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Yo what r ur favorite voltron headcanons?

Y’all ready for this.

  • Allura is buff as fuck and uses every available opportunity as an excuse to rip off her sleeves. She’s lucky the Castle is able to replicate clothes because otherwise she would’ve run out of dresses by like. Day 9 lmao.
  • Hunk has two moms who love him very, very much.
  • Shiro and Keith are bros, either literally or figuratively.
    • I love them being half or adopted brothers, but my favorite origin story is that they met at like, a Garrison-operated space camp a few years back. Shiro was a cadet volunteer.
    • Shiro was 17/18 and awkward as hell with the kids but already a natural when it came to piloting. Keith imprinted on him like a baby duck.
    • Shiro, on the phone: Matt. Matt, you gotta help me. Matt. This random middle schooler adopted me, what do I do? Yes, I’m being serious! Yes, he adopted me. No, I haven’t seen any paperwork! Matt. Matt. Oh my god, stop laughing at me and put your mom on the line already you jackass. I hate you. Hi Colleen!
  • Lance is Coran’s favorite human and it’s obvious to everyone, including Zarkon. 
  • Allura introduced Alfor’s hologram to all the Paladins and his favorite was Hunk.
  • Shiro and Matt used to be Huge Memers back at the Garrison but then they became these space hotshots and heroes and people that kids looked up to so they had to dial it back. 
    • Lance can never know that Shiro has an encyclopedic knowledge of shitty memes. It is his greatest, and his most treasured, secret.
  • Allura and the Mice gossip like all the time and Hunk/Lance are determined to get in on that.
  • Coran would have a crush on Bill Nye.
  • Pidge and Keith are Gay Best Friends who like to undermine corrupted authority figures and dismantle the establishment. They also hunt for cryptids in their spare time, even in space. 
    • Is there such a thing as space cryptids?? Or is that just like. Aliens. Alien aliens.
  • Coran is Allura’s gay step-dad and he’s also kinda adopted the rest of the team. Lance is his son, everyone else is his niece/nephews.
  • Lance and Hunk were born outside of America and either immigrated in when they were younger or attended the Garrison on a student visa.
  • Keith is Texan (however this is now like 80% canon so. Say hello to your new god.)
  • Lance loves Beyonce.
  • Shiro has a serious sense of gallows humor lmao
  • Nobody Is Straight Or Neurotypical.
    • I also go back and forth a lot on gender headcanons lmfao… Pidge is definitely a trans girl to me though.

Hairstyles and realizations

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Hey Admin, could I request a yiga who... I dunno. Just a Yiga-clan member if its ok ^^

To answer the question: No. No I will not draw just a Yiga-clan member ;)

I feel like i need to start linking to the Korok comic that started their weird obsession in my comic’s canon so that new people aren’t COMPLETELY confused…

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Why do we always run back to what broke us?

I think we all like to believe in second chances; in notions of timing; that nothing is ever impossible. That if only we did this or we did that, things would finally fall into place. We cling onto hope with no foundations. We reach for familiarity; because clinging to the cliff edge is better than falling into the abyss.

But some things are impossible. Some things just don’t work. Are toxic. Are wrong. Some people don’t bring out the best in you. Sometimes love becomes an excuse. Sometimes love becomes synonymous with fear of being alone. Sometimes love becomes nothing at all.

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Your Chlonette one-shot was amazing! How do manage to write action so well? I want to diversify the topics of the things I write, and action is one of the major topics I'm struggling with.

thank you!!! it was super fun to write, i’m a sucker for spy/assassin au’s! and let’s see, advice on writing action….

1) don’t go into explicit detail about the entire fight.

you’re not a hollywood stunt choreographer. it’s not necessary to tell us every single thing that happens in a fight. i’ve read fanfictions where fight scenes go on for literally thousands of words and you run the risk of boring your reader when things drag out that long. make sure you’re setting the scene. give us a description of where the fight is. give us smells, give us sights. describe weapons and bodies and how they move/throw punches. set that up early on so we have an idea of how this scene looks. 

and after that? pull back a little. let the reader fill in the blanks about how the fight is going down blow-by-blow. use that time to give a sense of the character’s emotions. what the character is thinking. maybe they’re strategizing in their head. maybe they’re worrying about another character. use your imagination and make it interesting!

2) shake it up!

make all of your scenes different! if you’re writing about a warrior who always fights with a sword, maybe have her lose her sword for one fight scene and make her fight hand to hand. hell, maybe have her struggle with hand to hand and give us a fight scene where she actually struggles. heck, make your characters have to fight in a dark room where they can’t see. how does their fighting style change? how does that affect their skill and their awareness? if you make every fight sound/look the same, it gets boring after a while so don’t be afraid to get creative!

3) use your fight scenes to tell the reader something

your fights should always serve a narrative purpose. throwing in needless, random fights work when you’re michael bay, not so much when you’re a fiction writer. if you’re putting in a fight scene, make it so that your characters get something important during that fight that’ll advance the plot. make them learn something about themselves (a new power! a new skill!) during that fight. make them grapple with a weakness or insecurity that they have that’ll advance their character development or be brought back as a plot device later. the only times where you should really zoom in up close on fight scenes is when they’re doing something important. because then when your reader sees you getting into a fight scene, they’ll think “oooo, something important is gonna happen!”

this is also a really great time to get into emotions and motivations in your fight! again, blow-by-blow action scenes get old very quick. does your character feel angry? humiliated? hurt? traumatized? what are the stakes? why is this fight important? why is this character fighting harder? why are they hesitating? fights are emotional and dramatic! add some texture in there to make the scenes come to life. 

4) use your language to add perspective to your scenes

sometimes when you’re in a hand-to-hand fight with someone, it’s good to really zoom in. a character might feel another character’s breath on their face. might smell their sweat and blood. might be feeling hot and claustrophobic. sometimes (like in war scenes for example) it might be good to pan out and step away and give a snapshot of bodies, of screaming, of gunshots, or swords clashing, etc and not necessarily go into in depth detail about every single mini-fight going on in that mix. think to yourself “do i want them to focus on this one fight, or do i want them to focus on this battle as a whole” and try to emulate that. 

another cool thing to do is play around with sentence structure. so if you want a fight scene to go really quickly, use short/choppy sentences to make it seem fast and punchy. if you want a fight scene to seem sluggish and like it’s going on forever, use longer, run-on sentences to show fatigue or exhaustion. just a cool device to make your scenes more engaging!