It’s all fun and games until someone gets roasted

“Can you do a miniminter imagine, where deji or rice roast his girlfriend in a diss track, and him and the boys are reacting to it?” 

Okay so it wasn't till after I wrote this that I realized I completely misread the prompt, but don’t worry I’m going to write a new one that is just right for the prompt! But thank you for being my first request! It honestly means a lot to me! I hope you like it.

“Simon, I told you not to get involved anymore,” you whined as you walked to the kitchen to grab some water, “It’s unnecessary and childish, you’re better than this.” Simon followed you into the kitchen quickly, “Okay but technically I was already involved in this, and he made a disstrack on me Y/N. What do you expect me to do?”Of course Deji dropped a diststrack on Simon, he has nothing better to do with his time obviously. All this drama was childish and pathetic to you. You rolled your eyes while you opened the fridge and grab a bottle of water, as you shut the door you turned to face Simon and crossed your arms, “I expect you to be the bigger person in this situation.” 

Simon let out of huff of frustration and ran his fingers through his hair, “Y/N, baby, I need to defend myself. I can’t just let him get away with making a video about me and getting millions of views and subs from it.” You stopped listening to him and starting walking towards Simons bedroom, but as soon as he noticed you leaving he quickly followed you and cut off you; standing right in front of you. He grabbed your shoulders and gave them a light squeeze. You looked into his eyes and saw concern on his face. 

You knew all this drama was upsetting him, even though he didn’t want to admit it. Simon always shut off his emotions and never really expressed what was wrong with him, one of the few things you have been working with him on. But you could tell that he’s been a tad bit sadder ever since all the JJ drama has started. Simon let his hands wander down your arms until his hands found yours, he gave both hands a soft squeeze while pulling you forward until your foreheads were touching. He closed his eyes and spoke softly, “What do you think I should do?” 

You gave his hands a long squeeze and gave him a quick peck on the lips, “I think you should ignore him and move on, you’re a better person than him babe. Don’t let this bug you.” You felt Simon nod his head against your forehead, he let out a breath and moved away from you; “You’re right, but..” You gave him a confused look and tilted your head to the side, “But what?” He gave you a big, cheesy smile; “I can still make a reaction video right?”

You rolled your eyes and smiled fondly at him as he ran up the stairs calling for Josh and Vikk.

“Hey guys. So Deji has decided to drop a diss track on me, and I have decided to react to it, but for moral support I have the rest of the Sidemen here with me. Say hi boys.” All the boys wave to the camera and Ethan lets out a chuckle, “Lets hope this is worth our time.” Everyone lets out a murmur of agreement with his statement, “hm, probably not.” Josh adds, which gains a strong laugh from the other boys. Simon looks into the camera and claps his hands together gaining the attention of his peers, “So lets get started.” 

Simon presses play and the music begins, you’re laying on his bed trying to distance yourself from all the chaos while still being able to know what’s going on. Even thought you don’t agree with everything thats going on its still amusing to be apart of. You were just scrolling through twitter on your phone with the track and boys comments being background music to you. Every now and then Simon would pause the video and the boys would let out a whole hearted laugh about how weak Deji’s bars are. It wasn’t until you heard your name that you started to focus more on what was going on.

And Simon mate, lets talk about your girl. Whats with all that makeup, what’s she trying to hide? If she ate all that makeup maybe shed be beautiful on the inside. 

Simon paused the video once again but this time no one laughed, all the boys looked at Simon with wide eyes covering their mouths while Simon directed his attention all on you. You sat up from your position on his bed and walked over to where the computer was resting on Simons chair, “Replay that.” “Y/N..” You looked down at Simon and shot him a firm look, “Simon, replay it.” 

Simon replayed and confirmed what you just heard, Deji made fun of you. Confused and shocked was how you felt right now, never once have you spoken to Deji. But apparently he thinks he has the right to talk about you in a negative way. Nobody spoke for a full minute before Ethan spoke up, “Well that was a weak worse wasnt it?” Josh nods his head in agreement and leans forward, “Yeah I mean y/n doesn’t even wear that much makeup, whats he on about?” Simon finally spoke up and leaned back in his chair, “Well obviously he ran out of stuff to say and just needed an extra verse.” The others nodded in agreement and let out a few chuckles. 

You backed up from your position and made eye contact with Simon. You can tell he was annoyed at what Deji said, and you knew he was worried you were hurt by what he said about you.You finally decided to speak, “Simon.” Now all eyes were on you, Simon nodded his head, “Yeah?” You glanced at everyone before nodding your head and looking back at Simon and smirking at him. 

“Finish him.” 

Simon let out a chuckle and smirked back at you, “Already ahead of you babe.”