So after multiple viewings of the “4 alarm fire” scene, there is one particular moment that I just can’t stop thinking about. Right after Shaw says “Root” with what’s almost a reverent look on her face, she shakes her head just a tiny bit. It’s like she can’t believe what a little shit Root is for sending her that particular message. Because it was something she said to Root about them possibly being together over 9 months ago…so of course Root is going to reference it. But it also makes her smile because Root is her little shit and Shaw suddenly remembers every time Root flirted with her, or dropped some thinly veiled comment about them, or reached out to touch her without permission, or every time they spent the night together. And that’s what fills her with the hope she needs to keep fighting, to try and get back to her. Probably so she can look at Root, roll her eyes, and then make some sarcastic comment about how ridiculous she is. I’m in so deep with these two. 

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From the drabble list: child with Stebe or Bucky because I'm trash as hell and your writing always makes me happy 💕💕

Child + Bucky

He looked absolutely handsome

As Bucky had gone out with Sam for the day, it didn’t exactly surprised you when he showed up with a clean shaven baby face and a neatly cut short hair, ridiculously resembling his old army days from the 40s. 

It was rare the days he’d go out with Sam and come back home without something different to show or tell you. His new look was the loveliest surprise you had so far, though you kinda enjoyed his old caveman alike type. 

It was just a pity that you couldn’t say the same about your two year-old daughter. 

Having seen her father with long hair and grown beard through practically her entire life, Sarah looked absolutely terrified once she laid her baby blue eyes on Bucky once he arrived, taking in his new appearance in the hardest way the both of you could’ve imagined. 

“Hey, what’s wrong?” You asked apprehensively as she seemed to cuddle closer to your body, gripping your t-shirt impressively tight for a two year-old as she glanced attentively at Bucky. “Wanna go with daddy?”

Sarah immediately perked up her head from your shoulder at the mention of her father, a tiny gasp leaving her lips as Bucky smirked smugly and Sam groaned with his friend’s attitude. 

“I don’t know how she doesn’t grow tired of you, honestly.” Sam bursted out with a huff and raised his eyebrows in amusement when Bucky glanced pointedly at him. “Just sayin’, man. I know I would be.”

“That’s because she’s my daughter.” Bucky huffed out in mocked annoyance and started walking over to you, reaching out his arms to Sarah as he playfully cooed her. “Come on baby girl, show Uncle Sam what he’s missing.”

When Sarah really looked up to her father’s voice direction, spotting him standing just a few steps away, her face immediately closed and she frowned in fear, sucking her bottom lip into her mouth as she sank into your hold.

“Oooh, I guess someone finally got tired of you.” Sam joked with a laugh that you followed, though with a small frown as you watched Bucky’s face fall completely when Sarah buried her chubby face into your neck. 

“What happened?” Bucky asked worriedly as he sat down next to you on the couch, his serious expression turning into a sad frown when Sarah flinched from his touch. “Did I do something?”

“I don’t know?” You looked helplessly from Sarah, to Bucky and to Sam, who finally shrugged with a real concerned expression taking his features as the scene unfolded. “She was fine until you guys arrived.”

Sam looked back and forth between Sarah and Bucky for a moment until he suddenly let out an amused huff, shaking his head curtly. 

“I think I know what this is about.” Sam replied and rolled his eyes when Bucky glanced inquiringly at him, silently demanding further explanation. “It’s your hair, Barnes.”

“My hair?” Bucky parroted confusingly and you immediately let out a gasp, looking down at Sarah’s pouty face as she still stared fearfully at her father, curled on your lap like a small ball. 

“She’s never seen you with short hair!” You explained a little too joyful for Bucky’s liking. “She’s not recognizing you, Bucky.”

Bucky’s face fell as if you’d just told him that Sarah wasn’t his daughter, a deep frown forming between his eyebrows as he opened and closed his mouth for a few times, seeming completely speechless for a moment. 

It was from there that you and Sam started your mission of trying to make Sarah comfortable around Bucky again, both of you failing miserably everytime she turned her face around and avoided Bucky’s gaze at all costs, squirming relentlessly on your lap to ignore the man. 

You could almost hear Bucky’s heart breaking as the little girl barely looked at his face, no matter how many times he tried to talk to her. 

He basically did all the things she was used to – sang, pulled funny faces, called her by all the sweet names he could muster – but Sarah was firm on her ground, whining everytime he got too close. 

