Guys…this is getting out of hand. So very out of hand. I’ve not even posted half of the horrible anons I got and I’m so tired of trying to make everyone understand that this isn’t tolerated. This shit…it’s childish. It’s middle school. It’s pathetic and sad and I know we’re above this. We’re all grown adults here..we can handle our shit like grown adults…Come on now….

But, the fact that someone in this group thinks this is okay, is wrong. If I find out who sent these messages, I will, without hesitation evict you from the rp with no chance of returning. This I promise.

I do NOT tolerate this sort of thing in my rp, I do not tolerate people bullying any member of the rp.  I do not tolerate harassment in the slightest. If you have an OOC problem with someone you come to us and have us deal with it. You do not under any circumstances send messages like the ones that have been floating around the past couple days. This rp is meant to be a safe space a place for people to come and write with friends. I know sometimes we don’t all get along and drama happens, but that is no excuse for this sort of harassment. This sort of thing can trigger people, it can cause people to leave rps and it can cause OOC drama and that is not, per the rules of this rp, tolerated.

Once you have read all of this please like this post so we know you understand.

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she means:people want dan and phil to collab with other people and then phil does and does it with a female and suddenly shitstorms start because people ship it and others don't like that it's become a ship and everything is so childish and pathetic and i wish that more people would realise that phil can collab with whoever he likes and that just because the person beside him isn't dan doesn't mean that it's any less of a good video. and it's funny because if he'd done a collab with a dude none of y'all would be salty or starting stupid drama.

I’ve always found the Kardashians entertaining and thought they got too much shit, but they’ve just gone too far in the pursuit of drama now? Khloe’s attack on Chloe Moretz, despite being fake, is just vile. She is 19 years old, and Khloe is in her 30′s. If that picture had even been real, how disgusting to attempt to bring someone down or “drag them” using a photo taken without their permission. Lost all respect for anything that any of them have to say now.

Don’t get me started on the shit against Taylor Swift. Kanye started all this shit against her years ago and will do anything to keep it alive in the name of drama and keeping himself relevant. The mob going after Taylor and Selena is pathetic, childish and plain nasty. That’s all I can bothered going into that one!

The two of us are like absolute children. I’m not kidding - we’re absolutely pathetic. We do stupid childish accents and voices to make ourselves giggle, all day long. We actually have to physically remove ourselves from each other at opposite ends of the set, so we can get some work done.
—  Jenna Coleman on her relationship with Peter.

Seriously… What the fck is this.. This is disgusting why do people have to be such fcking dickheads. Look I like 2ne1, but this is terrible. Why are fans so crude, yes crude. Everyone says SONES are rude but you would never see a SONE doing this. Well I do hope not. Because this is just childish, shit, pathetic, rude, and a hundred other words I wanna say right now. If a blackjack actually does this, do you know what sort of person you’re doing this? If you don’t like SNSD don’t watch their videos and do not do something so low as this. I would never dream of doing this. Seriously stop it. Stop the fan wars. Get back to you your own life and keep your rude self to yourself. I don’t want your crappy attitude near myself, fellow SONEs or SNSD… Just watch 2NE1 videos…

I know not all black jakes are like this, this is just to the ones who do this shit .. And any other haters of any groups..

hey, all you anons bugging pearl,


y’all are getting way too pissy about someone’s opinion over a cartoon. people are allowed to have an opinion without you screaming your heads off, and sending pathetic messages most certainly won’t change anyone’s mind.

it’s very rude, and incredibly childish. i can only imagine how annoying this must be for them because you just can’t handle someone thinking a little bit differently than you do.

Just because some part of the fandom is being childish and petty and suggesting that people go rate down the 100, I suggest we do the opposite and go give thumbs up, rate it up, write good reviews all over the place. IMDb, Netflix, YouTube etc! Rate every episode, the show and YouTube clips. It’s time to strike back. This shit is getting so pathetic!

I’m really tired of fucking hearing Zerrie shippers say “Oh you’re just jealous because Perrie gets the d and you don’t.” To me it sounds childish and it’s really sad that all you guys say that because it’s like all she got to offer to Zayn is to open up her legs to him.None of you guys say what a great singer she is or how beautiful she is,but no how she gets Zayn’s dick.Nice try defending your idol smh.

