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so i saw a post floating around about congratulations and angelica being reduced to pining for hamilton from afar, “i lived only to read your letters” right - and while that’s a totally fair criticism, i kind of love it? like i love the idea of letting distance colour things, it’s real easy to romanticize things when you’re away from someone and writing letters, and then she’s kind of like, oh. like she does love him but he’s a prideful, selfish fuck who hurt her sister in a way that might be irreparable. it’s painful and i love it.

they are so perfect for each other
  • Yuuri: He never fails to surprise me. Ever since I first saw his skating, it's been an unending chain of surprises.
  • Viktor: He never fails to surprise me. Ever since I first saw his moves during the dance off at the last year's banquet. It's been an unending chain of surprises.

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Today has been a wild ride in the 1d fandom but it’s been especially hard for the Australian fans aka me who has to get up at 6am on a fucking Sunday morning just to see my fave probably get screwed over by Simon Cowell and who can’t even buy the Zaylor song because the Australian iTunes store is allergic to making money I guess

Honestly this country is the worst like yeah we have koalas and they’re cute and all but they will likely give you chlamydia, just ask lirry

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Oh my god you ARE special!!! I love you very much!!! And I love your art and your Tamatoa too!
I would die for both of you.
I love you two more than Tamatoa loves his bling ?!!!!

i think what especially makes me happy about seth turner sato is that he was specifically designed and written to be absolutely unlikable - he was the big jerk, the one who everyone in the story would hate (save for abigail, that sweetheart), and for the longest time i did get asks where people complained about him and wished that he would just go away!

and then i flipped him over, revealed him to be the most insecure gangly nerd this world has ever known, and now he’s turned into one of the most liked characters of the story despite the fact that he’s a character that no one in canon has ever truly loved, and that’s beautiful.

10 Songs + 10 Mutuals

Here I am, a little sick and needing to study for math. 

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Neotag story time!

My sister @neojammy and I first found out about Neopets when we lived in Puerto Rico. We went to a Claire’s at a fancy mall and we found Neopets merchandise and magazines as far as the eye can see. We were literally in Neopets heaven. 

We were with our cousin and our aunt at this time too. So not only was our cousin awesome enough to buy me a magazine (and our mom got sis her disco Aisha plush), but when we got home- Our cousin showed us the website too and she taught us about the different characters and the lore behind it too. She was the first to make headcanons and voice canons for me and sis, and she even let us play games on her account too (I guess its my cousin thought it was an easy way to get money xD).

After a few years of playing on our cousin’s account, me and sis were able to finally get our own separate account. 

Our mom not only helped me and jammy get an account (and our older brother too), but she made an account for herself too (cause she thought it was very cute)! So mom got a blue Lupe and a green Kougra, jammy got a Yellow Gelert, our brother got a green Techo and I got two Kyriis and a Draik.

You can guess how awkward it was for a dad to hear his wife and three kids talk about random ‘wheels of fortunes’ and ‘paintbrushes’ and ‘battledome’ stuff at the dinner table. 

Oh, and don’t get me started on the Altador Cup. Everyone is on a different team and we fight each other for our team to this very day.

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How can someone so perfect like you exists?omg.Senpai I love you so so much you have no idea💕your arts are goals,you're also funny and nice,I LOVE YOU SO MUCH💞😭let's go crazy over skk and tachuu together senpai💞💞

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damn u right everytime I look at a mirror I ask myself the same question