Day Four NSFW Victuuri Week

Title: when I’m alone with you

Author: Raving Raven

Rating: E

Warning: Mentions of past dubcon with Yuuri’s past lover, NSFW, not proofread yet

Summary:Viktor was the first time he had ever felt Eros. There was no love in that with him. It’s not like Yuuri was the inexperienced fumbling virgin Viktor probably thought he was. In fact, he had been used. Once, he had been so roughly fucked that he had to make up a lame excuse to Celestino because he couldn’t even walk much less skate. Yuuri was dirty. He’s had sex before. Not Eros, though. Never Eros. There had been no love involved. Was it selfish for him to ask Viktor, his own fiancé to have sex with him when he was so tainted? But… Viktor made him believe in himself, made him feel worthy of being loved, and made him feel wanted. Not a burden for once. He wanted, no, needed Viktor to ravish him so thoroughly that he would forget his name and only think of his darling Viktor.

Tl;dr Yuuri had been stuck in an unhealthy relationship but was too scared of being abandoned, so he never complained until that person left him eventually. He wants Viktor to wash those memories away by having sex.

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Prometheus spec

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my first Arrow spec all damn season. I am both sad that it took this long bit glad that the spec bug has finally hit.

So, I read Liv & Companies spec that Prometheus is actually E2 Oliver and fell IN LOVE with it.

It ties into the comment Stephen made about Flashpoint coming into a play a bit at the end of the season (they’ll need to get rid of Prometheus somehow and GET BABY SARA BACK ONCE AND FOR ALL) and the whole idea that Prometheus is really a product of Oliver’s actions as the Hood in Season One. 

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See, I’m Smiling

Pairing/Characters: Artist!Steve x Theatre Performer!Reader

Warnings: Angst, swearing, not much this is just angst ridden

Summary: You and Steve have been together for five years and the first four were incredible but lately things have been a little rocky. He’s been acting sketchy and you’ve been away in Ohio doing a summer show, you’ve been dying to see him. You’ll have the whole week together and you’ve never been more excited to see your husband. 

Word Count: 1451

A/N: This is based off of the song ‘See, I’m Smiling’ from the musical The Last Five Years! 10/10 Reccomend just bc Jason Robert Brown is one of my favourite composers! #theatrefreak

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Tbh I'm reaching a point where I'm like, fuck the bioware fandom. They adore characters like Solas and Jaal but treat Liam and Vivienne like shit. Cora also gets a bunch of needless hate. They call Blackwall a rapist, which (as an assault victim) I find trivializing. Treat Sebastian Vale like a religious fanatic who wants to burn Hawke at the stake for being a mage. It's like they can't view anything in layers and if they don't like a character they will invent reasons to hate them.

Well, I’m not so sure about speaking in such general terms, but without a doubt, it is a difficult line on which most BioWare characters are dancing. 

If you’ll excuse me for a second, I’m going to get real preachy with you for a second. Please, just bear with me on this one. I’m not going to promise that there is gonna be a point, but if you don’t mind, I’m going to rant at you for a minute. :)

When one is creating any sort of media product intended for large audiences (such as a big budget, AAA video game such as Andromeda or Inquisition), simplicity and complexity are… pretty heavily weighed against each other.

I’m gonna try to explain that.

Since there is the obvious analogy about a proverbial chain being only as strong as its weakest link, most things designed for wide appeal tend to be simple, they tend to stick to convention, they tend to make use of one’s confirmation bias, and not require one to put their aforementioned English Major/English Class hats on, or stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.

And many studios and developers still think of their audience, of that “one”, as a homogeneous mass of 13-25 year old, straight, white guys. This sounds a bit like the anti-millenial bullshit old journalists tend to spew in their impotent hatred towards anyone younger than them, but…. as much as this hurts to admit, there is a kernel of truth in that contemporary media, especially video games, are still very often treated as frivolous, simple entertainment, even by their own audience. (Hence, “it’s just a game” arguments.)

On the other hand, we on tumblr -myself included- tend to have a real boner for analyzing every single line, every syllable of every word uttered in our entertainment. Not only do we have our English Major hats, but also Social- and Media Studies hats, we become a bunch of part-time literary analysts (which I think is SO COOL), and try to look into the media we consume…. potentially (or most likely) deeper than many developers and studios intend.

The thing about BioWare is that… there are very few people who bother to think about the games they produce and consume both as products of contemporary entertainment media, and art. As a piece of literature. As something to analyze and criticize without denying its merits completely.

