Unfortunately, my suspicions have been confirmed, I’m being watched.

I must hide this book before He finds it.

Remember– in Gravity Falls there is no one you can trust.

I finiiiished! I’ve been working on this pretty much nonstop since that episode came out. Eight frames, thirty hours later… I’ve never done much in the way of animation before, so this was an adventure! I’m gonna… I’m gonna go not draw for a bit. Give my arm a break.

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Signs as lines from I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
  • Aries: "But you really need to listen to me because I'm telling you the truth!"
  • Taurus: "I never want to let you down or have you go, it's better off this way."
  • Gemini: "I mean this, I'm okay! (Trust Me) I'm not okay!"
  • Cancer: "I'm not o-f*cking-kay."
  • Leo: "Remember when you broke your foot from jumping out the second floor?"
  • Virgo: "You wear me out."
  • Libra: "What will it take to show you that it's not the life it seems?"
  • Scorpio: "To be a joke and look, another line without a hook!"
  • Sagittarius: "Well if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say."
  • Capricorn: "I held you close as we both shook for the last time - take a good hard look!"
  • Aquarius: "You said you read me like a book, but the pages all are torn and frayed."
  • Pisces: "I've told you time and time again you sing the words but don't know what it means."

You know, I didn’t always like Mabel Pines because I felt like she was always getting her way over Dipper (whom I relate to much more in that aspect and in other ways) but after NWHS I couldn’t not love her. She had faith in Stan when NO ONE else did. She trusted that man. She saw his heart and knew, despite her own twin’s advice, that he was a good person and that he was deserving of trust and respect and she’s the real reason that Stan and Ford made up and are living happily together today, and I absolutely love her for that. She is made of rainbows and I love her.

Them: you like AO3, Tim Burton, Kerrang!, Jeff Dunham, and dancing in your underwear. You can’t sing, you can’t stop shipping people, and you don’t know what snatched means. Face it. Your never gonna make it.

Me: I don’t wanna make it. I just wanna… awesome guitar riff

Them: did you just say awesome guitar riff outloud

The only person I would write about
except you
ran away and never came back.

Please don’t do the same
don’t leave me with my words 
because they turn into thorns 
once they realize that I only have them

You came unexpectedly
I am terrified 
that you will leave the same way 

I opened up my soul,
my body
my whole existence to you
from the first time I looked into your eyes
and you promised me that I could trust you

Never did it cross my mind that
promises are meant to be broken

You grabbed my hand and 
we walked to that cheap hotel
where people fuck 
in between dirty sheets and
spilled alcohol
when I wanted to make love
and sit there 
in the middle of the busy street
and kiss until our lips felt as numb
as my cold hands 
and your frozen heart

You grabbed my hand and I followed
not because of the glass of wine we shared
a few hours ago
because of the sound of your voice 
telling me that you will be there
because of the power of your lips pressed 
on mine and the warmth of your hands on my waist

You grabbed my hand and I couldn’t resist
“I will be here, I promise.”
you reassured me and I closed my eyes
pretending that you meant those words.