sin eater, part 2 (between heaven & hell)

Part Two of my birthday fic for @kliomuse! Set in the world of BH&H, this is my attempt at 1920s New Orleans, voodoo, jazz, and bathtub gin! Only on Tumblr for now, will post on and AO3 when complete.

Summary: A desperate young woman seeks a deal with the devil, but in the city of sinners and saints called New Orleans anything can happen, and while a demons answers, an angel listens and the souls of two young lovers hang in the balance between heaven and hell.

Part One

Part Two

New Orleans, 1923

The urge to flee was almost overwhelming, to scramble to her feet and run away from the daemon she had just summoned with fire and blood. She could see him more clearly with each second that ticked past, dressed in a suit that would not be out of place on Canal Street among the fine tailors’ shops and department stores with white-gloved shopgirls that sold the latest fashions from Europe, his shoes polished to a high shine and hands adorned with heavy rings, a gold signet on one finger and the other with a square-cut ruby that was so dark it was nearly black. His face was still shadowed, features obscured and indistinct, but white teeth shone like the wolf’s in the old tale of a girl in a red hood. She wished desperately that she had listened to her own grandmère and never opened the door, but it was too late now and the only thing separating her from the creature she had summoned was the carefully poured salt. He came even closer, the gleaming tips of his shoes almost touching the white line on the ground.

“Bonsoir, mademoiselle. A fine evening to make a deal now, isn’t it? First things first, you obviously know my name, but I do not know yours. Let’s rectify that, shall we?”

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anonymous asked:

Why are ppl saying that danai and andy aren't cool anymore? Like everyones going on about it on Twitter and I'm really confused? I know they didn't interact on ttd, but I didn't think anything of it bc it was an emotional night and there was a lot going on. Did I miss something?

You didn’t miss anything because there’s nothing to miss. People are just trying to make something out of nothing. Like if it wasn’t obvious enough, the cast has been dealing with the loss of two of their closest friends on set for months now, one of which has been with them since the very beginning. It’s been an emotional ride for all of them. 

I get people wanting pictures of Andy and Danai together at conventions and premieres. I get people wanting interviews of them sitting down and talking about Richonne. Hell, I’ve been guilty as charged but I also understand why there’s been a lack of it. It’s not that deep and no one should let it bother them to the point where everyone starts to speculate that something happened between them.

Here’s a screen capture from the Making of Victoria DVD featurette giving a different angle of Jenna and her Polaroid than the one seen in the ani-gifs that are making the rounds (she’s taking a picture of Rufus during a break in filming). She also talks a little bit about getting into photography. Jenna strikes me as a bit of an old soul (in a good way)- like how she keeps saying she’d like to meet Sinatra or singing an obscure (to today’s 30 year olds) Shocking Blue song with Peter on the set of Hell Bent (as captured by one of Maisie Williams’ online videos). So there’s something that’s just, I don’t know, right about seeing Jenna using a camera from the 1970s.

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how old are you? how many classes did you take each semester? how did you deal with stress? i'm a freshman and i feel like i'm dying

im 24. undergrad is absolute hell. definitely take it one day at a time. keep a planner; focus on one thing at a time. it can be super overwhelming to think of everything at once but the stress comes in waves. i would try to prioritize things and set goals ! definitely reward yourself when you get something important done 0:-)

thewindsofwinters  asked:

robb and margaery!!!


  • who’s the cuddler: Robb for sure. Margaery loves it though. I don’t think she’s a cuddler by nature, but Robb would turn her into one.
  • who makes the bed: Margaery. Robb doesn’t care, but Margaery can’t stand coming in to a messy bed.
  • who wakes up first: In canon!verse, I’d say Robb only because he has king things to do. But in a modern setting, Margaery! Robb sleeps in.
  • who has the weird taste in music: Robb omg he’s like hipster/alternative/whatever the hell
  • who is more protective: ROBB, DEFINITELY
  • who sings in the shower: My son :’) but I think Margaery would too!
  • who cries during movies: Neither tbh, they’d both just get sad and talk about how good the tear-jerking scene was.
  • who spends the most while out shopping: 100% Margaery
  • who kisses more roughly: Ooooo. I think they’re both pretty rough kissers. Their makeouts would be wild fun.
  • who is more dominant: I think they take turns. But we all know Margaery has Robb wrapped around her finger.
  • my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10!!!

