Yo @walkingmelonsaaa you do know that someone who doesn’t agree with you doesn’t necesarily have to stop being your friend and stop supporting you right?.

Because, being all like “Oh you support THAT?, we are not frundz anymore!” Is like the most retarded, idiotic, close-minded, pathetic, and childish thing someone can say, and you should NOT in any way feel affected by it.

People like that does NOT deserve to be called your friend in the first place, much less being looked upon on.

So honestly Alyssa, screw that, I’ll buy you a coffee and roll you into a sushi until you feel better.

Tired of mean trolls. Who's with me?

Okay, I’m going to rant. I’m sick of reading negative comments to Mayim everywhere I look on tumblr, instagram, etc. “You’re not funny, Mayim.” “You’re ruining Sheldon, Mayim” “You’ve ruined the show, Mayim.” blah blah blah.. Hater’s gonna hate, that’s for sure. First of all, I get tired of listening to fans who wish the show stayed ‘the same as the first three seasons’ whine. Give those poor guys a break. What, they were supposed to stay alone and pathetic forever for YOUR viewing pleasure. Life imitates art, so if that were the real world, would YOU want to be alone if you were weird, geeky, quirky, etc? No. I think not. As for Sheldon? I loved the character then, and I love the character now. Of course he’s changed. He couldn’t stay a childish, sniveling, whiney, selfish, unlovable, rude, condescending baby forever. Meeting Amy and falling in love with her has, in MY opinion, made him not only a better man but a better Scientist. The point of this show is EVOLUTION. They have all grown, forged relationships, and moved on. In the RIGHT direction. Maybe they’re jealous of Mayim. Who knows? I can see why; she gets to sleep next to Jim, kiss Jim, cuddle with Jim. Like I said, hater’s gonna hate. And in MY opinion, she IS funny. The show is the number one comedy on tv, so they must STILL be doing something right. Okay, you can have your opinion. That’s fine. But when you get mean and troll-ish about Mayim, her acting, her looks, her religion, her dish detergent, etc.. that isn’t cool. Thanks for listening. Oh, and one more thing: SHAMY FOREVER.

I just want to say, in the plainest terms possible, that I am not okay with the way the Stydia fandom behaves on Twitter.

I know that they think it’s hilarious and a joke, but to me it appears that they feel like nothing they do is wrong because they’re on the winning team. Well, I’m as happy as you guys are that Stydia appears to finally be happening as a main plot on teen wolf, but you guys make me embarrassed to be a part of this fandom sometimes.

I am all for loving a ship, I am all for making dirty comments about them, I am even all for being negative about another ship as long as you censor your words so it doesn’t show up in the tags for that other ship. But I am absolutely not okay with telling people to kill themselves and calling people fat, whether those people be actors or actual human beings on Twitter. It’s immature, it’s pathetic, it’s childish, and it’s nauseating that you could think that this behavior is acceptable.

I don’t care that the Stydia fandom on Twitter thinks that saying these things is funny or a joke. I don’t care that it’s internet slang and you don’t actually mean it. I don’t care that you’ll say that I’m taking your words too seriously. I still find it to be disgusting. Do you notice the fact that none of the adults in the Stydia fandom who are on Twitter say shit like that? Literally, none of them. Because they know it’s wrong. They know it’s inappropriate. They know that you should never joke about somebody killing himself.

I hate the antis as much as anyone, but do you know how I deal with that? I don’t engage. I don’t tweet them, I don’t go on their blogs. I stay in my lane and I write fanfic and I answer asks and I try to spread as much positivity in the fandom as I can. All you’re doing is creating the exact environment which makes people (including the cast, writers, and creators who brought you the ship that you love) hate shippers.

So I want to make it clear that this behavior is disgusting and something that I do not condone, and that I’m horrified that this fandom for a ship I love so much has literally made me side with the antis because of how embarrassing their behavior is. Like, I’m siding with people who call Lydia a slut, who say that Stiles attempted to sexually assault Lydia in the scene where she was on pills in her bedroom, with people who say that the narrative wasn’t going towards Stydia. These people spend all their time on the internet insulting my ship, the thing that makes me happiest in terms of tumblr and writing, and I’m literally siding with them right now over you guys. That feels like crap for me. And if it sounds like I’m taking this too seriously? Good. You know what is serious? Suicide. So stop being assholes and stay in your own lanes.

Just because there’s no consequences to you, doesn’t mean it’s right.

Lmao all this Gency/Pharmercy “discourse” is honestly pathetic.

  • First of all, it’s literally nothing but some dialogue. 
  • Threatening to quit the fandom over a ship you don’t like getting teased? how old are you?
  • Same people saying they’re gonna quit are the same people who mocked all the idiotic straight people crying about Tracer being gay. Do you really want that to be your legacy? behaving in the same childish manner as them?
  • 90% of said people saying they’re leaving if Gency becomes canon are the same people who ship toxic shit like WidowTracer
  • Interracial relationships are just as important and deserve representation too!.
  • Literally all I’ve seen are people complaining that it’s a ~boring het romance~ but ignoring the fact that we like never see interracial relationships ever done well?
  • Why is this boiling down to a “my ship is better than your ship” pissing contest, we’re better than that
  • Genji’s butt belongs to me anyway

tl;dr: shut the fuck up and stop crying the second blizzard doesn’t do everything to cater around you.

Borderline personality disorder is literally so difficult in the sense the people you love the most think that you’re spiteful, pathetic and childish. What they don’t realise is that these extreme reactions are because you love them very much and you care. You simply cannot control how you react at all and you’re not trying to manipulate you just can’t express to anyone how you feel in a calm way. Because things that seem minor to others are massive to you. The anger you feel is completely out of control and how upset you are means nothing calms you down apart from destructive behaviour. You say and do things you don’t really mean. Then because of these reactions you lose them, and miss them all the time. It is horrible. It feels like you lose people for loving them but I get it doesn’t look like that to the person on the receiving end.