“Come on, Sar.” Bucky pleaded sadly as he kneeled down on your feet, his helpless expression making your heart skip a beat. “You’re breaking your old man’s heart. Don’t do this to me, baby girl.”

Sarah kept on fully ignoring him and Bucky got up on his feet with a jump, running his hands over his face stressedly as a bitter laugh left his lips. 

“My daughter hates me.” He chuckled miserably, shrugging off his leather jacket as you glanced apologetically at him. “My own daughter hates me–”

Bucky’s speech was suddenly cut short by a squeak and a giggle, the three of you nearly paralyzing as Sarah sat up excitedly and reached out her arms to Bucky, staring at his metal arm in glee as she started to bounce on your lap. 

“Do you wanna go with daddy? Do you?” You asked excitedly as you bounced her on your leg, trying to make her as joyful as you could. “Say hi to daddy, Sarah! Come on!”

As you continued talking, Sarah just grew anxious, babbling nonstop at every mention of her father with Bucky’s face lighting up at every try. 

When you helped her get up, Sarah reached out her arms to Bucky again and let out the most excited ‘tati!’, succeeding for the first time in her many attempts of saying 'daddy’ in romanian and making Bucky nearly crawl off his skin with joy.

You couldn’t help but feel your chest warm up when Bucky scooped her up in his arms again, peppering her small face with smooches as she giggled, her tiny fingers running through her father’s newly soft skin. 

You couldn’t help but feel your chest warm up and laugh when Bucky finally spoke up again. 

“I’m never cutting my hair again.”

Opening scene for a MCU NETFLIX series 

A Comic ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGER #1′ is dumped onto a solid wooden desk. 

Camera pans to the tall, green woman doing paperwork. She looks up and takes off her glasses

“Can I help you…Sir?”

Camera pans to see Captain America. “They made me a HYDRA agent ma’am. Me! A Nazi!”

SHE-HULK considers, “You need me to sue Marvel comics?”


She-hulk looks into a camera her eyes say “hoo-boy” but her smile says “We did it kids”


Without the Mask

“What colour are your eyes?” Marinette asked, looking up from her stitching to glance at the costumed boy currently draped happily across her chaise with a box of macarons. He was getting crumbs everywhere, and she pursed her lips in disapproval.

Chat guiltily brushed crumbs off his chest at the expression on her face before he answered, “Green.”

“I mean without the mask,” Marinette said, looking back at her stitching as she carefully embroidered the pawprint in bright green thread.

Chat sat up, smiling. “Still green,” he said. “I’m as hot out of the suit as I am in it.” Marinette gave him a look so flat it could be tarmacked and Chat flashed her a bright grin. “I thought you liked my eyes?” He asked, teasingly.

Marinette looked away again, shyly. “They’re the suit’s eyes,” she said, after a moment, “I just wondered what yours were like.” She bit her lip, turning back to her stitches.

“What do you want them to be?” Chat asked, resting his elbows on his knees as he leaned forward to look at Marinette, really look at her. She’d spent some time thinking about this, he realised, ever since he’d detransformed on her balcony.

“Yours,” she answered, softly. Her cheeks coloured, and she refused to look up at him. “I just realised that,” she hesitated, and Chat could feel her lining her words up behind her tongue so that she explained this properly, “you could have red hair and eyes like Juleka under there for all I know, and I wondered if this is what it’s like being in love when you’re blind. I have this mental image of you, in my head, and I don’t know if it’s even close to what you really look like, and it doesn’t matter because no matter what you look like you’re still you, but I am still curious.”

No matter what you look like. He caught those words and felt his heart go soft and mushy, a reaction he had to Marinette’s silly rambling thoughts more often than he tended to admit. She got carried away in her thoughts, sometimes. He wondered if her mental picture of him looked like Adrien Agreste, or whether she’d have scrubbed that mental image deliberately out of deference to the fact that picturing her boyfriend as her crush had some uncomfortable connotations. Even if it was accurate. “I’m blond,” he said, standing up, and walking over towards her, “I have green eyes, I’m the same height,” he took Marinette’s hand, noticing for the first time that she was carefully hand embroidering a series of green pawprints along the hem of a skirt.

She looked up into his eyes and he looked into hers before he knelt in front of her and placed her hand to his cheek. “My hair’s tidier when I haven’t been running across rooftops,” he said, taking her other hand and placing that on his cheek too. He saw her swallow. “Close your eyes?”

