Unfortunately, my suspicions have been confirmed, I’m being watched.

I must hide this book before He finds it.

Remember– in Gravity Falls there is no one you can trust.

I finiiiished! I’ve been working on this pretty much nonstop since that episode came out. Eight frames, thirty hours later… I’ve never done much in the way of animation before, so this was an adventure! I’m gonna… I’m gonna go not draw for a bit. Give my arm a break.

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10 Reasons why you should ship Obikin - a guide from your humble and trusty Star Wars fangirl

1. They’re hot.
2. They’ve become men together - spent about 13 years together, training, bonding, growing stronger. They trust each other with their lives and connect on a spiritual level and basically share the same mind: "knew each other better than brothers, more intimately than lovers…“. To make long story short - this kind of bond transcends ANY kind of friendship/romance you could ever imagine.
3. They’re amazingly skilled in combat and would never abandon one another on a battlefield.
4. They’re also highly appreciated by their clones, their fellow Jedi mates, comrades, senators, politicians and many others.  
5. They complete each other, two halves of the same coin: Anakin is the muscle and Obi-Wan is the brain.
6. They survived their Master/Padawan separation: after Anakin was knighted, they continued their friendship and always went on missions together because they’re so good together (see "THE TEAM”).
7. Whenever Obi-Wan’s grumpy, Anakin’s cheering him up, vice versa.
8. They’re real bros who support each other, even if they don’t always agree on certain points or beliefs (I’m pretty convinced that Obi-Wan knew about Anidala all along but decided to keep his mouth shut because he loved Anakin so much).
9. They have their own fucking star fleet: The Open Circle Fleet. THEIR OWN FRICKING A R M A D A. LITERALLY A SHIP.


Ok so, even if you don’t read this all the way through I just want to make things a little better in my head about this:
I have never posted anything that showed more than a mostly covered version of the 32A’s I have never been particularly proud of. Even If they’re barley in the picture it’s still a huge step for me other than sending them to my super close friends that I’d trust with my life. I’m teeny tiny in every way and I am absolutely ready to accept every inch of my body as my own. I’m proud of myself and how hard I’ve worked to even gain a pound in muscle even if it falls off in an hour just because that’s how my body works and that’s totally fine with me, even though I absolutely HATED it a few weeks ago. Anyway, this is me coming out as my own woman who owns her body and is proud that she has one rather than pitying herself about the things she can’t change. I am me and I really wouldn’t want to be anyone else. I love my life and I can’t tell you how happy I am to say that and mean it. My motivation is my friends and my fuel is my goals and I couldn’t ask for anything better. I am still going to work on getting to where I want to be in every aspect of my life. I’m not giving up because that’s not how my chosen family raised me. If you are close to me and you took the time to read this, you’re the reason I’m here and you’re the reason I’m happy and if you are super close then you know that’s a lot for me to admit that I’m actually in a good place and I accept that. Thank you for your time and please love yourself like I do because I promise you it is nothing like you imagined and I can’t describe it in the least. Sorry about how cheesy this is I’m not usually this gushy. I love my friends and I am so happy thank you for reading💘✨

Them: you like AO3, Tim Burton, Kerrang!, Jeff Dunham, and dancing in your underwear. You can’t sing, you can’t stop shipping people, and you don’t know what snatched means. Face it. Your never gonna make it.

Me: I don’t wanna make it. I just wanna… awesome guitar riff

Them: did you just say awesome guitar riff outloud

The only person I would write about
except you
ran away and never came back.

Please don’t do the same
don’t leave me with my words 
because they turn into thorns 
once they realize that I only have them

You came unexpectedly
I am terrified 
that you will leave the same way 

I opened up my soul,
my body
my whole existence to you
from the first time I looked into your eyes
and you promised me that I could trust you

Never did it cross my mind that
promises are meant to be broken

You grabbed my hand and 
we walked to that cheap hotel
where people fuck 
in between dirty sheets and
spilled alcohol
when I wanted to make love
and sit there 
in the middle of the busy street
and kiss until our lips felt as numb
as my cold hands 
and your frozen heart

You grabbed my hand and I followed
not because of the glass of wine we shared
a few hours ago
because of the sound of your voice 
telling me that you will be there
because of the power of your lips pressed 
on mine and the warmth of your hands on my waist

You grabbed my hand and I couldn’t resist
“I will be here, I promise.”
you reassured me and I closed my eyes
pretending that you meant those words.

I have no sense of belonging.
My therapist tells me it’s because all I knew was toxic
and everyone that loved me either died or stopped.
I don’t trust people anymore.
I don’t like living in one place or knowing someone for very long
because I start to feel like I’m too heavy.
I’ve never had a place to name home, I’ve always been constantly moving, changing, remembering people’s names when they quickly forget mine.

I wonder if I’ll always be this way,
treading water everywhere I go.

—  Uprooted || Scarlette La Vaillante

@halfbloodedsnapecon’t. // slytherin verse.

Peter had wanted to ask him that question for years, but had never thought he could handle the answer before. Deflection was almost worse than a flat no, because it meant he didn’t want to tell him. Maybe Severus just didn’t want to say it out loud, but maybe he didn’t trust Peter to carry something so heavy. Either way, knowing the answer anyway made him ache. Severus dropped his head against Peter’s arm, but it wasn’t enough. Not right now. He shifted forward, twisted his hand til it cradled his friend’s head, and pulled him to him with his other. He didn’t usually offer so much contact, but it was one of those days he needed to give it whether he was sure Severus wanted it or not. 

For a moment he didn’t know what to say, not after that. He fell silent for a moment before speaking very softly, his words hesitant, but for once not stuttered or tripped over. He was sure of them, just not of how they’d be received. “Well I do. I love you. That’s talking about myself, right? I’ll feel it enough for both of us.”

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I'm mobile but unpopular opinion on Kalluzeb ✌

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as much as I like the pairing outside of canon, I take comfort in the fact that it’ll never actually happen lmao. I just don’t trust filoni and company to write it well.

what they did with them in “the honorable ones” was pretty great, and you KNOW I flipped my shit over “*kallus voice* tell garazeb orrelios…. we’re even.”, but any sort of relationship beyond “begrudging allies with mild respect for one another” is 1) unlikely and 2) is way too easy to screw up on a show with already kinda shoddy writing to begin with (especially when it comes to kallus’s characteriztion. whoops.)