• Alec:Daddy, can you pass me the salt?
  • Robert and Magnus:Sure.
  • Robert:
  • Magnus:
  • Maryse:
  • Izzy:
  • Jace:
  • Clary:
  • Simon:
  • Raphael:
  • Sebastian:
  • Valentine:
  • Alec:Okay, I can explain.
5SOS Preference #2: He Gets Embarrassed In An Interview


Int.: “So earlier we asked the boys about you and (y/n)..

Ashton: “Oh, God. What did they say? Did they bring it up?

Int.:”We were informed that you have a bit of a kink.

Ashton: “I knew they would! See, the thing is..


Int.:”A little birdy told us you had a little crush.

Luke:Was is Calum? I bet it was Calum.


Int.: “So there’s some rumors going around.

Luke:”Have they mentioned (y/n), yet? Calum’s like in love wi-“ 

Calum:”What Luke means is we’ve talked, yeah.


Int.:”How’s tour going, boys?

Ashton: Michael misses (y/n), he said her name in his sleep the other night.

Michael: “I.. probably, yeah.

This is a teasing teaser. K?

I came across a fake snap chat post the other day and this idea came from it… So… Here is Mommy!kink Jimin. If there is any interest I’ll write more.

Originally posted by cloudjimin

“Ugh! Mommy, yes. That feels so good.”

Releasing his cock from your mouth before you choked, you asked him, “Jimin, did you just call me, your girlfriend, “Mommy”?”

He had realized almost as soon you did what had come out of his mouth, burying his head in his hands.

“Oh my god.” Jimin whispered, his voice filled with embarrassment and shame.

“Does… Does that get you off? Calling me Mommy? Because, Jimin, look at me.” He shook his head still whispering insults to himself.

“Jimin, look at me when I am talking to you.” The tone of voice made his head jerk up, and his cock twitch in your hands.

“We’re going to talk about this later, but…” His face looked hopeful and you leaned down to lick a stripe up his thick member, “let’s just go with it.”

A smile blossomed across his face, “Yes ma’am!”

His next words were unintelligible from the pleasure he got from you deep throating him.

That moment when you completely forget a word during the AP Lit essay 2 portion, but you need it in order to make your point, so you end up calling the relationship between Elizabeth-Jane and Henchard Fuckface as “masochinistic” because you just make up a fucking word. Instead, you accidentally spell it, “masochistic” for the entire essay and you realize 2 hours later that masochistic is a word and what it means and realize that you just kinked an AP exam. 

Just me? 

In progress (day 3)

Pairing: Kurtbastian

Written for Kurtbastian Week 2014: Crossover or AU (day 3)

Summary: There’s a new French teacher in McKinley and he’s not what Kurt’s expected. PG-13, 2,5k



A/N: There’s gonna be a sequel. Or two. Oh my god, I had no idea I wanted to write something like this but I can’t stop.! 

Also, French. After learning the language for two years, I still can’t properly formulate sentences and I apologize if there are any mistakes 

Kurt hears about a new French teacher on a Monday morning when he strolls by the office. Catching the words “French” and “new” he steps back and leans closer to the door.

“He is actually too competent, bilingual, has French relatives, -” gushes a history teacher.

“He’s also very handsome, absolutely dreamy,” sighs a young English teacher.

“I wonder if he has a girlfriend…”

“No ring though,” chips in a secretary, and the women perk up, smoothing their hair and whipping out their powders to touch up on their make-up.

Kurt rolls his eyes and heads for class. At least now he’s gonna have someone to talk to in French class.

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Sans: more tori *pant* i’m still really hungry

Toriel: Oh my god Sans! You’ve eaten so much already are you sure you can…

Sans: tori look at me, do I look nearly full enough to you?

Toriel: I…suppose not…but you’ve eaten so much I-

Sans: tori, trust me when i say i’m really hungry i mean it. so don’t stop now tori, keep feeding me

InkTUMber day 4 (I swear I will post these on the correct days going forward)

I had a lot of difficulty with this one cause I really wanted to my favorite kink and I wasn’t sure how to do it. I kinda thought dominant feedees were my favorite kink, which is what I went for here, but I thought about it and it’s only my second favorite kink. My favorite kink is a feedee that is completely gluttonous and hedonistic. They just want to eat as much as possible and get as fat as possible and they love every minute of it. I know that’s a very basic aspect of feedism but that’s my favorite kink.

