Little Things


A/N: This is my very bad attempt at something cute, but you know… Fluff isn’t my best. Also a bit different from what I’ve done in the past, so feedback would be great. I messed up the months, I’m aware. 

Word count: 3,365

Pickering, Canada
April 2024

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a niall oneshot

The Sound of Your Love

this was originally posted on niall’s 23rd birthday

word count: 4764

warnings: sexually explicit content

Do you ever hear one of those sounds, a sound that trickles through your skin and pricks every nerve, every sensation that your body is able to capture and hold onto. A sound so intricate and particular that it sits in the deepest part of your chest, pumping through your veins and swirling around your beating heart, wrapping it in the memory of your senses so that every time you heard it, the emotions would all come crashing back. The goosebumps would rise over the tiny hairs of your arms and across the back of your neck, the air would cinch in your lungs as you struggled to maintain a steady breath and the pupils of your eyes would dilate, overpowering the bright ring of color and helping your mind picture the exact thing that was producing the inescapable sound that was slowly settling in your ears.

His voice was that sound for me.

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“Post coitum omne...

animalium triste est,” I remarked, with my eyes closed.

There was no response from the warm, heavy weight on my chest, save the gentle sigh of his breathing. After a moment, though, I felt a sort of subterranean vibration, which I interpreted as amusement.

“That’s a verra peculiar sentiment, Sassenach,” Jamie said, his voice blurred with drowsiness. “Not your own, I hope?”

“No.” I stroked the damp bright hair back from his forehead, and he turned his face into the curve of my shoulder, with a small contented snuffle.

The private rooms at Moubray’s left a bit to be desired in the way of amorous accommodation. Still, the sofa at least offered a padded horizontal surface, which, if you came right down to it, was all that was necessary. While I had decided that I was not past wanting to commit passionate acts after all, I was still too old to want to commit them on the bare floorboards.

“I don’t know who said it—some ancient philosopher or other. It was quoted in one of my medical textbooks; in the chapter on the human reproductive system.”

The vibration made itself audible as a small chuckle.

“Ye’d seem to have applied yourself to your lessons to good purpose, Sassenach,” he said. His hand passed down my side and wormed its way slowly underneath to cup my bottom. He sighed with contentment, squeezing slightly.

“I canna think when I have felt less triste,” he said.

“Me either,” I said, tracing the whorl of the small cowlick that lifted the hair from the center of his forehead. “That’s what made me think of it—I rather wondered what led the ancient philosopher to that conclusion.”

“I suppose it depends on the sorts of animaliae he’d been fornicating with,” Jamie observed. “Maybe it was just that none o’ them took to him, but he must ha’ tried a fair number, to make such a sweeping statement.”

He held tighter to his anchor as the tide of my laughter bounced him gently up and down.

“Mind ye, dogs sometimes do look a trifle sheepish when they’ve done wi’ mating,” he said.

“Mm. And how do sheep look, then?”

“Aye, well, female sheep just go on lookin’ like sheep—not havin’ a great deal of choice in the matter, ye ken.”

“Oh? And what do the male sheep look like?”

“Oh, they look fair depraved. Let their tongues hang out, drooling, and their eyes roll back, while they make disgusting noises. Like most male animals, aye?” I could feel the curve of his grin against my shoulder. He squeezed again, and I pulled gently on the ear closest to hand.

“I didn’t notice your tongue hanging out.”

“Ye werena noticing; your eyes were closed.”

“I didn’t hear any disgusting noises, either.”

“Well, I couldna just think of any on the spur of the moment,” he admitted. “Perhaps I’ll do better next time.”

We laughed softly together, and then were quiet, listening to each other breathe.

“Jamie,” I said softly at last, smoothing the back of his head, “I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy.”

He rolled to one side, shifting his weight carefully so as not to squash me, and lifted himself to lie face-to-face with me.

“Nor me, my Sassenach,” he said, and kissed me, very lightly, but lingering, so that I had time just to close my lips in a tiny bite on the fullness of his lower lip.

“It’s no just the bedding, ye ken,” he said, drawing back a little at last. His eyes looked down at me, a soft deep blue like the warm tropic sea.

“No,” I said, touching his cheek. “It isn’t.”

“To have ye with me again—to talk wi’ you—to know I can say anything, not guard my words or hide my thoughts—God, Sassenach,” he said, “the Lord knows I am lust-crazed as a lad, and I canna keep my hands from you—or anything else—” he added, wryly, “but I would count that all well lost, had I no more than the pleasure of havin’ ye by me, and to tell ye all my heart.”

“It was lonely without you,” I whispered. “So lonely.”

“And me,” he said. He looked down, long lashes hiding his eyes, and hesitated for a moment.

“I willna say that I have lived a monk,” he said quietly. “When I had to—when I felt that I must or go mad—”

I laid my fingers against his lips, to stop him.

“Neither did I,” I said. “Frank—”

His own hand pressed gently against my mouth. Both dumb, we looked at each other, and I could feel the smile growing behind my hand, and my own under his, to match it. I took my hand away.

“It doesna signify,” he said. He took his hand off my mouth.

“No,” I said. “It doesn’t matter.” I traced the line of his lips with my finger.

“So tell me all your heart,” I said. “If there’s time.”

One long car ride

Harry Styles - 1514 words (smut)


“Harry..” I whine, throwing my head against the seat as I try to kick my shoes off. Harry wanted to visit Liam and Niall, who were enjoying their time off in some sort of beach hours fucking miles away. Of course he decided this at six in the evening, so we had to drive the whole night to reach our destination. I was bored out of my mind, H not wanting to put the radio on, and he himself being awfully quiet since we left.

“Yeah babe?” I decided to kick my shoes off, my bare feet resting against the dashboard of Harry’s car, my free hand dangling out of the window. I am bored out of my mind and I’m ready to jump out of this riding death trap and meet Satan in hell.
“I’m bored.”

