What is Cinderella had an attitude problem and Snow White liked cider too much? What if Ariel enjoyed human company more than her own kind’s and Aurora just liked her solitude more than the human touch? What if the only rabbit hole Alice ever fell down involved a pipe and a substance not discussed as such? What if they locked Wendy up for hallucinating about Neverland and a boy who never grew up? What if fairytales weren’t as innocent as they sounded and even princesses weren’t perfect? What if I told you your damage doesn’t define you and the way you survive is no one else’s damned business?
—  Fairytales Aren’t Perfect Either | Nikita Gill
  • Fanfic | Somewhere In Neverland | Bobby
  • Chapter Seven | The Painful Truth 
  • Two chapters in one day, and this one is probably the longest and possibly most emotional one so far? This is gonna end up being a favorite chapter of mine, so I hope it’s likeddd~ 

“We’ll talk about how your parents separated and, how you don’t wanna make the same mistakes as them.” 

           Hanbin made the decision later that day that the whole gang should hang out and have a fun night together, and you sensed it had something to do with the slight tension between you and Bobby. It was weird, and you didn’t recall doing or saying anything in the last 24 hours that set him off, but clearly you must’ve done something to make him behave the way he was now.

           It didn’t really matter, you shook it off and stayed on the couch right in the front of the TV for about an hour before Junhoe knocked on the door and later joined you, and the other boys soon followed.

           “How are the universities looking?” you asked Donghyuk when he stepped into the apartment.

           You noticed he didn’t look so excited after he heard your question, and the only thing you received as an answer was a slight shrug of the shoulders and a low mumble you didn’t completely hear.

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  • ▶ Chapter Six | Mail
  •  Yes, yes, I haven’t updated in forever, but I am almost finished with chapter seven right now and I will upload it to try and compensate for waiting soooo lonngg~ 

“Wendy, we can get away. I promise if you’re with me, say the word, and we’ll find a way.” 

           Waking up the next morning was a mix between waking up from a long nap after an intense night of partying and waking up from a three-month coma. You couldn’t remember much of what happened the previous night, but you felt a strange throbbing in your head that kept you from sitting up, so you just continued to lie down and complain to yourself quietly about the pain.

           When your eyes opened and the pain started to dull down just a tad bit, you started to remember Bobby and his genius plan of running away and somehow making it through the summer without a job, money, a stable place to stay (because you both knew it was a matter of time before Hanbin kicked you out), or even a means of transportation.  

           Ah, Bobby.

           Once the pain in your head completely died down, you saw no point in continuing to lie down there on the bed, especially when your stomach started rumbling and practically yelling hey! Why the hell is there no food in your system yet? So, with all the strength you could muster, you got out of the bed and went to the kitchen, where Bobby and Hanbin were already in the midst of a conversation.

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