cartwills logic
  • Karen was afraid of Derek
  • she couldn’t even look at him
  • and when she did, she acted like she was looking at some forbidden fruit or something like that
  • they were attracted to each other
  • *hey sexual tension*
  • but she had a boyfriend and Derek… well, he was Derek
  • they had less than 10 scenes together *in which they were alone* on the first season
  • the first time they really had some proper conversation was::::15 episodes later
  • and guess what, I was okay with that
  • but then, season two comes 
  • and they are all acting like best friends forever
  • I mean, ?????
  • they almost kissed in the series premiere
  • and they never talked about that
  • they make out
  • jfc about fucking time
  • they decide to talk about that!!!!
  • and Karen goes “oh nothing happened”
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • fuck you, josh safran

I think the highlight of my school year was when my school held a boy’s pageant and during the questioning portion a guy got asked “what is your favorite colour?” And all nonchalantly he replied with “grey…all 50 shades.”

right, i was just looking through this girl in my year’s profile pictures and in one of them she’s proper doing that thing were you push your arms together to make your cleavage look bigger

and someone’s tagged her boobs as ‘STICK MY DICK THROUGH THEM!! ;D’