[fullview] Goddamnit Hussie! How am I supposed to get anything else done while you are haphazardly creating adorable animal hybrid sprites with nary a thought for the to-do list of your readers. How was I ever supposed to resist drawing Jasprose? 


And the rest, after a sudden wet thud, was silence.

Curiously enough, the only thing that went through the mind of the bowl of petunias as it fell was, “Oh no, not again”. Many people have speculated that if we knew exactly why the bowl of petunias had thought that we would know a lot more about the nature of the universe than we do now.

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I'm pretty sure several artists have taken an interpretation of a character and expanded it outside of a fandom and made it their own......if I remember correctly the famous Walt Disney had (now have) a character named Oswald who was taken by Universal in which Disney then expanded the character into which we now know is Mickey Mouse. I do not see anyone of those companies throwing a hissy fit about copyright so...

Ba da bing ba da boom

#72 - Sodium! (817 - Horror at Party Beach) (submitted by cutiepuppyfire)

Well, if you don’t know anything about Sodium now, I dunno what we can do for you.

Yeah, you kids with your big pants and your colored chalk and your Neve Campbell and your fanny packs and your Nerf balls and your…Pong and your Volkswagen Golf leases and your notebooks and the kids with the pierced I-dunno-what…the roller-skates and the 23 Skidoos and the listening to the Becks…

Sodium, won’t you?

Did I learn anything about Sodium? Na.

me: so i wasn’t gonna do this, but now i really think we need a picture together.
mark: okay!
me: so you know those dead twin girls from the shining?
mark: yeah..
me: so you know how they hold hands and look all creepy and just stare at the camera?
mark: yeahhh……
me: so i think we should do that.
mark: …..
mark: …….
mark: okay!
me: but you have to really get your creepy on.
mark: okay, i know.
mark: wait, is my head in the frame?
mark: turn the flash on!
mark: you should stand like that.
mark: you can’t see our hands, hold the phone like that.
mark: okay i think this one’s good!

When I’m doing a chat show and somebody says, “Now we have Bond girl Rosamund Pike,” I think, “Really? That was 10 years ago.” Of course, a Bond film is seen by something like a sixth of the world. So if it’s mentioned, I’m thrilled; it launched my career. But it’s not who I am, and I don’t think it defines me as an actress at all.

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Convo between a male Aquarius and a female sagitaruis

aquarius: HEY
sagittarius: HEY
sagittarius: ALWAYS
aquarius: ok good bc i bought us reservations w the city skydiving company and we’re jumping out of a plane today
sagittarius: cool
aquarius: also i’m in love with you
sagittarius: cool
aquarius: so r we dating now or
sagittarius: idk do u want to
aquarius: idk i think i do but i also want to skydive………can we do both and also at the same time
sagittarius: k
aquarius: NICE


oh gosh guys..after years of fighting and struggling, it’s all over. it’s finally over and the name is finally in their’s. if only we were able to do anything to actually help you guys through this battle, all we could ever offer was our support. and with that you guys fought so hard…the name is yours. let’s just have an album with your name. clean and simple in black and white. this is surreal. what do i do. do i just shut down now. how else are we supposed to express this feeling. winning the battle that seemed impossible. i’m feeling weird emotions and who else would make me feel these things except for you, six. 

shinhwa is finally shinhwa’s, rejoice fandom!!! it’s finally over!

okay so we got cool badass pathcode teasers and ended up with call me baby - totally opposite of what we thought - and now we have football teasers meaning the mv could have nothing to do with any of this

I think Marvel Studios is getting WAY too cocky.

Okay, so after reading some of the deleted scenes for Age of Ultron, it made me realize how shottily put together the film was.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the film, but there were a ton of weird jumps and edits that felt like I was missing something.  Seeing how scenes like Ultron’s second body, Wanda and Pietro’s investigations, hell, Wanda and Pietro’s character development, and the whole Loki scene…they really did create a shoddy product by cutting out a full hour of content that kinda needed to hold the film up.

Okay, fine, the film still made a billion, why do I care?

Well, now we got Ant-Man, which was filmed pretty quickly to meet the release date cause script changes made Edgar Wright leave TWO WEEKS BEFORE FILMING.  I mean, you couldn’t sort out your shit all those years and then dump something on Wright to make him leave? (Apparently, adding Peggy Carter to the cast was the last straw for him).

And not only that, but Civil War is filming now and is trying to get into the next May release date with a MASSIVE cast larger than Age of Ultron.

I’m concerned.  I think Marvel Studios is really getting too risky of late and could hurt their final products.

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Fuck, Marry, Kill, Get drunk with: Shaka, Mu, Aldebaran, Dokho (the younger version)

Thank Youu ♥ ! BUT OMG QUQ !!!!!!

Fuck - Shaka =u=+ !

Marry - ALDEBARAN ♥ !!!

Get drunk with - Dohkooo

Kill - …………….Don’t make me say it QAQ !! Mu TT-TT ! WE’LL BRING YOU BACK TO LIFE Q-Q !!!