Hey guys!!! So I think now is the perfect time to say thank you to all of you…These past few days have been hell and honestly i was almost about to do some stupid besides just erasing my blogs…something stupid against my life and honestly I managed to stop myself before I could have done something regrettable. I cried for days in my room because my life is a complete mess and I have so many problems not only with my parents, abuse and financially. I have been dealing with that for years to the point that i’m so emotionally drained and physically exhausted especially now with how sick and fragile of health I am to the point of almost dying in the hospital….

but all of you have been nothing but kind and patient and lovely and I can’t believe how supportive and nice all of you are. I want to change and look at life more positively. I know everything seems horrible, but I’ve always trued to look forward to another day. I realized that life is important and that even when it all seems like shit, it will get better. I appreciate all of you so much for always checking up on me and making sure I’m always loved and appreciated…I don’t know where i’d be without the support! And so in order to take the initiative to start fresh and with a new outlook, and not many people actually know the true reason why i did this…but i decided to cut my hair to my shoulders and dye it after years of having it long. I think this really helps me cope better and truly feel a weight off my shoulders. I’m gonna try my best to keep trying to improve and again thank you thank you so so much for all the love.

Sincerely, Crystal

Here’s some ugly selfie’s of my hair!)

Special thanks to @ask-bts-stuff @ask-cosplayer-tae @askbongtan @askminfamily @askjimjamjiminnie @ask-nerve-bts @ask-neverland-bts @aikochaaaan @ask-bts-au @ask-witch-jiminie @ask-deer-suga for encouraging me with sweet messages and the love

SARAH! TABBY! NICHOLE! KAELA! BELS! CAMI! thank you for sending me private messages and talking me out for making decisions i could regret. I appreciate it with the bottom of my heart. I would be nothing without you guys anf omg im such a zap i love you guys <3 <3<3

Dean’s Back

gif is not mine

Title: Dean’s Back

Characters: Dean x Reader, Bobby

Word count: 1,124

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by @flufy07! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

After Dean was inevitably dragged to hell by a hell hound, Sam seemed to split ways with you.  He was off doing his own thing and you stayed with Bobby.  You had your concerns about Sam, but you still had a job to do.  

You sat on Bobby’s couch after a rough hunt, holding the gun Dean had given to you as a birthday present.  You ran your hand over the metal frame of the gun.  It was the only thing you had to remember Dean by.  Neither you, nor Sam touched the Impala.  It was like an unspoken agreement between the two of you that neither of you were going to disturb the Impala parked outside.  

Bobby leaned his shoulder against the wall.  “I’m guessin’ you got the job done,” Bobby asked.  He was concerned about you.  After Dean’s death you weren’t the same.

You nodded slowly, sliding the gun back into your jacket pocket.  “Yup.”  You looked at the small dots of blood on your jacket.  “Less blood this time.  So at least there’s that.”

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Thank you for 4K!!

I can’t believe there are so many of you! You’re all the most amazing followers I could have ever, ever asked for. You’re sweet and endearing and make me feel like the luckiest gal in the world, everytime you send me messages or read and comment on my fics my heart just bursts because you’re the loveliest people in the whole world. This blog has been my little haven for a few months now and I know I’ll always have people to talk to if I need it I don’t know what I ever did without y'all. Thank you, thank you, one hundred times over. I love you all so much ❤

Originally posted by thebugheadfanatic

i dont know how or why i got here but thank you guys so much!!!

like OMFG just over 900 followers! 900!!! never did i ever think i would get this far on this art blog i remember getting my first 50 and nearly exploding.

Whether you followed my when all i have to give was pencil sketches wayyy back to now  i love and appreciate all of you, im so greatful to have so many amazing followers who give so much love and support i would die for you guys and honestly you are all the reason im still drawing today and the reason im going to keep going! 

i know this sounds cheesy af but i do love you guys you are all my friends no matter what. HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖


The Burning Hearts Date Auction was a success! I can’t express my gratitude and thankfulness to everyone on Wyrmrest who came out to support the event, even if you just watched, it was most certainly appreciated! You all are wonderful role-players with unique and amazing stories, and I enjoy seeing everyone come together and RP with one another! I hope to see you all at the Burning Hearts Ball on July 1st, we will have summons available as it is out of the way! I apologize for the way the event turned towards the end, being trolled is never a fun thing, but I hope you all still enjoyed it! 

I love you all so much and I love this server as well, each and everyone of you contribute an amazing piece of creativity to the server that makes it so great! Never ever forget that! A huge thank you to my guildies for supporting me and helping me with the event as well, I couldn’t have done it without them, truthfully!