Eliza and the con

Do you know what? I’m mad.

All I want to do is watch a panel of my favourite actress happily talking about her new film, her character, her friends/work colleagues but what do I get? Her pandering to certain fans as she doesn’t want to get them mad, no questions related to Clarke, only ships, and poor fans that have paid lots of money getting booed for simply asking a question?? How is that fair? How childish and pathetic can you be to boo an actress and a fan just because she isn’t talking about your precious L/exa smh………….

It’s not fair on the other fans, it’s not fair on Eliza and it’s not fair on the other cast who have to censor what they say at cons. 

Because I’m in total love with Arno, I hated Elise before the game even came out, knowing this was a stupid behavior. But then I read the book and found out I had all reasons to hate her. She’s just an annoying and childish little girl. She was a b*tch to everyone, including those who cared for her. I can’t even describe how angry I was when she wished for Arno to rot in the Bastille after calling him a pathetic orphan who stole her father’s love.

The only reason I finished reading the story was because parts of Arno’s journal were in it too.

Sorry but I must have missed something in that opening scene. Was Lydia seen? No. Was she mentioned? No. So let’s not talk about Stydia at all. Thanks.

I’m sorry as much as I love Stiles. His pathetic childish crush on Lydia was something I was glad to see the back of.

Give me Stalia or Steo any day over Stydia.

Makeshift Family

a/n: so I saw this tumblr post by @kevin-the-chicken and got super inspired to write it so here’s the first chapter (i hope you like it dude)

you read it on ao3 too

If someone had told Hux when he was six that he would find a family who loved him, he would have kicked them. At age six there was no such family in his future. His father, Brendol, was barely there as it was (and when he was there it was nothing but scathing comments); and his mother had walked out when he was two. The closest thing resembling a family back then was the nanny who watched him - and even she left when he turned ten.

So no, Hux wouldn’t have believed them at all.

His childhood was the epitome of pathetic. In elementary school no one bothered to sit with him at lunch on the bias of his ginger colored hair. It was a childish discrimination that eventually waned, but from grades one to three that was his reality. Along with the occasional teasing, which sometimes made him tear up a bit. But he never cried. According to his father good boys never shed a tear.

They just had tough hearts.

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As pissed as this whole situation makes me there is A LOT we don’t know.
Call me pathetic and “obsessed” but I’m still behind Zayn & I’ll support him in anything he chooses to do.

I’m not saying he hasn’t done shitty things & hasn’t fucked up. Because he has. But we all have. We all fuck up and make mistakes and make rude comments, it’s apart of life.
Louis has done a lot of shitty things and this entire fandom still stands behind him.
I’m not a fan of NB at all, he’s childish and immature.

BUT at the end of the day I’m here for Zayn, and all I want is him to be happy and healthy. People need to stop trashing him so severely & just let him live his life. He’s 22 years old he’s got a lot to learn, so please just leave him be.

Sunday Thoughts

I feel lonely. And alone at the same time. And I’m starting to wonder more and more if it’s because I’m failing at…something. If it’s because I’m not good enough at something. I don’t know. Maybe all there is to me is someone who is there for people, until they find her uninteresting or not worth their time anymore. I don’t even have friends irl, except for one. I’m 27 years old and I literally have one friend. And I don’t even talk to her every day, maybe once or twice a week. It’s pathetic. I’m pathetic. I feel lonely here on this blog as well. I feel irrelevant, not part of the cool gangs. Yes, this is childish, I know. Trust me, I know how silly everything I just said is. It’s just how I feel. And I hate that I feel this way. In layman’s terms: what even is this. 

BB Twitter is messy rn

Da'Vonne seems to have a pathetic obsession over Zakiyah and Paulie and it’s really childish? Like all that happened was Frankie joked around on Snapchat and threw shade at Day, regarding her behavior in the explosive jury segment. Now, Day wants to have another one-sided argument with Zaulie while all Zakiyah’s been doing is quoting bible verses and being classy, the same goes for Paulie and Frankie.

Grow up, Da'Vonne.