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Ahhh i really love your blog!! How would the Matsus react towards a short s/o who cant reach something?

i am glad you like it! i hope that i can write a lot for everyone! ^^

Osomatsu: he would loom over his s/o with his shit eating grin and tease them a bit but in the end he would help them get what they needed, because if he kept teasing them would result them head butting them in the chest/stomach

Karamatsu: he would pick up his s/o and help them get what they needed but he would tease them a bit after he set them down, “don’t worry my little flower e-” he wouldn’t even be able to finish that line he would run out of the room with a mad s/o chasing him.

Choromatsu: he would get a step stool for his s/o and help them up it as they get what they needed. he knows what it is liked to be teased so he refrains from doing that, but he loved carrying his short s/o around.

Ichimatsu: he would tease his s/o relentlessly he would gab what they needed and instead of handing it to them he would hold it above them with a smirk on his face, “is this what you want my little kitten?” he says looking down at his s/o while they jump trying to get what they needed from his hand.

Jyushimatsu: he would help his so by making them feel taller, he would put his s/o on his shoulders and lift them up to get what they needed, after they get what they deeded he would drop them into his arms and hold them as he kisses their cheek.

Todomatsu: he would help his so with a chair but not until he playfully teases them about being so short, while his so would tell him he is the same height as they are compared to his brothers. todomatsu will tell his s/o that he is three inches taller then they are but after teasing them he will get them what his s/o needed after getting a chair.

Ok but that scene in ghostbusters where there’s like the possessed carnival balloons and then after they pass that creepy af one turns back and slowly loomed around the corner then the whole lot of them came towards them like hooooooly crap I screamed that was so creepy

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“… So then you lift this piece up then push it back down to set the weave.” She said as she displayed what she was doing on the weaving loom. “I used to do this a lot when I was younger. You can make art with it. See?” She dragged her fingers along the already weaved portions, a pair of legs and the bottom of a dress could be shown.