Random Darry Headcanons

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  • Used to play the piano but hasn’t since his father died
  • Likes milk in his coffee every once in awhile
  • Wears loafers when he isn’t at work because they are “”””comfy””””
  • He’d much rather wear sneakers though
  • When they were younger he used to teach Ponyboy how to play softball in their backyard
  • Soda told him he and Steve were going out before he told anyone else
  • his favorite thing to eat is burritos but his favorite thing to make is spaghetti
  • he secretly cries almost every night
  • but it’s not that secret because some nights Soda can hear him
  • he self harmed and almost took his life after his parents died
  • but then Two-bit found out and set him straight
  • he’s honestly terrified to get older and raising his brothers is taking a toll on him
  • mentally and psychically he just wants to sleep
  • every now and then he has a few shots of whiskey and a beer to go with dinner
  • he really doesn’t like Curly or Tim at aLL but he still lets them sleep on the couch
  • bc that’s just what you do
  • he has an suspicion that Curly and Pony are going out but he doesn’t want Pony to know so he just pretends he’s oblivious 
  • but that gets hard when Pony comes home with a few hickeys on his neck
  • his favorite movie is Bonnie and Clyde
  • his favorite colors is red and blue
  • he doesn’t really like it when Pony paints his nails/wears croptops/is feminine
  • but that’s only because he doesn’t want him hurt bc acting that way in the 60′s could get him killed
  • has solved a rubix cube
  • his favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird
  • though he only reads it alone 
  • he loves watching sports of all kinds
  • but his favorite to watch is hockey
  • but to play, football
I’m not angry anymore.
Sometimes things just don’t work out.
Maybe we were too young or perhaps too foolish to know any better then.
I am only a bit older now and most days, I am still a fool.
I spill coffee at restaurants in front of influential people and I trip over my own feet walking through the door, I make the worst first impressions because of it. I haven’t stopped laughing when I’m nervous and I keep kicking people accidentally beneath the table during dinner.
What I’m trying to say is that some things don’t change.
I saw you last week and we both looked the other way.
You, too, are still a fool in your own ways.
You still haven’t learned to talk about the things that really matter. You still find yourself looking at your feet in uncomfortable situations and you are still the one who forgets to call back.
I guess, in some ways, we will always be the same people who loved each other two years ago and every single time I see the color red, I think of you.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that I still love you and I am happy. I am happy because I know that who you were then still breathes somewhere in the world.
And so I hope you never lose who you were then. I hope you know that I won’t either.
—  I Could Never Lose You // thewordsyouneverunderstood

Long distance is not easy.

It is not easy to watch someone through a screen instead of your eyes tracing the curves of their face while they’re standing in front of you.

It’s not easy to have a bad day and not be able to see one of the only people that can make it better. For something exciting to happen and not be able to celebrate about it that night.

To not be able to have brunch on Sunday morning, or make dinner plans for when you get off work, or snuggle up together on the couch for one of the nights a tv show comes on that you both love.

Sometimes you miss them so much and it’s like you can’t get relief from it. Sure, you plan times to see each other but some nights are bad and you need them right now and you need to touch them or you’ll die and your heart has never felt so lonely.

Long distance is not easy but one day it will be worth it. One day you’ll live in a cute apartment together where you can wake up next to each other and fuck each other to sleep and a see you later means see you tonight when we get off and it’s time for dinner. Long distance is a choice. It’s a commitment to say, “I love you more than all of the distance between us.”

—  you will always be worth it
4am [drunk] note to self

You know, someday something really wonderful is going to happen. A lot of wonderful things are going to happen. Incredibly wonderful things. You’re going to be loved and you’re going to celebrate anniversaries with somebody who deeply wants to stick around. You’re going to support yourself. You’re going to see so much more of the world. You’re going to smile a lot. You’re going to feel really full one day when you’re leaving dinner with some friends in a city you moved to and you’re not going to know what else to do but smile so wide at the sky. It’ll probably be raining and warm and you’re not going to feel sad in it. It’s all really going to be something someday. And I know right now it feels like there’s not much and you’re trying really hard to search and find and collect. But in time it will all come together. So make the choices you’re going to make. Flow with life. Say yes, say no, feel. Do really good things for yourself. This is really where you’re supposed to be right now. There’s no other way. Everything that has happened is okay. Settle into it. You’ve got so much coming. Make some more mistakes and along the way you’re gonna come back to life and you’re not going to remember what it was like to feel like there isn’t much for you. The whole world is yours. It’s just doing what it has to do. Everything is gonna be fine. It’s gonna be so great. I love you.


i made my blog 3 years ago to this day. here’s a little retrospective of how my work has changed. i’m proud of how far i’ve come, how far i have left to go. i don’t even recognize the old stuff as my own anymore. 

uh, this is gonna be corny, but sincere thanks to the like over 120,000 of you now (shameless follower plug but whatever it’s stupefying n constantly humbling that so many people take some level of interest in my dumb shit) for sticking around. i wish i could make u all dinner. eat some curry and listen to records. someday. 

day 3 of sasuhina month was crossover and as ive mentioned before i really love crossovers!!! but i had a busy day today and even after a 5-hour nap i’m still tired ahaha thats why im late yet again and i only have this 10-minute doodle to show…………………………… but it’s better than nothing!!!

it’s a sasuhina x egoshipping crossover ^______^

I decided to say ‘fuck it’ to finals for the night, my brain was dead mush for that shit anyway, and I was about to burst into anxiety-induced tears.

