Y'all I just spent several hours with one of our greatest living writers– just her me and S.O. talking about writing. And she coached me about how to write fanfic! Essays, too but… The squee factor is off the charts and now that I’m done with issue one of PoE I think I might actually return to my post-Reichenbach fic and finish it after all these years. Or something. She really inspired me…

Friends, I had to have two wisdom teeth extracted unexpectedly today and I’m reaching out again for some help. My insurance covered most of my procedure but I still had to pay $70 for the anti nausea medication after anesthesia. I’ll have to pay it again when I get the other two removed at a later date. My credit debt and phone bills are piling up and there’s really not much I can do about it at the moment other than continue trying, and continue looking for work. I need about $300 to cover myself in bills right now, to get ahead of my phone and credit card minimums. If you can help, my paypal is Anything helps. I’m no great artist so I can’t offer drawings or anything like that in return, but I do have two English degrees. Need a paper or article copy edited? I’m your gal. Need help framing a college essay? You got it.

Again, my paypal is Anything helps, anything is so appreciated.

Log Date 7/10/16

I WENT TO GET SOME FUCKING ROCKS/GEMS TODAY AND IT WAS FUCKING GREAT NOW I HAVE A SHIT TON OF HEALING STONES AND IM READY TO LEARN HOW TO USE THEM!!!!! I also ate very well today everything was yummy. I was happy for most of the day except for the several occasions where my uncle made me almost cry out of frustration. It was a good day, now I have to return my focus on my summer assignments. I’m so close to finishing, I only have 1 essay left to do and history to finish. This summer has been going by pretty quickly and it’s almost sad to see it end. BUT!!! I’m happy because when I get back home to America I’ll have a new change in my life to look forward to. I’m finally getting therapy, my mother is slowly starting to get my depression(though she thinks it’s something I control). And once the school year starts I’ll be in AP classes, and I am silently hoping that there will be Really Cute girls in these classes… Anyway, that’s all for today!!