boyfriend jungkook
  • okokok lets DO THIS
  • i have a soft spot for little jungkook he was my very first bias
  • the softest cutest little man child
  • would fall for u within the first few months of knowing u and one day he just sees u laughing and his heart flutters and hes like “shit jungkook”
  • asks u out by standing at ur door at 9am on a saturday morning with flowers and a cute little teddy bear
  • laughs as u start blushing and freaking out bc ur in ur fucking pj’s w bed hair and a clean face damnit get it together
  • ever since then he thinks u look the cutest when u just woke up
  • does little things to make ur day a little better
  • sends u cute texts
  • tries to pull cheesy shit
  • “hey jagi lets count shoulders… 
  • *taps his own shoulders* 
  • “1..2..” 
  • “taps ur shoulder and then wraps his arm around u to tap ur other shoulder*
  • “3..4!”
  • whines when u slap him bc why is he like this
  • probably such a good kisser mm but u didnt hear it from me
  • likes when u play with his hair
  • cuddles!!! so many cuddles!!!!
  • likes when u wear his clothes
  • plays piano and sings songs and cooks for u
  • does anything for u
  • tries to make u laugh bc he thinks ur laugh is cute
  • lowkey the jealous type i feel like
  • favorite pda is holding hands or wearing something small that matches
  • beats u at every imessage game
  • wont let u win 8ball even out of pity
  • reaches things on the top shelf for u
  • pets ur hair when ur sad or sleepy
  • rly stubborn after fights but usually apologizes first after a fight unless u were rlly in the wrong and he knew he was right
  • ur moms wants u to marry him but doesnt say that out loud
  • such a good boyfriend honestly





Ciao mi amor

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“Dean, please tell me you aren’t going to say that to Angelina tonight! You better have something figured out, that woman is a saint for putting up with you.”

“I got it, don’t worry. I have till tomorrow anyways.”



“TODAY is Valentine’s day.” Dean gave Sam a look like ‘ha ha so funny.” Checking his phone Dean’s face went white.

“Oh fuck…oh shit…son of a bitch!” Grabbing his jacket Dean sprinted out the door. 

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“Crowley!” You shouted, running after the king of hell. When he started walking faster, you called out to him again. “Damnit Crowley, stop walking. I know you can hear me.”

Crowley stopped in his tracks, reluctantly turning around. “I’m a very busy man, Y/N.”

You rolled your eyes. “Who knew the King of Hell was such a shitty liar.”

Crowley’s face turned red, and he instantly began to deny it. “Why- I would never-”

“Why do you keep ignoring me?” You cut him off, giving him a strange look.

Crowley made a weird face, letting his anger and confusion surface. “Feelings.”

“Feelings?” You raised an eyebrow.

“Yes.” Crowley mumbled. “Now shut up.”

With that, Crowley snapped his fingers leaving you standing alone in a motel parking lot. You shrugged to yourself and turned around, walking back to the motel.

“I’ll pick you up tonight at eight.” Crowley told you, reappearing. “And get a different motel room. I don’t want you sharing one anymore with Moose and Squirrel.”

“But I want candy NOW!” 

Sam looked up then, leveling a tired look of disappointment at Gabe that had him lowering his wings hastily. “Gabe, we went over this,” Sam murmured while regretfully tucking a bookmark between the pages and focusing his attention on his pouting fledgeling, “When did I say you could have candy?” 

Gabriel’s face became petulant. “…when I cleaned my room,” he muttered sullenly, flicking his wings closed and moodily resting his cheek on the table in front of him. “Exactly. And, is your room clean?” Sam pressed. “Yes,” Gabe answered promptly, only fidgeting a bit while holding Sam’s unimpressed gaze. 

“Really?” Sam questioned flatly, knowing perfectly well Gabe had not set foot in the room ever since getting told to clean it. Gabe held out for another few wavering seconds before rolling his eyes dramatically. “Okay, fine, no it isn’t. UGH.” With that eloquent remark he sulkily slunk down from his chair to the ground, mutinously making his way over to his room.

With a sigh and a secret smile, Sam settled back with his book. He made a mental note to check under his fledgling’s bed before accepting the chore as done, though.

On the Run


Lindsey moved through the wet streets of the small Ohio town, and kept looking over his shoulder.  He’d been on a layover when one of the agents from Wolfram and Hart came after him.  Lindsey rounded the corner too fast and slid to the ground, landing hard on his injured side.  He winced and cursed, “Damnit!

He’d come face to face with a Prio Motu demon and barely managed to get away with everything attached.  He looked a bit worse for wear, cut, bruised and bleeding on his side but still breathing, which was more than he could say for the guy with the gun that had gotten in the way.

Pulling himself up he slid again but Lindsey managed to prop himself against the brick of a building, when he saw a figure in the dark, “Who’s there?”

