“Of course I know your name. I like you very much.”

anonymous asked:

Your "Welcome to Nightvale" × "Supernatural" drawing is the background on my phone (✿●‿●)

that’s fantastic! i feel bad though, because i’m about a year behind on wtnv. i’m such a scatterbrain, that i have a hard time listening to it and catching the whole story while still understanding the rest. it’s the kinda’ thing where, if you miss one thing, you’ve missed everything;;;;

BUT I’M GLAD YOU LIKE THAT PIECE and maybe i’ll be able to pick the pace back up with it and make more crossover pieces like that!

Anonymous said:

I was at school and the word of the day was ‘consult’ and the teacher randomly called on me for another word that goes with 'consult’ so I said “consulting cannibal” anD GUESS WHO HAS TO STAY AFTER SCHOOL TO TALK TO THE TEACHER

i think we all know what response this calls for