“It’s just a couple more hours babe, you’ll be fine.” Harry sighs out as he gives me a quick smile before averting his gaze back towards the road. We were the only one out, seeing how it was like two A.M., darkness surrounding us except for the lights of the car that illuminated our way. I started fidgeting with my fingers, the only thing I wanted was to enjoy Harry for the few days I had him all by myself, and now we’re leaving to spend those free alone time with the people I actually wanted to get away from. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole band as if they were my brothers, but a girl has needs, you know.

I remember the night when H came home from tour, I had bribed my roommate into leaving the premises for the rest of the night. Harry knows exactly where to touch, with what pressure, and don’t get me started on that tongue of his. The boy is pure magic.
My eyes involuntarily close as I rethink the very welcome memories, the feeling of Harry’s fingers ghosting over my wet core as I wriggle and beg for more, beg for him to take me as he pleases. He had gotten even more fit, strong and muscly, I couldn’t do anything but to try and touch every single square centimeter of skin.

I opened my eyes again to see that Harry did not pay attention to me, a song stuck in his head which he hummed along to, his fingers tapping along the steering wheel.
I could feel my heart beating faster, my knickers wetter and my hands trembling to touch him. But I’m fairly certain that if I tried anything right now we would get into a fight, which isn’t something pleasant to look forward to if you’re still stuck in the same car for the rest of the night. I guess I’ll just have to help myself out.

My fingers fiddle with the straws of my sweatpants as I glance once more towards H, still nothing. I let my hand glide into my sweatpants, closing my eyes as I let my fingers toy with my slit, my mind bringing me back when Harry was banging me, the headboard shaking against the wall as his grunts vibrated through the air.
I bite my lip, letting one of my fingers slip into my core as I lean back a bit, opening my legs a little to give myself more access. I didn’t care about Harry anymore, if he wasn’t going to pay attention to me, I would pay attention to myself.

I could hear my breathing get heavier, that along with the gravel on the road the only thing being heard. Harry was still tapping the steering wheel along to an imaginary beat, and I let my imagination run freely.
What if he just pulls off the road now and shags me against his the hood of his car? I could be moaning into thin air, begging for more and nobody would even notice.

“Mm.” I accidentally let a little moan slip out as I buck my hips up, my mind giving me vivid images of what could happen. All of the sudden the beating of H’s fingers stop and I can her him scrape his throat. “What are you doing?”
I cock one eye open, trailing it over his shocked yet amused face.
“What does it look like? You ignore me so I’ll help myself out.”

“Fuck.” Harry curses and I moan freely now bucking my hips up to meet my own touch as I can hear Harry curse once more.
I am shaken from my own little world when I feel the car come to an abrupt stop, and I open my eyes to see Harry staring at me.
“What’s wrong H? You wanted to be there by nine, so don’t you think you should step on it?” I blatantly state, still annoyed that I couldn’t get my alone time like I had wished for all those months.

“I- Fuck.” I let my eyes fall onto his jeans, the tight clothing straining against his growing bulge and I smirk as I raise my eyebrows before meeting his eyes again.
“You like this?” I slip my hand from my own knickers and crawl on top of Harry, my back resting against the steering wheel as I let my fingertip trail over his collarbone, my lips wetted by my tongue every couple of seconds as I kept his gaze.

I press my core down onto his aching crotch, cupping his neck with my cheek. “Answer me H.”
“Ye-yeah. Fucking hell.” His hands come up to grab one of my breasts but I quickly slap his hand away, pinning them to the side of his car seat.

“You didn’t want to touch me before H, so you can’t right now.” I chuckle darkly taking my shirt of slowly, exposing my breasts to Harry since I couldn’t care less to wear a bra if I was sitting in a car all night. His eyes almost pop out of their sockets as he tries to touch me again but I growl and his hands fly back down, his puppy dog eyes coming out as he pouts his lip at me. I ignore it, pushing my sweatpants down before pulling Harry’s jeans and boxers down in one swift motion to his knees.

My fingernails scratch over his hips as I rid him of his shirt as slowly as I can, my hips in meanwhile circling against his exposed cock, slicking him with my arousal and his pre-cum. He was a groaning, withering mess underneath me and I had to take all my willpower in me to not just ride him immediately. He deserved to be toyed with.

I kiss, lick and nibble my way up on his torso towards his jaw, licking a stripe up his neck before I let my teeth sink into his sweet spot, Harry by now a groaning, muttering mess underneath me. “Please, please.”
“Please what H?” I smirk, stilling the movements off my hips as my nails continue their movement over his abs.

“Let me fuck you.”
Instead of answering him, I let myself sink down onto his cock, a hiss drawn from his lips as he closes his eyes and leans his head against the car seat.
“Mm H.” I moan out, riding him by circling my hips, and I grab his hands and set them on my waist and he takes that as his cue to kick in.

Within a second his grip tightens, enough to bruise, and his hips start to meet mine in short, quick thrusts. Both of us are panting and moaning profanities, and this is what I’ve wanted, some alone time for us to connect, not the sweet and innocent giggly H but the one that’s passionate and rough with me.
His hands grab my breasts and by now I’m bouncing on his lap by just the motion of his hips, I’m a mess, moaning his name over and over again as I reach my high.

It doesn’t take long for Harry to finish as well, his arms immediately snaking around my waist as he hauls me into his chest, his ragged breathing warming my neck as he tries to regain his breath.

“I missed you.” Harry breathes out in pure bliss, my own lips leaving tiny kisses near the nape of his hairline, my eyes closing at the smell of vanilla and sex. My favorite scent on H.
“I did too H. Really.” My nails scrape his neck, up to his hair to pull there lightly as he lets out a breath he had been holding in.
“I’m sorry I’m dragging you across the country, Niall and Liam just really like you and were complaining they want to spend some time with their best mate.” My heart flutters at the realization that his best friends, band mates and practically his whole life actually enjoys my company and wants me around.
“I don’t mind babe, as long as I’m with you.” I wink and let my lips catch his.

