This is Xu Weizhou. He’s 22. Multi-talented. Multi-faceted. In January, he acted in the Chinese web series Addicted. Because of its sudden popularity and subject matter, it was removed from Chinese websites and he was then banned from broadcast, along with his co-star Huang Jingyu.

He has been trying to rebuild his budding career by staging his own concert tour based on his debut album Light, without any traditional promotions. His fans make it a success throughout Asia and China, yet he’s still forbidden from singing the theme songs he wrote for the series in his own country.

In a few short months, he has been through many ups and extreme downs, but he remains the sweetest, brightest, bravest and all-around most awesomest human being. Last month, he became the first Mainland artist to have a sold-out solo concert in Korea. This is him for Dazed & Confused by Kim Tae Hwan.

After the sound of my heart shattering into a thousand pieces when I watched both parts of ski lodge, Corey The Most Amazing Human to Ever Walk The Planet Foglemanis posted this beautiful pic to remind me to not give up hope.


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This is honestly one of the happiest day of my entire life…I got the opportunity to meet the most wonderful human in this earth Johnny Christopher Depp or as I like 2 call him the love of my life😍😩 no words can explain how exiting this night was for me thank yuh sissy for going with me and for being my partner in crime 👭☺️💕😩 #johnnydepp #mylove #hollywoodvampires #nowicandiehappy #forevergrateful @heycocodevine

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Call Me Monster Part 5 (A/F)

Summary: After events have left y/n with confusion, but as things get even more complicated, dark hidden truth begin to be revealed…

Word Count: 2.3k

Author: Admin B- I really don’t want to end the story here so let’s see how it does and I’ll let you know if there will be another part!

Warnings: language, vampire AU

Involving; Baekhyun ft. Chanyeol, Sehun

Exo Masterlist ~ Previous Part

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As the breath was stripped from your lungs the cold winter night became a cold memory once again. You had become tired with the constant battle you were in. You felt not just mentally broken but it was showing physically, the bruises that covered your skin described who you believed to be your lover perfectly. In one instance he was the most perfect human you had ever laid your eyes on, his touch felt heavenly, his scent intriguing, these moments represented in the warm purple bruises that were laced along your neck. However, his recent actions set all your previous thoughts on fire. No matter what he made you feel he was a monster. A monster. The cuts and rips of your legs and arms showed the danger he put you in, the pain you experienced by simply wanting to involve him in your life. You stopped running similar to how your thoughts instantly stopped due to the word that wreaked havoc inside of your own mind. One side of you begged yourself to deny it, protest against the thought but you knew the truth. He was. As much as you didn’t want him to be, he was one. He had to hurt people in order to survive, your selfishness begged him to stay with you. Why? You questioned yourself yet again, what had he done that made you want to stay with him? You didn’t know him, you didn’t…did you?

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Proof Keith’s an alien: keith is the most non-human-trying-to-seem-human name I’ve ever damn heard. Everyone else has a cool name. Then there’s Keith,….. It just doesn’t add up

ballet was the highlight of my week, per usual 

ruth, my incredible 80-something year old teacher who is the most elegant human ever, took things up a notch today! it was so challenging, but i loved every second 

the boy came to pick me up, as i’m having car trouble, and all of the older ballet ladies were saying “it’s not everyday such a good looking young man comes to our studio!” and they loved his accent - it was a riot having him blush over the compliments 

and ruth tried to convince him to take ballroom lessons with me, which was also hilarious 

now i am off to get my hair cut for the first time in 6ish months (eeek) 

hope everyone is having a nice weekend xx

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Hello lovely blogger! I was wondering whether you think John will ever apologise for calling Sherlock a machine? Because I honestly feel that it still needs to be addressed that John said that. Even if Sherlock is "the most human human being" John has ever known, I still think John should clarify that he regrets calling Sherlock a machine.

Hi Nonny!

I’m sure John harbours a lot of guilt for calling Sherlock a machine (in fact I think John believes he thought he was the catalyst to Sherlock’s suicide). He said it because he was scared for Sherlock, just as Sherlock jumped because he was scared for John. I think it MAY have been discussed off screen, since John does reference on his blog that Sherlock had told him why he left, but it’s ambiguous and I don’t think John knows REALLY why Sherlock jumped. It’s something that I think can be explored for sure. Both men need to talk to each other in order for their relationship to progress, and I think it will happen in S4. 

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hi! i love your blog!! I was just wondering if you actually believe in this kind of stuff? (I really don't mean that in a rude way, I was just curious) If so to what extent, like say you believe in Big Foot but you don't think he's an alien or whatever. Thank you :)

Hi! It’s not rude one bit to ask! I believe in the cryptids for the most part. Some human-animal cross breeds I don’t (like Frogman, Goatman, etc). But for the most part I believe people have seen something strange that they have reported. Be this a genetic mutation in an animal that no one has seen before so they cry “mystery species!” or just something incredible and new all together. It’s happened in the past, it can happen again!

For an example, imagine hearing about this crazy creature. You hear people say it’s bigger than a human. You hear them say that it’s so strong it can crush a man’s skull with one swing of its arm. They say it looks like a man, but it isn’t. It’s aggressive and scary. People say that it will attack with no warning if you get too close. 

Well that’s what people used to say about gorillas before they were recognized by science. Now we accept gorillas and we know they’re real. Up until 1902, gorillas were a cryptid.

High Society

Her breath came out in short pants, her lungs burning. Christine was running so fast the trees blurred next to her and she could only hope she wouldn’t run into one. She chanced a look behind her but wasn’t able to see anything, her eyesight wasn’t that great in the dark, like most humans. When she looked back she wasn’t able to look in front of her and tripped, crashing into the underbrush. Her fall was short lived though, someone hauling her up by her shirt, her snarling and kicking him all the way.

“Put me the fuck down!”



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My mom:


Video by @smedegaard3105 aka the most talented human being on the planet.