There are few who stop to think about Blackwall’s obvious 10+ year struggle with immense guilt, self-loathing, and obvious depression which made him believe himself unworthy of friendly- or romantic affection. (Btw, I’m so sorry you were made to feel that way. You definitely did not deserve any of that, and frankly, I don’t even understand where that claim came from? This is a digression, but seriously, someone please point me to an instance in which Blackwall doesn’t ask, and then wait diligently for explicit permission, initiation for, or enthusiastic participation in any physical contact. I’ll wait.)

There are few who stop to consider that when he makes the Big Controversial Claim, Sebastian’s home of god knows how long had just gone up in flames in front of his very eyes, consuming the woman who was a mother in place of his own in a flame of -in his eyes- self-righteous fury.

There are few who stop to think about Vivienne long enough to see just how gentle and caring a soul she is, if only you bother to show her that you are deserving of her kindness, and that you aren’t holding a dagger behind your back, just waiting for her to turn around and let her guard down.

These characters are very nuanced, they are written with so much care by people who Know Their Shit, and I feel even their hearts must bleed when they see what oversimplified, generalized opinions make of their darlings.

Because it is human nature for us to seek what is simple and convenient, especially in our entertainment. It is human to seek what is black and white, and for us to look at shades of grey, and push it one way or the other depending on our preconceived notions. It’s just how our brains look to eliminate uncertainty.

Which is, of course, an explanation, and not an excuse.

I know it’s disheartening. I definitely understand that, and I know it is so much easier to just not bother to write thinkpieces, to think deeply about stories, and just in general participate. I wouldn’t want anyone to do anything in their free time that they find exhausting or annoying. I get it. But I implore you, and everyone reading this, to not give up.

How else am I supposed to rain my long and ranty pieces on just how amazingly strong and sweet Sera is and how hard she is trying to understand things that had been denied her, is or just how much I appreciated that Liam was allowed to be angry without him devolving into a gross stereotype.

And for real fuck Solas tho. Jaal is a sweetheart and I don’t want to drag him into this because he is a character with his own merits, wouldn’t even mention him on the same day as Solas if I could help it because I think they have absolutely zero things in common, but, y’know, fuck Solas.

he is faithless and a wanderer but you,
 you gave him a home and made him believe
not in you

but he does anyway 
you made him believe in himself

because faith sparks 
love ignites 
and the world burns

tweek WANTED to get back with craig because craig made him feel better about himself. i mean tweek wouldn’t believe that he could ACT until craig said he was capable of so much more and suddenly tweek did such a good job (despite going a bit too far, but that’s the thing he did REALLY GREAT) and he was really fucking happy about it!!!!!!!!! CRAIG MADE HIM BELIEVE IN HIMSELF CRAIG INSPIRED HIM AND THEY WERE HAPPY JUST PLAYING VIDEO GAMES TOGETHER AND TWEEK GENUINELY SMILES AT CRAIG bYE

Rating: T for Tokyo Ghoul so about what you might expect for this series
Characters+Relationships: Tsukiyama Shuu/Kaneki Ken. Of course.
Summary: Tsukiyama finds himself in front of Anteiku. Except Anteiku has been gone for years.
Ch: 1/??? like literally ??? because I have no idea.

So remember that one time like a million trillion months ago when I was talking about RE tsukiyama getting a second chance kuroneki? Yeah. You can blame a) midnight babysitting ive been doing where my phone and me have been spending a lot of quality time together as I hold a baby and b) my creative writing class that’s guilt tripped me into making sure i’m writing for a certain amount of time everyday. I guess it worked, because I ended up working on this for the last couple days. It’s 4 in the morning and I regret literally my entire life. I don’t know if I’ll continue this. I think I’d like to but who knows. We’ll see. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I haven’t written a finished piece in like 5 trillion years. (I gave up writing for drawing, and never the twain shall meet or what not. And writings a bit more nerve wracking for me lmao.)

Everything about him was worn. Falling apart and out of practice. The once brag worthy quality of his nose was, like so many things in his life, a distant memory, never to return.
He took a deep, nervous breath. Even the the air was the same, so spot on it made him want to believe despite himself. Hope bubbled inside him, a dangerous thing.
Coffee beans, though he could no longer tell the differing kinds so much as their general presence. Something baked. The complex, mildly stuffy, intermingling smell of the patrons, the slightest hint of blood…and…
His body recognized it before he did, instantly reacting as his mind struggled to catch up. Even faint, he could pick up on that scent anywhere, would follow it’s barest trail to the ends of the earth if it was still possible. His heart kicked into overdrive.
If he wasn’t already dead, its panicked slamming surely would’ve killed him. He turned his head with force he was sure could’ve snapped his neck.
It was impossible.

