Throwback Thursday Brovis Edition: Jaques Et Florine

Bon Jeudi, mes amis! This week, for Throwback Thursday Brovis Edition, we’re heading back to the IKMY sketches to take a look at a classic: Jaques et Florine.

addictedtoylvis and I decided to take on this French piece, but we realized that neither of us were very well versed in French art films. So, we decided to do something that we’ve never done before. We called Magnus We did research.

We each watched a French art house film over the weekend so we’d better understand the lack of things to understand in this trailer. We do this for you, folks!  (Also because we’re giant nerds…)

So pick up your shiny red typewriter and your green cup, and join us as we talk about our favourite scenes, what awards we’d give Jaques et Florine, and give a rundown of how the movies we watched compared to this.

You all know where the gifs come from by now (thanks ylvisforalltid!), and you also know the drill - we want to know what you think! Enjoy!

1. In a trailer of a movie about nothing, which scene of Jaques et Florine was the most absurd?

2. The “reviews” mention that the movie is impossible to understand. Did you ever find yourself actually trying to make sense of something?

3. Were you familiar with French arthouse cinema? If so, what styles and motifs of the genre did you notice in Jaques et Florine?

4. What were your favourite funny moments?

5. What did you think of the performances? Favourite Bård, Vegard and Calle moments?

6. Who had the best relationship: Jaques and Florine, or Calle and the goat?

7. Any thoughts on the score of the trailer?

8. As with Maximum Gardening, this trailer shows a lot of attention to detail outside of the acting scenes. What was your favourite detail? Favourite review quote?

9. If you had to give this film an award, what would it be?

10. Putting aside the fact that Ylvis stars in the movie, would you watch it?

11. Were there any things in Jaques et Florine that you actually saw in your movie research?

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i’ve only got an increase of 400 words today but i entirely rewrote a section of like 500 so i feel like i’ve been writing a lot

also after getting my results yesterday ive been doing heaps of new research which is time consuming and does not increase word count lmao gr8