@morewordsthantime said: Adam Parrish + a cactus (or just Adam!)

I really hope you didn’t mean something like “Adam, holding one (1) cactus in his hands” because in this case my interpretation of your request would be wildly overambitious haha

Either way, I hope you can live with Adam in his St. Agnes Apartment, forcefully decorated by Blue and Gansey (Ronan probably couldn’t care less about interior design).

A non-exhaustive list of things that are cute:

- Mary in her normal outfit
- Mary in a sundress
- Mary in a tuxedo
- Mary in a wedding dress
- Mary with her hair in its usual ponytail
- Mary with her hair down
- Mary with her hair pulled into a bun
- Mary with her hair in a braid
- Mary with her hair in pigtails
- Mary wandering off in search of sweets
- Mary saying Rutee’s cute
- Mary drinking everyone under the table
- Mary’s smile
- Mary’s laughter
- Mary’s very existence
- Mary


7x10 “Death’s Door”
“No, I’m not going to have this conversation. He’s not going to die.” (belongs loosely to this meta)

This episode is filled with so many amazing and sad moments. This one here is one of my favourite tragic ones. Because the way Sam clutches his hand, without a doubt hoping that the room around him dissolves into thin air and that he was wrong when he told Dean “It’s real” just seconds prior is just heartbreaking. Yeah, the tragic thing about this is that right in this moment he probably hopes for nothing more than this to be a hallucination, because it would be easier to take. But it isn’t easier to take, because it’s real. And it hurts…



I whipped up a bunch of these bad boys at 12:30am so maybe they’re cooltoned, maybe they’re not? Some of them look similar I’m aware, but please ignore it.

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  • 6 different gradients that will work best in well lit gifs, but should be fine in darker gifs.