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Poor baby Shino deserves more love in the world. Could you possibly write a scenario with him feeling a little unsure about his relationship with his s/o, and their s/o just lists off all the reason they love him?

Something was bothering Shino. You could tell. He was always a reserved person, but today he was being unnaturally quiet.

“Shino,” you attracted his attention. “Is there something wrong?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about, Y/N,” came his reply.

“I know when something’s up, Shino,” you said gently.

If you weren’t paying such close attention, you probably would have missed the sigh that escaped Shino’s lips because it was so quiet. “I just don’t understand why somebody as lovely as you would want to be with me.”

You felt your heart sink at his statement. Your boyfriend always put himself down so much, and it broke your heart that he couldn’t see how wonderful he was. You shifted closer to him. “Look at me,” you requested quietly. He tilted his head toward you, even removing his darkened glasses to reveal his chocolate-brown eyes.

Your eyes locked on to his. “Shino. You’re the most loyal friend and partner I’ve ever encountered. You never hesitate to help me, whatever I need. You always show me kindness, even if you aren’t feeling well yourself, and your smile is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Please don’t compare yourself to anybody else, because I think you’re perfect.”

Shino looked shocked, his eyes revealing his every emotion. “Th-thank you, Y/N,” he whispered, looking into your eyes. You placed a small kiss on his cheek in response, drawing out a blush on his pale face.

oh my gosh i agree with you so much, shino does need more love. i’ve been looking forward to writing this so much?? he’s one of my favourite characters and he really isn’t appreciated enough within the fandom

-Admin Will

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I used to ID as ace and then demi when I was like 14 but the thing that bothers me about the ace idea "of love is less pure if sexual attraction is involved" is that like, lgbt people already are told that their love is unpure and lesser (pt1)

and like? as a 14 year old girl that liked girls I felt the need to slap ace and/or demi on myself so I wouldn’t be seen as more dirty and it’s just. such a harmful rhetoric and these are lgbt CHILDREN it hurts me sm when I see it happen to others

!!!!! this is such a good point like there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being ace or demi but pushing those labels on young questioning kids provides a crutch for the ones who are struggling with confronting their attraction to their own genders and it can be really rough, esp when they have to hear sex shaming from the ace community AND society at large


Okay so where do I begin ? For starters *eye roll * I am so damn tired of Taylor Swift playing the victim card . Homegirl has made a living off of music attacking ppl she felt have “wronged ” her . The only difference between Taylor and Kanye is that Taylor plays the ~innocent ~ card. Which in part, excuses her blatant disregard for other people’s feeling as some form of bullying remorse- when in actuality she’s the bully. That being said , I have never been more happy about Kim Kardashian’s existence .

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god, amethyst’s expressions are so subtle here, and still so telling.

because while shapeshifting is a sore point and an insult to peridot, it’s a vital coping mechanism for amethyst

she’s constantly shapeshifting because she isn’t comfortable in her own body. and i don’t think she’s ever completely been. that there’s always been something that just felt wrong

i think that’s where her purple puma persona came from originally. just experimenting with and then accidentally hitting a form close to her “intended” one.  she couldn’t keep it up forever, but she still noticed that she was happier in that form, that it felt right in a way her normal body didn’t. and most of all, that she was happy when she used that form to fight

she just didn’t know how, or why, until peridot waltzed into her life, revealed something about amethyst that the other gems had kept hidden from her for millennia

and since then, well,

yeah i think the idea of being bigger has been a constant in amethyst’s mind.

(but what about shorty squad then? that’s a very good question that i’ll get to later! hopefully this month)

Okay so I'm 98.9% sure Aelin's almost burn out was when Rowan felt the bond snap into place.

They’ve just both been ignoring it while they heal, while Aelin claims her throne, and as “they figure this out.”


Bucky x Reader

Prompt: A fic based on the song Impossible by Lacey Sturm (I DEF suggest checking her out because hot damn I am addicted now and this song is just perfect for Bucky)

Requested by: @petals-overdaisies

Warnings: Depression, Fluff, Some violence, Swearing

Word Count: ~2700

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I have nothing left

But I keep on pouring out like I am endless

Everything started when they first brought him back out of cyro, much to his dislike. He didn’t deserve to be out amongst everyone else, but Steve finally had enough. They gave him a metal arm, a new one Tony Stark finally crafted himself, and Bucky felt so unworthy of it. He was angry at first, being brought back without a cure for everything wrong with his head, but then he only felt a deep sadness.

