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lol how you ship swan queen but didn't have a single swan queen scene for your regina week gifset

buddy it’s called regina mills appreciation week it’s abt regina and moments I thought were important in her character development and moments that really stuck with me if you can’t like regina without association with emma i’ve got news for you, son! you don’t really like regina!!! there are great sq moments that have moved regina but I thought there were other relationships that have really molded regina into the person she is (i.e. cora, henry(s), snow) and of course there are a lot of moments I missed and some of those were sq there just isn’t enough space ok!! i’m sorry!!

Legends of Tomorrow/The Flash Headcanons

Mick and Len tend to try and secretly toast marshmallows on the Firestorm duo when the two merge.

Ray once got so high on painkillers, the team found his miniature ass sitting on a flower, helpfully piling pollen up for the incoming bees as they landed.

Everyone has carried Mini!Ray around on them at one point or another.

Both Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson, have both at some point, wondered why they looked on Caitlin with love… until they realized it was because that’s what Ronnie used to do.

Rip Hunter has given up on controlling the Waverider crew, but he hopes it won’t end badly for everyone.

Rip is also sure that Barry Allen’s ability to time travel is the reason for half the things the crew has to fix.

Barry actually plans a lot of things, he just does it so super fast and yet has it end so badly, that people don’t realise he’d actually made a plan.

Ian looked around at all the people at the pool side, taking in all the loud voices and cheers of people making the most of their summer. It was busier than he’d expected it to be, but the more the merrier and all that jazz. His plan for the day was meant to be to stay on the sidelines and chill out, soaking up the rays of the sun that was beating down on them. After trying to ( as discreetly as possible ) pull the wedgie of his Speedo out, he turned to a person nearby. “If it rains today someone better give me an umbrella or something because otherwise I’ll freeze to death.” 

“Some of us prefer the chase.”
“And never to be caught?”
“Oh, no, Miss. I’d like very much to be caught.”

- for @sabraeal

//Kiss Me (cover) Jason Walker//The Dress Looks Nice on You Sufjan Stevens//Warrior Beth Crowley//Beginners Slow Club//I Will Possess Your Heart Death Cab for Cutie//We Can Try Between the Trees//Patience Seabird//Chasing Pavements Adele//Wonder Lauren Aquilina//I Know I’m a Wolf Young Heretics//Budapest George Ezra//Take What I Can Get Matthew Mayfield//Closer Measure//Sinking Friendships Jonsi//Falling Slowly Glen Hansard//Give it All Right the Stars//What If You Joshua Radin//Can’t Help Falling in Love Ingrid Michaelson//Dream a Little Dream of Me Ella Fitzgerald//Heart Beat The New Electric Sound//Everlasting Light The Black Keys//Hot Knife Fiona Apple//Drumming Song (iTunes live) Florence + The Machine//Toxic (cover) Yael Naim//A Postcard to Henry Purcell (from Pride and Prejudice 2005) Dario Marianelli//Waltz Mother Falcon//Your Hand in Mine Explosions in the Sky//Bedroom Hymns Florence + The Machine//The End of Everything Measure//World Spins Madly On The Weepies//La Vie En Rose Louis Armstrong//You and I Ingrid Michaelson//Us Regina Spektor//Hengilas Jónsi//Amsterdam Coldplay//


 So this winter we had a huge snow storm hit where I live and (being the geniuses we are) my best friend and I decided to WALK to the park by her house to play in the snow. Between falling a lot and the fact that our clothes were soaked through, we only made it a block or so before we decided to turn back because we were so exhausted. I couldn’t help but to think of the inquisitor’s trek through the frostbacks when escaping haven and, as much as I hate how slowly they walk…I get it now.

Carry On Cartoon?

Okay so I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how they want Carry On to be made into a movie or a show, but have we ever considered a cartoon? Many of us have fancasts (myself included) and there is always someone who sees one or more of the characters different than you do. If Carry On became a cartoon we could get a visual that would appeal more fans. I think that if the animation was inspired by anime based cartoons it would also appeal to more viewers. Animation like: Your Lie in April, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Steven Universe, The Legend of Korra, and Voltron: Legendary Defender. 

With there being four stages/books (+ the Epilogue) in Carry On the potential for  a cartoon/animation is that it could lead into at least four seasons for each one of the books. 

BONUS: If the show was going well, the creators could do a spin-off/prequel that either shows the lives of the gang at Watford or them attending college. 

BONUS BONUS: Maybe one episode could equal one chapter?

Which one is your favorite color?


killianandcompany hiatus meme

Week 7: Saddest BROTP Scene

This scene really got to me because you can see in everyone’s face just how much they love Killian and how much it hurts to see him suffering.

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Isjshdhdbdudbdd okay first off I wanna say I love you for making a servamp imagines blog. Second I wanted to know if I could request fluffy head canons for kuro and Lilly?


  • Will use you as a pillow for playing video games
  • Honestly will use you as a pillow period
  • If you say you are going to marathon shows Kuro will sit down and marathon it with you
  • He’s into cuddling but more often than not his significant other will have to initiate it
  • If you play video games Kuro will always ask to play mulitplayer with you no matter what the game is
  • Likes cheek and forehead kisses but refuses to admit it


  • Is down to cuddle 24/7
  • Likes nuzzling his face into his significant other’s back or forehead at any given time
  • Holding hands is a must but he will not force it if his significant other is not okay with that
  • He will watch shoujo anime and critique them with his significant other
  • If his significant other likes to he will play chess with them
  • Likes kisses in general and has no preference for any single one
two roads

one // two

read on ao3 (x)

tw: violence and mentions of blood - sorry!

