now that the “party” is over and sana doesn’t have to fear her parents finding out about her letting alcohol into their house, and the party that took place there, i think that this is going to be a good learning experience for her. because what would’ve hurt sana the most had they found out would’ve been knowing that they felt like their own daughter had disrespected them and their home, knowing that they were disappointed in her. she knows she could’ve really hurt her parents there, these two people who mean so much to her, much much more than any of the russ stuff. and hopefully this will help (it’s a process) her realize that there are compromises that shouldn’t be made, that she shouldn’t let anyone or anything make her feel like she has to make


The new momcat and babies are So Good, so pure, so floof

Honestly, I need to rant about how shitty of friends Archie and Veronica were tonight. They not only lied and went behind Betty’s back, but Veronica literally threw Betty under the bus, making it seem like she was involved with what THEY did. Betty believed Jughead. Veronica HEARD Betty say she believed Jughead. Heard her say she wanted no part in what was going on. But Veronica making that dinner comment made it seem like Betty was part of their little scheme to get inside of FP’s home. I don’t know. I’m just annoyed. I already didn’t like Archie and Veronica, but this really was the cherry on top.

When Betty said she never wanted to talk to them again I was like 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.

God I’m salty.

WOw FP IS BEING FRAMED??! WOW BETTY WAS RIGHT IN TRUSTING JUGHEADS DAD WASNT INVOLVED IN THE MURDER?? Smh. Literally last episode as well, Archie was a shitty friend to Jughead. Oh, and wait, he was shitty to him in the baby shower episode as well. LMAO PSA: ARCHIE IS A SHITTY FRIEND AND VERONICA JUST WASNT BEING THE BEST TONIGHT.

(in no way am I saying you can’t have these as your fav characters. Everyone has their own opinions, I just needed to rant)

Okay but don’t think about Yousef sitting at home staring at the little “read” sign next to his last message. 

Try not to picture his face when he realises where he’s gone wrong, how significant those last few words are. The power they have to change everything between him and Sana. 

don’t think about the moment he knows that he will never get a reply, that what he said means more than he could have ever imagined and he can’t take it back. try not to imagine him jumping every time his phone vibrates with a notification, hoping that he’s wrong and things are fine….that nothing has changed after all. 

but every single time there is nothing and time between those words and now lengthens and he can’t take it back

he can never take it back. 

he knows now 

that everything 

is different 

and he can’t do anything to fix it.