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I have so many omg

-one day everyone’s at the glue household and adam tells blue nd gansey that they’re adopting

-blue’s gushing about how great that is and how happy she is for them

-and gansey just says “I’m the godfather right”

-and it’s really quiet until adam nudges ronan

-“yeah um, I kind of lost a bet to noah a couple years ago….he gets my firstborn”

-gansey just gets up and leaves and ronan follows him while adam and blue exchange stories about their dumb husbands






“…..gansey you broke your thumb when you tried to punch someone”


-eventually they both calm down and laugh until gansey says

-“so I get to name it right?”


-“you owe me I’m naming it”

-“are you kidding me parrish is already pissed about godfather noah”

-“I swear it won’t be something ridiculous”

-“ugh now blue’s going to want to be the godmother”

-“ofcourse I’m the godmother ronan”

-“maybe I don’t want you to be the godmother”

-“I don’t need ur permission”

-“you kind of do”


-cue ronan glaring at adam while adam just sips his coffee

-ronan ends up agreeing bc c’mon ronan look at that face how can you say no to that face

-jimothy jomathon parrish-lynch hates uncle gansey more than anything else in the world

-ronan tries to yell at him for idk scratching his car


- soccer mom ronan

-soccer mom ronan

-adam’s the hot dad that all the single moms have ridiculous crushes on

-like you know that scene from The Game Plan when The Rock is just surrounded by moms at his daughters ballet practice

-that but with adam

Send me a thing for hcs

You know that feeling when you’re a small kid and you start to grow up, and one day you find yourself dangling over the edge between the kingdom of childhood and the land of grownup-ness? Fairy tales lose a bit of their color, even if you clutch at them with desperate fingers. You start to second guess the credibility of magic spells and chosen ones in favor of growing into a new skin, like the summer your favorite red converse shoes became too small and you couldn’t justify wearing them anymore, but you talk yourself out of growing pains thinking about brand new, cooler shoes.
I don’t think you ever stop believing. You call it wishful thinking because you get too scared to recognize it as faith, because that’s the one thing I feel we really cannot afford to lose, but it’s there, even though it adopts many different names along the years.

Talking to you, and reaching that level of intimacy and mutual understanding over words and poetry and fiction and magic feels like coming back to that initial feeling, like you’re part the reason I’m still friends with my own sense of wonder.

Like we really were born with that red string of fate and we’ve been following the line, pulling towards each other all these years until it came down to us, two strangers finding each other like old childhood friends.

—  Love Letters to My Best Friend // F.S.

Hey I’ve heard a lot about fishy behavior recently when it comes to adopt / art customers, so here’s a couple tips if you’re worried about someone not paying.

1. Don’t show them the completed art until you get payment. When you’re done, you can ping them to say “I have completed your art, I will send it to you when I receive payment”

2. Alternatively, if they want to see the art first before paying, write UNPAID on it, in a place where it cannot easily be cropped out of or erased from the image. (Just make sure you don’t save the pdf that way! be very careful!). Reupload without the tag after they have paid. 

Your customer should not be offended by this if they intend to pay.

You may want to also do this for people who don’t pay upfront or can’t pay in full right away. Sometimes people just forget they ordered art or owe money and don’t have malicious intent. 

Hello friends,

Meet Cooke, short for Kookaburra. She’s a nine year old Blue Heeler/Collie mix, with a spunky personality and a mean love for green beans. Her owners are moving to Maui from Columbus for job opportunities, but much to their chagrin, they cannot bring Cooke with them because of time restraints. They’re currently out of options here in Columbus, and are moving in about a week and a half from today (June 30, 2015). Cooke is a little anxious, and cannot fly anywhere, but if you are in the Columbus area or somewhere in Ohio, and you’re interested in adopting a canine companion, this happy girl is looking for a forever home.

It should be said that she would have to be the only one in the spotlight; Cooke doesn’t do too well with other dogs and cats stealing the attention. She also is best in a home without little children. She has a minor allergy to gluten, so she has a particular gluten-free food that can be found at the pet store that she has to eat. Other than that, she loves walks and adventures, and especially car rides! She’s a vocal dog, but most blue heelers are. She has so much love to give and loves receiving attention and belly rubs.

If you are genuinely interested, please send me (@onceuponawildflower) a message, and let me know. In the very least, please share this with your blog friends so that Cooke can find a furrever home and so that her owners will not have to surrender her to a pound.

Thank you so much!!

Please help me give this guy a forever home.

(On the left- when he was healthy, On the right- him now.)

This is the sweet little pooch that I am trying to adopt. The main barrier I have in adopting him is his current medical expenses. I cannot afford them as of right now but I still would like to give him a forever home. Would anyone in the tumblr-universe be willing to help him, even if it’s just a dollar? (If you do donate can you shoot me a message so I can thank you.)

How to fix Fire Emblem: Fates by Leon

  • Kamui can marry everyone, with the following exceptions: Kamui cannot marry their Hoshido/Nohrian siblings; Male Kamui cannot marry Soleil but Female Kamui can.

