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Welp, it’s official. Dave is now a demon for the next day! 
I’m joking, I’m joking. I couldn’t resist making a demon reference, ehehe. But seriously though, I am overjoyed that I’ve made it so far in the past three months! I never thought that my portrayal would be this well received in the community. I don’t think I can thank you guys enough for supporting me all this time. I love all of my followers, but these blogs are some of my favorites!

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And that’s all! Thank you all so much for sticking with me and making my time here worthwhile. 

anonymous asked:

For a few years now my friends and family have been joking around about how upset I'll be when Leonard Nimoy died, and they laughed and laughed. But today when they found out, my friends immediately asked if I was ok and offered support. My mom called me to see if I was alright. They knew how much he meant to me, and I was just really grateful. He will be missed very much.

I’m so happy you have the support of your family and friends right now, that’s so nice!

He really will be missed, thank you for sharing this.

why have we resigned ourselves to the fact that love has to equal pain

why is it wrong to want to surround myself with people who make me feel good and happy and are healthy for my personal growth

why do people feel the need to insist to you that you’re required to deal with pain caused by another person. why is someone’s threshold of what they want to have in their life any of your goddamn business

my biggest fear in life is that by the time I finally get the money to go to playlist live or vidcon, dan and phil will have stopped doing youtube

my writing process for anyone asking :)
  • getting writer’s block for months
  • getting stuck on certain words
  • crying/having panic attacks from inability to write
  • staying up until three-five in the morning
  • writing an abundance out of nowhere
  • repeat

i hope this helps aspiring writer,s 


Hey everyone from irl, I love all of you and I’m gonna miss everything about everything. Thank you to my friends at Emma for the great past school year, hopefully I’ll be back as a boarder next year. And thank you to my friends from Shen and anyone I’ve known from NY, you’re all so wonderful. 

I’m terrified but also excited for the move to Houston. It’s gonna be so different.I can’t believe I only found out I was moving a week ago. It’s crazy.

I’m so grateful for the past 10 years in NY, but it’s time for a new adventure.

I’m getting on my flight now.

Thank you 


Just how many of you flocked to my blog after Jet lost hers? Am I really that big of a source of information? Does that mean I hold power? Does it come with a cool badge and lifetime chocolate?

hello my amazing followers!

i just wanted to make sure — have you all eaten today? have you been on the computer for a few hours? is it time for you to take a break? maybe get something to drink?

did somebody make you feel badly? put them out of your head and let kindness fill your mind instead.

are you stressed? take a five minute break then come back.

take care of yourself!

I like educating people but sometimes I just don’t want to? There’s this feeling I try to describe that no one gets. There’s just so much knowledge needed behind the thing I’m trying to explain that it’s actually impossible for me to explain it without sitting someone down and telling them everything I know and THEN explaining. And that’s a fucking exhausting thing to imagine.


Title: across this great divide
Prompt: #10
Length: 1851 words
Rating: pg13
Warnings: none
Summary: Yixing and Yifan have always been separated by a vast chasm: the Apple/Windows debate. And the hallway on the first floor of the mall. They just didn’t know it.
Notes: Thanks to H and J for putting up with my month-long panic about participating in my first fic exchange!

Title: fight for you
Prompt: #41
Length: 1080
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: gladiator!au, slavery
Summary: Yixing takes care of his gladiator.
Notes: Loved the prompt but don’t think I did it justice, sorry.

Title: Connecting
Prompt: Original prompt
Summary:Kris finds a number written in the library’s History B textbook and gives it a try.
Notes:It was done in like two one hour or so…it’s not much but well. I actually had like three more projects, but they were getting too long and I wasn’t able to finish them in time so I’m just sending this one. I hope it’s at least okay ;;
(plus in the fanfic, Kris is a 12th grader with 17 years old, this is according to the Portuguese educational system, so basically after the 12th grade you’re going to university. yeah that’s all. Thank you.)

Title: You Think You’re So Great, Right?
Prompt: #11
Length:10050 words
Summary:There are a lot of reasons why Yixing doesn’t like Valentine’s Day, and Yifan might be pretty much all of them.
Notes: I really hope whoever prompted this one doesn’t mind the side-pairings I threw in, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Title: Gentle giant (that I think I love)
Prompt: # 33
Length: 2,100+ words
Rating: G
Warnings: Snarky dog
Summary: Yixing did not like having the others around. Well, he could tolerate Candy although he could not say the same with Yifan.
Notes: To OP, I hope this is what you wanna read. I really had fun writing this! :) Also, this is dedicated to a former friend who once asked me to write fanxing as dogs because she has two male dogs who acts like those two idiots. She does not ship fanxing anymore and I know she would not read this but.. yeah. She was the inspiration why I chose this prompt. Anyhow, Happy Valentines to all! 


Just a little announcement! Due to the unexpected amount of fics, instead of March 2, reveals will be on March 5. We cannot thank you enough for supporting this fic fest! Thank you all so much for the awesome support and unwavering love for fanxing!