I have come home, changed into pajamas, am in bed, and have eaten some dinner. I feel much better now.

But to further make myself feel better, I decided to write some IronPanther/T’Tony/whatever you wanna call this ship.

Based on this. Told you guys I’d have to write a drabble for it.

For @bloody-bee-tea because we’re definitely besties now, after how much we’ve talked IronFalcon and IronPanther. Sorry, no take-backs, I don’t make the rules.


The first time it happened, they’d been together for seven months and fifteen days.

(T’Challa kept impeccable track of the time, because first of all, it’d taken him damn long enough to convince Tony that he wanted this, and second of all, it made Tony smile that little, almost shy smile that was rare and fleeting and all the more precious for it.)

They’d been on the couch, both working on their own tablets. Tony had his head on T’Challa’s thigh, fiddling with the holograph his tablet was projecting. It took T’Challa a while to realize Tony hadn’t stopped moving just to contemplate the design.

He’d fallen asleep.

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hells-finest-gentleman  asked:

He, just a cute thing I thought of I thought you'd enjoy: Bitty figure Skating with Bad Bob, especially post college 'cause they both miss the ice.

aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA yes absolutely 100% and here’s a bullet post to prove how good and cute of an idea it is

  • Bob took up recreational figure skating maybe like 5 or 6 years after retiring from the NHL, mostly because he really missed the ice but also because he had always been kind of enthralled with how graceful they always are
  • He’s not necessarily GREAT at it but he can land a few jumps and is really much better at spins than anything else
  • Bitty doesn’t really skate for a few years after college just because he’s so wrapped up in everything else going on with going to Jack’s games and managing the brand new bakery and making dinners to entertain Jack’s famous guests and just oh gosh he does not have time to think about skating right now
    • (Thats a little bit of a lie, sometimes when he’s really stressed out and finds he has some free time he sneaks off to the local public rink and just does laps, not trying for speed or grace, just skating for the sake of skating and clearing his mind)
  • But once he has a few managers hired for the Bakery and he has some more time to actually do what he wants aside from that, he looks into weekly brush up lessons for figure skating.
    • It’s really more for conditioning and having someone to guide him and make sure he doesn’t hurt himself. Basically make sure he can still do jumps without wrecking his legs.
  • When Bob learns Bitty is taking up skating again he calls him up and asks if he could show him a thing or two
  • Bitty doesn’t really think anything of it, just a hockey guy interested in figuring out how figure skating works (Bitty has tried to teach Jack, Shitty, Ransom and Holster and they were terrible, but they did have a new appreciation for what Bitty used to do) (Also? It’s pretty funny to watch 6 foot hockey bros flounder on figure skates)
  • But when Bob shows up with figure skates that look like they’ve been actually used, Bitty gets a little excited
  • He gets more excited when Bob actually knows how to skate in them
  • He runs through a few jumps, teaching Bob through watching, and they just genuinely have fun.
  • They take turns putting on different music to skate to and have a lot of good laughs and bonding moments and chirping
    • “How do you like more top 40′s than your own son? Did the Dad music just skip a generation?”
    • “You know Eric I’ve had dinner with Beyoncé so who really has the chirping rights here.”
  • After that they regularly skate together
  • They create routines for the hell of it, just so they have something to skate to together
  • They try doing lifts, but that usually ends up with Bitty chirping Bob about how old he is when he rubs his shoulders after
    • “Bob I’ve seen you lift heavier weights than me. You did it last week.”
    • “Well maybe you’ve put on a little weight from those extra pies.”
    • “Tell that to your son who’s made me go with him on his runs for the past week. No, really, tell him to stop. Please.”
  • Just!!! Bitty and Bad Bob recreationally figure skating because they love the ice and love doing it and just bond and have fun
  • also RIP in peace to Jack Zimmermann who now gets to hear gossip about his family not only from his parents but now his husband

“Cas, I’ve called you about 50 times, where the hell are you?”

“I’m watching Y/N.”

“Oh my g- this again? Give the girl some space!!”

“I can’t. This man that she is with seems dangerous.”

“That ‘man’ is also a fellow hunter and is paying for a nice dinner. You’re making yourself look like an idiot right now.”

“… She can’t see me.”