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Take Me Home Pt 4
  • Featuring: Oda Nobunaga from Samurai Love Ballad: Party
  • Rating: T
  • Part: OneTwo | Three | Five
  • Author’s Note: Thank you to everyone who have been reading this series! Hope you enjoy this part. :) 

It was a day after Suzume had fainted. He walked down the hallway, thoughts full of her instead of the battle strategies and plans. Full of her and their future child.

“You belong to me.”

“You don’t.”

Those two words were enough to make him want to go to Saito Dosan and inform him that he wasn’t going to be marrying his daughter. But, everything his father had done before this, and his plans for unifying Japan… they’d go to waste. Nobunaga was brought out of his thoughts at the sound of Suzume’s voice, coming from the gardens. He frowned. What was she doing out of her chambers? She was supposed to be resting. Upon hearing Toshiie’s voice, Nobunaga understood all too well why she was up and about.

“Marry me, Suzume.”

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Endless Night Makes Morning Brighter

Pairing: Yuuri Katsuki/Victor Nikiforov

Rating: Teen And Up

Words: 1568

Can be read on AO3.

During the celebration of Yuuri’s victory, Yuuko informs everybody someone made a short movie about our two favorite skaters. EMOTIONS happen, love confessions follow.

I don’t know how many of you knows about this (I didn’t up until this afternoon but @hales-emissary is amazing and told me about it) but the creators of YOI made a short figure skating movie, before they came up with the show, that’s basically five minutes of pure Victuri feels. I watched it. Then I watched it again. They I put it on a repeat for two and a half hours and wrote this. So, yeah. This is basically five pages of FEELS.

I highly recommend you to watch the movie, first of all, it’s beautiful, second of all, it’s kind of a backbone to this story. XD

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P.S.: Text enclosed in these <> mean they are speaking in Japanese, therefore Victor can’t understand.

Surprisingly it was Yuuko, not the culprits disguised as her daughters, who brought their attention to it. In fact, she yelled very loudly in the middle of the celebration of his Grand Prix victory effectively gaining the attention of absolutely everybody.

<“Yuuri! They made a movie about you!”>


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this is the FIRST EPISODE. and already we see how much Aomine has affected Kuroko as a person? how much he is still a part of Kuroko, even after their falling out??? Aomine is literally the person who made Kuroko realize that as long as he loved basketball, he was a valuable member of the team, whether he was strong or weak. And it was Aomine who saw Kuroko doing extra practice every day, and praised him for it, recognized him above all the first-string members who didn’t do extra practice.

I mean, yes, Kuroko is the one who miraculouly regained his mental strength and retained these values after the hell that was Teikou, but Aominewas the one who first believed in him and made him believe in himself. AOMINE IS SO SO SO IMPORTANT TO KUROKO AND HIS CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

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Mayor Queen has been getting pressured to settle down, get a steady gf/fiancé and he meets someone and he feels a spark. But before he moves on , he wants to talk to Felicity to get closure/ make sure that their really over. Ending can be angst or fluff.

authors note: I got carried away with this fic nonnie, and I will apologise for all the pain of this one but I promise the end is worth it (I hope so anyway).

Moving On.

Her hand landed on his as she laughed unburdened. He could feel a spark between them, something that he hadn’t felt in a long while. He stared at her, really staring at her as if willing himself to feel something more. She was smart, but not like Felicity. She was beautiful, taller than Felicity. Her hair dyed a dark shade of red and eyes green as emeralds, but not as vast as Felicity’s, it was like being home when he looked into Felicitys eyes.

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Don’t you guys see the resemblance between ‘Barry/Iris and Oliver/Laurel’ and 'Oliver/Felicity and Barry/Caitlin’?
Laurel and Iris are Oliver’s and Barry’s first loves but we’ve learnt that that doesn’t always mean true love. Oliver loved Laurel for so long but all it took was one person, that one person that changed his whole life, that made him believe in himself to forget about her. True love is much stronger than first love and that’s why I ship Barry with Caitlin. He makes her smile even though she has just gone through a terrible experience and she believes in him and cares about him like no one else does. Just like Felicity believes in and cares for Oliver.
Olicity is definitely the endgame for 'Arrow’ and I strongly believe Snowbarry will be the endgame of 'The Flash’ but I also think they’ll both be a very, very slow burn. 

