So here’s a idea I had while reading again the last chapter from Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts by @kazliin , a parallel between chapters 05 and 06. Yuuri “blanket thief” Katsuki is so cute heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp ;w; 

I know we are all loving Harry right now but i just wanted to say that i am overwhelmed with how much we love Louis too. Like some of you make sure to reblog Louis posts while we are supporting the other boys and others make posts including Louis. And the posts implying that HL support each other are pretty amazing as well. I just love you all :)

“SNSD will maintain the team, but in a situation where the agency changes, getting together becomes difficult. However, the members are still discussing what decision will be made.“

not to keep pressing the same key, but what are people not understanding about this? they’re clearly talking about making it work with the members who have left and keep snsd as 8 since they’re mentioning the agency change