what’s a favorite Niall picture ??? if Niall’s in it IS my favorite Niall picture. anyway sav @niallspringsteen tagged me in this and TBH [that one lady’s voice] these are a few of my favorite nialls. and since I’m the #1 extra niall Stan I’ll tell you why.

1) HOT HUNK DAD !!! NIALL !!! 2) frat boy Niall amen 3) i cheated and added my cute boyfriend Niall gif 4) ethereal being ? 5) i ain’t chelsey but i sure as well will be if he says it like that 6) BEST !!! HAIR CUT !! BOGOTA NIALL !!! 7) THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST CUTEST PICTURE ON THE INTERNET 8) he Looks too good 9) JEAN JACKET !! FADED !! FLUSHED CHEEKS !! 10) hello boyfriend 💓

ok I’m done. I’d like to tag @2012niall
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Oswald x Reader: Imagine you compliment Oswald on looking ‘smouldering’ (GROUP FIC!)

Inspired by this conversation:

Thank you to you all for being so brilliant and creative and allowing me to use your words - I crafted this imagine using our conversation above as inspiration. In some cases I’ve copied your words verbatim and I’ve added my own filthy ending, too.

Thank you to everyone who agreed to let me quote your beautiful words in this imagine! Credit to @biancadama @queencobblepotstuff @jokesterwrites @oswald-cobblepot-addicted @violetxpurple

Group fics FTW!!!

Warnings: Pure filth!

As always, credit to owners of the images and gifs.

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So yesterday I was makingvsome gifs and an ad came up and ofc I knew that it was a virus, a virus that changes your search engines and homepage and an installer came up too but I closed it quickly. I deleted it and everything was alright but today I just looked at stuff and this kind of virus came up again!

Do any of you’ve been in this situation? What to do?

lagren0uille asked:

omg the last gif you made about "The Sorcerer and the White Snake" is pretty amazing... the aesthetics look stunning: would you recommend this movie? Is it as frightening as it is beautiful? btw your blog is amazing!

I appreciate the appreciation very much—I’m glad you’re here. 

The Sorcerer and the White Snake (2011)

Those aren’t my gifs, however. I assume the OP (bbhansali) made them, so all credit to where it’s deserved. 

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Validation/Revolution | M & A

He had heard the first fireworks — misfires, surely, it was far too early for London to be celebrating a new year — as he was getting dressed, tying the bow at his throat to the sound of an explosion on the Thames, pausing and straining to look out of his window and see if there was anything visible on the horizon. The sky was dark, its usual state in December. Bored without anything to focus on, he turned back to his mirror, straightening his jacket after reaching up to fix his hair, narrowing his eyes at his reflection. The justice had said black velvet, and Andrew hadn’t lied when he had told her he wanted another excuse to wear his bespoke Gieves & Hawkes, but even with a tie that matched his jacket, the whim to throw away his plan, flouting Madison Porter’s expectation of obedience, had forced itself into his thoughts. 

Even thinking of changing was, at this point, useless. He had an image to maintain, if he was really going to spend his night among strangers who knew him without introduction. He needed to live up to their expectations and be their Prince Andrew. The handsome, charming, intelligent, perfect, completely together son of their beloved queen. Madison almost certainly held him to that gilded standard, and after the arrangements had been made for his security detail, he felt a vague sense of obligation towards his own personal enigma. 

Always judging him from afar, it felt like, from the moment he had stepped into her office and questioned her intent. The desire, as much has he had pushed it down and starved it, to give her something to judge had yet to fade. It stayed with him as he had slipped on his coat and left his flat for his car, tapping his mobile against his thigh with his legs crossed. His driver had been given an address, but that and his safety having been guaranteed aside, Andrew knew little of what awaited him. The justice had agreed to meet him, and as the car moved in the darkness of a London street towards a rather ordinary building he could see her waiting. 

An apology for his non-existent lateness — he was early, if anything — was the first step, extending his hand with a sheepish smile. “Really, I’m usually so punctual, I apologise to have kept you out in the cold for so long.”

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hi, your gifs are beautiful, seriously amazing. i was wondering if you'd do a psd or coloring tut on something like these: /post/136284526002 and /post/136217484637. star wars is weird and i don't know how you get clear/natural skin color and everything. any help would be cool. :)

naa if we’re bein real they’re just passable at best haha but thank you so much!! i always colour things from square one each gif has a different psd and for sw i try my best not to mess with the natural colours i worked with what i had bcs extreme alteration was not needed i only added rudimentary adjustment layers like curves, brightness, levels etc and i only enhanced several things like the reds and yellows (bc these colors affect the skintone the most) using selective colour and if things are looking too much i use colour balance to neutralise the colours i just rely heavily on selective colour and colour balance i utilise them as much as i can without making the gif looks pixelated or unnatural. i’ve written about how i use adjustment layers on my giffing tips page which i’ve finally updated here 

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I'm looking forward to cacw and the raven king!!! also I followed ur marvel sideblog :)

i’m looking forward to more stucky cacw too!! everyone on tumblr has been talking about trc and trk but i still haven’t read the series yet. and thank you :)

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comment: i absolutely love your posts and edits/gifs, jo!

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That Bloke Must Have Hit Me Harder Than I Thought

I’m posting four thoughts about ever D(octo)r Who story.

Today’s Dr Who is Dr Who - Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 AD, or whatever awkward thing it’s called. I just don’t have that much to say about this, I guess.


Tom Campbell looks and sounds exactly like Wilf off post-2005 Doctor Who. Uncanny.

Anyway, #BringBackTomCampbell.

(There’s nothing about what happened to Ian and Barbara, so I’ll just assume they’re making out in a cupboard in the back somewhere.)


Originally posted by doctorwhogifs

I can’t find a gif of the version of this scene as depicted in this film, but that’s okay, because it’s pretty cruddy! It’s entirely too fast, and the Dalek is just sort of sitting there, which is a shame, because it’s the best scene in the entire original story.


I didn’t have this problem with the first film, because it’s set almost entirely on Skaro, but I find this version’s invaded London far less believable than I do the original story’s, maybe because it’s in colour, and that has the same effect on dodgy 1960s sets as high frame rate does on dodgy Hobbit sets?

Still dig the groovy pinkish walls on the Dalek spaceship (and Skaro, in the first one) a lot, though.


I sort of wish that 52-part Dr Who radio serial Mr Cushing was supposed to do that never happened existed, just so there’d be more of him as the Doctor, because he’s really great in the role! (Though if it existed, I’d undoubtedly be looking for excuses not to have to listen to it.)

Two solid feature films, two great short stories, and a mediocre comic strip. It ain’t much, Greg, but it’s something.

Long live the Cushing era.


The Doctor gets crabs.

   You made it back!” She does not dare look at him before she moves in, swift movements abound with intent. Encircling him were arms she knew too be too strong for the malcontent and relieve she felt upon seeing him again: she knew but she did not act adding a bit too much omph to the hug if for no other reason then temper clashing with her maternal instinct. 

                                                   “You’ve been a real horse’s ass.”