Apple pie, Chapter 1, a Missing year story

OQ week 3 - Day 7 - Midnight Confessions link | ao3 link

During the beginning of the Missing Year in the Enchanted Forest…

A sweet, but unrecognizable scent invades Robin’s nostrils as he patrols the dark corridors of the castle, and he follows it with curiosity. He has been living in the Queen’s castle for a few days, along with his son, his Merry Men and the people they have found in the forest, and almost every meal has been a surprise for him. Granny Lucas has taken on cooking duties and Robin can tell that the food they’ve been eating has been inspired by the life the dark curse had created for his new allies in another realm. Roland is impressed by the variety of flavors and Robin can’t help but wonder what is being cooked somewhere in the castle right now. Making Roland happy is Robin’s number one priority and if another delicious meal makes his son grin and squeal with joy, then Robin has to find it and take it to the little boy.

It’s late at night and the castle is silent. Robin’s boots on the stone floor echo in the deserted corridors and his shadow on the walls looks much larger than the actual size of his body. He clutches his arrow, prepared to deal with any threat that might come his way. No one has gotten into any kind of danger since the Wicked Witch left after her confrontation with the Queen, but everyone has been on high alert in case the green witch, or one of her minions, decides to reappear.

Robin reaches a wooden door where the intoxicating aroma is apparently coming from. The door is half open and when he looks inside, he realizes that it’s another kitchen, much smaller than the one he has seen Granny use. Robin assumes that it was probably the servants’ kitchen, back when the Queen lived permanently in the castle. He slips into the room, looking around for a sign from the person who has just used it.

No one is there. A pie sits on one of the counters and the way it looks reminds Robin of the delicious blueberry pie he had for breakfast a couple of days ago. There’s a basket full of apples in a corner of the room and it’s not difficult for Robin to imagine that the pie is filled with apples instead of berries and the Queen herself has baked it.

Everyone inside the castle’s walls has avoided eating apples. People talk about the Queen a lot. It’s said that she sits under an old apple tree, always sad and pensive, and no one but Snow White approaches her. A lot of surprised gasps were out of the Merry Men’s mouths when they heard that. They are aware of the story of the poisoned apple the Queen had given to Snow White and that makes them worry about the Princess.

Robin, on the other hand, is not worried about the younger woman. He’s worried about the Queen instead. He hasn’t seen her at all since the rest of their people have joined them in the castle, but her state that night, and their brief conversations, were enough to give him a glimpse of the woman hiding behind the Queen’s mask.

There are some ingredients that have been used on the other counter of the kitchen and it’s obvious to Robin that the Queen was preparing a second apple pie. He wonders what made her leave the kitchen in a hurry. He believes there’s no danger in the castle’s grounds; there are guards everywhere and if there was an attack, he’s certain the night wouldn’t be as silent as it is now. Besides, from what he’s seen and heard from her, he knows that the Queen could be the first to try to stop a possible attack at her home.

Robin finds the Queen close to the small kitchen, in the middle of another empty corridor. She jumps when she hears his steps on the staircase that leads to the corridor, gasping audibly, seemingly in surprise that another person is there during the night.

Robin can’t make out her face in the darkness, her body being slightly turned away from him. He notices that she’s breathing quickly and looking down. Her posture reminds Robin of that night when they were the only ones in the castle – that’s what they had thought, because it turned out that the Wicket Witch was there as well – and Regina was about to use a sleeping curse on herself. Robin notices his mental switch, from using the impersonal “Queen” moniker to using her name in his mind, and it feels right, because as he approaches her a little more, the expression he sees on her face is one of a broken woman. The Queen is not there anymore. The Evil Queen hasn’t been there at all since he has met her, Robin knows that. Regina, the woman who is grieving her son, and helps to protect everyone in the castle even if the only reason she has been doing that so far is to destroy the Wicked Witch, is the one turning her head to face him.

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Girl Meets The Secret Of Life: My Own Thoughts

Riley thought that by not knowing what Lucas did (WHEN WHATEVER HE DID GOT HIM FREAKING KICKED OUT OF SCHOOL AND HE HAD TO MOVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY) she didn’t know who he was.