  He stayed locked up in his room most of the time, the ache in his chest making it hard for him to keep his composure around others, especially around Steve. Bucky didn’t want to be a bother to him, and constantly thought how it would be better if he had just stayed in cyro… or just ceased to exist.

  But then Steve brought you.

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Was I the only one who felt like crying when Connie said they fused out of hate?It felt like they betrayed themselves and their love, like they had used it wrong. And it hurt so much because it hurt them. I'm just glad that they realized what hate can do to them and their relationship and accepted it to move on and be a fusion of love by ignoring Kevin. It really felt like they mended that wound, and in the end they were happy together (being happily fused together! yay!) but it still hurt :(

You’re not alone, anon. 


Imagine >> You being in gryffindor and dating draco, one day his friends talk about you and he finally stands up to them.

“Draco I don’t want to hide this anymore” you pleaded, you’ve been dating draco for 2 months but it’s been secretive because you were in gryffindor and he was in slytherin. “Love, you know what my father would say, and what about my classmates? They would bug me and pretty much torture you about it.” You knew he was right, but it felt so wrong to hide it. “I’ve got to get to potions, meet me at the astronomy tower tonight?” You asked. He nodded and gave you a quick kiss before parting ways.

“Oi did you see y/n at the Quidditch game? She sucks! I’m surprised Gryffindor still keeps her on the team” Goyle laughed. Him and Crabbe always talked down about you because you rejected both of them for the Yule Ball. Draco just scoffed “All you two talk about is how much y/n sucks, just get over it” Draco spat. “Whats up with you mate? She’s a no good gryffindor, you of all people should be in this conversation” Crabbe said confused. Draco stood up “That’s it! Stop talking smack about her or tomorrow there might just be a new rumour about you two are still sleeping with your stuffies!” Draco yelled. The two boys just looked at him shocked. “Why are defending her all of a sudden?” They both asked. “She’s my girlfriend, has been for 2 months now, I’m sick of you to talking trash about her!” Draco said and stormed out of the common room.

* Later in the astronomy tower *

“ Well hello handsome” you greeted him with a laugh. “Hello to you too beautiful” Draco said back. You two set out a blanket like usual and you sat on draco’s lap. “So something happened today” Draco said cautiously. “What is it babe?” You asked very curious. “Crabbe and Goyle were talking bad about you so I kinda stood up to them and then I told them that were dating. .. knowing them everyone should know by tomorrow” Draco chuckled. “I’m sorry babe I didn’t want it to happen like that..” You confessed. “It actually felt good, not having to hide the fact that we’re a thing now.” Draco said with a grin. “I love you” you whispered. Draco gave you a suprised look and you just looked at the ground embarrassed. “I love you too babe” he whispered in your ear. You kissed him and laughed and spent the rest of the night talking.

Sorry this isn’t the best, it was kind of rushed but I should, do have a better one coming up in a few days :))

honestly im so bummed about pearlidot lately…. 

like i love steven universe and the show is great but the ship is what kept my interest in the show for so long and now it feels like I’m the only one here that cares about it anymore and its really sad…

somehow this ship was more popular when it was utter crack, and now that the characters have actually interacted its completely undesirable to most people and I don’t quite understand that

Even outside of shipping it, I still lack any sense of closure between those two, and I feel a little cheated that they havent had time to reflect at all on the events of back to the barn and how their relationship has vastly changed since then


Imagine: Bruce being afraid to get close to you because because of “the other guy.” [x]

Abruptly, he stood up and left the lab. He abandoned his work and fled to the stair well. Bruce climbed up the stairs until he reached the cool, comforting air up upon the roof. This is where he came when it all became too… much.
   And, some part of him wanted you to follow him up here and make it all okay again, but another part wanted completely the opposite. Bruce didn’t deserve you, he knew that now. You… you were too good. He could never give you all that you needed. He felt like he gave you far too much stress- like he forced every single one of his problems onto you. You were always listening to whatever went wrong in his life. Why did he never listen to you? Why was he being so selfish? …Why couldn’t he let you go?
    For once, Bruce knew the answer to that: he loved you.

Want to read the full imagine? >>Fear And Loathing (Bruce Banner x Reader)<<

Want to request an imagine?

  • Do you ever just think about how lucky you are to be in love with a band that's not like any other? I mean, they haven't done anything wrong in the media, they're humble and down to earth, they care about their fans so much. Not to mention, they're all so different and unique in their own ways and they all manage to help us one way or another. Our fandom is as lucky as it gets being able to have five wonderful people as our idols. I've never felt so lucky.
Little Lightworm...

