EXOs Reaction to you wearing their Clothes

Ano and 99hbm Thanks for your request and lets go and start I would say ~ 

Kyungsoo: *comes home* Jagiya ? *goes into the living room* Ja-.. *sees that you are sleeping* *a smile appears on his face and he admires you silently* //she looks like a tiny little Girl in my clothes … its so cute//

Tao: *sees how you sleep there in his new designer sweatshirt* … //she looks so cute … but … should I wake her up ? I need this Sweatshirt for our performance in one hour… // [the struggle is real]

Chen: *watches you silently and adores you* 

Y/N: *suddenly opens her eyes* *with a sleepy voice* Since when are you here ?
Chen: .. uhm.. half a hour I would say 

Y/N: .. Did you watched me sleeping the whole time ? 
Chen: … pretty much … you are just too cute in my tshirt ! *embarrassed*

Lay: //How can she look better than me in this outfit ? Its made for ME … why …how .. ?!// *confused little unicorn*

Kai: //How can she wear my tanktop ? … I mean … its way too big ! I can see her body .. Jongin … dont let that Boner appear … //

Suho: //Doesnt she have her own Clothes ? … should I buy her new ones ?// *didnt get it*

Kris: //Oh my God she’s so adorable ! Kris… stay cool … sta-… just… ah fuck that// *gives you a kiss on your cheek* 
Y/N: Kris ? … Did you just kissed m-.. 

Kris: Nope .. 

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Xiumin: //you look so comfortable … I wanna join you .. //

Luhan: *takes a snap of you* *writes: look how adorable Jagiya is sleeping in my clothes ♥* //everyone is getting jealous for sure !//

Baekhyun: *tries to wake you up* Jagiya its 1am lets go to bed and sleep ! Isnt it uncomfortable on the couch ? In my Jacket ? .. 

Y/N: No … go away .. I’m fine … 

Baekhyun: … *goes to bed* I hope you sleep well Jagiya *pets the Hedgehog Pillow* I love you ~ 

Chanyeol: //Omo she’s just too cute … these clothes are about 3x bigger than her but it kinda suits her ! //

Sehun: //pff … does she think she can get my attention with that gesture ?// *sits on the other couch and plays on his phone and listens to some music* *glares secretly over to you* 

Sooo I hope you liked it ! ~~ Again Thank you for Requesting ~ 

Baiii ~~

this is just another poem about you,
describing how much i adore your soul,
the way you continue to fill others with flowers,
even when they cut you open with their thorns,
amazes me every time,
it means you are one of those people,
who is able to feel death running through their veins,
but yet your faith in others,
never dies.
and that is why,
i never want to lose you,
you are what my hearts need,
to keep beating every second of the day,
before i met you i would never think of,
how much you were able to let me open my eyes,
and see what this world really is,
what love really is.
—  your soul is my inspiration


As much as I love Karen Gillan and adore seeing her as Lily, she is not the only Lily Evans FC out there! There are plenty of lovely red haired, green eyed FCs who at least have pictures–if not gifs–that would be absolutely lovely as Lily. I only included redheads with greenish eyes, but if you don’t mind different colored eyes or are in need FCs in a different age range, feel free to come into my ask box for more suggestions.


Falling in Love Doesn’t Make a Woman Weak

Just because a female character who is strong and independent finds someone  romantically doesn’t mean she’s weak and reduced to some simple “love thing.” The argument that a woman can’t be strong if she finds someone romantically is the same misconstrued idea that a woman is only happy if she has someone to cling to and adore, that they are her whole life. That is putting them into boxes and needs to end now. Female characters are not as black-and-white as a lot still see them as.    

Love is about opening our whole selves up to a person, letting them see these cracks we keep hidden from peering eyes, and them wanting to be there, to support you or tell you when you’re being irresponsible and selfish. Love is seeing the best and worst in a person and still choosing to hold on, to stay. Love is about acceptance. 

Every person deserves love. So why is it people only complain when a so-called “Strong Female Character” finds a boyfriend? (Which is actually another term male creators made when so many women in the 60s and 70s complained about the damsel in distress trope and demanded stronger, more complex female characters, equal counter-parts to their male co-stars. Instead, we get the other extreme end instead of the nice middle where so many male characters today land.) She obviously must lose all credibility and ignore the fact that this person makes her happy, that this person supports her. That this person sees the best in herself. I never see this argument for when a male character has a love interest. In fact, people typically gush how wonderful it is he’s opening up and showing his softer side. No one discusses him losing his strength when he’s risking everything to save his love-interest in the movies. No one shouts “LOOK HOW WEAK HE IS! HE’S FIGHTING FOR HER AND OH, DID HE JUST TELL HER HE LOVES HER? GIVE ME BACK YOUR MAN CARD, YA WUSS!” 

No. Because that’s ridiculous. It sounds ridiculous because it is. 

Yet that is exactly what people say when the roles are switched and it’s the woman fighting for her guy.  

Showing someone our softer side is not a weakness. It is not a feminist trait; it is a human trait.   

Falling in love with someone, especially for these “Strong Female Characters” who are typically loners at the start of their journeys, who trust no one but themselves, is scary. It requires trust and a chance of being hurt by this very person. It requires risk and effort because that person could leave, that person could use your fears and sadness against you. But they do it anyway because it’s worth that risk of getting hurt. That doesn’t sound weak at all. In fact, a lot of heroes fight because their cause is worth it, and a cause could be many things–love, family, pride, honor, etc.. Showing our cracks to someone, taking that leap of faith (even if you could get burned in the end) is far scarier than any monster we can conjure up. It takes someone with confidence in themselves to do it. It takes a strong person to love and allow themselves to be loved.  

That belief that once a woman finds someone to romantically love she is nothing more than a trophy wife or the foolish, jealous girlfriend is unhealthy for women to see. It is telling us that we can’t fall in love because that makes us weak. It tells us we can’t show someone our cracks because that makes us weak. It’s telling us in order to be strong we can’t have emotions outside of anger.

Having emotions does not dictate our strength. Our actions spurred on by our emotions do.

Never forget: 


short zankie fluff; preview of my fanfic-to-come

short zankie fanfic people keep asking for more and my big fanfic is still being editing so here’s some fluff

Zach’s Pov

I’m awoken by a light body landing on top of me.

“Zachyyy,” Frankie whines, “Get up.” I briefly open my eyes to see my adorable boyfriend looking down at me. He’s wearing my blue muscle shirt which is oversized on his small frame. I chuckle at the sight.

“I’d rather you stay here,” I smirk with a drowsy yawn. I quickly wrap my arms around Frankie and pull him underneath the covers. I hug him gently, and he struggles a bit.

“No, we need to get-” I silence him with a soft kiss. Frankie stops resisting and lays his head on my chest.

“See, if you just give in and go back to sleep, everything works out,” I murmur into his ear, rubbing his back as he’s still engulfed in my hug.

“Mhm,” Frankie curls into me, “I have to admit, this is very nice,”

“More than very nice,” I raise an eyebrow, and Frankie rolls over, laughing, “What?” I ask, slightly self-concious, “What did I do?”

“You’re just amazing,” Frankie sighs, a tiny smile lingering on his lips.

“You’re amazinger,” I grin in my sleepy state.

“Awh, my boyfriend’s an idiot, isn’t he?” Frankie runs his fingers through my hair. As we just lay there, we forget the world.