Joshua & Vernon reading/translating live comments for SVT members:

VERNON: they’re saying that woozi hyung is cute…
JOSHUA: they say that they love us~
VERNON: *starts reading an english comment* mingyu makes my ova– (the comment was most likely “mingyu makes my ovaries explode” HAHAHA)
JOSHUA: *cuts off vernon jUST IN TIME* NOOOOO!!!
VERNON: ?! oh sorry sorry

cartwills logic
  • Karen was afraid of Derek
  • she couldn’t even look at him
  • and when she did, she acted like she was looking at some forbidden fruit or something like that
  • they were attracted to each other
  • *hey sexual tension*
  • but she had a boyfriend and Derek… well, he was Derek
  • they had less than 10 scenes together *in which they were alone* on the first season
  • the first time they really had some proper conversation was::::15 episodes later
  • and guess what, I was okay with that
  • but then, season two comes 
  • and they are all acting like best friends forever
  • I mean, ?????
  • they almost kissed in the season premiere
  • and they never talked about that
  • they make out
  • jfc about fucking time
  • they decide to talk about that!!!!
  • and Karen goes “oh nothing happened”
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • fuck you, josh safran