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“What are these?“ Maxon asked, brushing across the tips of my fingers as we walked.
"Calluses. They’re from pressing down on violin strings four hours a day.”
“I’ve never noticed them before.”
“Do they bother you?” I was the lowest caste of the six girls left, and I doubted any of them had hands like mine.
Maxon stopped moving and lifted my fingers to his lips, kissing the tiny, worn tips.
“On the contrary. I find them rather beautiful.” I felt myself blush. “I’ve seen the world – admittedly mostly through bulletproof glass or from the tower of some ancient castle – but I’ve seen it. And I have access to the answers of a thousand questions at my disposal. But this small hand here?” He looked deeply into my eyes. “This hand makes sounds incomparable to anything I’ve ever heard. Sometimes I think I only dreamed that I heard you play the violin, it was so beautiful. These calluses are proof that it was real.” 

It’s crazy how our last memories together were many months ago. Today, I struggle to remember the sound of your voice. I remember how it used to turn the corners of my lips upward & my smile stretched until my eyes were tiny slits, & my dimples creeped up my cheeks. Now i just cringe hearing your name.

The day of endless edging

Yesterday I got to wake up to daddy’s hand in my slit. Who needs coffee in bed when you have daddy’s hand? He spent a good hour teasing me mercilessly till I had to get ready to leave. Edging as fast as I could with only 100 strokes from his cock. He had me do this twice, approx 60 edges later I was soaked and shaking.
Daddy had a solution for that, two pairs of Minnie Mouse panties with the Hitachi placed snugly on my button. Having me edge MORE! (120) I soaked through the two pairs of panties!!

I went to finish getting ready.. Daddy added some accessories to complete my outfit. Three rubber bands on each breast, glass anal plug, and the tack insert for my panties. I thought I was absolutely fine, thinking that this would be easy. Till I sat down, the tacks pierced my sensitive swollen bits. A tiny yelp escaped my lips. By the end of my appointment, everything was super achey!
I went home quickly to daddy. When I got home, he first took care of my basic needs that I seem to forget. Coffee & food, he’s so good to me. Then I was ordered to strip and straddle the Hitachi. 100 smacks with the paddle on each cheek. I could tell it’s been a while, the first 50 hurt like I none other. Grinding on the tacks with the Hitachi vibrating into my cunt digging deeper. It hurt so good.
Later that afternoon daddy thought he’d motivate me to get my chores done faster. It sure worked, I was fast and effective. After competing a chore I’d receive a couple more edges that had to be completed while humping objects. I was daddy’s ‘hump puppy’. My favorite and most embarrassing object was probably the broom handle.
I was barely finishing up and daddy said it was time to fuck me. Hard and deep just how good little girls should be done. Bent me over and delivered what he promised stretching and filling my sore cunt. It was beginning to feel the abuse of all the edges, tacks and humping from the day.

One of my earlier chores was to clean the bathroom, daddy wanted to scrutinize my work. He had me put the dildo at the base of the toilet and fuck it. Watching me bring myself to the edge over and over. I begged daddy to let me cum (I really need to work on this, I know I can do better). I was not going to be permitted to cum today. Merely as a reward for being such a good girl I got to clean daddy’s cock up. I had made such a mess, but cleaned it well.
Daddy’s can’t be messy that’s for dirty little girls only.


Some art class selfies~ (I look like crap and my eyes are red because I haven’t slept in weeks and I’m sick ok ignore that. Also I don’t usually wear lipstick IGNORE THAT ALSO I SWEAR MY LIPS ARENT THAT TINY) I’ll try to do the actual selfie tag soon. Aka my iconic gif selfie tag lmao



Loser-Derek Smut


Request: Derek smut where you both play pool and things get heated. 

He was pissing me off. Big bad wolf and all. Big bad wolf my ass.

“But you fucking cheated i saw the ball moving god damn it!!” he yelled. he really couldn’t take some competition.

“Asshole” i whispered.

“What did you say?…”

“Oh fuck you Derek you can detect when i'm  lying so now y ou know i am not. You just can’t cope with losing ” i shouted a bit more than needed but was interrupted by his lips brushing against mine.

“I’d fuck you…” he whispered sucking on my earlobe. Every word caressing my skin. i stumbled on my feet due to the sudden surprise of all of this and felt the pool table right behind us.

“Ouch"a tiny whimper escaped my lips  and he smirked. He looked at the table where we had been playing only seconds ago and without waisting any time, 
Spread the balls to make space and then motioned for me to jump on it.

He approached me shaking his head a bit as if not believing what was happening.

” trust me i have trouble believing it too.“ I said and he chuckled as his strong firm hands wrapped around my waist engaging both of our lips into another hungry kiss. 

i started trailing patterns with my lips all over his cheek, lowering them leaving butterfly kisses on the way. Isucked on his sweet spot causing him to moan. Never had i ever imagined Derek Hale could produce such sounds.

Soon we had both stripped of our clothes.(His claws had made it easier ) and were facing at eachother lustfully.

He smiled before pushing my chest down so that i would be lying on the table. He took a moment to stare at my body before targeting where i craved him most.  He blew cold air at my soaking wet area and sucked on the inner thighs. Biting a bit on the skin. His fingers brusged against me only once and that lack of contact made me want to scream. I just needed him. He could sense it i knew he could. Pride was written all over his face. Then Without any warning he shoved his tongue in me sucking on my clit, licking and breathing against it. Devouring me as if i would be the last meal he’d ever have.. i held onto the green coverage of the table, pushing a few more pool balls aside.

