You think we don’t know about you? Agent Michael Emerson Weston. Born in San Diego, California. Political Science major at Wesleyan. Then three years at Quantico, studying high profile personal security. You know everyone, you know everything about FBI protective custody. You know where they hid Claire.

it's Thursday you know what that means...

*running downstairs to turn Graceland on*

Me: The time is here! Let us welcome it gladly with courage and cheer, let us take to couch with no doubt in our hearts, with a jubilant shout, it will start soon enouuuugh, it will start soon enoooooough 

Yesterday I got to ride Mike who is a huge Oldenburg that has a refusing to move forward problem. It’s a nasty habit and a bit of fuss to make him move forward.

So once I got him moving I had to keep going till we were done flatting. I like the horses that don’t like moving forward so much more then the fast engine horses. I am all leg muscle.

Then I almost rode urban again, but he pulled his shoe.

I lessoned Easy for the second time yesterday and he’s really fun. A bit spooky and lazy. A bit young but he’s jumps using himself so well it’s crazy. He does not like people in his face and needs a supporting leg similar to my horse.

Easy, urban, and Mike are all sale horses. I’ll try and get some pictures of these guys soon.

I rode Frosty today and walked around the barn twice calling it trail riding practice and then gave him a bath because his leaser is showing him tomorrow.

He’s doing good and his navicular isn’t currently making him lame and he looks perfect again!

Riding at least Solitaire tomorrow.