Lots of love,
L. xox

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could write a small blurb where you are a dancer you can take it anywhere you want I am just am in love in the way you write and I love dance particularly ballet and put both of them together would be amazing. So pretty please with a cherry on top 😁

Can we get a blurb on where you and harry have been secretly dating for a long time and you are ready to make it public? please :)

Originally posted by relationshipaims

I tried to explain to the security officer guarding the back door into The Met that I was Harry Styles and that my girlfriend was currently on stage dancing the lead in Le Corsaire.  But judging by the bored way he blinked and shifted on his feet, I gathered he didn’t much care.  I couldn’t blame him, he hardly looked like a man who listened to pop music.  

No one knew about it Emma and I.  Not our parents, not our friends, not our colleagues.  No one.

I was actually proud of how long we’d been able to keep it under wraps.  We were going on seven months now.  Seven months of back alley sneak-in’s and remote locations for vacations (and when I say remote, I mean off the grid, no one around for miles remote) and neither of us even whispering towards each other on social media.  TMZ was none the wiser.  My mother had an inkling something was up, but she never asked.  She was good that way.

But I was in love now.  This wasn’t just some fling or flash in the pan.  Emma was who I wanted to be with.  She was my match in every way and I didn’t want to hide that.  I shouldn’t have needed to.  My happiness was not a crime.

So after a long discussion a few nights ago where I prepared her for the onslaught of rude and nasty comments that would get lobbed her way when a certain faction of the One Direction fandom got wind that we were together, we agreed to go public.

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Royalty Mess: Part One

author’s note: I’m such a sucker for royalty and Shawn but I won’t be making Shawn as a Prince here just for reasons, sorry. Feedback is very welcomed x



”Don’t be silly,” another non-grateful glance from my mother was sent straight to my face, ”you can be eighteen but it doesn’t mean you can go outside by yourself to meet your loving boyfriend.”

”And he is still not allowed to come to the palace, how equal is that?” Madness took over me again, trying to explain the Queen herself that I deserve some normal lad’s rights too. ”People don’t know that we are a thing, isn’t that already enough to go incognito and be myself who I am already?” I sighed.

”You’re a Princess, my darling. We do have to be careful what we are doing and saying, not just loose in and go with the flow,” her sigh was louder and more angrier than before. ”Also, in my opinion, but I don’t know  your father’s, you should break up with him - it’s not going to work out like that way. Come on, look at your nephew Harold, what happened with him and this girl Hannah - kinda hurtful, wasn’t it?”

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Sigma Chi Boy (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: It seemed like frat boy Grayson couldn’t get enough of you. And quite frankly, you secretly loved the attention.
Word Count: 2,061
Warnings: Drinking, parties, mentions of sex.
A/N: Wrote this a while back and just found it in my drafts. Who doesn’t love fratboy!gray, though? :’) Let me know if you liked this and want a part two! (Already written!)

It seemed like he was everywhere. It was secretly pleasing me, but I refused to let it show. Instead, I acted like it was bugging the hell out of me because I’d rather get hit by a bus than give him the satisfaction of knowing that he had any kind of effect on me whatsoever. Simply because he was a frat boy in the Sigma Chi fraternity house, where every guy who lived there was a douche bag.

Grayson and I had slept together twice, and at first it was nothing but hate and annoyance radiating through us both. We’d had too much to drink, and it had ended up with both of us in his bed and we were pretty good at ignoring it and pretending like it had never happened. But then we ended up together again and I swore to myself that it would never happen again because even though I had some feeling for Grayson, it would never happen. He was too much of a player and God knows how many girls he’d had in his bed before me. Sure, there was a certain sexual tension between us which I refused to even acknowledge and it had him running after me like a little puppy, craving my attention and I basked in it, because it was fun teasing him. That didn’t mean I liked him though.

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“Oh yeah cause that’s normal!” Luke argues, his words overflowing with sarcasm. You’re in the middle of one of your jokingly heated discussions that you always seem to get into with Luke. It was one of your favorite things about your friendship. You knew each other so well and you knew exactly what buttons to push. This incredible control and notion about one another made it easy to carry on these arguments, especially because they were always about very stupid things…

“Says the guy who’s drinking coffee out of a plastic cup,” you fire back and point at the see-through plastic cup in his hand. He doesn’t say anything, he just slowly raises the cup to his lips and takes a sip of the black coffee. Eventually he looks up to meet your gaze as he begins to lower the cup again.

“You eat entire kiwis without peeling them,” Luke finally says. 

Yes, this fight is about strange food habits. It all started with Luke eating a piece of candy he randomly found on the small table in their dressing room. It sparked an entire conversation that’s been going on for about eight minutes now.

“I did that like once when I was literally fourteen!”

“Twice,” Luke states narrowing his eyes at you and you laugh. 

“Whatever,” you laugh and fall down next to Luke on the couch.

“Why are you even drinking coffee? It’s like midnight,” you groan and rub your head to emphasize the fact that he annoys you. He doesn’t really but it’s part of the jokingly fighting roles you play. Quite frankly you like him a lot. You have loved him for years, he was always your best friend. Recently you had allowed yourself to think other thoughts about him though… Thoughts revolving around his damp lips, the tenderness in his voice late at night, the curly locks of hair that occasionally fall out of place and the slight change of color in his eyes when he speaks about certain things.

“I don’t know, stop judging me,” Luke says, offended. At this point you’re extremely slumped down in the couch and you’re just looking at Luke. The thoughts about all his features and details immediately step out of focus when he speaks again. For a split second you don’t remember what your conversation was about, but then it comes back to you. The fact that those thoughts about him could make you zone out so severely…

You just laugh to answer his comment and to get the discussion to an end. Once your thoughts start thriving in your brain it’s hard to stop them, and you kind of have to allow the thoughts the space they need in order for you to figure out what you want. Is it Luke that you want?

“What are you thinking about?” Luke asks. Mimicking you, he slumps down a bit and rests the side of his head on the couch.

Honesty was always a huge part of your friendship and you knew that honesty was the reason why you’d gotten so close and grown so much with each other. Maybe this honesty could lead to greater things and bring you even closer…

“You,” you say, deciding to tell him the same second that the tiny word slips out of your mouth. The great power of one small word truly is astonishing. That one little word could change so much between the two of you.

