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love my followers a lot

i’m a little late posting this since i hit 1k about a week ago, but i still wanna take a moment to love all of the people who make my dash amazing. this is also a thank you to all of my followers who maybe i don’t follow - i see you and you all make me so happy! i follow 500+ blogs, so i’m gonna just tag mutuals (some may be tagged twice) but i still love and appreciate every single person i follow and who follows me! <3

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follow forever 2.0

last time i did a follow forever, i was celebrating reaching 500 followers.  today, i celebrate reaching 5,000.  this list has been condensed, but i would like to thank each and everyone on it for being my inspiration for this blog and in life.  when i started this blog a year ago, i was not sure what to expect, but it has been beyond lovely.  i am so glad i get to share what i love.  thank you.

mica’s 5k follow forever


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  • Sarada: Papa, why don't I ever see you kiss mama?
  • Sasuke: We prefer to do it in private.
  • Sarada: (glares) Yeah, right. You just don't want to kiss her.
  • Sasuke: (frowns) I'm not going to argue with you, Sarada. You beter go meet up with your team, don't you have a mission today?
  • -later that day-
  • Sarada: Mama, papa, I know it's early but I'm ho- (hears weird noises)
  • Sarada: ... (walks into the kitchen) !!!
  • Sasuke: (pressing his wife against the wall, holding her chin with his only hand and basically sucking on her lips)
  • Sakura: (has one leg hooked around her husband's hips, her fingers roaming through his hair, pulling him closer)
  • Sasuke: (smirking, moving his lips to Sakura's neck)
  • Sakura: (moans) Sasuke-kun oh yess!
  • Sarada: (thinking) Oohh nopenopenope (runs)
  • -in Sarada's room-
  • Sarada: ... (burning cheeks, heavy breathing, extremly embarrassed) They haven't noticed me... dirty adults... doesn't this qualify as po*n?
  • -the next day-
  • Sasuke: (amused) So, Sarada, do you still want me and your mom to kiss in public?
  • Sarada: ... No thank you.


i had never envisioned that this little solo OC would ever get to one hundred let out five hundred!! but he has, and you were all so kind and so open to embracing him and letting him (and me) be a part of your world too for the last year. i just love all of you and this means so much to me!!


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 (i definitely forgot people but pls know that i love you so much)

Ok, so I know absolutely no one in this fandom nor I have actually interacted with it that much, but somehow imagination kind of came to me today and I feel like I should share this with you all? 


I’ve got the feeling that once you win Mick’s trust there’s no way out unless you go and betray him for good, for it being so hard to win that you actually have to prove yourself over and over until he knows you’re trustful. And once you are under Mick’s wing you’re just, there. He knows so and he doesn’t need you to be happy about it nor even cares if you actually care about you being considered trustful by him. The same way a mother hen would see an abandoned baby duckling and say “this is my chicken now, not yours. Stay away.” 

I think something like that would also happen when it comes to relationships. He wouldn’t talk about feelings, he’s not a talkative guy, he would just see if he’s not imagining things, understand their chemistry for how it is, and give that person a place in his life, a place for the other to fit in. He doesn’t need to put it into words, he just finds where and how the other one fits in his life and says “ah, there’s that” and moves on.

Now, imagine that maybe Ray and Mick have been fooling around for awhile, Ray may think it’s nothing serious, Mick never talks about it nor shows anything about what they have going on between them. What happens in their rooms stays in their rooms, only them and Gideon are the wisers, and whenever they’re with the group they act as they usually would, as if nothing changed. Imagine that for this or that reason they have to go back to their time and talk to Lisa, and presentation time is up.

Imagine Mick saying “that’s the team, except for him. Haircut and I are together”. Imagine he kind of forgot to tell Ray that. Imagine Ray’s face. Imagine the group’s faces.

