1:31:49 - 1:31:51

Slow it  d o  w   n 

Ordered myself a lip stain pen…21 years old and I’m only just getting into makeup lol

All I’ve ever done for my makeup is a little line of eyeliner and mascara, but I have hooded eyes, naturally long lashes, tiny but naturally red lips, and my skin always looks yellow (been looking more normal colour since I’ve been on my iron pills though)…I’m legit a disaster for makeup lmao

It smells weird.

Like pungent ozone and decaying matter.

I grow more irritated at the thorny, unkempt mass of leaves and tiny, creepy, crawly organisms. My top lip lifts into a sneer and I roll my eyes, frustrated for no apparent reason at mother nature.

Then look.

One eye opens, then two as I feel something come over my figure. The sun peeks over the hedge, bright, brilliant, a kaleidoscope of colours. It illuminates the blue sea around it, splashing through the clouds, tainting the white.

And as I stare, all I can think is “beautiful”.