Okay negativity time (again). Emma Watson was fucking awful as Belle. I’m glad practically every other aspect of the movie overshadowed her because I couldn’t stand watching her without thinking about how she could’ve improved her performance. First of all, smile more damnit. Why was she not absolutely glowing when she danced with the beast? She’s supposed to be happy and in love. Oh but “how can anyone be happy without being free” okay whatever. I still don’t think it was a good idea to look at him with this vague look on her face. Also, her singing sounded auto tuned as fuck. It was a little distracting. Frankly, it did too with Dan Stevens but I assumed that was because his voice was altered to sound deeper for the Beast.

And don’t get me started on the ball gown. The gown that was supposed to be the most beautiful of all the other costumes… was extremely underwhelming. I was glad it wasn’t as ugly as I thought it would be but I can’t help but be pissed at Emma for absolutely butchering it. Why on EARTH was she allowed input on the costumes? Girl, your job is to act, not design. Just put on the damn corset, suck it up, and dance. All the other women did it. You can’t? This was just a complete waste of the skill and talent of the costume department. Just imagine the dress she COULD’VE had if she didn’t make them bend it to her will. Urgh.

All that said… I thought the movie was beautiful. Visually, it was breathtaking, despite some scenes looking too obviously CGI. It was colorful and all the other costumes were gorgeous. The music combined with the dance numbers made everything so much fun to watch. The rest of the acting was great. Ewan McGregor wasn’t as bad as I thought he was going to be. The new songs were wonderful. The original charm of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast wasn’t lost. 7/10. I’d watched it again.

Sleepy Wonho.

-Wakes up only if you kiss him
-Really drowsy when he wakes up
-His eyes, nose and lips are more red than usual
-Sitting up takes forever
-Grandpa wonho activated
-Extra fluffy hair and a dazed look on his face
-Pouty lips
-Groaning because he doesn’t want to get up
-Really likes it when you give him lots and lots of kisses
-Call him ‘baby’ he loves that shit
-Hold his face in your hands and give him Eskimo kisses
-More kisses all over his face to make him smile
-He puts his arms around you and throw himself back onto the bed
-Puts his finger on your lips to silence you when you protest
- “Please Jagi 5 more minutes”
-He falls asleep again
-Damnit wonho we need to get out of bed
-He’ just so innocent and fluffy have you seen him omg

Never Again.

(( @noirdaemon cont. from here ))

  “Distrct- Pi,” He took them by the shoulders and held them out by arms length making Pi look him directly in his eyes. “Look at me, you look at me right now,” He hissed. “You are not a burden to me. I do have a reason to retire. I don’t have to worry about you, but I do, because I love you. I am in love with you.” He cupped both their cheeks holding Pi’s face in his hands. He didn’t care if they could see the tears on his face. “It’s not fair to you to depend on me to be there and I go running off somewhere else for a long time,” He sighed. “It’s not,” He choked up a little. “Damnit why can’t you see that…?”

(12:04) Nothing bad, chill!
(12:05) But I still might be panicking a little.
(12:05) He was so perfect, James
(12:05) And he was right there and
(12:05) Fuck I probably looked like an idiot I just wouldn’t stop smiling and gaping
(12:07) He probably thinks I’m a bit of weirdo too like I drew on his arm and I don’t even know why
(12:07) He also lied to me he has tiny freckles all over his face and arms god damnit
(12:08) So you got that close to his face, huh?
(12:08) I think we nearly kissed
(12:09) But then his parents came home
(12:09) And I climbed out a window
(12:10) WHAT?

This fic is precious and I’ve read it like three times this week. Sirius was so adorable in this scene.

if it’s not you, who is it?


“Naruto?” she questioned, turning to face in the direction of the call. She grinned at his running form. “Oh, hey! What’s up?”

His strong hands grabbed her shoulders, looking at her in wonderment. “How’d you teach Sarada to do that?!” he exclaimed, smiling so wide and proud. “She’s barely more than a year old, and she can do that? That’s amazing!”

She blinked, brows furrowing. “Huh?”

“You know, the thing!” Naruto pressed, moving his hands around to make some sort of a gesture she didn’t understand. At her puzzlement, Naruto rubbed his temples, brows furrowed. “Damnit, I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s that thing like… you know when people rub their noses together? What’s that called again?”

Sakura’s mouth parted lightly, eyebrows shooting up. “An eskimo kiss?”

Naruto’s blue eyes widened, and he thrust a hand to point a her. “That! How in the world did you teach Sarada how to do an eskimo kiss at her age!”

Her jaw dropped open. “Sarada knows how to give an eskimo kiss?”

Naruto’s arm lowered, confusion sweeping over him. “Wait… if you didn’t teach her how to do one then who…” He froze, then, eyes snapping wide. “No way…” he whispered.

