Reasons to lose weight

-skinny arms
-wrapping my hands around my waist
-same action with my thighs
-bones in general
-THIGH GAP(i can’t stress this enough)
-flat stomach no matter how i sit
-crop tops
-skinny jeans that actually make me look skinny
-thight dresses
-plaid skirts
-getting back my oval-shapped face(it’s rounder now)
-not feeling judged when i eat in public
-people being concerned about my eating habits
-“have you lost weight?”
-“you are eating, right?”
-to feel tiny and fragile
-to be able to be lifted by anyone, even a girl
-to feel more comfortable in my body
-to get conpliments from people my own age instead of old men who just want to fuck me because i have a big booty
-to finally be happy

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I saw that you give style advice and thought it'd be nice to try asking since I'm pretty bad at styling myself ;-;. But I'm 5'9, Dominican, broad shoulders, slightly pudgy but curvy. I usually wear large sized clothing to cover my arms (that are a tad chubby if you ask me). Since I'm tall I have really long legs and thick thighs. I have a hip dip (where I have a muffin top and there's some sort of "dip"). My face is oval shaped and my hair ends at the end of my neck. Curly when wet.<3

hello! um large size clothing is fine but like if u wear large size T with baggy jeans or normal length jean you willl look large too! If u wanna cover ur arms with large T you can wear full skirt or a bit loose overall or salopette instead :) 
They can cover thighs well too! Since I think ur concern is ur arms and thighs, I think u can take these for references cos I think outfits liek these can cover them well while you can look cool too!

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