I am so hungry today!! 🐷 I want to eat everything in sight…wish I had some wraps right now! 👅👅 These are in my e-book–High carb low fat for beginners. ✌️ Can’t wait to make dinner soon. 😋 (at Dundee)

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Luke always tried to have a “date night”, as he called it. even if you guys lived together and had been dating for some time now. he’d just say “Do you want to go out on a date with me?” and you’d roll your eyes and say yes. the both of you would get ready seperately, and he would kiss you and tell you that you looked beautiful before going out. sometimes he’d even ask you if you wanted just to skip to the end of the date as his fingers fiddled with the zipper of your dress making you slap his hand away, telling him that this was his idea. you guys would go out for dinner or whatever Luke had planned for you guys, and once you guys got back home he’d kiss you at the door and ask you if he could come in. you would just roll your eyes since he lived there as well, but play along and tell him yes

Lunch I’m eating right now on a quick break at work! I made this for dinner last night and it was soooo amazing I had to make it again today. Brown rice pasta with spicy arrabbiata sauce, @traderjoeslist garlic herb chicken sausage (broiled for 6-7 minutes), avocado, and kale micro-greens 😍 I squirted some lemon juice over the avocado since I was taking it to go and it didn’t brown at all 👌

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Be Wild and Beautiful/closed AU

“Hey Belle, what would you like for dinner?” He peeked into their room for probably the eighth time today. She has been laying in bed for almost three days now. She even called out of work; it had to be fairly bad. Leading up to the days though, she was showing signs of being upset and angry, not really talking or interacting. He rested his head against the door way. “I’ll make you some pot pie if you like?”


Nervous, blushing. 8 hours to go.
Alistair had planned everything. Everything was going to be perfect, it had to be. Anders would be gone- of course, he would just be in the way otherwise.

Deep breaths, Alistair blushes as he takes Sol’s hand, she smiles at him
“So is there a reason why you bought me this hot dog balloon?” She asks, Alistair giggles, nervous
“Well you like hot dogs…” He doesn’t get to say any more before Sol starts laughing, Alistair blushes some more and looks away, Sol throws some food to a family of ducks.

5pm, back home, for now. Sol waits in the living room whilst Alistair puts on his suit- it’s tighter than he remembered. He takes the opportunity to set up his room; rose petals and champagne, scented candles on the dresser- they will be lit when they return. He takes a break to catch his breath, his hands are shaking.

Dinner, fancy restaurant, Alistair tries not to make a scene but his shaking hands lead him to spilling a glass of wine all over himself and drop his fork no less than 3 times. 
“What on earth has gotten into you today, Alistair?” Sol asks
“Nothing, I’m just clumsy, you should know that by now” He lies, Sol raises an eyebrow but doesn’t question him.
Alistair is horribly aware of the lump in his breast pocket.

Home again, it’s time. Alistair tries to keep his cool as he leads Sol up to his room, taking one last deep breath before he opens the door.
Champagne bottle empty, rose petals pushed onto the floor, bed taken up by Bradley, Catsby and Anders.
“Oh No” is all Alistair can say before all of his nervousness and jitters come to a head and he passes out, hitting the floor with a thud and a shocked scream from Sol..

Sexualy Starved // Open

Felix was struggling with many this at the moment. Adverage things like filming… and sleeping with his wings, and the light from his eyes glaring off his glasses, not killing his boyfriend by having too much sex with him. The Incubus struggle was so real. So was the thirst, or more the hunger. He was with Shane lastnight, but it was like dinner, and he’d had no breakfast, now it was lunch time. His stomach growled even though he had been eating food all day. It just did nothing for him. He had studdied up on himself, and being with Shane again so soon could be disasterous, but the same if he didn’t feed soon. “Okay, okay, alright! I don’ need to sleep with them. Some kissing, a lot of grinding, I’ll be fine.” He reasoned out and went to find a meal, his wings spanning out when he desided he was hunting, starttling him, making him jump and yelp. He was one hell of demon all right.

day two // next week’s bujo spread. i have soooooo much reading to do, so that’s why i’ve spend my sunday afternoon in the public library (after a lovely brunch with some friends). now i’m going to make some dinner and afterwards i’ll continue reading i guess?

Pre-dinner I had a green juice from @orchardstlove & now I’m having a huge salad with baby spinach, romaine lettuce, parsley, grape tomatoes, red onion, corn (yes raw!! Sooo sweet), carrot, cucumber, chia seeds & sundried tomatoes. I’ve never been the biggest fan of salads but I find that adding in corn + tomatoes makes it taste really good! Also, adding in some lemon juice + smashed up avo to the greens and letting it sit while you prep the other ingredients adds good flavour and creaminess to the salad. Veganism has really allowed me to appreciate the taste of foods in their purest forms, it feels truly amazing! 🙏🏼✨ (Also officially finished my cleanse but I have a few bottles left because I’ve been out and about. Bottom line is I felt light yet satisfied and it was nice giving a break to my body after months of regularly eating junk food + eating out. Thanks @orchardstlove for all the care you put into your products!! They taste amazing 🙌🏻)

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