hey guys i just wanted to apologize for how inactive im being.  ive got a lot on my plate as im trying to adjust to college and i just had an ordeal with my roommate last night that was really not good for me so i moved home for the weekend and im just kind of a mess and i dont enjoy school so im trying to figure out how to make everything work.

but i promise im still here and i will be liveblogging teen wolf monday and i will be participating in stydia week and yay i promise to be a ray of sunshine and not a bummer

If I see one more thing on any social media website about this article concerning Sunset Crater, a volcano in Flagstaff, Arizona, that hasn’t erupted in 900 years, I’m going to be the only thing in the Northern Arizona area that will be erupting.

I think the reason this annoys me so much is because compared to a lot of internet hoaxes, this isn’t even a funny “let’s trick people and make them freak out” sort of thing. The San Francisco Volcanic Field, which Sunset Crater is apart of, is still active – although it’s not expected to actually do anything for another 1,000 years or so. I just find it silly that people believed this so quickly when it could have caused a state of emergency for Northern Arizona. Did anyone think to check google before calling news stations and more?

For one, this website is the only place reporting about it. If Sunset Crater were about to blow, it’d be all over the news and we’d probably have gotten some emergency texts in this area. Two…this isn’t even a scientific article, or put out by anyone important – like say, the United States Geological Survey – not only that, even if it were a scientific article, the writer of it cites themselves, which is in no way credible (on top of that the earthquake that was mentioned when they cited themselves didn’t even happen; the last earthquake in Flagstaff was reported as a year ago – and the last “earthquake” actually felt in Flagstaff was a sequence of two aftershocks with the epicenter in Sedona).

Those things should’ve tipped people off right away. But they didn’t. And also – the satellite images mean nothing. Flagstaff is currently doing a series of prescribed burns throughout the area before fire season begins. Yes, it’s a clear day; no, those plumes of smoke are not coming from Sunset Crater.

But either way if my ranting didn’t convince anyone, the National Park Service released a statement concerning the matter to shut down the hoax. My head hurts from trying to convince all the naive people I went to high school with to stop spreading false rumors…sigh.

do you wanna hear a bad joke? yes, yes of course you do. stop me if you’ve heard this one before. or just scroll on. yeah, scroll on. that would have been the better thing to say.

a woman who’s pregnant with twins is injured in a car accident. she and her kids survive but she’s put in a coma so the doctors can safely deliver them. she eventually wakes up to find her dimwitted brother sitting at her bedside. he cheerfully announces that he named the babies while she was out of commission.

oh no, she thinks, they let this idiot take care of my boys. 

so she asks what names, pray tell, did he choose. he says one baby turned out to be a girl so he named her denise. she relaxes a bit. denise, that’s a nice name, she says. what about the boy? oh right, he says, his name is denephew.