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Omg look at these OkiKagu hater messages... They are pathetic... -.- if they ship Okita or Kagura with someone else why do they come here and send a hater message? :'D

I have no idea! I really just… have no clue LOL 

Me: Shipping isn’t a big deal to me so I have the ability to like seeing a character paired with different people.
Me: Reality is going to hurt you so much whenever it finally stops in to say hi.

I honestly haven’t been bothered by any of it and so far it has only served as a reminder as to why I’m so distanced from shipping culture. As I said, that person is likely only 12 and so that kind of behavior can be expected from them. That’s not to excuse their actions or anything, but it’s all the more reason not to get worked up over it or take any of it to heart //shrugs


Fucking pathetic Jimin bashers. Iam sick of seeing your shit in my fucking ship tags. Fuck off. Hes not doing anything wrong you people are fucking insane if you think any of this shit is real. Stop living in a fucking fantasy for one second and realise who you are hurting. Stick to your own fucking ship and stay out of the tags that dont concern you. I dont give a shit if your otp isnt having moments you whiney little shits need to stay in your lanes. Iam sick of being nice to youse all youse do is ruin other peoples days with your pathetic fucking childish hate. Jimin is my Ultimate bias and it makes me sick. You arnt armies you’re fucking disappointments. And your bias would fucking hate you for saying this shit about their band member. So grow the fuck up or shut the fuck up.

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May you tag this as restuffed? I have a huge collection of stuffed animals that my father's been demanding I donate/sell, but I'm too attached to them and I can't let them go just yet. I know someday I will, but I just start crying when I even think of getting rid of them, even if they just sit in bins in my room. I feel pathetic, vain, and childish, and I don't know what to do.

I relate to this ask a huge amount as I also love my large stuffed animal collection! First of all - it is totally okay to love your cuddly friends :) having stuffed toys can be very therapeutic for some people, and it doesn’t make you pathetic or vain, I promise.

However, the practicalities of having many stuffed animals can be troublesome, and that may be the reason that your father is asking you to reduce your collection. They take up a lot of space, and for someone who doesn’t realise the emotional attachment they may genuinely not understand their significance.

When I moved I had to make some painful decisions about how to manage my collection. For me this resulted in assessing which animals I had the strongest emotional attachments to, and which animals were simply too large (such as a nearly life size unicorn). I also had to be firm with myself and for every new animal I got, to try to pass on another which I felt I would miss less. I also have a large box under my bed where I keep many of my cuddly friends because I don’t want to part with them yet.

Now I know everyone is different and everyone has their own ways of coping. You might not be in a place right now where getting rid of any of them is a possibility, and that’s okay. You have a right to take this at your own pace.

Is there any way that you could store some of your collection? That way you aren’t getting rid of them and can access them whenever you need to, but they won’t be a constant visual presence for your father and could be a step towards potential future changes.

It might also be worth thinking about the reasons behind your attachment to your collection. Perhaps they provide companionship when you feel lonely, or keep you grounded when everything feels overwhelming. Where/who you got them from may also have sentimental value for you. Working through these things one step at a time may help you to find some peace in this situation, and there is support out there to help you if you find this distressing - try looking here and here.

Is there any way that you could explain to your dad the emotional significance of your collection? If it’s hard to talk about you could always write him a letter, or try to relate how you are feeling to something that you know that he is very attached to? I know that speaking about personal matters can be really scary and leave us feeling quite vulnerable. You can take this at whatever pace you need to, because the most important thing is that you look after yourself. You deserve to be happy! You don’t have to go through this on your own. We are always here for you <3

You aren’t pathetic, or vain, or childish. You are unique and precious and I hope that everything works out for you! Please do send another ask if you have any thoughts/worries/questions :)

Take care,

Imogen x