Luke, being a man of few words, just shuts his slightly parted lips and opens his eyes a little wider.

“I mean things like… your hands,” you speak hesitantly and cautiously run your fingertips across his soft hand.

“And your arms,” you continue talking, since Luke doesn’t. Your fingers keep following veins on his forearm up to his bicep.

“My lips?” Luke asks with a tiny smile playing on his face.

Suddenly it all happens so fast. His hands on your cheek, his breath heating up your skin and his lips pressed against yours. Nothing in your mind is clear at this point. Overwhelming emotions blending with rational thoughts and lustful desire.

But as Luke pulls away everything is clear. All your needs, longings and wishes are presented right in front of you, and all of them are… Luke.

“You taste like coffee,” you tease him and crinkle your nose with a playful smile on your lips. Luke chuckles loudly and immediately pushes you down on the couch and kisses you to shut you up.


this was so pointless and so all over the place i don’t even know,, its 2 am thats why the writing is very bad don’t come for me

Neighbours part 2; C.H.

You can read part one right here.

“What the hell is up with you today? Do you even hear me?” My friend Sophie groans in my ear as I see her hand wave in front of my eyes. I blink briskly for a few times, turning my head towards her general direction as I mumble out a ‘huh’. 

“You’re unbelievable. What’s wrong?” Daisy rolls her eyes as she loudly chews her gum. 

 "Nothing’s wrong. I’m just thinking, ’s all.“ I let a tiny smile grace my lips as my gaze catches Calum again. He’s sitting almost on the other side of the hall, laughing along with his three friends. “You know; one day they’ll notice who you’re so smitten about.” My male friend, Jordan whispers in my ear. You can just hear the smirk form on his lips. 

 "Oh shush, I’m not smitten.“ I roll my eyes, threading my fingers through my loose curls, shaking them up the slightest bit. 

"You know, I’d secretly do him if I were you. Sadly, none of those boys,” Jordan motions his head to Calum and company, “well, they aren’t gay.”

 "You have enough of jocks-in-experimental-phase to keep yourself busy. Grant me this one, will you?“ I sigh, raising an eyebrow as I turn in my friend’s direction. I only receive an eye roll in return as he lets himself hit the back of his seat. 

 "Okay, listen up. Party at my house tonight. Bit more secluded. And Y/n,” Tom addresses me personally, “you better show this time. It’s always the same with you.”

My eyes widen and I let my flat hand hit the table, the sound of my ring on my middle finger hitting the table chiming through the filled hall. 

 "I can’t help my parents won’t let me go, Tom. Stop being a bitch, I have a life outside of your boring parties.“ The whole group hollers at my comeback and I’m sick of even being here. I’m sure other people had actual, real friends and were enjoying themselves a lot more. This felt like a daily one-hour torture. 

 My gaze flicks back over to Calum as I slump in my seat, Tom mumbling something about me being a bitch and I see Calum already staring at me. Well I just yelled throughout the whole hall and I’m sure he heard what I had said. 

He surprises me by raising his thumb in the air, silently asking if I were okay while he raises his eyebrows in wonder. I shrug my shoulders in response and bite my lip, shaking my head as I focus back on my sandwich in front of me. 

 "Y/n! Are you fucking kidding me?” Tom’s voice squeaks loudly through the dining hall again and I can feel all eyes on me. I raise my head, jaw locked in an angry manner as I can feel my eyebrow twitch. 

“Can you keep that hole of yours shut long enough that I can enjoy my meal in silence, Tom? You think you can do that?” I seethe, all eyes glued on this exchange. 

 Tom is simply gaping at me as I push myself upright, my lips pursed as I nod towards Jordan. “I’ll probably text you later.” And without another word to any of them, I stalk of towards the back, throwing my lunch in the thrash with a dramatic dunk as I hear the doors fall closed behind me with a loud, hollow thud. 

 I couldn’t help that Calum stroking himself was all that had clouded my mind today. It hasn’t helped when I saw he was wearing my favourite shirt on him, along with the tightest skinny jeans I might have ever seen on a male. His bum looked so incredible in those pants and I was doing it again. I sigh as I let out a breathless, humourless chuckle and let my back hit the brick wall rather forcefully. 

 "You okay there?“ I completely tense up when I hear his deep voice, my core responding immediately as I think back of the words he had spoken to me yesterday. 

Enjoyed the show?

 "I - uh - yeah. Yeah I’m fine.” I relax my tense features and grant Calum a tiny smile. 

“Tom’s a dick.” Calum suddenly blurts, looking down and biting his lip. He seems to be refraining from speaking up but when he does my eyes widen in shock and amusement. 

“But you have been distracted lately..” He lifts his gaze to meet mine and his eyebrows raise, the smirk on his lips only growing when I don’t respond. 

 "I can’t help myself. Like when someone gives me a show, I can’t help but watch.“ I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly, my own grin breaking through. Calum shakes his head but can’t keep the smile off of his lips as he backs away. 

"Glad you’re okay though, Y/n. See you in physics.”

 I can’t help but keep staring at the spot where Calum had stood five minutes ago, my brain taking over last night’s events, along with his words just now - was he flirting?

 I drag my bum over to physics, two hours of torture for everyone else, but not for me. I didn’t understand it enough for it to be torture for me. I see Sophie and Daisy sit in the front and I almost growl at the sight of them. Then I spot Calum and his mate Luke, sitting near the back. There’s a spot behind Luke and I pick up the pace to claim that. 

 "Y/n! What are you doing? Come here!“ Daisy whisper-yells over towards me while waving her arms in the air like a lunatic. I roll my eyes and focus on the notes from yesterday, the homework I didn’t do thanks to Calum. 

"Uh-oh. Troubles in poppy paradise?” Luke grins as he leans back, upper body turned towards me. I lift my gaze and see Calum furrow his eyebrows at me as well. 

 "Not that’s any of your business but I enjoy some peace and quiet every once in a while.“ I huff out, keeping my eyes trained on my notes as I desperately try to fix this exercise I should’ve done yesterday. 

