The Normandy SR-2: concept art from The Art of the Mass Effect Universe

“[…], the top two images were ideas for changes to the interior of the Normandy. We wanted to convey the feeling that it had been captured and studied by the Alliance. The red and blue color changes were to show that the ship was almost always on high alert, appropriate for the wartime setting. The bottom image was an early production painting of a saboteur or assassin breaking into Shepard’s room.”

       i actually just went back through my archive because i thought this blog was older and i didn’t believe myself. that’s a lot of people in six months & it has felt like i’ve had this blog for an eternity but like ??? i’m never good with words, i’d rather just have ripley speak which is a good point. ripley has been my greatest blog, the muse i’ve connected with the most and i’ve made so many wonderful roleplay partners and i love every single follower, down to the personal’s. that’s for making this one hell of an experience and giving me a place i can go to forget the world. 

@divine-clarity / @tornhumanity / @assholemodel – i’m sorry i got you into the alien series and by that i mean i’m completely lying. i’m not sorry at all. thanks for being the call to my ripley and thanks for continuing to be the alice to my claire and over all, thanks for being such a great girlfriend. thanks for being the world’s best roleplay partner. just thanks, christina, thanks for being you. you’ll always be my favorite person to write with. no matter what. | @xvitvarg – our conversations are always so strange, but you’ve become such a good friend and i honestly can’t say anything else about you but that i love you to death. you’re so amazing. | @brideofsparda – you’re probably wondering why you’re here when we barely speak, but in all honesty, i’ve always just been a huge fan of yours. thanks for existing, mina & i’m sorry for being super creepy. | @iskariouth – hey, thanks for being such a stable friend, thanks for being around and most of all, thanks for always being on my dash. you’re such a wonderful writer and such an amazing human being. | @liabxlxty  – you follow me wherever you go, you’re my favorite support system and i’ll always have a foam finger that says, ‘i’m team brandy.’ | @matriarkh – you’re probably my senpai and i love your writing to death, you’re such a wonderful presence on my dash and i am Blessed to know you. | @hollowcorpse – you’re honestly one of the few people that put a world’s worth of effort into a ship with me and i’ll be forever grateful i met you.  

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                       Come my children, gather to me, Let me share my wisdom, how I came to be
                       I’ll   set   you   free ,   it   won’t   come   cheaper    The     cult     was     right, 

                         D O N ’ T  F E A R  T H E  R E A P E R

                    reaper!sans as penned by shai | art by renrink | personals do NOT like or reblog