things bi women can do to improve the relationship between lesbians & bi women here on tumblr dot com:

• stop using the word monosexual, many many lesbians have explained how this harms us, also it kind of leaves asexual lesbians out in the dust. many of them have also made posts about why u shouldn’t do it.

• please don’t say lesbian characters are bi. even as a headcannon, stealing representation from us does no good things for anyone

• if u see a post specifically about lesbians, don’t add “bi women too!!” to it. most likely op is a lesbian and won’t appreciate it. make ur own posts please don’t derail lesbian discussion

• if u are in a relationship with a man, acknowledge that that gives you privilege over women in f/f relationships, regardless of their sexual orientation

• please stop using queer as a blanket term. especially when referring to “queer” women. I mostly see bi/pan women doing that and it’s harmful because if you’re using that you’re either 1. ignoring the wishes of lesbian women not to be called that, OR 2. by using that term you’re excluding the experience of lesbians who ARENT queer women. honestly most lesbians aren’t comfortable with that word so if you’re referring to all lbpq women, say that. not queer.

Those are just things I can think of off the top of my head, other lesbians can add if they want.

I’m not crying who’s crying? Not me


Characters: fem!Enjolras & fem!Marius + inspired-modern-AU-Grantaire (Les Misérables)

Cosplayers: me (Enjolras) & Elena (Boudicca) (Marius) + Viko (Grantaire)

Photo: Yushuu (SKYLine Photography) + a little stupid edit by me.



My take on Hiro meets Tony Stark.

At least he didn’t pull out Ultron…


The boys worked hard on this album and its clearly upsetting to them that this happened. To avoid further damage, please stop sharing the leaked songs and respect them by patiently waiting for the official release. Please and thank you :)



Danny Phantom - YO DANNY PHANTOM HE WAS JUST FOURTEEN WHen gail dont make me do this cause i will


just yesterday, he had to go to the hospital because he has been sick for a month, and today, to bring the best performance, he still tried his best to do the flip

even though he fell down hard, he got the members with him, it’s gonna be alright, just pls #getwellsoonZitao

I love those OTPs where half or both of them are just constantly reciting wedding vows to each other and the writers like to pretend that they’re 100% platonic.