Just imagine Magnus Bane meeting Maryse Lightwood and her little band of brats and thinking “ugh, like we need more Lightworms around…” and little Max is setting things of fire, Izzy is playing with boas and sparkles (Magnus likes that one), Alec is always standing like a church boy at his mother’s side. Shadowhunters will be Shadowunters…

But Maryse leaves the room for two seconds and already Alec has spilled something on Magnus’s silk jacket and is extremely apologetic and “by the angel I am so so sorry” and he cannot wait to get out of there but he feels bad for the runt. Being raised to feel like a walking mistake sucked. Magnus would know.

And then Magnus comes back some ten years later and realizes, wow, that boy is exactly the same. Hidden inside himself, waiting for someone to realize he was wrong, wrong, wrong and fix him to how he was supposed to be. And Magnus feels the same pity he felt then but he can actually do something about it now… so maybe he could stop someone from growing up to hate himself just like his own mother had tried to do to him.

He wouldn’t let this Shadowhunter become just another mindless robot Shadowhunter.

I don’t know… something about Magnus knowing Alec all his life and wanting to help him grow into a healthy and happy person no matter what is just really endearing to me.

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NOT DEFENDING KEVIN but i think he saw a chance in stevonnie to be a manipulative bastard and not exactly a pedophile bc if pedophiles feel attracted to someone that is younger than them,then i don't think that kevin felt attracted to the idea of stevonnie being 2 children I think he thought that he could still have a chance with stevonnie,even if they were just kids He didn't care and also used that to get in to their heads I mean idk if kevin is a pedophile,but he is a pervert Maybe i'm wrong

well in alone  together when he saw  that stevonnie was just two kids 

this was his reaction,  so i don’t think he’s a  pedo he seems  mortified in this picture. and even says “I’m Out”  if  he were   “Like that” i could see  him asking  steven and connie to  fuse again or make stevonnie, but he didn’t because he’s not like that, while i  agree he is a  sleeze ball and a bit of an a** hole. i think talking in that perverse manner of his is just how he is.  he seems to be the  spoiled rich kid type whose used to everyone giving him attention and treating him like he’s above the rest, in alone together  he called himself an angel above everyone else even calling them garbage.  but when stevonnie doesn’t treat him as such  he seems to go the extra mile which may make it seem like he’s  trying to get with her but i don’t think thats the case.  at least not in beach city drift.

Taking the Pain (Lucifer Morningstar)

Character: Lucifer Morningstar
Words: 2140
Warning(s): Injury, blood, some swearing
A/N: Okay, besides my ask box got completely cleaned for no reason, I was happy I was able to get this one-shot done. I know the ending is very very crappy, but I thought it might of been cute to have Luci and you banter at each other while being all lovey dovey.

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I haven’t felt this bad, this dangerous, since my last attempt. The only difference now is people actually hate me. I’ve tried to do the right thing, things that I HAVE done wrong I certainly own up to. So getting blamed for things i don’t do certainly hurts more. People hate me, there is no point in being here anymore. I am too much of a burden. I sit here crying and crying and every single member of my family could not even bat an eye. They hate me too. It hurts too much. Depression hurts and people hurt and words hurt.
I want to do it now, tonight. Although my boyfriend’s Pop passed this week and I don’t want to hurt him at all. But that is kind of inevitable. There is never going to be a time to do this that is necessarily right or doesn’t hurt anyone.
Sure, I will get called selfish for this. People will hate me more, some may miss me. But they will be ok. In a year my name will merely be a faint memory.
I don’t know. I don’t want to hurt my partner but i don’t want to keep doing this. It hurts too much and people hate me and I am a burden. I just need a vent so I am having one.

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why does everyone make it out that edward watching bella sleep is the most creepiest thing ever? am i wrong to think it isn't really? or is it because twilight is so popularly hated? i'm not even a fan of twilight but geez some people act like he's gonna assault her or something

Hey Nonnie!

Imo, it is a bit creepy. I mean, when he started doing this, they weren’t a couple and it just felt a bit stalker-ish. And he did it for hours on end, night after night. It just felt wrong. I’m not saying it the worst thing ever, and it has probably been exaggerated a bit, especially with Twilight being hated by so many people, but it’s still a tad bit problematic.

Have a lovely day! <3

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The most heart breaking moments for the boys while being in the band

I’m not sure if you meant what was the most heart breaking for them or what is the most heart breaking when I watch.  Since it’s easier for me to tell you my own emotions rather than theirs, I did mine.

This one is by nature sad, so I’m going to put it under a cut so people don’t have to see it if they don’t want.

