Rejet Artist Appreciation

Warning! Very BIG post

(Edit: A big thank you to fruitspie for pointing out my mistake for “Kirishima Sou” and telling me Ken ga Kimi’s artist is Yomi and Vanquish bros is Itomochi-man)

(Edit 2: I’ve linked certain artists blogs/twitters)

After searching for quite awhile, I managed to find all the artists of games and drama cds of Rejet! In no particular order of course. Feel free to add on

想望三国志(Soubou Sangokushi)



オズと秘密の愛 (Oz to Himitsu no Ai)

  • スオウ(Suou)
  • Pixiv 

勿忘草シリーズ (Wasurenagusa Series)


  • 読 (Yomi)




  • いともち万(Itomochi-man/Itomochiman)


-8 マイナスエイト

ドットカレシ-We’re 8bit Lovers!-

Bad Medicine -Infectious Teachers-


Beyond the Future FIX THE TIME ARROWS

Vitamin Series

Tokyo ヤマノテ Boys シリーズ

Lucian Bee

Renai Bancho

Diabolik Lovers

Marginal #4

Scared Riders Xechs

Black Wolves Saga

月華繚乱ROMANCE (Gekka Ryouran Romance)



hella cold hella awkward 

Bad boy, good lips part 16

aHere it is, finally. I’ve used quite a lot of time on this chapter - trying to like… find out what’s going to happen and stuff. I’ve also been REALLY busy with school and a lot of drama with my friends. I guess I was just too tired to write anything. But now I finally have, and I really hope y’all like this chapter.

"Just like Romeo and Juliet, bet they never felt the way we felt."

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The day after I woke up with a couple arms around me. A tiny smile crept onto my lips as I turned around to face the beautiful boy in front of me. His eyes were closed and his breath was slow and heavy. My god, he looked perfectly peaceful. “Stop staring at me,” Jack said as a murmus. His deep, rusty morning voice were like music to my ears and gave me goosbumps. “How’d you know I was staring?” I giggled as I saw a smirk appear on his lips as he opened his eyes. As soon as our eyes met his smile grew wider. He pulled me closer to him and pressed his lips softly against my forhead. “I love you,” he murmured. “I love you too,” I whispered as I let my fingers slowly slide over his bare chest. 

After eating breakfast and taking a quick shower, I found my way over to the sofa where Jack was sitting, watching football. His hair was a total mess and his eyes were half-open, half not. A smile appeared on my lips as I laid down beside him. His arm automatically found its way around me and he pulled me closer to him. “So, what do you want to do today?” he asked, pressing his lips softly against my forehead. I shrugged. “Do you think we could just stay inside for the day?” I asked. He glanced over at the window - it was snowing heavily outside. “Sure,” he murmured. “What do you want to do first?” he asked. “Let’s bake some cupcakes!” I smiled as I sat up. “Whatever my princess wants.”

My family had left to visit some friends we always meet at January 1st. That meant Jack and I had the house to ourselves all day - which was great. “Flour, sugar, milk…” I kept telling Jack what to find as he found it. I poured the flour into a bowl, and as I did that a smirk crept onto my lips. “Jack,” I shouted and he walked into the kitchen. “What?” “Come hereeee,” I smiled innocently. He walked over, and the second he was about to put his arms aroud me, I threw the flour in his face. As a giggle escaped his lips, a lot of flour fell our as well. He used his hands to remove it from his eyes. The second his eyes met mine, a smile appeared on his lips. “You’re so dead,” he laughed as he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed flower into my face before his lips were attached to mine.

We spent the rest of that day eating cupcakes, watching American Horror Story on Netflix and eating pizza - my perfect day. I mean, what more could you ask for than that and spending that day in the arms of your perfect boyfriend who happened to be Jack Gilinsky.

Well, as you probably know already - Jack and Jack had this vine-account thing where they were making funny videos, and within the past couple of weeks - it had exploded. They had reached one million followers, and you could find fans everywhere - which made it hard to keep our privacy private. People found out eventually. And even though this was hard, Jack found a way to handle it all perfectly. He always made time for us to be together, and since he did this, the whole famous-thing didn’t really matter to me. I mean, he was still the same Jack Gilinsky… only with a million girls dreaming about him and shouting his name wherever he went…

*a month later, haha*

Valentines day, probably the worst day of the year, but now that I had  and after getting dressed and eating breakfast, someone knocked at my door. As soon as I reached the door, I found Jack himself(looking handsome as always) standing outside with a boquet of roses. “Happy valentines day, beautiful,” he smiled, pecking my cheek and giving me the flowers. A huge smile spead across my lips. “Thank you, they’re beautiful!” I smiled as I gave him a hug. “I’m just going to put them in a vase,” I said, rushing inside to put them in a vase before I went out in the hallway. After I’d put my coat and my dr. martens on I went outside, closing the door behind me. My hand found its way to Jacks and he intertwined our fingers before the two of us walked towards the school.