"Aren’t you feisty today.” Luke starts, turning his upper body more towards me, his grin changing into a smirk and I’m ready to smack him across the head with my calculator before Calum comes to my aid. 

 "Luke, leave her alone. She doesn’t have to be with her mates, has she?“ Calum raises an eyebrow in Luke’s direction as Luke’s eyes widen. I see Calum glance towards me and I purse my lips, giving him a tiny smile and a nod of my head. 

"Since when are you so protective of her? She’s just a neighbour and one of the populars, Cal. Damn.” Luke rolls his eyes and turns to the front of the class, ignoring me and his best mate. It seemed as if Luke was insinuating that Calum had stood up for me before and the thought alone makes my heart swell.

 "Here.“ Calum slides his answer sheet towards me, my teeth sinking into my lip as I try to hide the wide grin from breaking through. 

"One-time deal, Y/n.” Calum shakes his head with a laugh and I start copying his notes, making a mental note to thank him profusely later. 


“Calum!” I yell down the otherwise empty street as he flashes me by on his board. I hear the wheels of his skateboard screech as he comes to a halt and I jog up to him, his foot still on his plank. “Yeah?”

 "I haven’t thanked you properly for helping me out. If I don’t get my grades up, I’m screwed.“ I shake my head as I look at the floor, seeing Calum’s battered old vans adorning his feet. 

"Ah, it’s nothing Y/n. Don’t worry about it.” He hoists his bag higher up his shoulder, ready to turn around before his head seems to click. 

 "Did you get anything from the class today?“ I shake my head no as I bite my lip. I was sure to fail this class this year and I really dreaded telling my parents I had failed yet another class. 

"I don’t know why. I used to be pretty decent. I think I got dumber.” I shrug my shoulders as I start walking again, passing Calum on my way towards our street. 

 "I know you’re smart. You just need another learning method.“ Calum catches up to me, his skateboard underneath his armpit as he steps into pace with me. "I wish I knew how when where and whatever because I am not spending my summer revising physics.” I groan, throwing my head back and I feel my hair tie slip from my pony tail. 

 Calum is quick to bend down and retrieve my hair tie for me, granting me an amazing view from his round, toned bum. I let out a sigh and my eyes widen as Calum raises back to his original height and he gives me a cocked eyebrow. “You okay?”

I ruffle my hair as I take the tie from him, smirking when I see him give me a once over as I flip my head to redo the pony tail. 

“Oh I’m just great, Cal.”

 "Want to do our physics homework together?“ Calum suddenly asks when we’ve already walked half of the route in complete silence and both of our houses come into view. I contemplate whether or not this is a smart idea, but I do need some help with my class and spending more time around Calum isn’t something I would mind at all. 

 "Yeah, uh, sure.” I grant Calum with a toothy grin and follow him up the steps into his own house. The house seems vacant as he yells to no one in particular that he’s home. 

Calum motions his head for me to follow him and I tentatively take slow steps up towards the first floor, probably towards his bed room. 

 He drops his book bag onto his bed, skateboard disappearing underneath, but my gaze is locked on his opened window. From here, you had a clear view into almost all in my bedroom - including the en-suite bathroom. My eyes widen dramatically when I realize Calum might have seen me naked way more times than I can imagine and I hear a chuckle in my right ear as he stands directly behind me. I can feel his presence, his whole body almost touching me but not quite.

 "You aren’t the only one with a view, dear.“ I’m completely frozen, by the revelation I just received but also with Calum being so close to me when all I had done since yesterday was thinking about how hot he looked while stroking himself. 

 "You knew?” I breathe, biting harshly on my bottom lip when his fingertips start tickling along my lower back and hips, feverishly awaiting Calum’s answer. He hums in return, head still next to mine as I let my eyes flutter closed again. 

 "You were wearing a skirt yesterday. Don’t you think something like that gets me… Riled up?“ Calum breathes against my neck, his lips brushing along the skin on my shoulder as he lets his hands rest on my hips. My complete body is in shivers and I open my eyes and keep my gaze trained on the window, seeing my own bed clearly from where I’m standing. I can’t help but let my eyelids droop closed as he bites down onto the tender flesh where my neck meets my shoulder, slightly falling backwards against Calum’s frame. 

 "I - uh -” I stutter, trying to keep my eyes open as my fingers lace with his while his hands roam over my stomach. “Wiggling your ass. Watching me when I come home. I have to say, it kind of turns me on. You being such a voyeur.” Calum laughs breathlessly against my neck and I could feel my cheeks flame like no tomorrow, trying to pull away from Calum in embarrassment. I never thought he would’ve seen me. 

 "I’ve watched you play with yourself too, Y/n. Don’t worry. Maybe you should close your curtains if you didn’t want the horny male next door to get off on your moans.“ Even though the embarrassment is still very much present, his words arouse me rapidly. Calum was an attractive guy and my ego could only be stroked when he admitted he enjoyed me

 A soft moan slips past my lips and I feel Calum tense up behind me. "Oh, you like that?”

I hum in return but squeak out when his teeth sink into my neck, probably leaving a mark. My fingertips dig into the backs of his hands, one of his hands creeping up to rest between my breasts. He pushes me closer with that hand, feeling his hardening cock press against my back. I can’t help but arch my back just the slightest bit, pressing my bum flush against Calum. 

 "I never thought I’d get any more than that quick look.“ Calum breathes, drawing my attention away from the lovely assault on my neck. "Why?” I mumble, grinding my hips against him which draws a deep throated moan from the tan male. 

 "I’m a band geek? You’re probably the most popular girl in school?“ His voice goes up in the end, indicating he was questioning me rather than granting me the information. 

"Maybe but you’re an amazingly hot band geek.” I growl as I turn around, pressing my breasts against Calum’s front and smack our lips together. Calum takes a few moments to respond, but he relaxes into the kiss and soon he’s fighting me for dominance, his fingers clawing at the exposed skin near my hips. 