  • All characters have more diverse marriage options. Some characters can only marry one gender, while others are evenly split or preferring one over the other. There are also characters who cannot marry at all, because none of their supports are romantic. This helps make the children characters have more unique options in terms of which classes they can have.

  • Children from parents who are in a same-sex relationship are simply adopted, rather than being non-existent. This way, players are not punished for their choices in pairings.

  • Instead of mini-games where you strip characters down to their skivvies, or pet them and try not to feel awkward as hell, you have these two fabulous additions:
  1. First, you are able to dress up the characters in all kinds of bonus outfits (which don’t affect their class or abilities.) These remain even during combat sections and in-game cutscenes, complete with their own special portraits and world sprites. They might even be from other Nintendo franchises or Fire Emblem installments!

  2. Next, you have a mini-game where you hold hands with the characters. It’s a simple game of determining whether they prefer left handholds, right handholds, or simultaneous handholds. If you succeed, it gives them a small boost to a random stat for the next battle.

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What is your opinion on 3-6 month old babies?? Carlailoveyou <----ignore

Carla: I think they are adorable. Easily amused and they enjoy the simply things that life has to offer them at that time of life.

Shin: They’re cute!! Little chubby balls of life and happiness. Their smiles are adorable too. Makes me want to have one…


i love these trash boys and my beautiful baby blue i love every fiber of them especially gansey oh god i fxkung lvoe gansey my poor tiny baby i want to adopt these kids and have them under my wing forever
crying apart these books are so well written it’s almost unfair????? like the writing is not only pretty but so /heavy/, so meaningful you gotta read it a bit slower to fully grasp their meaning. the characters are SO GOOD and im not even gonna mention the plot because it’s ?? perfect almost??? seriously so far i cannot see a flaw ??? please read this series it’s amazing


Send me a message ONLY if you are claiming to purchase
-First come first serve
-No holds/reserves
-Paypal only
-Please do not send payment as a gift
-Please check the box/choose the option for ‘No shipping required’ on the shipping/mailing address page
-Please DO NOT USE Paypal mobile to send payment
-Please have payment ready within a day of claiming, otherwise the adopt WILL go back up for sale if payment cannot be made
-if you want to confirm to me that payment has been sent, please let me know via comment reply or PM here
-Gender alterations, backstory, name and post-adoption alterations are entirely up to the person who adopts this character
-You may trade/give the character away/resell later on if you no longer feel connected to them


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Re: marriage as a right or privilege. I think in some ways it's both. You should have a right to solidify your relationship with someone you love, but things like tax benefits seem more like a privilege to me (much like tax credits for me because I'm in school are; the gov't doesn't HAVE to give those to me when I file my returns, but it's a nice perk). I also think it's rather rotten that things like hospital visits and the raising of a child have so much legal shit tied to them.

Emigration can be affected  by marriage too, as well as the ability to adopt, and numerous other things. I cannot get a compassionate transfer at work without being married to the person. 

We are pretty tied up in the importance of that piece of paper. 

-Roma One


Blush and Biggie are two cats who need a new together as their owner sadly cannot keep them anymore. Blush,a 7 year old male tabby, is a ‘gentle giant’ and incredibly smart, affectionate and playful. Biggie, also male, is 5 and a mixture. He may be a bit frightened at first but warms up very quickly. Blush is Biggie’s mentor, best friend, dad and brother. They are a package and cannot be separated. Both cats are gentle, healthy and fixed. Blush has his front paws declawed, Biggie does not. PLEASE share these cats and, if you can, consider adopting them!

On The Topic of Transracialism

To the people that are trying to make Transracialism a thing. It’s not.
Transracialism was something used to describe children adopted by parents of another race. NOT people who want to act a certain race.
You cannot feel a race because race is a social construct, and by saying that you “feel black” or “feel Asian”, you’re actually perpetuating the stereotypes of a group of people. Also, Transracialism would only work for white people because if a black person were to say they “felt white” it would not stop them from being racially profiled. However, even if a white person identified as black, they would not be profiled as much even if they looked a little black because of colorism, which is a whole other issue.

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Fuck, Marry, Kill, Adopt, Nominate for President of the Universe, Give a Much-Needed Makeover, Get Stuck with on a Deserted Island, Eat for Food if it Came to That, Take a Bullet For, Call Up When You've Been Dumped to Come Over for Ice Cream and Bitching, Go on a Classy Art Heist With, Sell for Spare Parts to an Evil Wizard: Steve, Tony, Thor, Nat, Bruce, Clint, Wanda, Sam, Rhodey, Pietro, Vision, and Maria Hill.

I cannot believe you took the time to write all that dear lawd you’re the most beautiful anon to ever grace my inbox. I’m going to answer this as Darcy though, so if this was supposed to be for me just assume I chose FUCK for every one of them.