Honestly yall I have the greatest followers, mutuals, supporters, and friends. You guys are so rad and fun to chat with and everything!! It really means a lot to me getting these hella sweet messages and just chatting with some of yall, it’s honestly nothing I would’ve ever imagined for myself years ago//

You guys rock so much and I really love you all so much <33333

There’s something I have to get off my chest. All of you precious cinammon rolls here on tumblr I’m friends and/or mutuals with make me believe in a better future and that there’s still hope and good people in this fucked up world and honestly, I’m so damn thankful for it! You make my life so much better and you saved my life so many times just with some simple words, without even knowing it. Really, thank you! Thank you so so much for everything you’ve done for me, I love you all so much! 💕

justjulia768  asked:

I know you literally JUST posted chapter 9 of WAY, but I'm needy and Desperate for the perfection that is your writing. So, naturally, I NEED to ask, when exactly are we getting chapter 10? 😏😂💙

God, I love you - all of you needy readers - so much💙  I’m hoping to post chapter 10 Tuesday/Wednesday!


As of today I have officially shaved my head!
The last week has been crazy emotional having to deal with my hair loss, when I was initially diagnosed with Lymphoma hair loss was the least of my worries and it didn’t really even bother me until it became a reality and started falling out.

I think cancer is a lot harder to deal with when you genuinely look as ill as you feel.

The decision to shave my head has been the most liberating and empowering thing I have done thus far because it meant that my hair loss happened on my terms and it also stopped me feeling gross every time I ran my fingers through my hair.

Last night it fell out in huge clumps and it was the worst feeling ever, I felt completely ugly. I cried hysterically for the first time since my tumour was discovered.

But today is a new day and I couldn’t have gathered the strength to shave my head without all the love and support I’ve received. Thank you to absolutely everyone who sent in words of love and support, my heart is SO full.

I love you all so much!! 💓💓💓


Hello lovelies! How are you all doing? So we are here with the news of when are we going to open the requests. It has been a while so if you have been waiting this is your chance.

Requests will be opened this upcoming saturday, July 1st at 2pm (UTC -3 that is Argentina time).

Keep in mind that all requests that we get before that specific date will be deleted so please wait and request on saturday, we will put all requests to consideration as you know we can’t write them all (sadly).

Get excited guys, we already are, we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! Much love to you all 😘 💕

xoxo, admin Mars and admin Em.

Hey guys, I am back!

So, You all may have noticed how my blog is completely blank. Well, I have decided to restart my blog! Still doing writing and still Fishy, just thought this would be easier since everything was so jumbled and ugh. I am gonna start tagging everything and there…./MAY/ be a new thing going on with my super LAME OC. You guys know Swedish Fish? The candy? Yeah, Fishy is a candy fish now. Completely made of candy and sugar. yay.

Rules will be updated later!

Love you all so much! *Hugs*

Have a great day, okay? OH! ALSO! I am deleting all the asks in my inbox rn, so when the askbox is open you can re-send them!

Just asking stuff to talk is fine though! I love talking to you all! So, seeya later, loves! *Smooches*


                   ✈ WCLKABOUT’S FOLLOW FOREVER ✈

            Welcome to another summer follow forever that I hope is not getting repetitive. It’s just that time of year to celebrate all of you. Not just me & my blog & my writing, but celebrating all of you who have stuck with me from the moment that you found this blog. I could never thank you all enough for taking a chance on me & John. Honestly the LOST fandom has become my family, and I love you all so very much! I’m even thanking the people that write with me but don’t follow me, or ones that used to follow me but stopped because even though that happens, it means that at some point a chance was taken on me and there was interest in writing with me & my muse. It means the world to me and it’s something that I could never express enough to you all.

            I want you all to know that I am here for you any time that you need, day or night, rain or shine, even when you think that maybe you can’t come to me, you can. Whether it’s to vent about things that are going on with you in your life, to rant about your character and in turn we can both gush about them or the show or movie, etc… that they come from. Because there’s nothing better than fangirling, right? You can come to me to do some plotting for threads or verses which I love, because I love getting excited about what we’re coming up with (and hey, I might even make some kind of edit for it on photoshop). If you’re having a bad day and need someone, or you’re having a good day and just wanna talk, I am always here for you and love you.

            Enough of the mushy stuff, let’s get to the list, right? I want you to know that if you’re not on this list and we’ve written together anyways, it doesn’t make you any less special than the ones on this list because you are ALL special and loved.

                                              ✈ THE LIST  ✈

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            If I leave you with anything, it’s this: remember to always be true to yourselves. Never change for the sake of anyone else, to fit in with other people or what the world thinks that you should be. Always be yourself and be happy in your own skin because you are PERFECT the way that you are. Treat others the way you think you should be treated. Be kind. Be honest. Just share love and peace.