I don’t know if you’ve been reading the new Pottermore articles

They talk about the magic school in North America, and also about magical creatures in the continent.

There is a creature called Hidebehind, because (and I quote JK Rowling): “As the name suggests, it can contort itself to hide behind almost any object, concealing itself perfectly from hunters and victims alike.”

It did sound familiar. And so I researched and

This is from one of the Gravity Falls Shorts.

Gravity Falls is now officially in the Harry Potter Canon.

the fans ranged from 14 year olds, or even younger, and up. imagine that, spending months waiting for this moment. to see them shine and look happy and just fucking hype up with the crowd. instead, we get this.

death threats.

letting the hard earned money fans saved up, the miles traveled, the hours waiting outside. 

we wanted, just once, to see them. to let them know how much we appreciate them. how much we fucking love them.

and to live with the fact, knowing that they couldn’t even perform everything on the setlist. couldn’t hold hands and bow to the audience. couldn’t thank us.

we should be thanking them, for their hard work. for the countless hours they spent rehearsing. learning new choreo. filming vlogs, bangtan bombs, just to make us happy. because they know it makes us happy.

and yet, we couldn’t even give them the reassurance that they were safe? for their first concert in the usa? we couldn’t show them how important they are to us and i’m disgusted.

i’m so ashamed. from one’s action, groups us all together.
BBC's His Dark Materials series to 'sound every note' in Philip Pullman’s novels
Former Doctor Who producers to lead TV adaptation of hit fantasy trilogy
By Jasper Jackson

Jane Tranter – who will lead the project with fellow Bad Wolf founder and former Doctor Who producer Julie Gardner – said bringing the trilogy to TV provided an opportunity to give it the treatment it deserved.
She told the Guardian: “There are some pieces of literature that are wonderfully suited to film. There are some pieces of literature which are better suited to television. To my mind what is great about these trilogy of novels is we can adapt them as Philip wrote them.

We can go at episode pace, tell the entirety of the story, take our time and sound every note that Philip sounds in his novels.

Tranter dismissed concerns that religious groups might object to the production, adding that it would be based on “what Philip wrote, not what people who haven’t read the books think is in them”.
“What I know, is that the novels contain a really strong moral centre, the novels show that there are choices to be made. The novels show people living a life on behalf of other people unselfishly.”
Perhaps sometimes those questions are uncomfortable and sometimes it’s the job of TV to make people feel uncomfortable.

tl;dr - jane tranter is literally my new hero


Every night is the last night. Every time is the last time. There’s nothing destined about this. If circumstances aren’t tearing them apart, then it’s they themselves, who are running or distracted and yet… life keeps throwing them back together. They’ve been taught to look down upon what each other are. They aren’t each other’s constants; they are each other’s exeptions. They never expected to have the place they do in each other’s lives. It’s a choice. 

September 18th 2008

So im watching Avengers for the hundredth time and im at the part where Caps telling the other police officers they should listen to him when i noticed something

is that-