Fuck: Pietro

Marry: Steve

Kill: Maria Hill

Adopt: Thor (would be FUCK but he’s with Jane and besties before testes)

Nominate for President of the Universe: Vision

Give a Much-Needed Makeover: Bruce

Get Stuck with on a Deserted Island: Clint

Eat for Food if it Came to That: Rhodey (sorry you were left over when I crossed people out)

Take a Bullet For: Wanda

Call Up When You’ve Been Dumped to Come Over for Ice Cream and Bitching: Sam

Go on a Classy Art Heist With: Nat

Sell for Spare Parts to an Evil Wizard: Tony


People tend to think that you get once chance to be somebody, and when that chance is up you’re stuck in your mold. We find ourselves obeying certain cliques and exclusive labels as well as projecting these same labels on others, telling them who they can or cannot be.

It’s never to late to be who you want to be. That’s a motto I both believe in and have adopted over the past six months. Life is what you make of it. You are what you make of yourself. 

I was held back my first two years of college, both by myself and by others. My junior year, I decided I was tired of being a nobody and I went out and I became a somebody. I landed an internship, two mentoring positions with a selective organization on campus, a part time job, and a whole bunch of new friends I now consider a family. The ball is rolling and I never intend to stop it. 

It’s exciting knowing that the best is yet to come. I’m scaling my own mountain and I am thousands of feet from the peak. I’ve never been happier. I’ve never been more confident. I’ve always thought of myself as a late bloomer, but I’m sure as hell blooming now. 

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hi, I just read your new faq, and I'm sorry if this is offensive to ask but what to you mean by saying you identify strongly with or as certain characters or people? I understand relating to them but I'd like to understand how you do as well do I don't offend you or anything.

it’s not offensive!!! the big difference between identifying as vs. with is basically, i dont have a strong sense of ‘self’ or a strong identity of my own. i tend to feel more comfortable adopting characteristics or personalities of certain characters or people i feel an affinity with. i literally cannot view myself as the same person on a regular basis and struggle with feeling things on my own/in my own way. a lot of it has to do with my gender identity i think but i really have only started experiencing this within the past 8ish months and identifying as characters or people has helped tremendously, in the past i used to just adopt the personalities of friends or like vloggers and stuff but it was tiring as im constantly scared people would notice that i cant feel anything as myself which is really scary!! 

if you have any other questions about this please ask me off anon and i’ll talk to you!! 

Can I just rant about something really quick?

So, it really sucks sometimes, being mixed. My mom is white and my dad is african. So i turned out tan. Of course, questions I always get are “Are you adopted?” or “Do you live in the ghetto?”

There are so many things wrong with that.

First of all, NEVER ask a person if they were adopted. It could be an extremely sensitive topic for them. I was not adopted though. My mother got a divorce and married this *cough sterotypical cough* white guy.

2nd of all DO NOT color catigorize. You cannot expect a Black person to always talk in slang, as you can’t expect a white person to always talk ‘normal’.

People seriously ask me why I have so many white friends. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????



No matter what color you are you can have as many different colored people as friends as you want.

Another thing. My friend’s mom called me a 'weird ghetto person’ because i have darker colored skin.

What the hell?


Lesson to learn here is, do not color catigorize and do not ask people NO MATTER WHAT about sensitive topics.

Alright im done here

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I know Kubo doesn't go too much into Orihime's backstory (which is a shame) but how do you think Orihime copes with the pain of not living with her parents? How do you think she deals with her mother being a prostitute and her father being an abusive person? Do you think Orihime wishes to have a figure her loves her maternally or paternally? And lastly, do you think with they way her parents behaved, she made a promise to be a person much better than them? Thank you for answering! Much love :)

If we go by Bleach canon, Orihime deals with her tragic backstory by obsessively loving Ichigo and never moving on. :D


Headcanon/Orihime fan goggles:

We cannot forget the positive influence that Sora must have had on her as a caretaker and a role model. He was 18 when he basically adopted her. Repeat: Sora became a single dad to his abused baby sister when he was fresh out of high school. He endured x years of abuse himself. He sacrificed so much so that Orihime wouldn’t have to, and raised her in a safe and loving environment.

More than her shitty parents, I think that Orihime is concerned with becoming someone like her brother. She works hard in school and at her job because her brother did his best when he was alive and no way in hell is she letting his sacrifices be in vain. So yeah, that’s how she copes. “My parents were bad people but my brother wasn’t and I don’t have to be either.”

As for what her shitty parents left her, we see Orihime worrying about being a burden to others. She keeps her feelings to herself. Who wouldn’t when they got their ass beat for crying when they were a toddler? Princess Bae may not consciously think of her parents or remember them, but they’re always a backhanded slap away.

(I like to wonder what Orihime’s family thinks of her too, being the daughter of the black sheep. They support her, but they’re never around, like they’re doing their duty out of obligation or something. Or else she’d be living with them, right?)

TL;DR: I love Princess Bae, her character development is on milk cartons around the globe, and waaa waaa Ulquiorra is dead when he could be alive not letting Orihime doubt herself because for nothingness’s sake, woman, you literally nagged me to death about your feelings and if you’re going to keep hesitating then I’m heading back to the crystal bush so I can die in enlightened, nihilistic bliss.