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I have an oval shaped face and i woukd like to cut my hair, any shoulder length recommendations/nice colours haircuts?

Haircut ♥♥♥:

Color ♥♥♥:


I think this is my first time draw my self. I look at the mirror once and then tried to remember it. This is what it turns out like~~ and this is my face when I am feeling happy. I rest my face because I don’t want a wrinkle. 

Just kidding.

And after I check myself again on the mirror, there are some point that missing or distorted: XD

I have a round face, not oval. My eyes are not as big as in the drawing. In reality it looks like I have no more soul; And my nose is flat and round; my mom called it tomato (plus, it’s red). I have chubby cheeks and my lips is pale.

My hair used to be very thick. I forgot to add my designer bags under my eyes. Also zits on my forehead. 

I don’t do eyebrow game, so people may mistaken that I’m grumpy all the time. The only thing that on point here is my red nose and cheeks. and glasses. I am allergic to UV ray (yep, it’s sucks). And I turn lobster red when I experienced heat and I hate that.

I think my brain makes me draw a picture of what I want to be or maybe a perfect picture of myself that I wished for. ^^; I am a shy person. I’m aware about what people think about myself, how about my appearance; from head to toe. At some point I lost myself in thoughts and I think I need a change for that. I tried to be more positive about myself; It’s not easy for me to accept what is given. But I’m learning to love myself more everyday so I think it’s k, right? ;D

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Hi! I love your blog :) Do you have any suggestions for a fat chick with an oval face and short neck? I wanna chop all my long hair off and look good, but I'm nervous. I was thinking of something asymmetrical and slightly femme? Thanks!

Hiya!! Thank you so much, I would go for a cut like this! I hope you like your new hair!!

I’ve always been one to obsess over how much i hate my face. it’s long oval shape, my prominent German nose, my pores and acne scares which are so noticeable to myself leading me to believe everyone else will dislike me for it as well. even my fucking gigantic smile gives me anxiety and makes me hate myself more; something like laugh lines that show to the world that you have reasons to smile should never make someone insecure! there’s no reason for a person to look at you’re face and body and critique every detail of it because it doesn’t fit their standards. everyone deserves to feel beautiful and to look in the mirror and honestly be happy with what’s looking back at them. I’m just so excited that I’ve gotten closer to finally excepting myself and all of my beautiful flaws.

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I wanted to ask for your opinion on pixie cuts? I'm thinking of getting one but I'm not sure because my hair reaches my belly button and I have a small oval face and braces and big glasses, halp. (btw I love your blog)

I don’t know, it all depends on the person, but if your profile pic is you then you would look good with it (:

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GMS: I have dark brown slightly wavy hair that goes to my mid back, dark brown eyes, a dimple on my chin, full lips, oval face, curvy figure, almond shaped eyes, naturally blushed cheeks, eyebrows on fleek and tan skin.

cancer leo or libra

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15 cis-female, i dress femininely and i love sitting on my roof late at night watching the stars i carry my camera everywhere and every now and then i'll stop all of a sudden and take picture of the simplest most prettiest things in life and my favorite color is blue i have auburn brown short hair (about to my chin kinda????) dark brown eyes, oval face shape, i can sing and dance (hah dinner and a show) and i use jokes to hide my awkwardness!!!!!! idk i also love indie music and everything artsy

You sound fantastic take pictures of me

Describe yourself on anon and ill say if I’d date you

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Describe my appearance pls? Cancer sun, leo moon and libra rising?

oval face, average to tall height, prone to obesity in later years. 💖

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I'm a cancer ascending and my face is oval I have never suffered from acne

it’s not going to apply to everybody it’s just a guess. like characteristics from your personality that might describe you physically cause aquarius is my rising and i dont relate 100% to the characteristics

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You look great with it short but can you post a pic of when you had it long I'm thinking of going that short but my face is kinda oval shaped 😂😂 so I don't know if it would go for me

Haha sure I will post a few 😂