And the thing is, Lucas allowed her to like him. He allowed them to have a semi-romantic relationship. He has a whole other side to him that he didn’t tell her about and that right there can be seen as a lack of communication and trust issues which is not healthy for a relationship.

Riley was practically led to believe that he was the nice guy with good grades, that he was their moral compass, when really he (allegedly) has anger issues. And if she wasn’t prepared for that and their relationship went any further, that would have screwed them over big time for not only their ‘unofficial thing’ but their friendship as well.

She clearly said she wasn’t upset with whatever he did. She was upset with the fact that he didn’t tell her and was hurt by the idea that he didn’t trust her.

And don’t tell me she forced him when they didn’t even find out what he did by the end of the episode. She freaking let the subject go because she has that much trust in him to ask him if he was worth it. Despite not telling her and her seeing it that he didn’t trust her, she put her own trust on the line and gave the decision to him. She gave him the decision to make that whatever he did doesn’t matter anymore and that he’s the good person she’s seen all along because she sees the good in him, and this doesn’t mean she didn’t accept him. What’s there to accept when he himself wanted to change and she saw the good in him and was a big part as to why he turned his life around.

This guy was on probation. He was always committing disciplinary acts. And the fact that he’s getting the scholar athlete award shows how much he changed and believe it or not Riley is a big part of that.

And the best part about it is that when she asked if he was worth it, despite his past and not being proud of himself, he still let down all barricades said yes because that’s what Riley did: she made him believe in himself.

This is all I see in the Rucas tag and I hate it. You people need to open your eyes and see how much of an impact Riley has on Lucas’s life, cause I’m sick and tired of people complaining about her. Argue with me if you want, but do not put your Riley hate in the Rucas tag.

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The fact that Zendaya is STILL his best/fave partner on DWTS.. even after winning twice. Says a lot *_*

She had the biggest impact on him literally left her mark on him lol (pun intended) honestly though right before going into that season he wasn’t really feeling dance like that in sense of being inspired and being authentic like he was really doubting himself and then his initial judgment about how it would go was all wrong,he never expected to have such a great season.
they brought their A game from start to finish, he said himself she was his muse and made him believe in himself again, made him dream again she helped make him see what he already was capable of not only as choreographer put as a person and vice versa at the the time she was everything he didn’t know he needed so knowing all that it’s no surprise to me that she will always hold that place ❤️


When he says that she made him believe in himself again and that it gives him purpose. 😢😢😢😩😩😩 This whole video was cute gah

But the fact that we called out all the BS and we were right

All season we’ve been saying Elijah has a white knight hero complex and Hayley has severe abandonment issues and low self-esteem and holds Elijah up on this pedestal and is really desperate to keep his love so she hides parts of who she is to keep it.

Now we learn from interviews that’s EXACTLY what she did. Then we learn from Marcel that Elijah cannot help himself when he see’s someone he deems a damsel in need of fixing or saving, he needs to jump in and try and fix it. 

I mean Elijah’s ’ epic love’ for Hayley really just stems from his needs to save and Hayley’s pregnancy which he viewed as Klaus’s redemption. He see’s her and her baby as a literal symbol of hope for their family and especially Klaus. He’s obsessed with redeeming Klaus,because of his own self-loathing so he figures if he can save Klaus maybe there’s hope for him. He’s obsessed with the idea of Hayley. Like Klaus says he paints a pretty picture of her in his head without really knowing the real her.

Now don’t get me wrong, I think Elijah does love Hayley, she’s his family now and he’s cared about her from the start, but I don’t buy his romantic love for her because of where it stems from.

Then we see the progression of this relationship and we wonder what the hell does Elijah even know about Hayley to have this epic love for her, and now we know from interviews, he don’t know not a damn thing.

Now this season we learn they’re getting to know the other ( something they should’ve  done first before they fell in love , maybe its just me, but I don’t understand that, you both fall in love, then you get to know each other??? what even?) and finally he might see Hayley for who she is, and yes this season they’ll probably get together and have their relationship, but I’m 100% sure it will not last.

Elijah still has not confronted his main problem which is his need to fix things. I’m very sure throughout the course of their relationship he’ll still be trying to fix her, judge her in certain aspects, play more of her parental role to her than being the man who loves her for who she is, because Elijah can’t help that. He’s always trying to fix and Hayley will never be perfect. He won’t do so intentionally, but its just such a major part of who he is and with a character like Hayley who’s very grey and damaged in a sense and who doesn’t really abide by anyones rules but her own that’s going to be a major problem.

