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Could Mona be Redcoat?

I know it sounds impossible but let’s look at this potential story:

We know that Cece went to visit Mona at Radley. Wren gave Cece authorization, according to him because Melissa thought that she’d be a good role model for Mona due to their mutual hatred of Ali. We also know that Cece and Ali both wore the red coat so that Ali could visit town and Cece could distract anyone from Ali by being her doppelganger.

The first time red coat visits Mona is right after Mona’s reveal, when she’s brought to Radley. Mona sees someone in a red coat and says that she did exactly what they told her to do. We now know that Mona thought she was speaking to Alison, because she then hallucinated seeing Alison in a red coat in Radley while Hanna was visiting her. 

What did Ali tell Mona to do last time they spoke? She taught Mona how to be popular. This was the night that Ali disappeared at the Lost Woods Motel. Mona did what Ali suggested and she became a queen bee. She became the new Alison DiLaurentis.

Once Mona was brought to Radley, she could no longer be that beautiful it girl. She was tarnished. So she had to become a new version of Ali. When she saw Cece in the red coat, she thought it was Ali and decided that she would become like her. And so evil red coat was born.

Charles got into Radley, probably because he knew his way in and out as a former patient. He taught Mona how to get in and out and they started playing the game together. She told him that Ali came to visit her, so together they dug up Ali’s grave to see whether or not her body was inside. 

Emily remembers seeing someone in a black hoodie, who was doing the digging, and someone else in a red coat. That’s all she remembers. Mona claims that she was there too and that she saw red coat. That is a lie. Mona was the one in the red coat. Charles was the one digging the grave. Only two bad guys were there that night.

We know it’s pretty likely that red coat is a brunette. Why do we think this? First of all, we saw the blonde wig in A’s lair. If red coat was naturally blonde, they wouldn’t need a wig, would they? Also, in Wren’s drawing of a woman in a red coat in front of a barn, red coat was a brunette. 

In the finale, Mona wears a red cape to prom, dressed as little red riding hood. Why would the writers choose to do that? This could be a huge hint. 


The Birds And The Bees Affair pt. 2/2

A.k.a. the one where Illya keeps fucking up but somehow still gets all the credit from the girl in the end, Napoleon is highly amused (but also a tiny bit jealous/offended)


When are people going to stop producing generic, weeaboo looking ass waifus followers. Like, we already have 1000+ of them. They all look the same, only with different hairs and eye color.

‘’If you think you can do a better job, why don’t you mak-’’

You bet your darn ass I can do fucking better, I am just not waiting for people to steal off their faces, since you can now officially do that or use their custom stuff. Because we are indeed that pit low deep in this community.

I sound like a old person ranting, it must be Friday.

Me: *siiiiiiigh* Welp, the last game was awesome! He really outdid himself there. Until Halloween comes around for that special DLC -aaand until the movie comes out- , now we can move on to just doing our own thing-

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a-tad-sketchy asked:

I'm rewatching episode 6 (Crimson Hair) right now because it is my absolute favorite! Not only do we get a badass hair cutting, Mulan-esque moment but the ANIMATION. I can't stop trying to pause and watch Hak fight who has the most graceful fighting style btw. Hnnng excellently animated fighting scenes with handsome men are sexy. This isn't an ask but a pure fangirl moment. Sketchy Out!

I LOVE episode 6! It’s definitely one of my favourites from the anyme, alongside episode 22 and most of Shin-Ah’s arc ♥

The animation was excellent for Hak’s fight against the Fire Tribe soldiers! Hidetsugu Ito is credited with doing key animation for that episode, and I’ve heard he is known for fluid animation (particularly in fights), which is why I think the episode has some really stand-out moments :)

But yes, who doesn’t like seeing sexy men fighting?? X3