I woke up at 5am with really intense anxiety so I went on a bike ride and caught the sunrise for you guys. It’s about 6am now.

It’s just??? So nice?? At 5:30 no one is on the road and the air is crisp and cold and all the birds are chirping, and the jackrabbits are out in families. I put Vick’s under my nose too for some extra calm. I am calm. I was shaking and my mind was racing and I couldn’t really breathe, but nature has this fun way of fixing all that. You go, nature.

I hope you all have an awesome day! Imma go home now and drink some hot tea and take a hot shower with my vanilla chai soap.

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Filthy kike. You all did the African slave trade, brought opium to the Chinese, dropped the bomb on Japan.. Basically any thing white people take the blame for today. Jews did all those things. You all only identify as white when it fits your agenda. But people will wake up. You rat-like kikes will get what's coming to you. From ALL the gentile races.

You forgot erectile dysfunction, the start of WWI, the plague, earthquakes, tsunamis. I mean if you’re going to list things, at least do it right. Gosh, we’re so talented. 

But wow. I guess we’re so good at covering out tracks….gosh. 

Dear Darlin’ (Bucky x Reader)

Dear Darlin’


Warinings: Feels

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Dear (Y/N),

It’s me. Your James. Your Bucky.

I know I haven’t written to you for so long. But, I couldn’t. I didn’t have the chance.

But, now I do. And I will write you every day. That’s a promise. I’m sorry I didn’t keep the other promise I gave to you.

I visited the pub we met yesterday with Steve. It’s a bar now. Youngsters dance their tunes like we used to do. Oh, I shall never forget the night I met you. You were different. You shone with your light among the dull others.

I remember now. The memories come to me every night. Some are new, some repeat themselves, some are painful, but others are like you. Beautiful.

I remember your scent. So vividly, that I think you are lingering around the corner. I remember the colour you painted your lips, and how eagerly you let me wipe it off with my kisses.

I remember our nights under the night sky of Brooklyn. You laughter when I tickled you. I remember your starry eyes, which held me captive to you forever.

I remember what we lived and my heart flutters, my stomach is tied to knot. You still work your magic on me.

Oh, now I understood that my hands are shaking. I am sorry that this will take you a bit longer to read. I am sorry.

I am sorry.

I am sorry that I didn’t keep my promise. I wanted to, with all of my heart. I gripped to this so tight. But, I wasn’t capable of making my promise come true.

I am sorry I didn’t come back to you.

I know I promised to come back to you. To marry you. To have a family with you.

But, I couldn’t. They held me captive, they turned me into a puppet, a killer. But, I never forgot you. I always saw your perfect face before I closed my eyes.

Still, when I close my eyes, I see you. You come and hug me. We sleep together, cuddled, like we are alone to this world. Like we did the night before I left for the War.


When Steve told me that you d-

That you are a real Angel now, I cried. I cried for what we missed. I cried for not being able to live my life with you, for not being able to see our children, for not being able to age with you. Like we always wanted.

Steve said that you didn’t marry anyone, after I was gone. He told me about how your files write about how you worked to a unit for children. How you took care of them like they were your own.

I am sorry I broke your heart. I am sorry that I couldn’t give you my love when you mostly needed it.

I miss you.

I miss your touch. Your hug. Your lips over mine. I miss the way you looked at me. I feel naked and cold without your gaze upon me.

I feel…alone.

I miss you. I love you.

They don’t understand what we had. They don’t understand. Only you did.

And I let you go. I am sorry. But, at least we still have the memories that we built together, don’t we love?

I love you, forever.

Yours, only yours,


Bucky sealed the letter and put it to an envelope. He had woken up from hellish nightmares again. He took his jacket and his motorcycle keys.

He drove into the cold night. Tears stung like thorns in the sheath of his eyes.

He arrived to the place that he sadly knew very well.

He sat next to the stone, his back resting upon it. He placed a kiss on it and left his letter in front of it.

He would spend the night with you.


Dudes it is a fine balance of giving your significant other time for themselves, free to go do life as they need and then wanting to be with them 24/7 knowing you can’t.