The school was filled with pink balloons, flowers and other typhical valentines-day stuff. And even worse - the school had arranged some sort of a dance tonight. As soon as we got to school, the first thing we saw was a guy giving his girlfriend a huge teddybear, some flowers and chocolate. “Aw,” I smiled, leaning my head on Jack’s shoulder. On our way into the hallway, we met Clarity and Johnson. Clarity was holding a small teddy bear and a pin. On the pin, “I’m Jack’s date for tonights dance,” was standing with small text in cursive. Cute. “Congratulations,” I winked at Clarity who just smiled. Johnson was such a genuine person, there was never drama around him - unlike Gilinsky and Sam, also known as the boys I attracted.

School went by quite fast, and Jack hadn’t asked me to the dance yet. Even though it was no big deal really, it sort of bugged me. Last class was finally over, and Jack met me in the hallway - a huge smile planted on his lips. He took my hand and we started walking home. “So, are we having some sort of a dress code tonight?” Jack asked. I furrowed my eyebrows, looking over at him. “What are you talking about?” I asked, pretending to be confused even though I knew exactly what he was talking about. “The dance.” “Oh, so we are going?” I asked, now slightly annoyed. “Yes, at least that was what I was planning. Unless you don’t want to, of course,” he explained. “No, no. I would love to go, but you haven’t asked me to go so I didn’t think we were going..” I murmured. Jack raised his eyebrows and stopped. “Oh, I’m sorry. I just assumed since we are together, we would go together. Did you want me to ask?” he asked. I bit my lip softly, looking down at the ground. “Oh, you did. I’m so sorry baby. Do you want to go to the dance with me tonight?” he asked, lifting my chin up with two of his fingers so our eyes met. A smile appeared on my lips, and I nodded before giving him a quick kiss. “I would love that,” I said. “And just as you know, I’m wearing red.”

Jack picked me up precisely eight o’clock. The second I opened the door, a smile pulled in the corners of my mouth - and he smiled as well, handing me a gift. “Here you go, gorgeous,” he smiled. I opened it, and it was this beautiful necklace - a heart shaped figure, diamonds around the edges and in the middle, Jack and my initias were engraved in the middle. “Oh my god,” I murmured. “This is perfect,” I said, looking up at Jack with tears in my eyes. I laid my arm around his neck and gave him a hug. “Thank you,” I whispered, giving him a soft kiss. “This proves nothing can come between us, and that you’re mine,” he smiled against my lips. “I’d like you to wear it tonight.” I pulled away, nodding. “Of course. Would you mind helping me?” “Not at all,” he smiled, helping me with the necklace.

*Jack G’s POV*

(Y/N) looked so gorgeous this night. The red dress she was wearing, made her beautiful legs look a lot longer. Her hair was curled and shinier than ever. Her red lips hilighted the beautiful smile on her face. Just looking at her made me shiver and smile like an idiot. And I could not be more grateful to have her back. And this time I was going to take care of my precious princess - because she’s all I had and wanted. Nothing could separate the two of us now. Nothing.

We reached the party around 20.30 PM, and the local was already full of people. (Y/N) gripped my hand the second we got inside, and I squeezed it slightly. I knew how she hated parties like this, but she still came. She is so brave. Oh my, I adore her courage. “Want to dance?” I asked over the loud, pumping music. She smiled widely at me(she’s so beautiful when she smiles, you won’t believe it before you see it) and nodded. “I’d love that,” she said. I smiled contentedly and led her out on the dancefloor. My arms slipped around her waist and I pulled her closer to my body. Her arms were around my neck and her head was resting against my chest. It felt like the two of us were the only ones in this room, and this moment lasted forever. Well, I was hoping it did. Because having her in my arms like this and feeling she’d never go away was the best feeling in the world. I loved her, I really did. She was the sunshine of my day, my reason to wake up in the morning. The reason I couldn’t sleep at night. When I was around her, I was a whole another man than I was without her. I was a better man. And I couldn’t thank her enough for making me this person. A person I could actually like. 

As I said, nothing could ruin the moment (Y/N) and I were having, but I guess I was wrong about that. Someone put a hand on my shoulder and (Y/N) and I stopped. “Would you mind if I took over? Fuck.

Okay, so here you go. Not the best part (I sorta like the ending tho) and I hope you like this part. At least now I have a plan of what’s going to happen next. 5 notes, new post. Love you. x

Wrote a song

for the most beautiful woman in the world.

If I search my mind
I can see your face
and the way your lips
fall upon my cheek

Those tiny hips
legs wrapped around my waist
It’s a thought I can’t dismiss
Not if I try

You can have my heart
You can have my soul
You can have my love
Come on, just take it all

Deep in my soul
there’s a longing still
that I can’t fight
it’s against my will.

Your breath upon my face
fingers intertwined
the heat building strong
as the sweat rolls down

You can have my heart
You can have my soul
You can have my love
Come on, just take it all

The fire burns hot
hotter than those lips
No containing it now
my sweet angel bliss

Our hearts beating like
a mad bass drum
moans of pleasure come
as the blood spills out

You can have my heart
You can have my soul
You can have my love
Come on, just take it all

It’s yours
All yours

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you don't get my point I'm saying it's rude for you to be like "I love my big lips" because theyre not even big

i never said i love my big lips bc my lips are tiny af

i just said big lips r great that’s why i made them look bigger with lip liner

hope you’ll have a great valentine’s day x