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Why do you love Kaisoo ?

When I started to know about exo my first bias was Kyungsoo and knowing them more, Jongin became my bias. Then by time, I started to play more attention to Kaisoo together, their interactions, feeling something more than fanservice or close friends and I get  in to them so deep.

I consider Jongin as my bias but I love him as much as Kyungsoo and I love see them together, because they seem complete, and the stares, god the damn stares. The eyes are like windows and the way they look is so precious, like all the universe is in each other. 

I love see them happy, laugh together and be in their own world

The soft touches, the sweet words, whisperings

I love Kaisoo because they are a treasure and my happiness. I wish someday someone look at me at the way Jongin does. I love kaisoo because is more real than me.

As if we needed more evidence that “Abaconings” was really just a metaphor for how Stan wished the whole portal thing had gone down, I noticed this shot when I was rewatching “Little Gift Shop of Horrors”. That kid on the box looks an awful lot like Stan when he was a kid. Maybe to show his brother’s nerdy ambitions to be recognized and popular because he was such a braniac. 

Another thought I had during the episode: If Waddles is Author Stan and Mabel is Grunkle Stan, that makes Dipper Fiddleford in this parody. Dipper is the faithful assistant who runs off with the genius, leaving Mabel/Grunkle Stan behind, alone. 

Imagining this situation as Author Stan running off to play science with a complete and total stranger I can see how easy it would be for Stan to be resentful towards him and blame him for taking his brother away. I think the only reason Mabel didn’t get resentful is because it was her brother who was off with Waddles. 

Ok, I’m done ranting now.

Dean is drunk and a little unhappy. Cas can feels it and the longing, so he goes to the bunker(he’s by coicidence some place near the bunker). Dean is acting a little sentimental, he starts mumbling and it seems like Dean is going to tell Cas what he feels for him. But in the end he doesn’t say anything and he just stares at Cas his gaze full of love.

Cas doesn’t know what’s really happening but feels that something is wrong so he asks Dean if he can do anything. “Stay” Dean says. Cas stares at him for a long time and nods.

The next day Dean wakes up and remembers the night before. He let himself be hopeful for a moment about Cas staying, but he can’t find him at first.

When he does he can’t help but smile and Cas smiles back a little shy. He finds Cas in the bunker the next morning.

And the next.

And the next.

And the next.

And so on.