July 29, 1916 - Unease in London over Somme Losses

Pictured - The press could be both a friend and an enemy of generals.  Large gains and changes on the front brought friendly headlines, but the news did not have much time for slow, attritional advances.

Sir William Robertson, the Chief of the Imperial General Staff, wrote Haig a note on July 29 warning him that “the powers-that-be are beginning to get a little uneasy in regard to the situation.”  The losses incurred during the Battle of the Somme had lead some in London to expect somewhat more spectacular gains.  The concern, wrote Robertson, was “Whether a loss of say 300,000 men will lead to really great results, because, if not, we ought to be content with something less than we are doing now.”  The same powers-that-be “are constantly inquiring why we are fighting and the French are not.  It is thought that the primary objective - relief of pressure on Verdun - has to some extent been achieved.”

The same people had expressed discontent a month before that France was doing all the fighting and England slacking from its fair share.  Haig and Joffre both disliked the press.  It was crucial to maintain popular support for the war, but the sort of slow, bloody fighting at Verdun and the Somme, even though it was hurting the German Army, did not look so good in the headlines over breakfast.  More crucially, keeping the governments happy was important.  Joffre, who at times appeared to be a virtual military dictator, was beginning to appreciate that he had to allow the French government more say.  London had a stronger voice over its general, and one politician, David Lloyd George, would soon become a fierce rival to Haig over planning of the war.

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See if you can combo your magic to create a new spell.

{Combine: [ Fireball II + Cold Aura I ]}

You try to activate the two new spells you have at the same time.
It doesn’t seem to result in anything other than some passionate grunting.

It seems like at the moment, you need to concentrate on one spell at a time for it to work. 
Currently, trying to use two spells at once seems a little to complex for you.
You just got magic, it seems like it is going to take some time and practice before you can manage more complex stuff.

What Should We Do Now?

I plan on working for Jill Stein and I will count it a victory if we can get 5%. That will allow the Green Party to get federal funding for next time and maybe help to create a viable opposition party.   But this is no 20th century election. The trend lines on war, class warfare, propaganda, the failure of democracy and the vast militarized penal system all point toward deep trouble. On environmental issues alone the crisis will deepen and most likely in a dramatic way.   We are woefully unprepared for what lies ahead. But at least millions more have learned that the political system and the economy is rigged. That the lesser of two evils argument or the spoiler are forms of social control that have led us to exactly the choices we now have. If we do not have serious social change it is likely the Trumps of the world will just keep coming right out of the social conditions the Clintons of the world have created. I hear a lot from Clinton supporters, reluctant or not, about how they will continuing the struggle. I hope they are serious. How hard you worked for Bernie or other social movements this past year might be one indication of the value of your claims.

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Invest two in orange, one in teal

{Invest Points}:

[Orange]: 2 
[Teal]: 1

In the haze of your dream you feel the bright light of the sun, followed by the sting of icy water.
You do not know if it is real but the sensation washes over you and burrows into your bones.
Magic awakens inside your tiny body and crackles at your finger tips.
[You have 10 mana]

{You Unlocked}:

Solar: [Fireball: Level 2]
{A weak blast of heat that can travel a short distance before fizzing out.}
[costs 1 mana to use]

Ice: [Cold Aura Level 1]
{A wave of cold emanates from your body. Chilling the air and lower the temperature of the area for a brief period of time. It can slow down your enemies and give a boost to all ice magic in the area.}
[costs 5 mana to use]

You can use these spells at any time simply by typing: [cast: (name of spell)]
Keep in mind your mana runs out quick and takes time to regenerate.

With that your dream ends and you awaken on the stone floor of the cave.
Despite your wounds, you feel… stronger somehow.

The beast is gone and you are free to continue exploring the cave.

In the darkness you can see a [Rusty Valve] attached to a [Bronze Pipe] stretching further down the path.

The [Left Path] leads into the darkness. the [Right Path] leads back to [Sheer Cliff-top]

What Should We Do Now?