Enjoy 🍽

oh my god

so that guy i was talking about earlier, who wanked about me because he took exception to a version of anzu (before anzu was intersex, he was AFAB trans[1] and at one point had had a biological child, which this dude thought was Fetishising)

the guy who unfriended me because i thought a ship was bad

he has a sissy humiliation kink

which he talked about to my (east asian) friend in great detail, while my friend was trying to talk about feminisation of asian men in western media

i forgot about that,

[1] not a trans man, anzu’s gender is Complicated

anonymous asked:

So I'm dating this guy okay, and the other day he asked me what my kinks are blah blah blah we had sex with me calling him daddy and him spanking me blah blah blah but I just found out he recorded it and sent it to his friends. What do I do?

Oh, god, he’s a dick. It’s completely illegal for him to do that, and - if you can, safely - try and report it to the police. If you’re under the age of consent, you might get hassled a little by them, but your boyfriend should get in trouble. Also - and I can’t say this loud enough - BREAK UP WITH HIM !! He’s such a shithead for betraying your trust like that! I hope it works out, good luck x

anonymous asked:

Domestic life w/ Ian is my kink fr. I just want to marry him, buy a house together, have a few kids, and take family cute family photos w/ him. THATS ALL I WANT IN LIFE.

Oh my GOD I KNOOOOW. Ian is already such a Dad™ like can u even imagine him being an actual dad????? Like road trips to the Grand Canyon w the kids and sending them to camp but then getting kind of emotional because he hates when they’re not home but at the same time he wants them to have the camp experiences that he had growing up
And Saturday is cleaning day and he first gets groceries in the morning while you vacuum the floors and then he comes home and mops them for you while you clean the bathrooms
You ask him to go fill your car up with gas bc you’re lazy, and he always goes to the mechanic w it for you whenever something is wrong or needs changing
Negotiating for a lower price and better add ons when buying a car!!!!!!!!! Ian the business major knowing his shit!!!!!!!!
Always complaining when he has to mow the lawn because it’s his least favourite chore but then you do it once to spare him and he has a BREAKDOWN because he’s afraid you’ll chop your toes off or a rock will get caught in the mower and fly at you and shoot your eye out so he’s like GIVE ME THAT THING. ILL DO IT. GO INSIDE. And you’re like 🤗
And he cooks most of the days of the week bc his job allows him to work from home obv meanwhile you have to go out to work and you only could on the weekends occasionally. And whenever that happens he loves to keep you company in the kitchen bc he pretends to just be a cute husband when really he’s just really territorial over His Kitchen™ and you go to use a pan but he’s like “NO NO NO not that one! You can’t use this one, it’s not non-stick! Yknow what, just let me do it…” until you’re like IAN GET OUT LET ME LIVE

I think I may have gotten a bit carried away

for some reason i can’t get asks from @commander-salad?? so I’ll just make a text post for her:

1. First impression:
“Her hair looks so fluffy. Looks very artsy but belongs to the closed anime squad at the back row”

2. Truth is:
Hair IS fluffy but now short. Artsy and has kinks

3. How old do you look:
Maybe 22 or something?

4. Have you ever made me laugh:
Oh god, so many times :::DD your laugh also makes me laugh because it’s so cute <3

5. Have you ever made me mad:
Noope, but worried yes :’D

6. Best feature:
I already mentioned your laugh but yeah, I love it :::DD also you make so cute faces when you see a dog

7. Have I ever had a crush on you:
No, no crushing on friends :’D

8. You’re my:
Squad mate, gamer buddy, I don’t want to call you mum friend because you don’t like but “the one who takes care of the gang” (once she offered to lend me shoes because I broke my boot’s zipper when I was leaving her house) and one of the people who made me find “the real way of sin” (if you can say that?? like in high school i used to be very decent in public but now idk not so much)