Happy 74th Birthday, George Harrison!

24/5th Feb, 1943 -  ∞

I was about to draw something for his bday but I’ve kinda been on a music/piano streak lately so I decided to make a medley for some (four, precisely) of my favourite Beatle George songs :D Hope you like it!


So, I was tagged by (the beautiful) @macca-pornstache to post 3 selfies with my 3 favourite beatles songs, so here it is! Thanks for tagging me! The middle one is from last summer, but I really liked it, so I put it in here anyway ;) 

My three favourite beatles songs (right now) are (I think… this is so hard): I Got A Feeling, Two Of Us and In My Life

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In Spite of All the Danger

Midnight Cinderella Imagines
Byron Wagner x Reader

The sound of hastened footsteps echoed all over the silent hallway of Stein’s royal palace that afternoon. A lone man with an unreadable expression in his handsome face, swept through the hallway with only a sole intent in mind. The billowing dark cape behind him, along with the eyepatch covering his right eye, added to his already mysterious and intimidating aura.

A lone Stein knight met him when he reached the end of the hallway, in front of a certain room. The knight bowed in front of him before speaking. “King Byron, I deeply apologise for what happened. It is my duty to protect the queen yet she got hurt because I was not able to carry out my duty well.”

The knight’s usually cheerful demeanor was now gone and was replaced by a somber, even guilty, one. Byron narrowed his eyes. “Stand straight, Nico.” The young knight immediately straightened up and focused his determined stare at Byron, silently waiting for his punishment. “I blame you not for what happened to the queen.” Ignoring the widened eyes of the young knight, he went on, “Do you have any updates about the perpetrator?”

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alteyv  asked:

OK, but is 'The Long and Winding Road' for John? I don't know any story about the song, I only have lyrics that brings me a lot of mcln-feelings and tears. It was 1969 so I think lyrics match perfectly. It sounds for me like 'You broke my heart on Abbey road, you left me for her, I tried so hard to return to you and I don't know what to do now 'cuz I still love you'. Don't you tell me you've never cried over this song!

I’ll tell you a story about this song. I never actually loved it, it was never my favourite beatles song. When I went to Paul’s concert 4 years ago it was the song that hit me the most, I cried like a baby, it was so emotional. 

All the songs in the Let it Be and Abbey Road album written by Paul are about loss, separation and broken hearts. Paul was engaged with Linda in 1969 and seemed quite happy too, so WHY WOULD HE WRITE SUCH A SAD COMPILATION OF SONGS?

Because he was breaking up with John, he was losing him, and tried his best to have him back. He knew it was over and he could do nothing but sing his desperation away. ‘let it be’ is about dreaming his mother telling him that that’s life, that he had to let it happen, no matter if it hurted. ‘Oh!darling’ was a desperate scream of love. ‘The long and winding road’ is his resignation, he gave up, singing how much he tried to come back to him, to put the pieces together and start again.

Many times I’ve been alone
And many times I’ve cried
Any way you’ll never know
The many ways I’ve tried

He’s completely lost and desperate, still begging forgiveness from John, waiting for him to come back 

Don’t leave me standing here
Lead me to your door

We all know that it will never happen. 

Made in the A.M. Influences: If I Could Fly

I’m back! Assignments are done and the school year is over and it’s time for me to get a move on with these posts. 

So! Onto If I Could Fly. It was really hard to avoid just listing all the ballads by british rock bands that I love, but I’ve chosen some songs that are by artists that you can hear throughout the album, and that have a sound you can hear clearly in IICF. Be warned, this is an emotional list. Again, thanks so much to @saracha33, @conscious–ramblings, @spandeedie, @daysundercover, @cyclonelouis and @unintentionalarry for being my sounding boards for this series. 

Robbie Williams

Angels - Life Thru A Lens, 1997

Simon and Garfunkel

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Bridge Over Troubled Water, 1970

The Beatles

Hey Jude - Hey Jude/Revolution, 1970 (this is my favourite Beatles song of all time, so I’m biased, but the verses are clearly an influence) 

Peter Gabriel

Book Of Love - Scratch My Back, 2010 (this is a cover of the Magnetic Fields song, which is also great. Also don’t think about Harry slow dancing with Louis in their lounge room singing this song quietly into Louis’ ear because you will cry)

Billy Joel

And So It Goes - Storm Front, 1989


Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Heathen Chemistry, 2002

Don’t Go Away - Be Here Now, 1997

Coldplay (It was really hard to not include every Coldplay piano ballad, because they are such a clear influence. Basically all of Rush of Blood can be heard in this song)

The Scientist - A Rush Of Blood To The Head, 2002

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