corveroth  asked:

Maro, can I ask that you offer a shout-out for massive service to the MTG community? Hunterofsalvation, an editor and admin on MTG Wiki, has just completed a three-year effort of gargantuan scale. The 2014 update to the Mothership changed most article URLs and left no redirects, leaving the Wiki with more than 2000 pages with broken citation links. Hunter is almost exclusively responsible for individually tracking down and repairing all of them, and I want to see him receive some recognition!

Then recognition he shall get.

A tip of my hat.


aguilamagica  asked:

Maro! Can you tell us something super vague about an awesome card you've worked on today?

I work at home on my column on Friday, so sadly, no I can’t.

I can say I wrote my first column on Unstable’s design. So, yeah!

elliotk68  asked:

Hey MaRo, can you tell me the reason why it was decided to only have weapons for the mono-color Gods as opposed to giving them to all of them (especially when the art of many of them implied that they had those such as Athreos and Mogis)

There wasn’t space for fifteen of them.

betterkatethannev3r  asked:

Maro, can you please pass on my thanks to the people responsible for Alesha and her story? I am a trans woman in the military- her story is my story. It resonated very strongly with me. I am so thankful to have it be a part of Magic. Thank you.

I will pass along your kind words.