 "Y/n…“ Calum breathes apprehensively, pushing at my hips to detach me from his body. I raise an eyebrow, pursing my lips as I wait for him to speak. 

"Maybe this isn’t such a good idea. I mean I don’t want to single handedly ruin your rep.”

 "Why is everyone so focused on reputations? I don’t care that you’re not in our friend clique, I want you. Now.“ I growl and press myself back against Calum, drawing a chuckle from his lips and he guides me over to his unmade bed. 

 I drop onto said unmade bed with a hollow thud, letting out a giggle as he crawls on top of me. His face lingers inches above mine, our lips merely brushing. A few months ago I wouldn’t have even thought about making out on Calum’s bed. Hell I wouldn’t even have thought I’d ever get a chance to talk to him outside of our neighbour barbecues Joy hosted. And even then I never actually spoke to him. 

 I can’t take it any longer and pull him closer to me by the neck, pressing our lips together briskly. I moan into Calum’s mouth, his tongue already swiping along my bottom for entrance. I pull my legs up, Calum dropping between them and I let my foot glide along his calve. I can’t keep still as I curve my hips up to grind against Calum’s pelvis, making Calum moan into my mouth. 

 My hands wander over his toned, muscular back towards his bum and I give it a rough squeeze. I have always wanted to do that and I can’t help myself when I smile against Calum’s lips. "What?” He breathes as he retracts, opening his eyes, slowly blinking as he licks his dry lips. 

 "Nothing.“ I chuckle, pulling him back down and pressing my hands to his bum so his hips would run against mine. I curl my chest up into him and now he retracts again, only to let his lips kiss along my jaw to my neck, to the valley of my breasts. He starts unbuttoning my shirt along his way, cupping my breasts through my bra and I let low moans escape from my lips. 

 He continues his way south, popping the button of my jeans and dragging them along my legs. I pull his shirt near his shoulder to imply I wanted it off, and Calum easily obliges. 

He cups my core through my underwear and I loudly moan out, grasping the sheets as I can feel the red hue crawl onto my neck and cheeks. 

 "That’s it sweetheart, let the neighbours hear who makes you feel this good.” He groans as he hooks his fingers in my underwear, slowly dragging it down my legs and exposing my core to him. He throws my legs over his shoulders as he kisses along my thigh, sending tingles throughout my whole body. 

 He wastes no time in pressing his lips against my clit, making me gasp out loudly as my fingers curl into Calum’s hair. He lets out a laugh against me, sending the vibrations shooting up my spine. His fingers toy with my entrance and I’m already a mess when he presses one finger into me. 

 I’m not sure if it’s because I had been hot and bothered all day or Calum knew what he was doing – probably both – but I was rapidly approaching my impending orgasm. 

“Cal I -”  Calum abruptly stops his assault, giving one short lick to my clit with the tip of his tongue before he sits back up on his knees. 

 "Oh no, you’re not coming now.“ I groan, fisting the sheets and involuntarily pressing my hips up, hoping he’d let me come with his gentle assault with his tongue. 

Calum takes his sweet time undressing in front of me, pushing his jeans and boxers down his long legs. He walks over to his dresser to retrieve a condom. As he slides it on, he lets his gaze wander over my exposed body and I squirm underneath his gaze. 

 "Oh how I’ve thought about this.” Calum mumbles, kissing my collar bone as he lines himself up with me. “Did you -?” I question, racking my nail along his chest as I wait for him to answer. 

“Think about you when I jack off?” He hums and I can feel my core tingle just as he presses himself into me, making his name fall off of my lips in a whisper. 

 His thrusts are rather rhythmical in the beginning, but when he hits the right spot inside of me I can feel my orgasm rapidly appear again. When my nails dig into his bottom, Calum groans out loudly and he picks up the pace, his hips moving in irregular sharp motions. “Oh Cal -” I moan his name loudly, arching my back into him as he pounds into me. 

 "That’s it, baby. Let them know I make you feel this good.“ Calum groans as I see his biceps twitch. He isn’t far from orgasming as well and I bring my hand between my legs to run along my clit, clenching around Calum’s throbbing cock. 

 "Y/n… God.” He groans gruffly, slamming particularly hard into me and I spiral into my orgasm, clenching my eyes shut and chanting Calum’s name over and over again. Calum keeps chasing his own orgasm and when it hits, his arms give out and he falls into me with a loud thud, a groan leaving my lips as my whole body tingles. 

 He rolls off of me and discards his condom in the bin, rolling back onto his back and turning his head to grin at me. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted that.”

“Watch out, I might outdo you.” I grin, kissing his pectoral as I throw my leg over his exposed crotch. Calum makes a move to pull the blanket over us both, his arm thrown over my shoulder so I can lay on his chest. 

 The night had come rather quickly, dawn already parted as I gaze out of Calum’s window. I turn towards Calum, letting my nails rake along his chest to gather his attention. His eyes open slowly, blinking a few times as he focuses on my face. 

“Ready for round two?” I grin, biting my lip as I crawl on top of him. 

“Don’t you have a party to go to?” He mumbles as I crawl down the bed, lining my head with his already twitching cock. I can’t help but lick my lips in anticipation. 

 "I’d rather finish this party.“

His Fault

Just this once indulge me please… Pretty please.

This is smut. The urge to do this was so overwhelming yesterday that I had to do it.  I needed to move on from this urge to write that smut itch.   Any points on how I can improve my writing is welcome just message me.  Thank you.

WORDS = 1832 (be warned)

No greetings were said as she brings in my dessert.  It is odd that tonight she is quiet.  She presents her creation to me without saying anything which is again not quite her.  I wait a few moments more before I reach out to take my dessert.  Calmly I start to eat while I sense her gaze boring into me as I chew.  Bringing my sight back to where she is, I see her stare drift abruptly from me and settle at something.  Releasing a breath I did not know I was holding, I say, “You have something to tell me. Out with it.” She looks back at me, a red flush staining her smooth cheeks, her hands clutching the skirt of her kimono.  “My Lord, I…” Hearing no more from her my irritation simmers.  Leaning forward I place my elbow on the kotatsu and placing my chin on my knuckles I reply “You what?”