But what’s sad for me about their relationship is the affect that this has on Hayley, and really their relationship has already affected her. I love Hayley, but her love for him brings out her insecurity. She’s so desperate for his love and affection that she literally had to hide who she was just so he could like her. Her insecurity and low -self esteem is actually the reason she clung to Elijah in the first place. All her life she was so desperate for love and she see’s this dashing fancy nobleman willing to give her the time of day, she was desperate to keep that. Elijah’s love for her made her feel better about herself, it made her feel like she mattered and that she was in a way finally worthy.

But that’s just sad to me. That she had to get validation of her own self worth through a man’s attention and love.

She’s really the same way with her wolf pack as well. She got her validation that she was worthy through them, and now when she’s lost them she just loses herself. She feels she isn’t shit and she isn’t worthy anymore. She’s back to that place of not considering herself anything.

The only time I ever feel like I’m seeing Hayley growing and just being comfortable and herself is when she’s with Klaus. The fact that she doesn’t have to put up a front for him because she has no romantic interest in Klaus at this time is really why I like their dynamic and feel she’s her best around him. Klaus see’s Hayley for who she is, he has no pretty picture of her painted in his head, he knows she’s tough, cunning, manipulative, powerful, fearless, wild, damaged, broken, and that picture of her has never changed. The only thing that he did start to see beginning last season was that yes she was a Queen, even as a hybrid, and  that view of her hasn’t changed. He see’s her for who she is, and Hayley knows he knows her so well, so she doesn’t have to put up a front for him.

Klaus isn’t someone Hayley feels like she has to pretend for and really its the same way for him. Klaus is very much himself around Hayley. They’re not having to be something they’re not around the other. They’re allowed to be every aspect of themselves around the other without having to feel ashamed. 

Now again this is most likely because neither has romantic interest in the other, and really they never have had any romantic interest in the other, which is why I feel that’s important for any relationship, and why I feel Julie is very smart to begin her love stories in a way of loathing or friendship.

It allows the person to see that person for who they really are before they fall in love with them. There’s no ulterior motive, no games, no guards up, or feeling the need to impress or be on their best behavior around the other. When love begins from a place of loathing or friendship it allows two people to see each other without any blinders on. There’s no romantic ideals or pretty pictures in the others head. You just see that person for who they are, and gradually you fall in love with that person without even realizing it. You love them with all of their flaws, their baggage, their insecurities, their damages, and none of that matters to you. You just love them.

What I really love about Klayley is that they build each other up in a way where they both really become a better person just by being in the others life. Like I said before, they aren’t trying to hide who they are to feel accepted by the other, they just are who they are, and because they know who the other is so well, they remind the other of who they are.

When Hayley had given up and truly believed that the she was no longer capable of leading the wolf pack, Klaus was not about to hear any of that. He was no like way, you are their Queen. They need to bow down. Then when Oliver started to instill in Hayley that she was an evil bloodthirsty hybrid and wasn’t worth leading the pack and Hayley’s self-doubt started to creep in, what did Klaus do? He swooped in dropped kicked Oliver and was like, “Imma kill this muthafuckka” but no, he KNEW Hayley wouldn’t let him kill Oliver. He knew that Hayley was merciful especially when it comes to her family, and she knew she wouldn’t let anyone hurt them. Hayley and her pack needed to be reminded of that.And what did we see later in the episode, Hayley stepped up. Klaus knows who she is, and he needed to remind her for her to finally be able to see that she hadn’t changed. That’s she still boss bitch, fierce, protecting her family always, tough, cunning, Little Wolf. The Queen.

Then when Hayley said “Nothing True”. I will never be over that scene. Here was Klaus just waiting to hear out of Hayley’s mouth all of the bad things Mikael had to say about him and all of the horrible things Mikael made him  believe about himself, and there he is just waiting for Hayley to say it. And Hayley looks up at him smiles and say’s “nothing true” Klaus was so shocked when he heard that. Hayley in her own way reminded Klaus that nothing Mikael said about or really what he believed about himself were true. She see’s Klaus for who he is, and she reminded him of that when he began to believe he was anything other.

This is what I like to see in a love story. Don’t give me cheesy almost kisses for no reason, and romantic stares, I want to see growth, and not just one sided growth. I want to see BOTH people growing just by being in the others life. I want to see both people challenging the other, standing u for the other fighting with each other, learning from the other. That’s how a relationship and love story should be done.

And that my Klayley family is Klayley.