Fucking pathetic Jimin bashers. Iam sick of seeing your shit in my fucking ship tags. Fuck off. Hes not doing anything wrong you people are fucking insane if you think any of this shit is real. Stop living in a fucking fantasy for one second and realise who you are hurting. Stick to your own fucking ship and stay out of the tags that dont concern you. I dont give a shit if your otp isnt having moments you whiney little shits need to stay in your lanes. Iam sick of being nice to youse all youse do is ruin other peoples days with your pathetic fucking childish hate. Jimin is my Ultimate bias and it makes me sick. You arnt armies you’re fucking disappointments. And your bias would fucking hate you for saying this shit about their band member. So grow the fuck up or shut the fuck up.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: people want dan and phil to collab with other people and then phil does and does it with a female and suddenly shitstorms start because people ship it and others don't like that it's become a ship and everything is so childish and pathetic and i wish that more people would realise that phil can collab with whoever he likes and that just because the person beside him isn't dan doesn't mean that it's any less of a good video. and it's funny because if he'd done a collab with a dude none of y'all would be salty or starting stupid drama.

I’ve always found the Kardashians entertaining and thought they got too much shit, but they’ve just gone too far in the pursuit of drama now? Khloe’s attack on Chloe Moretz, despite being fake, is just vile. She is 19 years old, and Khloe is in her 30′s. If that picture had even been real, how disgusting to attempt to bring someone down or “drag them” using a photo taken without their permission. Lost all respect for anything that any of them have to say now.

Don’t get me started on the shit against Taylor Swift. Kanye started all this shit against her years ago and will do anything to keep it alive in the name of drama and keeping himself relevant. The mob going after Taylor and Selena is pathetic, childish and plain nasty. That’s all I can bothered going into that one!

hey, all you anons bugging pearl,


y’all are getting way too pissy about someone’s opinion over a cartoon. people are allowed to have an opinion without you screaming your heads off, and sending pathetic messages most certainly won’t change anyone’s mind.

it’s very rude, and incredibly childish. i can only imagine how annoying this must be for them because you just can’t handle someone thinking a little bit differently than you do.

Eliza and the con

Do you know what? I’m mad.

All I want to do is watch a panel of my favourite actress happily talking about her new film, her character, her friends/work colleagues but what do I get? Her pandering to certain fans as she doesn’t want to get them mad, no questions related to Clarke, only ships, and poor fans that have paid lots of money getting booed for simply asking a question?? How is that fair? How childish and pathetic can you be to boo an actress and a fan just because she isn’t talking about your precious L/exa smh………….

It’s not fair on the other fans, it’s not fair on Eliza and it’s not fair on the other cast who have to censor what they say at cons. 

Because I’m in total love with Arno, I hated Elise before the game even came out, knowing this was a stupid behavior. But then I read the book and found out I had all reasons to hate her. She’s just an annoying and childish little girl. She was a b*tch to everyone, including those who cared for her. I can’t even describe how angry I was when she wished for Arno to rot in the Bastille after calling him a pathetic orphan who stole her father’s love.

The only reason I finished reading the story was because parts of Arno’s journal were in it too.

Makeshift Family

a/n: so I saw this tumblr post by @kevin-the-chicken and got super inspired to write it so here’s the first chapter (i hope you like it dude)

you read it on ao3 too

If someone had told Hux when he was six that he would find a family who loved him, he would have kicked them. At age six there was no such family in his future. His father, Brendol, was barely there as it was (and when he was there it was nothing but scathing comments); and his mother had walked out when he was two. The closest thing resembling a family back then was the nanny who watched him - and even she left when he turned ten.

So no, Hux wouldn’t have believed them at all.

His childhood was the epitome of pathetic. In elementary school no one bothered to sit with him at lunch on the bias of his ginger colored hair. It was a childish discrimination that eventually waned, but from grades one to three that was his reality. Along with the occasional teasing, which sometimes made him tear up a bit. But he never cried. According to his father good boys never shed a tear.

They just had tough hearts.

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As pissed as this whole situation makes me there is A LOT we don’t know.
Call me pathetic and “obsessed” but I’m still behind Zayn & I’ll support him in anything he chooses to do.

I’m not saying he hasn’t done shitty things & hasn’t fucked up. Because he has. But we all have. We all fuck up and make mistakes and make rude comments, it’s apart of life.
Louis has done a lot of shitty things and this entire fandom still stands behind him.
I’m not a fan of NB at all, he’s childish and immature.

BUT at the end of the day I’m here for Zayn, and all I want is him to be happy and healthy. People need to stop trashing him so severely & just let him live his life. He’s 22 years old he’s got a lot to learn, so please just leave him be.

Stop starting conversations and then blocking the person you’re talking to calling it drama. It’s childish and pathetic and I literally hate everyone who pulls it. Y'all need to grow the fuck up. Don’t start a conversation you’re gonna dip out on. This is why the ace community isn’t taken seriously

Sunday Thoughts

I feel lonely. And alone at the same time. And I’m starting to wonder more and more if it’s because I’m failing at…something. If it’s because I’m not good enough at something. I don’t know. Maybe all there is to me is someone who is there for people, until they find her uninteresting or not worth their time anymore. I don’t even have friends irl, except for one. I’m 27 years old and I literally have one friend. And I don’t even talk to her every day, maybe once or twice a week. It’s pathetic. I’m pathetic. I feel lonely here on this blog as well. I feel irrelevant, not part of the cool gangs. Yes, this is childish, I know. Trust me, I know how silly everything I just said is. It’s just how I feel. And I hate that I feel this way. In layman’s terms: what even is this.