I know we are all loving Harry right now but i just wanted to say that i am overwhelmed with how much we love Louis too. Like some of you make sure to reblog Louis posts while we are supporting the other boys and others make posts including Louis. And the posts implying that HL support each other are pretty amazing as well. I just love you all :)

a note

So. I was basically not into swearing until my mid-20s, like I didn’t swear at all I didn’t like it I didn’t want it I did not do the thing Sam-I-Am and also using gosh and darn and sugar ironically/unironically is seriously way entertaining? Do recommend.

So, yeah, mad respect for people that don’t like swearing, I get you, I remember how unpleasantly flinch-y just *hearing* the words is when you’ve programmed in your aversion response and dialed it up to max.

That said.

“Fucking” is seriously the best word in all of existence; it is so fulfilling to say in basically every circumstance; it perfectly encapsulates every mood. I like the mouthfeel of it, I like how you can drop the ‘g’, I like how it feels like I am converting my emotions directly to sound. I am having some kind of post-Renaissance love affair with this word; I want to write it epic poetry.

It is so. Fucking. Great.


Ritsu and Dad got another matching set.


+ one Mom, just for you ;)

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BTS Reaction to You (their crush) Having the Same Birthday As Them

ahhh this is my first reaction post in a really really long time, and of course I got very carried away lmao. I hope everyone will enjoy it!!♡

Rap Monster - namjoon would be really adorable. when he found out you had the same birthday he would purposely not have much of a reaction, but then when the day came around, he’d act like he forgot it was also your you’d probably be a lil sad cause like how could he forget ur birthday if it was the same day as his??? but then later in the evening he’d text u like “come outside” and he’d be standing at your door with balloons and a cake and lil present and you’d be like “omg I thought you forgot!!?” and HEd just “nope, I just wanted to really surprise you” !!!!

Jin - HE’D BE SO SWEET AHHHHH. he’d suggest that you two would do something together on your special day like getting dinner together. you’d be at the restaurant and the bill would come and you’d reach to pay for it and he’d be like “no! its your birthday im paying” and you’d be “uhhh it’s your birthday too? i’ll just pay it’s my treat!!” and he’d refuse to accept it and so he’d pay and then he’d walk you home,, such a gentleman, and your hands would brush and he’d blush so bad but he’d be like….why not and would just lace his fingers with yours and now you’re holding hands !! when u get to your door he’d just be like “well…happy birthday, I hope you had a good evening with me :) “ and you’d be like “ofc I did….” and kiss him on the chEEK AND RUN INSIDE AND JIN’S LIKE “best. birthday. ever.”

Suga - this lil muffin omg,, when you told him your birthday he’d be like “wow that’s so cool, that’s my birthday too!!” he’d initially be really excited, but a few days leading up to your birthdays he’d totally ignore you, but its just cause he wanted what he had planned to be a really big surprise and he was afraid he’d somehow drop his secret beforehand. so, right at midnight on your birthday he’d send you a text with an audio file and just a lil message saying “sorry for not talking to you at all, this is for you. happy birthday, y/n” and you’d open the file and it was a song that HE WROTE FOR YOU. it would be very very sweet and it’d pretty much be a confession song ;;;;

J-Hope - when hoseok found out you two shared a birthday he’d be so excited! like it’s his special day but now its even more special cause its your birthday too. he’d want to facetime/skype the night before your birthday so that you 2 could say happy birthday to each other right away and it’d be super cute like singing songs together and playing would you rather..but eventually lil hobi would fall asleep before midnight cause he’s so exhausted :(( but you’d stay on w/ him until midnight and you’d contemplate waking him up but like..he looks so peaceful sleeping and you’d just whisper happy birthday to him & hang up, then you’d text him that he fell asleep + u didn’t want to wake him up and then would say happy birthday to him and be like “haha!! I said it first!” and he’d wake up and be like OMG I FELL ASLEEP :((( and he’d see ur text and he’d apologize to u and be like “let me make it up to you, lets go get breakfast!” and :-)))

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Jimin - he wouldn’t get super excited about it, but he’d think it was rly cool he had that in common w you!! he’d definitely want to hangout together the whole day. he’d be telling everyone he knows that he has a “””date””” with you on your birthday(s) but when ur actually hanging out…..he’s too nervous to even look at you. ofc tho, he gets over that and would become his normal self ,, would initiate extra skinship and just be really adorable throughout the whole day. would spoil you even tho youre not dating and its his birthday too. probably would forget its his bday too, just wants to make you happy ;;;;;

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V - omgggg this lil cutie, his reaction would be like :0 he’d be the most excited tbh, he’d just be like “omg no way! we have to spend the entire day together!!” the one to feel like you 2 have a special connection cause u shared birthdays. suggests you have conjoined birthday parties. and like he’d been tryna find a reason to hangout w you and so that just adds to excitement. spending your birthday(s) together would end up being really special, you’d go back and forth buying each other lil gifts and snacks and then you’ll have ur conjoined party and lil tae would be so so SO s O!! happy. like he wouldn’t want to spend his special day any other way. & so at ur guys’ party there’d be a moment where u 2 kinda stepped away from everyone else and he’d be really sincere and be like “thank you for making this day so special, y/n.” and he genuinely means it like he’s just so thankful to know u ;;;;;;

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Jungkook - the cutest angel, ofc he would be !! very excited when he found out you shared a bday. he’d want to stay up facetiming / skyping so u could come into your birthday(s) together!! you’d just talk abt whatever until like 11:59pm and you both go silent staring at the time display on your phone / computer AND THEN IT TURNS 12:00 and you both shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and then you argue about who actually said it first for a few minutes and then it falls silent again for a lil bit and neither of you know what to talk abt…so ur just like “ok well I’m up way too late now, I should get to sleep, I said happy birthday first!!” and u go to sign off and jungkook is like “y/n wait!” and ur ??? and hes like “we should meet up later today, I have something to give you…” like ok yeah slick jungkook its probably not a birthday gift right? and it would be a bday gift and he’d really put a lot of thought into it and wrote u a rly sweet letter to accompany the gift and seriously just… the sweetest boy ever..

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“We’re been guided the Millennium Puzzle”

A year ago today, on 23.4.16, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark side of Dimensions was released in Japan. 
So it would only be fair to celebrate by drawing the eternal bond between those two!

Bruises, part 2 : We share the same last name and the same color eyes

Word count : 891

Author note : Part 2. I don’t really know at what time that one is going to be post because tonight is the big night guys, I’m seeing The Phantom of the Opera and I’m so freaking exciting !!!!! Feedback is still appreciated as usual and the tag list still at the end and will re-open on March 21st.  Domestic violence is not normal, don’t let that happen even once because it’ll happen again, run away or go to the police or call special numbers for domestic violence.

Warnings : Mentions of injuries, blood, mention of nudity, Tony being a worried big brother.

Song of the title : Brotherly Love, Keith Whitley & Earl Thomas Conley


Bruises masterlist 

Part 1

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