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Infatuation (pt9)

Originally posted by qt-taehyungssi

“His gentle laugh filled the air around us, and he gave me a tight squeeze, using his free arm to ruffle his hair. Looking up at him was a blessing if I was being completely honest. Even in this terrible lighting, his tan skin glowed and his eyes twinkled like tiny stars. I relished the feeling of his arm wrapped snuggly around me, and I reached my arms around to hug his waist. I didn’t care what it looked like, Taehyung was my friend, and if I wanted to hug him then I would.”

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader, Jimin x Reader
Word count: 4063

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Tie Me Up


newtsslut: Please write smut with scorch trails scenario . About the part when newt wore a scarf around his neck . Just something about it How he ties up the girl with it or more like that

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Confessions (Frank Castle X Reader)

Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

We lay on our bed, sweaty and basking under the post-coital glow. I looked at Frank and he looked at me, and we giggled like five year old, nuzzling into each other’s body: our laughs muted and harmonized in the same tune.

A moment of fruitful pause passed, as we shyly looked at each other like teenagers in crush, while the other moment we goofily grinned at each other as if we knew each other for years: the lust in his eyes was overlapping with his love and adoration and it made me crazy.

‘How do you do that?‘ I asked, pulling the sheet up on my chest.

‘Do what?‘ he leaned on his side, with his chest exposed, glistening with sweat which only accentuated his chest.

‘pull off that… rugged charm suave!‘ I pouted and he pulled me closer.

‘hey Frank…‘ I ran my hands over his chest and looked up at him, ‘wanna play a game?‘

‘If it’s gonna be who’s laughing first while getting tickled I ain’t gonna be a part o’that shit…‘ He smiled and pinched my nose in an affectionate way.’No… not that! It’s a different kinda game. It’s called ten questions. You get to ask me ten, I get to ask you ten.‘ I said and looked at him.

He paused and froze for a second, his smile vanished, and I could feel his muscle tensing up, for him… this could go anywhere. I was terribly scared, perhaps I was going to the landmine zone, ‘It’s okay, if you don’t wanna play… we can just have round two?’

‘No.. it’s okay, I don’t mind.‘ He shot up straight and sat up on our bed and made me do the same, ‘it would be like the good ol’ Sundays back in the days.‘

I nervously breathed it in and started to giggle madly as I was making him thorough with the rules and played ‘rock-paper-scissors’ to decide the first one to ask the questions, after drawing the same thing for about five times, My paper won over his rock.

‘Okay… since there is no need to tell me your name, tell me about your childhood in a few expressions‘ I asked in a mock business-like manner, to which the big bad Punisher joined me.

‘Ladies and gentlemen o’the jury, I am Francis Castle, I was born and raised in Queens by a housewife mother named and a father who worked in NYPD, I am a high school graduate. My old man died when I was sixteen and therefore, to provide for my family, I joined the USMC.‘ before he could finish, I broke out laughing, to which he didn’t quite settled ‘what’s so funny?’

‘You have a pompous-ass name for a vigilante warlord “Francis”…‘ I pronounced his name with a fake British accents while gathering one of my lock over my lips ‘all you need is a monocle!!!‘

He looked at me with a quizzical expression and said ‘ya know, I could be way classier than I lead you on kid! It’s you now, shoot’, I told him what I was and how I handled this far.

‘Okay, next question: what is the strangest, most unpredictable thing about you that will shock the world?‘ I asked, and boy was I wrong about how the surprised will stop after the ‘Francis‘ bomb.

‘My real name is not Francis Castle–‘

‘Frank, I think you’re missing the point of ten questions, I did not ask to ten ways to troll your girlfriend–

‘My real name is Fra-‘

‘Francesca?‘ I snorted and he affectionately slapped my thigh, and answered ‘no… Francis Louis Mario Lorenzo Castiglione. I am Italian-American and was studying to be a Catholic priest, which didn’t set well with me, and you know why.‘

I was completely silent, and looked at him with gaped mouth while he enjoyed my expressions and smugly winked, ‘guess Francesca just got owned… not sure if I will get the same with yours kid.’

‘Well Frank, I am proud to tell you that…‘ I huffed and looked at him exasperatedly ‘I wish my life was as exciting as yours.‘

‘C’mon kid, there’s gotta be somethin’‘ Frank gave me a mischievous smile, ‘like that one time you was found in the’ and he dived in to tickle the hell out of me to a point where I finally confessed. ‘okay, okay… I was found in the bushes during the field trip, masturbating to my really hot, Shakespeare expert English teacher, by the English teacher in person’ I huffed, laughing, tickled, slightly embarrassed– not because I verbally said it out to Frank, but the fact, he knew about that before I told him. ‘But how the hell you guessed it?’

‘Sweetheart… I know how to know things… next question.‘ Frank was now killing the game, in my opinion, and I was half-hearted to stop the game immediately and smacking myself how wrong I was to think that he was anxious about the game.

‘whom would you identify with the most before you became a Punisher: Fuckboy or Nerdy Virgin?‘ I do think that I got him now. But being Frank, he was all cool, ‘I would say, that I pretended to be a fuckboy so that nobody would guess I was a nerdy virgin who was studying to be a priest… which would be the rudest fucking surprise to all the concerned… what about you?‘

‘Don’t mock me now Francis… ‘ I slumped my shoulder, ‘my status, until few hours ago was Nerdy Virgin.‘

‘Right you are sweetheart… choose the next one carefully.‘ he smirked mischievously, oh I will Francesca, I will.

Okay… what is the most embarrassing story of your life?I laughed while asking it, because Frank cannot return that to me because I got it when he answered the fourth question, and I was enjoying the hell out of it when I got Frank gaping and tilting his head in the most ‘Frank-like‘ manner.

‘It’s a long story now kid, I dunno if–‘

‘If you don’t answer you don’t get to kiss me all week.‘ I played along.