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“I’ve been having some assorted activity in my house for the entire 10 months or so that I’ve lived here, and I submitted about the initial experience before, but things have been getting worse to the point that I’m actually scared to sleep.

A few days ago I got back home from a week or so of being gone, and I can tell the atmosphere in the house has changed over that time. It feels very heavy, to describe it as best I can. The basement has always felt a little funky but now I feel terrified being down there alone because it just feels like something’s /right there./ Whatever’s in my house, I think it mostly dwells in the basement bedroom. It has always felt wrong in there, but now the air feels so thick, I can’t even be in there for more than a minute.

A few nights ago, I could actually sense a presence lurking in a corner in my room; I had to get up and sleep in my sister’s room. I normally have to have it pitch black to sleep, but I have to sleep with my door open since I’ve been back because I feel too isolated otherwise. More of my medication keeps disappearing, and random belongings keep breaking(strangely both mine and my sister’s hairbrushes broke in half within like 20 minutes of each other).

The worst part, though, is that I’m afraid my sister is being possessed or targeted in some way. Ever since I left for that week, she’s been having terrible, vivid nightmares every night and refuses to sleep alone. She’s becoming more aggressive than usual. Yesterday, we were bickering about some little thing at she just exploded with more rage than I’ve ever seen in her; she was not only yelling, but throwing things around. A few hours later, she actually came to me and told me that she was scared that she was losing control of her actions, that she wasn’t even mad and she didn’t know why the hell she freaked out like that.

I’m so afraid for her and the rest of my family, especially since I’ll be moving out in a month so my sister will be home alone a lot. My mom doesn’t believe us when we tell her about the activity because it always happens when it’s just me and/or my sis. I shit you not, as I write this my phone keeps locking itself for seemingly no reason, like whatever it is doesn’t want me to get this out there. Does anybody have any advice??”

By: @destielrecycling 

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Damn you all! I just rewatched that confession in 2x20 and Barry's face was magnificent. His tone of voice was small and even shaky at times, like when he said "Why are you telling me this now?" (Credit to GG on that part). Iris took her time telling him how she felt, trying to be careful to not overwhelm him (That failed because he was already overwhelmed) and being very shy about it. Even the way she sad if he still wants a future with her, she was like a love struck teenager.

Both of them were so amazing in that part; it’s my favorite WA scene of the season. Both of them are so good at adding so much more to a scene without so many words, especially in that scene but focusing on GG right now. Barry has those moments when he looks at Iris and see that something is wrong, we saw it in 2x09 and 2x17 and he did it again in that scene with that little “what’s up?” and that small grin and his head cocks to the side, but he lowered his voice just a bit. And then she starts talking and at first there’s confusion then she says “you’ve always had someone to come home to, me.” and he’s bewildered and frozen in his place. 

And Iris continues talking, saying “I’ve been thinking about us.” He’s still nervous and there’s that tiny part of him thinking “oh no what is she going to say?” and thinking “I don’t want to be hurt again.” Then she says the words that he’s always wanted to hear, but at this point never thought he actually would. His eyebrows shoot up, the suspicion in his face disappears, and his eyes soften. 

And he’s just trying to process the whole thing, he looks away for a second, overwhelmed and really really shocked, then he does that thing where he touches his lips probably for a split second thinking about the 1x15 kiss and the stammering “When I told you how I felt about you last year?” There was the tiniest quiver in his voice. And he’s rubbing the back of his neck just trying to figure out what to say next, but he put that nod in there because he was really listening to what she had to say and he wrings his hands together when they both step forward because he wants so badly to just accept this moment, and hold onto her but he can’t, he’s terrified of the other factors surrounding him at the moment, the particle accelerator being the main one. So he tears up because he’s thinking “finally.” But he’s also got these barriers in front of himself and protecting his heart after being hurt so bad last year so he does the only thing he can think to do which is let her walk away.

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For my whole life, I've never desired sex. As I got older, about 13, I realized that sex can actually hurt, especially thr first few times. I have a pretty big fear of physical pain. I also simply cant picture myself having sex or being sexual in anyway, and trying to do so makes me very uncomfortable. Is it okay that I consider myself to be asexual? I would hate to be insulting towards someone by using that term.

To be honest, there’s always gonna be assholes that insist that anybody who doesn’t fit this extremely limited definition of asexuality are ‘wrong’. Something like; if you’re not someone who is 100% sure you’ve never felt The Sexual Attract, never ever, and never will, then you’re not ace.

We’re not those types of people. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll change your mind the next morning. If you wanna be ace, then come and sit down next to us and we’ll pop in some Steven Universe.

- Fae