like my hand doesn’t stop moving, my mind keeps racing and spiralling into the darker hells and whirlpools of madness. There’s something about being sad and hurt that prompts one to write so eloquently about the emotion, to try and convey the feeling so that the reader may be able to understand the anguish of the writer in such delicate ways. There’s plenty of poems and songs about the bright side of love; but there’s far more about heartbreak and ache.
—  The truth about falling in love as a writer