‘You’re evil… alright‘ he huffed, ‘it happened in the Marines…in the Military Ball when i was dancing with the Colonel’s daughter and I suddenly stepped on ‘er dress and the shit got ripped from the waist. got ma’self tangled in all o’er it and wors’ o’all… her boobs o’ma face, in front of my seniors and… ‘

‘And?‘ i asked.

‘That’s it… end of the story… I handed ma ass t’ya. Next?‘ he smiled, and I thought I should have mercy on him, I can’t stand him getting all embarrassed: it doesn’t suit him–he should be fearless and bold. This time I hold his hands ‘what is the most favorite moment of you with her?‘

Frank’s embarrassed smile got replaced with a nostalgic silence, his dark eyes glinted with the ghosts of his past and I almost got teary when he spoke, ‘ya’ know that one time, when we were newly married– she was already with the child an’ all round and squishy. There was–there was’ he flayed his tall fingers in a way that he was already afraid that the memories will fade ‘there was a–a myrtle tree under which she sat, because she was all beat with the baby shoppin’ and suddenly she asked me to–to put the flowers on her head, it’s like “Frank, how will they look on me, will they be good” and boy, she looked like a potbelly fairy princess with all the pretty flowers in ‘er head– I kissed her, and by god and I got my heart broke into pieces with the pretty little smile o’her.’ he ended with a sniffle and looked at me, while I was a hot mess, with tears running down my face, before he could say anything, I hugged him and kissed his temple tenderly.

‘I think we are done with the game?’ he tried to smile from what I guessed from his voice, while I rose from his shoulder and cupped his face in my hand ‘I must have saved a country in the past, for being here with you now… and I have no idea why… why of all bad people you-you should have the worst fate in the world–’

His big, calloused finger tapped over my relatively tiny lips and hushed me softly. I was a hot mess of tears and emotions as his big thumb caressed my tears away and looks down at me with affection.

‘Sweetheart, you are sitting on my lap, buck ass naked, oozin’ a world worth of love and sweetness that would give me diabetes. Trust me, I am not the one whose fate is the worst‘ he tucked one of my hair behind my ears and shook my chin ‘I think the worst fate award goes to every person about to be shot by me, and the douchbags who rejected you.‘


“Isla, have you seen….” The rest of my sentence dies on my lips, the tiny blue and white pregnancy  test draws every ounce of attention to it. 

The drunken cloud I’ve been floating in for…. for sometime now kind of lifts from my eyes as the words positive sink in. 

She’s pregnant, she’s pregnant with my child. 

I sink to the floor, my shaky unstable legs unable to hold me up any longer as the reality of this news sets in. 

I wonder how long she’s known for, if she’s feeling okay and why she didn’t tell me all at the same time. Is she happy or scared, I have no fucking idea, I don’t even know what day of the week it is. 

We’re gonna have a baby. As hard as I try I just, I can’t get over it. 

Reality hits me like a tidal wave, cold and fast, strong enough to pull me right under, where I sink  as dread that feels like water fills my lungs. 

I’m such a fucking mess right now, y head and heart are dark like they’ve never been, I mean what could I possibly offer a child. No job, no goals, no dreams. 

So instead of going to the bedroom and searching out the only person who’s ever loved me just because, just for me and getting the answers to my questions. Instead of making sure the love of my life is okay I go back outside and drown the loud noises in my head with enough liquor to drag me under. 

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Some art class selfies~ (I look like crap and my eyes are red because I haven’t slept in weeks and I’m sick ok ignore that. Also I don’t usually wear lipstick IGNORE THAT ALSO I SWEAR MY LIPS ARENT THAT TINY) I’ll try to do the actual selfie tag soon. Aka my iconic gif selfie tag lmao

Middle Names

An Eddie Redmayne one shot.

For the hundredth time that night, I found an exasperated sigh escape my lips. “Eddie!” I called. No answer. I groaned and rolled over in bed. “Eddie!” I tried again. Still, no answer. “Eddie Redmayne get your ass to bed!” Nothing. “Edward!” I heard shuffling from the living room, but still no sign of Eddie. “Edward. John David. Redmayne.” I yelled. A light chuckle came from down the hallway, and soon Eddie was in the room, his presence making all of my exasperation evaporate.

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14. Captive Heart, Captive Mind

(Bucky X Reader)

Summary: Reader had been imprisoned for over five years and cut off from her powers for most of that time. She is ready to give up when she is given one more mission by the mysterious group she has been captured by.

Author’s Note: I’m sorry it’s been almost 10 days since I posted part 13! My show opened this week and homework came crashing down on top of me. University is so fun sometimes. I just haven’t been myself as of late. ANYWAY I had a really hard time writing the SMUT. I rewrote it more than 10 times and I’m still not sure how much I like it, but I hope you do! Otherwise I have missed this reader so much. It’s been to long since I’ve been able to sit down and write her. She speaks to me so much. I hope you enjoy!

*Side note- in light of recent personal and public events if you ever need a safe haven to talk or rant, I’m here. I hope I can always be here for anyone who needs me.

Warnings: TW Rape/Sexual Assault history and anguish. Cursing, SMUT! HUGE CLIFFHANGER- I’M SO SORRY


TAGS: @iwillendyourlifeslut @sergeant-angel @thesalsafic @bxtchybrie @beccaanne814-blog @hellomissmabel @kaatniss @oliviaadamswrites @finallybreathee @marvel-lucy @chrixa @iamtal @nikkitia7 @mitra-k-w @unpredictable-firecracker @sgt-jbb-107 @melonberri @sammedrano @sebbytrash @callamint @vvonder-lands @nykitass @supernatural-girl97 @aliciahyphenjo @langinator @imgettingmarriedtobuckybarnes


I looked up into Bucky’s eyes and I could see his pupils growing as his eyes met mine. That beautiful shade of blue that had been the bane of my existence for so long was bearing into me. I felt the warmth creep into my face and the bumps cover my body as I shuddered. The tension grew between us, waiting for one of us to do something. The eagerness we had on the drive home left us and hesitation filled the space. We were standing in my bedroom at the foot of the bed. We weren’t touching, but we were close. So painfully close.

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