so Finding Neverland is doing a special on AMC with the cast tomorrow at 8PM/C 

i think it’s one of those things where the actors talk during the commercial break and we get to see behind the scenes stuff

if anyone has a live stream for AMC please let me know! i have some fans asking for it :) 


by lostinnowhereland

Harry is Wendy.

Louis is Peter.

This is how they met.

Words: 810, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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You shouldn't have....

     It was amazing then horrible. Bodacious then horrendous. You loved him then you hated him then you loved him again! before hating him again. Peter Pan was the sweetest gentleman in the world before turning into the biggest jerk in the world. You don’t exactly know why you’re still with him. Maybe because you actually do love him? No, you couldn’t imagine being in love with him but then again….No! Today was the day you would ask him if you could leave Neverland. You couldn’t have second thoughts, not now, not ever.

        “Peter?” You walk into his tent to find him lying on bed, staring at the ceiling. “Peter, I have to ask you something.” You walk up to him and sit on the edge of the bed, pushing the strands of his face away tenderly. “What is it, love?” He sits up, kissing you on the lips gently before pulling away and kissing your forehead. “Do you need something?” You nod, fiddling with your fingers. “Peter, I do need something. Just- don’t get mad, understood?” He nodded and you kissed him on the lips for a long while before pulling away and saying the words that rocked Peter’s world: “I need your permission to leave Neverland.” You whisper, your cool breath fanning over his face and he simply sits there. Looking as emotionless as a statue. “You shouldn’t have…” He growled, grabbing you and setting you upon his lap. “You can’t possibly leave Neverland. I need you. The Lost Boys need you. How can you possibly want to leave?”

       He cuddled his face into your neck, trailing tender kisses which caused you to bite your lip as to not let out a moan. “Because I can’t be around a person who says he loves me when he obviously doesn’t.” He stopped moving, only to raise up his hand and stare you straight into your eyes. His green eyes captivated you but you quickly shook out of that trance, leaping out of his arms and pacing the tent. “You think I don’t love you? I gave up my son without a second thought but I can’t possibly imagine living without you, without your lips, without your laugh, without your smile. You’re the first Lost Girl and you will be the last Lost Girl because you are the only girl I need.”

        You turn to him very slowly, biting your lip nervously. “Do you really mean that?” You had the slight fear that he would laugh evilly and say that he ddnt mean any of that but your fear soon melted away when you saw the genuine smile on his face. “You are the only girl I will ever want, the only girl I will ever need. Just stay with me, Lost Girl. Stay with me.”

(From: Tinkerbell)


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Sources: In The Studio With Michael Jackson – By Brad Sundberg| All Things Michael

It’s always fun to talk about Neverland.

Since as long as I remember I have loved amusement parks – Disney parks in particular. Michael and I grew up in two very different worlds, but as we got to know each other it was very clear that we had many things in common. Amusement parks were high on that list.


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What You Mean To Me

If you have not seen the broadwaycom video of Finding Neverland the Musical’s song “What You Mean To Me” you need to stop reading right now and click the link here!! You won’t regret it.

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As a director for the stage, I can’t help but look at performances and just see the movement and creativity of a director or choreographer. I notice the emotion within the movements. I notice the beats. I notice the emotion from the hands and feet, even the nose and eyes! It’s truly crazy. But I’m sure other production people can say the same thing about their craft. And what performers Laura Michelle Kelly and Matthew Morrison do in this video is pure magic.

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profoundly geeky post to follow:

nick’s been playing through KH 2.5 and with all the added cut scenes, an already messy and generally inexplicable plot is getting messier and more inexplicable. one of the weirder things is friggin xigbar/braig sticking his weird nose into literally every weird hole he can find. he’s not like, the engine that moves the story, but he has vriska’d his way into every nook and cranny. what the hell.


Absolutely loving @Kelseygrammer as Hook in @NeverlandBway in Rehearsals! @Matt_morrison