So of course Ray wasn’t even remotely aware of what Mick thought about him, about them, he didn’t even think Mick would consider them an item. So when the words are out of Mick’s mouth the first thing he says is “Wait, what? No, wait. What?” because suddenly the woman in front of him looks very threatening, all sharp teeth and wild smirk much like her brother, and his teammates aren’t exactly helpful with their reactions:

“Wait a sec, they’re shagging?” / “since fucking when?” / “oh dear lord I didn’t need that mental image in my head, thank you Mr. Jackson” among others.

Cue for lots of awkwardness, weird looks, embarrassing chats, and meetings that last way too long for Ray to be able to snatch a private moment so he could get to talk to Mick alone and without prying eyes around.

“I’m not saying that I don’t want us to be together, okay?” Is the first thing Ray says once he gets Mick all for his own “All I’m saying is that before you go around telling people that we are together you should’ve at least.. asked me, if I wanted to be with you. To… date you” and it’s incredibly stupid how jittery and nervous he has been feeling since Mick outed them just like that.

“But you want to, don’t ya?” 

And it’s also incredibly infuriating how passive Mick feels about it all, how calm he looks, as if the whole conversation was pointless, as if it were as simple as “you want to, I want to, where’s the problem?” …Maybe Mick does have a point though.

“Sure, I do but…” 

“Then there, problem solved.” And with a swing of his beer Mick stands up and leaves the room, not without giving him a firm pat on his shoulder. Maybe Ray’s overthinking it, maybe it was really that easy. Still he can’t help but sigh, feeling resigned about it all. Don’t get him wrong, the whole prospect of being an actual, facebook official couple makes him thrilled, he’s happy, he’s so happy he believes he won’t be able to stop smiling for decades. That’s not why he sighs though, it’s just that something at the back of his mind tells him that Mick’s way-too-forward ways will get him into a way lot of trouble.

He’ll remember exactly that thought when, five years from then on Mick comes to him, slams a ring into the table (an engagement ring in fact!) and leaves the room right after saying “We’re getting married”.

“Wait, what? Mick? Mick! What did I tell you about asking first!?” Ray asks while running after him, ring now secured in the palm of his hand. At least this time he told him first instead of doing so in front of the whole team, that has to count as a win somehow, right? Right?

I find it really funny that I got 50+ requests a day during a period when my writing wasn’t that great. Now that I’m actually learning and developing my skills, the fandom is quiet and fic writers seem to be getting less and less attention. 

My only regret is that the content I produced back then wasn’t up to my current standard, even though it was the mark of a beginning. I wish the people who requested back then were able to see me grow and develop like this, but I know most of them are gone or have moved on to different fandoms. If I only knew then how much I’d grow. I wouldn’t have let any of the haters beat me down. 


I just miss Keta a lot.

Happy 15 million to the community that could always make me smile when nothing else could.

Time to welcome another million people to the JSE community! I’m so glad I can be a part of this ever-growing place that I’ve come to call my home. Everyone here has made me so happy in the midst of the turmoil in my personal life. I’m so glad to be able to be a part of such a loving community, and I will try my best to keep giving back for as long as I’m able to.

Jack has certainly changed my life for the better, as well. He helped me realize that life’s too short to be mean to people, and he’s the one person who makes me smile the most. He’s even helped me to choose what I want to do with my life, which is make art for video games. Jack is a best friend to me, and I hope one day I can meet him. But for now, I’ll keep drawing and making video edits of him for this amazing community.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling from me. I’m not too proud of this piece, but it’s decent.

EDIT: I fixed his mcfreakin tattoo,, I always forget it

Please give credit if you post this on other websites!

Check out the speedpaint! (coming next week)

Brink, 3/?


But this woman was neither mermaid nor Brave, radiant but fierce — and the cool touch of steel to his skin reminded him of the sword she had pointed at his throat.

“My name is Emma Swan,” she said, in answer to the question he had yet to give voice to, “and I’m here for my son.”