In one sharp, single movement, they both turned to each other and blurted, “Sasuke?!”




Carl protested as he looked towards the woman that had been his rock, his bestfriend, his biggest supporter. The woman who over the years had become a mother to him and Judith.

He couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t hear her screams or see the agony etched on her face for another minute, he needed to go, he needed to get out of that room. Carl stormed out, his emotions boiling over like vinegar to baking soda, an eruption of rage, fear, disappointment and sorrow flowed out as one.


Rick shouted behind him as his eyes followed the closing of the door.

“Damnit!” he huffed out as his eyes fixated on her again. “Your going to be okay baby….stay strong…I have to go find Carl but I will be back as soon as possible” he assured her “Sasha?” he gestured for her to take his place. He kissed Michonne’s knuckles before slipping his fingers out of hers and quickly exiting the room to find his son.

Carl stood a few feet away; his back slumped over, a monkey weighing heavily on it. Rick walked towards him “Carl?” he said softly as concern filled his tone. The young man turned towards his father, tears of despair streaming down his porcelain face.

“Carl what’s wrong?” Rick asked worry dripping from each line and wrinkle in his face

“I-I- I can’t watch her in pain. I can’t watch her like that…”



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Apollo yelling compliments at Klavier because he's so overwhelmed and flustered that he can't control his Chords of Steel

apollo getting all antsy when he realises he wants klavier because he has lots of trust and abandonment issues so when he finally admits it too himself that he wants to have something much more than friendship with klavier  he’s too scared to ask, too scared to ruin what a great friendship they already have

clay having to sit him down and tell him that he’s seen how klavier looks at him with soft eyes and gentle smiles and that damnit, klavier gavin is into him and he won’t hear another ‘what if’ because he’s being ridiculous about the whole thing

apollo being so bewildered because little old him is trying to romance klavier gavin, legendary rockstar and prosecutor. he thought it was odd that they became friends in the first place and he can’t believe he’s actively trying to flirt with him

everything is fine until apollo’s actually face to face with him, and all his carefully laid plans fly out the window to be replaced with apollo the shaky little mess declaring “I REALLY LIKE YOUR VOICE I DON’T LIKE YOUR GAVINNERS STUFF BUT YOUR INDIE STUFF IS SOOTHING” and they’re at a crime scene standing over a body and ema is like “what the fuck apollo” and trucy’s like B) [spongbob voice] you like klavier gavin don’t you apollo and klavier’s just ???? thanks????

(but he’s secretly blushin)

apollo crawling away afterwards to beat himself up about it and tell himself he’s an idiot but he tries again later only for the exact same thing to happen like “YOU’RE A REALLY HARDWORKER I DIDN’T THINK MUCH OF YOU WHEN WE MET BUT I CONSIDER US REALLY GOOD FRIENDS NOW I HOPE YOU FEEL THE SAME” and klavier looks startled because wow, what a pair of lungs on this man, but he smiles and says “i feel the same, apollo”

back to beating himself up because he just called someone he was trying to flirt with his friend but the next time they meet in the prosecution offices clay’s in the background giving him the thumbs up and believing in him and apollo’s like “DO YOU WANT TO GO GET DINNER SOMETIME” and they do that all the time as buds so klavier’s like “sure are you free tonight” but apollo’s like kinda brave but gradually losing it like “NOT AS FRIENDS I MEAN. AS TWO GUYS WHO. WANT TO. MAYBE BE….OKAY SORRY NEVER MIND”

but klavier blinks at him and quirks his head to one side and is like “are you asking me on a date?” and everyone is staring at payne is like wtf??? in the background because gavin’s fraternizing with the enemy

apollo knows he’s already doomed so he’s like “….yes i’m sorry” and klavier’s quiet for a split second looking as confused as all hell before he nods and says “i’d love to”

(apollo screams)

Day 3: Coffee (AU Settings)

Title: Coffee (Malec Week 7 days challenge; Day 3: AU settings)
Author: erucchii (or on A03)
A/N: Yes, I’m aware I’m late. I can’t seem to stick to my own schedule /shot But oh well. I won’t be able to catch up, but I’m still going to do all 7 damnit. Anyways, enjoy! :D
Summary: Alec was the unfortunate one who picked the short straw. That means he had to go to the small coffee shop across campus to get coffees. But when he saw the barista behind the cashier, he thought, it might not be so bad after all.
Disclaimer: I do not own The Mortal Instruments.

Alec looked at the short straw in his hand, before turning back to the others. Jace and Isabelle both had a smirk on their faces, while Simon had a sheepish look, and Clary looked guilty. “You cheated.”

“Aw, of course not, brothermine,” Isabelle exclaimed, grinning.

Alec narrowed his eyes. He looked at each of them one by one, before finally his gaze fell upon the redhead. “Clary?”