send me a ship and i’ll tell you…

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Some of the decisions with the doctor strange movie just confuses me. Like they decided to make Baron Mordo "A mix of several different characters" and "Not completely evil" but then the villain is still pretty much just Mordo, they just gave him the name of one of Mordo's assistants. Just call Ejiofor Wong if he's gonna be someone who fights along side Strange if you're still just gonna make the Villain Mordo, or hell make him Blade, set up a spin off.

Or even Brother Voodoo.  Doesn’t he have a cameo or something in the film?

It is kind of funny how Tilda Swinton’s whitewash overlooks Ejiofor’s racebending.

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Oooh what are "hell fic" and "jealous? i ain't jealous" about? I always love reading your writing or just checking this Tumblr to hear about it- it makes my day

you’re sweet i love you

hell fic is another classic Emily And Madeline Being Fucking Demons thing. involves yellow fever, dueling, and bad kissing. it’s pretty much abandoned, but it was good. it was gonna be a trilogy, we had a timeline and everything.

jealous is the theoretical third part of “maybe you and me should hang out some more” aka the nonsense one shots i do of them being cute. i have the set up and i, personally, think it’s good, but i can’t decide what i wanna do with the rest of it. but like i said, those usually come to me in ten minutes when i’m bored and don’t wanna do anything else, so. probably someday.


Nouveau Ancestors

Well, these took approximately a million years.  But hey, they’re done now, and I learned a lot long the way.  Unfortunately, I also lost the original order I wanted to put them in after they were paired up..  Oh well, first and last are still the same.




Actual Eurovision 2016 winners Måns and Petra

So i know Crowley is kinda sorta the bad guy in the show, but c’mon don’t tell me you wouldn’t miss this bundle of joy if he were to up and disappear?

Yes, yes you do deserve to be loved Crowley.

I made a web site for a small local business. One afternoon the client phoned me to say he was having trouble setting up Outlook on his laptop. IT wasn’t my problem, but because it was no bother I offered to meet him at a local cafe that evening to get it set up for him. While I worked on his laptop we engaged in the usual small talk.

I looked and felt awful that day, and conversationally I explained to him that I was looking after my mother-in-law while we waited for a space to open up in a care home. She had advanced Parkinson’s disease, and it had been quite draining for all of us.

The client smiled and broadly extended a handshake. I took it, though I was a bit confused.  

Client: (proudly) How would you like A CURE for her Parkinson’s Disease?

He then went into a sales pitch for the MLM, “miracle” cure “magic health juice” he was selling on the side. 

Needless to say there is no cure for Parkinson’s Disease, and if there was you wouldn’t sell it in a dark café to a web designer doing you a favour as part of a pyramid scheme.  In fact, I’m pretty sure if this guy had the cure to Parkinson’s he probably would know how to sort out his Outlook inbox.

I took a deep breath, summoned all my professionalism, and politely declined his “very kind” offer. I finished the work and went home. After reflecting on the incident, I l decided to part company with the client, as there was no way I could continue working with someone who had seen my family member’s sickness as a sales opportunity. This was my client’s response to being fired:

Client: You’re being very unprofessional.

Let’s escape the babygate Hell and enjoy some larrie pureness (masterpost)

What really soothes me in this whole mess is the fact that since day one till this moment, Harry & Louis are so absorbed by eachother, it makes my heart explode. So basicly in the next set of gifs, enjoy some pure/ possessive/ fonding/ lusting/ touching larry where , be it during an interview, a concert or a random video, they are always closely paying attention to eachother and living in their own lovely bubble :) … (ps: gifs are not mine)

I mean yeah that was such a painful journey because we are honestly blessed to witness their love … but it is always nice to see some people struggle to come up with some dumbass explanations in order to unsee the truth.