My legs started trembling and i felt gim chuckling against the now very sensitive skin.  I was close…and just when i was about to climax, he pulled away and smirked.

"I hate you” i whispered.

“No, you don’t” he whispered back and held my hips. I was about to ask what he was doing , when he flipped me over. i got on my knees and sticked out my bum as much as possible as i held from the table’s sides. I wasn’t supposed to allow him to do that, but for some reason, the idea was making me wet.

I could feel him smirking as he held my hips and pressed his dick inside my back entrance . His head fell back in pleasure and his eyes were closed.

“Fuck!” i yelled due to the pain

“You’re so tight” he moaned as he started thrusting harder.  He would squeeze on the right buttcheek and then slap on it before doing the same to the left one.  I could hear the sound of our bodies colliding together with every thrust. 
. Soon we were moving in sync and i could feel the vibration in my stomach. His left hand left my hip and procceded on grabbing my hair , pulling me closer, so that he can go even deeper.

“Ugh Y/N” he gasped. My breathing was far too fast to be able to speak. His right hand was tugging at my hair and he used his left one to hold on to my neck. Pushing my whole body against his member.

“Did you ever please yourself thinking about me?” he asked. Was he trying to pick up a conversation?? really?

i didn’t answer, he knew the answer anyway.

he slamed in me faster and faster, when i stopped him. He looked at me.

“Hurts too much?” he asked.

“No…..but,…can i ride you?” i asked as inocently as possible. 
he laughed and truned over as his back hit the table and placed his hands behind his neck.

“Go ahead” he whispered and i climbed on top of him placing my centre down his dick. It slowly entered me and my jaw dropped open from the pleasure.

As soon as he could feel my walls against him again he started gasping and i followed. I begun going faster and harder , jumping on his dick while rubbing my nipples, causing them to harden. He noticed what i was doing and pushed my hands away.

“Let me” he gasped and grabbed my tits, at his touch i moaned even harder. I am pretty sure people outside the pub , could hear my moans. He held on my tits squeezing them, gently and then roughly as i rode his cock.My head arched back as i allowed myself to enjoy the feeling  and my hands found his stomach, my nails, scaring his abs, it must’ve hurt but we were too into it to care.

“i’m gonna cum” i said as i rode my orgasm, yelling louder than ever. Soon he followed , his warm cum filling my walls.

Unfortunately i couldn’t sustain all of it, meaning , there was now a huge stain on the pool table.

“Maybe they won’t notice?” i questioned refering to the stain as i got up and put on my clothes.

He only laughed.

“maybe” he said.

“ and you did lose that game” i added putting my clothes back on. Or rather, what was left of them.

“If this is what the loser gets, then please. Beat me again.”

I got tagged by the wonderful @ffsmagnusbane to do this so here i am !!

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  1. a bottle of water (I drink so much water omg)
  2. my wallet
  3. lip balm
  4. tiny hand cream bottles
  5. a portable phone charger

Five things in my bedroom:

  1. all my lil soft stuffed toys bc i love teddy bears n stuff like that
  2. a big ol bookshelf
  3. a water bottle
  4. my couch and the soft fluffy blanket and cushions on it
  5. the bed (my favourite part, wow i love sleep)

Five things I’ve wanted to do in life:

  1. travel the world
  2. go to fashion week somewhere
  3. become a writer
  4. adopt a shiba inu
  5. live in london

Five things that make me happy:

  1. my friends
  2. my tv shows
  3. books
  4. people who let me pet their pets
  5. music

Five things I’m currently into:

  1. Shadowhunters
  2. makeup
  3. art (my passion has come back to life but i still suck)
  4. dancing alone like an idiot
  5. shopping

Five things on my to-do list: (I actually wrote on this morning)

  2. setting up a meeting with my college counsellor 
  3. pet all the dogs in the world
  4. text my friend to prove she was wrong about something we’ve been discussing for days
  5. staying hydrated

Five things people may not know about me:

  1. everyone on here thinks im a ray of sunshine in real life and sometimes i am but when u make me mad im sassy and super mean. i need to work on that. 
  2. i love fashion v much
  3. i have never been on a date/asked out/liked but i dont really care ?? like im just livin life rn
  4. im terrified of bugs and insects (except for bees and like flies)
  5. im super awkward and clumsy

i tag @xofemeraldstars @clarygaywood @ihadnooriginalnames @alishawainnwright and @sadlyamundane

Let me trace your soul
with my tiny fingertips,
and memorize it with my lips,
let me hear your heartbeat
with my own pair of ears,
and sing it with my music,
let me have every part of you
and I’ll lend you—all of me, too.
—  ma.c.a // I Want It All
I am hopelessly in love with you. I imagine your deft fingers gently brushing away the tiny hairs from my forehead and your lips stealing a kiss my own, and I think that we could have had a good life had you chosen me too.
Just a Little

Knowing that I don’t have a chance

Can I still be in love with you?

The world will never be in my hands

And your heart won’t be too

It really hurts to know this

Even more by understanding

But I’ll still imagine

The impossible magic

I’ll smile when you smile

Laugh when you laugh

But cry cause you’re not mine

That it’s never enough

Life was never really fair

I keep shedding tear after tear

So I’ll be waiting till you hear

This heartbeat ever so clear

I won’t stop until you see

Beautiful imperfect little me

Wrap my arms around your neck

And give your lips a tiny peck

But at the end of the day

It’s just a dream as I lay

The sweetest one never to come true

And I’ll just be as far away from you

Even so, I’ll still be in love

With the shiniest star from above

I hope, even just a little

For you to solve my heart’s riddle