Joshua & Vernon reading/translating live comments for SVT members:

VERNON: they’re saying that woozi hyung is cute…
JOSHUA: they say that they love us~
VERNON: *starts reading an english comment* mingyu makes my ova– (the comment was most likely “mingyu makes my ovaries explode” HAHAHA)
JOSHUA: *cuts off vernon jUST IN TIME* NOOOOO!!!
VERNON: ?! oh sorry sorry

cartwills logic
  • Karen was afraid of Derek
  • she couldn’t even look at him
  • and when she did, she acted like she was looking at some forbidden fruit or something like that
  • they were attracted to each other
  • *hey sexual tension*
  • but she had a boyfriend and Derek… well, he was Derek
  • they had less than 10 scenes together *in which they were alone* on the first season
  • the first time they really had some proper conversation was::::15 episodes later
  • and guess what, I was okay with that
  • but then, season two comes 
  • and they are all acting like best friends forever
  • I mean, ?????
  • they almost kissed in the season premiere
  • and they never talked about that
  • they make out
  • jfc about fucking time
  • they decide to talk about that!!!!
  • and Karen goes “oh nothing happened”
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • fuck you, josh safran
Omg I can't stop laughing! Caitlin Snow is officially my fave!

I’m finally binge watching the Flash and seeing Caitlin running in circles in the lab screaming, trying to get away from the boomerang in S01E8 just gave me 10 years of life!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!

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 Japan is a weird country
 [ Base on a true event ] 
 I’m not sorry is so damn funny =]]
   So yeah while I was having a bad time and my lil sis asked me out for a walk not too long ago . As we were walking on the walking street there was one guy squated on his zegway going through the crowd while munching his food an he got pass us….Me and my lil sis cracked up so bad with the WTF face =]]] 
  And I can’t stop convert that image to Hanzo =]]]]]]]]]]]], as that asian squat is so famous around the world and our stereotype of being badass lol 
  Update: I’m still recovering from my bad state but I’ll doing fine soon, just trying my best on being positive :) ….

  • *Naegi gets in a car*
  • Kazuichi: ...Are those helium balloons?
  • Naegi: Yeah?
  • Komaeda: Ah for fucks sake!
  • Kazuichi: I TOLD YOU the cars not made to handle helium balloons-Ah fuck it's too late we're flying away!