Season 2 Canon Divergence; Hook never escaped Neverland, and once the curse breaks Pan comes to collect the loneliest lost boy of them all - the one in possession of the Heart of the Truest Believer.

A/N: chapter three! again, a longer time coming than I’d hoped, but it’s definitely shaped the way I wanted. thanks so much to everyone following this story, I’d love to hear what you thought! 
Rating: T
ao3 || one || two

If Emma had thought the heat would lessen the nearer Neverland drew to dusk, she was sorely mistaken. As the sun crawled across the sky and the pair of them continued to trudge through the jungle, the humidity levels seemed only to increase, making her head feel stuffy and her mood increasingly irritated the farther they walked. To make matters worse, the cacophony of ominous noises only grew louder as the day wore on, and left a lead weight of unease in the pit of her stomach. Her entire life she had only ever lived in cities, the patter and snaps of street rats the closest she’d gotten to wildlife until that goddamn wolf had run her off the road at the edge of Storybrooke so many months ago. Here, though, the forest had a life of its own. It practically chattered, anything from the muted and melodious to the sharp screeches of creatures she hoped were prowling miles away from where they were.

The entire island hummed with energy — with magic, although it still chagrined her to admit it. A modicum of the courage she usually took from her firm grasp of the hilt of David’s sword had slipped away with the dancing orange of early sunset across the sky, the weight of it finally beginning to settle and make her arms ache from the effort of keeping it aloft. Hook, irritatingly adapted to the island, carried his in a handy scabbard at his side. In her rush to get to Neverland, Emma hadn’t thought to bring one herself.

The only mercy was that for the last hour or so, Hook had grown silent. On the few occasions she had stolen a sideways glance at him he appeared deep in thought, dark eyes scouring the jungle shrewd and alert. Like an animal ready to pounce at any moment. Although their tentative peace lay between them, it still set her on edge to see him like that. His hook gleamed awfully at his side.

After forming their cautious alliance, he had suggested they return to his ship to regroup and find out if his crew had made any recent observations of Pan’s newest recruits. Emma had refused — she’d already lost most of the day, and she couldn’t think of a worse idea than following Hook into what, for all she knew, could be little more than a lion’s den. Her decision had irritated him, but he’d agreed to show her the last place Pan and his troop had been sighted. So far, it was the best lead they had.

“So,” Hook began loudly, snapping the silence between them like loosening an arrow. Apparently, her time for small mercies was up. “Tell me about this magic you possess. How did you come to be in Neverland?” His choice of conversation topic didn’t exactly thrill her, especially since she’d straight up lied to him about having an exit strategy sorted out. Jefferson’s hat had disappeared with Regina, and fuck knew where she was now. “A magic bean, perhaps?”

“A what?” Emma couldn’t hold back her snort of laughter, the suggestion so outlandish to her she figured he must have been joking. Hook only stared back at her evenly, eyebrow arched and looking far less amused. She supposed in a world with magic, something as crazy as a magic bean wasn’t so crazy at all. “No, not a — a bean,” she continued. “It’s a hat, it makes this, uh, purple vortex… thing,” she swallowed as Hook’s eyebrow inched closer to his hairline, “and you jump through.”

Hook left her sentence to mince in the air for long enough for her ears to redden, before merely turning his eyes skyward.

“You’re right, that’s far less ludicrous than a magic bean.”

Emma grimaced. “Shut up.”

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Church bells on a Sunday afternoon. Salzburg, Austria

this is a v v smol thank you to all the people ( that would be you who’s reading this who decided to give me a follow? i’m incredibly blessed by your presence and support, and honestly am so happy to be here. i know i don’t talk much on dash or ooc ( something i hope to change ), and i know i’m super fucking slow but. i’m just so grateful that you all thought i was worth clicking the follow button, and then not clicking the unfollow. it means a great deal to me and i hope that i get to know more of you in-depth because it makes me happy to see all of you on my dash. you’re such pure souls that i always want the best for.  

                                                  all my love !!