There are so many ways it could happen.

I could be standing at the top of the stairs. The main flight in the middle of the school, the one that opens out into the field, the tiny one that winds through our dorm building, just large enough for one person to climb up at a time. He would say something angry. I’d sneer something back. He’d growl. I’d sneer. We would simmer beneath the surface. Then one of us would explode. He’d go off. I’d set everything alight. Or maybe we would be too angry to remember magic. He’d slam my head too hard against the wall. I would shove him down and see his crumpled figure at the bottom of the stairs. The marble of the main stairs would be stained with red. The uneven wooden stairs leading to the field would cause a waterfall, puddling at the bottom. The tiny stone stairs in our dorm building would have its mark forever, blending in perfectly. I walk up and down every day, three hundred and two steps in total across my timetable, and I try not to look for him on the staircases, because then all I see is blood.

Or maybe it would occur on the grounds, in the woods. I would lure some creature towards him, and then let it loose. I would let it maul him, tear his flesh, hear his agonised scream. I would hear shouts and see flashes and watch the grass burn red. I would attend his funeral, or maybe I would be at home, being congratulated by my family. Maybe the creature would be traced back to me. Maybe I would mysteriously disappear, and no one would ever know. Maybe it would be him who went off in the forest, and the creature would turn on me. Maybe we would both vaporise instantly. I see the woods out of the windows of Watford as I pass them one after the other and try not to wonder if the trees are just as flammable as I am.

Perhaps his downfall would be caused by my family. Perhaps one of them would give me some cursed device to siphon all of him away. Perhaps I would find some ancient artefact and simply drag the life out of him. I would curse him, somehow, or poison him, or find a way for the Mage’s plan to backfire on him, on them. Two birds with one stone. Perhaps my family’s knowledge would be enough. Perhaps we could tear both of them down with everything we know. Perhaps we could ruin them together. Perhaps I could drag them down with me. I taste bile in my throat when I find myself wondering about smashing them to pieces, the remains of their destiny carelessly scattered across the floor in ashes and smoke.

Maybe there would be no magic at all. Maybe we would be in our room and fighting as usual, shouting as usual. Him yelling as usual, me snapping as usual. Maybe one of us would yell too loudly. Maybe one of us would forget and lunge across the room to wring the other’s neck. Would the Anathema go by an eye for an eye? Would one of us, choking for air on the floor, watch the other fall to the floor for no apparent reason, fingers desperately scrabbling at their throat? Maybe we would be in one of the dead spots, and it would come down to who threw a lucky punch. Maybe one of us would live with the vision of the other’s life forever flashing before their eyes. Maybe one of us would frantically scrub our hands raw every night after for the rest of our lives. Maybe one of us wouldn’t care. Maybe one of us would. I master spells and execute them all perfectly, faster and faster and faster and faster until I’m the only one who can understand what I’m casting, clutching at all my magic as tightly as I can.

I count all the ways it could happen in my mind, turning them over and over like red-hot coals in a roaring fireplace, burning and searing and burning every night.

Through The Looking Glass

Description: It’s fifth year. Glasses!Baz. Lots of angst. A lovely prompt from the even more lovely @flirtybaz.

Warnings: Glasses!Baz. Little bit of swearing.

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I feel like one day we should definitely do real Fem! Snowbaz cosplay together

Honestly it is the best compliment to get told you look like simon and baz omg

(Me and my best friend on our last day of school today)(this is our last summer holiday)(so old)

There’s a funny post on my dash right now. There’s a screencapped tweet - “Actually, Hook & Rumple are the reason for the show. Their feud set the whole plot in motion.” - and then a photo manip of Hook over the Evil Queen and Rumple over Snow, - I will destroy your happiness if it’s the last thing I do.

I didn’t want to hijack that post but I did want to respond to it. My first response, after laughing, was to think that actually the event that set the whole plot in motion, wasn’t Regina vs Snow.

That set a lot of things in motion but the Dark Curse, was the main plot point for season one (what led up to it, and then present day breaking of it). It wasn’t what season one was about, I would say that it was more about family, the relationship between Emma and Henry etc. but I’m getting off point.

The dark curse would never have happened if not for Rumple’s quest to reunite with Baelfire. Rumple manipulated everything, including tampering with Regina and Snow’s feud, to ensure everything led to the casting of the curse so he could get to the land without magic.

I would argue that what set the whole plot in motion was Rumple and Bae, a father’s search for his son.

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i kinda tried to base this off of “Oh, Ms Believer” by Twenty One Pilots, since it’s our song.. hence the snowy setting.. idk how that turned out..?
and there are so many things wrong with this art but i hope you like it anyway
happy one month anniversary, angel! it went by so quickly.. time flies when you’re having fun, right?
i love you sm and i always will. you’re the best girlfriend in the world.

(Don’t tag Mikan as kin/id/me/etc. and don’t tag Ibuki as kin/id/me/etc. unless you’re @tylers–joseph thank you)

The beautiful mess that is the Buffy movie
  • Buffy has a rebellious love interest with a leather jacket who gels back his hair called *Pike*.
  • “So, what are the most immediate threats to the world environment right now? The ozone layer?” “Yeah, we gotta get rid of that.”
  • President Snow is in it and he didn’t even try
  • Like, really, I think this is what drove him to destroy District 13
  • “You ruined my new jacket! KILL HIM A LOT!”
  • President Snow on making this movie: “I couldn’t bring myself to say I was making a movie called Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
  • Oscar award winning actors Ben Affleck and Hillary Swank are in this movie??
  • ???
  • Watch this movie it’s a mess but it’s beautiful in its own way