“We colour coded the straws so that we know which one is the shortest straw,” she blurted out, and blushed. Because of this she earned herself a sigh from her boyfriend, Jace, and best friend, Simon, and a glare from Isabelle.

Alec rolled his eyes, before staring at the other four people in the lab they were using at Columbia University. He and Jace were working on building a robot for a project, when Isabelle, Clary, and Simon decided to join them in the lab. He looked at them suspiciously for a moment, before saying, “I don’t’ know what you’re planning but I don’t want any parts in it.”

“We just wanted some coffee, Alec,” Jace told his adopted brother, trying to sound as innocent as possible, all the while having a smirk on his face.

The look on Alec’s face was one of disbelief, but later he sighed in resignation. “Fine, I’ll do the coffee run this time.”


The coffee shop was just across the campus, a short less-than-five-minutes walk. It was family-owned, called Charlotte’s Café. There was the familiar chime of the bell when he entered. Sophie, one of the baristas, gave him a smile before turning back to clear a table.

There were not many people at that time of the day, so the queue wasn’t long. He stood in line, and took out his phone to look at everyone’s order, and replying to the text Isabelle sent. He was so engrossed in his phone; he didn’t realize it was his turn.

“Darling, you can come closer, you know? I won’t bite.”

Alec’s head immediately snapped up, and blushed. Realizing what the barista addressed him as, he blushed even darker. Awkwardly, he walked towards the counter. He didn’t recognize the barista, so he probably just started. However, he did notice how good looking the barista was, and his slender frame— Alec shook his head. Where the hell did that come from?

“So, what would you like, darling?” the barista said with a grin.

Alec stared at the man with wide eyes. The guy was flirting with him, right? He may not be good with social cues but he was sure that the guy was flirting. “I want you—I mean, I want two mocha, large; one caffé frappé with whipped cream, one chai latte, and one large coffee, black,” he said in one breath, mortified by his earlier slip of tongue.

The man chuckled. “And your name?”

“A-Alec… My name is Alec.” Alec wished a hole would open and swallow him right about now.

“Right, Alexander it is.”


“Alec is short for Alexander, isn’t it?”

“Well, yes. How did you know?”

“Lucky guess,” he shrugged. “I’m Magnus, by the way.”

Alec smiled. “I’m Alec.”

“I know,” Magnus gave him an amused smile. He wrote Alec’s name on the cups, before giving the order list to Jem, another barista that worked there. Then, he rang Alec up.

The bell chimed, indicating a new customer had just comes in, while Alec was paying. So, Alec awkwardly said, “Well, it was nice…meeting you. I’ll just—I’ll just wait at the side.”

“You do that, darling,” Magnus replied, with a wink.

Alec could feel his ears turning red, and he immediately walked away. He swore he could hear Magnus’s soft chuckle.

It took almost ten minutes for Jem to finish making all the drinks he ordered. He exchanged a few words with the brunette before leaving, and if he noticed the amused look Jem gave him, well, he tried not to think about it.

While walking, he took his cup of black coffee in his free hand and was about to drink it when he saw the note at the side of the cup, near the scrawl ofAlexander. It was a phone number, and the note says:

Call me, darling. —Magnus

This time, Alec knew that he was blushing all the way down his neck. He had a sinking feeling that Isabelle had a hand behind this, but he would deal with that later. He stared at the number for a minute or two before committing it to memory.


Jem leaned against the counter, his hands crossed over his chest, and an amused look on his face. He looked at Magnus, who was still at his post near the cash register. “What was that about?”

“What was what about?”

Jem shook his head when Magnus played dumb. “The flirting with Alec.”

“Jealous, Carstairs?” Magnus grinned, wiggling his eyebrows.

Jem snorted. “I have my own beau, thank you. And a girlfriend.”

“I still can’t believe the three of you ended up in a threesome relationship,” Magnus told his childhood friend.

Jem laughed. Then, he said, “Back to the original topic, whatever it is you’re doing, Magnus, don’t chase him away, okay? Alec’s a regular, and Charlotte would be furious if you chase him away.”

“Aye, aye, captain.”

Jem left to the back room to get more pastries, when Magnus received a text. He fished out his phone from his pocket, and read the message.

You’re awesome, Magnus. My brother seemed to be lost in his thought with a weird smile on his face after he returned from the coffee run.


Magnus was grinning when he replaced the phone is his pocket. He couldn’t wait for his night shift tomorrow, knowing full well that Alec would be there too. Tomorrow was music night, and Charlotte always had live bands playing every week. Simon, Isabelle’s boyfriend, and his band would be performing tomorrow, and Isabelle always dragged Alec there for moral support.

He whistled softly to himself, and for the first time in a very long time, he really wished that Alec would decide to call him. Alec was sweet and cute, and different. It would be nice to get to know him, even if the latter only wanted to be friends.

The End…(maybe)