Marinette bit her lip, and Chat’s heart did a little flip in his chest. When she closed her eyes, her hands on his cheeks, he lifted the transformation. Plagg zipped up and away out of his ring, and into his pocket. He heard a faint grumble about stupid, sappy teenagers.

Marinette must have felt the shift, because she protested, “Chat!” Her eyes squeezed shut as tightly as they’d been that day on her balcony.

“Maybe you can’t see it with your eyes,” he said, covering one of her hands with his own, “but you can still see me in your head.”

Marinette inhaled, a deep, slow, shaky breath before her fingers moved, carefully and gently. Adrien stayed absolutely still as her fingertips brushed gently over his upper lip, feeling the contours of the ridge below his nose, and then trailing inexorably upwards. She trailed her fingers over the tip of his nose and further, the pads of her fingers brushing his eyelashes as he closed his eyes for her to touch the delicate, soft skin of his eyelids. She stroked the arch of his eyebrow, and up his forehead to his hairline, using both hands to follow that all the way down and round to find his ears.

He watched her as she explored his face, her lip bitten in concentration as one of her hands cupped the side of his jaw, and her other wound its way through his hair. He pressed his hand to the back of hers again before he mirrored her, placing his other hand to her cheek, stroking her soft skin with his bare thumb. He needed to do this more often, he did not touch her enough without the suit resting between them.

She inhaled sharply as he leaned forwards, but relaxed when he touched his thumb to the corner of her mouth, and then pressed in to cover her lips with his own. He let go of her hand to put his arm around her waist, and she let her own hand drift down, away from his cheek. He felt her wrap her arm around his chest as he kissed her, deeply and sweetly, and explore slowly down his back to the end of his shirt.

Then it went lower and he startled, feeling her grin against his mouth as she squeezed his butt with her hand.

“Well, that feels how I imagined it,” she whispered.

Adrien wondered if she could feel the heat from his blush against her face.

Imagine you and your friend find a box of puppies, then the guys each pick out their own.

WARNINGS: Language, cuteness overload, FLUFFFFFFFF, Baby Puppies

REQUEST: Can it be about I find a box full of puppies and I can’t take them all even though I want too 💓😂 and each guy choose there own and a baby pitbull gets attached to happy 😂 and its super cut and that’s when you come in and see the cuteness and I’m juice gf 

So one of my followers is feeling down so I’m making this to make her feel better Hope you all enjoy :D

You and your friend Juliet were walking down the street after getting some ice cream when you heard little barks, yelps and whines down in the dark alley way, “Did you hear that?” You questioned your shorter friend, “Yeah…should we ya know, go check it out?” Juliet asked, her eyes looking down into the alley and you nodded, both of you walking down the alley. You heard whines grow louder and both of you gasped, “Awe.”

“They’re…puppies.” Juliet then squealed as she saw a box filled with little puppies, oh they were so cute, “I can’t believe someone could leave you all out here.” You said as you picked up a little miniature schnauzer, “Aren’t you just the cutest wittle thing?” You squealed and he panted loudly, yelping loudly with joy.

“No this one is the cutest.” You heard Juliet say as she hugged a tiny dachshund puppy, “He is cute but I think I’ll keep this little bugger, we can’t keep all of them though.”

“But we can’t just leave them all here.” Juliet said and you nodded as you pulled out your phone, the little schnauzer tucked in your other arm, “Hey Jackson.” You smiled widely and you heard the man sigh, “Oh no what are you up to?” He asked and Juliet grinned, making you laugh as you noticed how much she looked like her boyfriend Juice, “Well…Juliet and I were walking and we noticed this little box full of puppies and …we can’t keep them all.”

You heard Jax sigh, “We can’t just…”

“WHAT! You found a box full of puppies! Well what the hell are you waiting for bring those little fuckers over here already!” Tig shouted, cutting off Jax making you laugh, “Who found puppies?” You heard Happy grunt then Abel’s loud gasp, “I want a puppy daddy!” Jax’s curse was low over the phone, “Fine bring them to the club.” Jax groaned and you smiled, “See you in a bit.”

“LOOK AT THESE LITTLE MUNCHKINS!” Tig said happily as three little puppies jumped all over him, licking and nipping cutely at him. There was an American Pitbull Terrier that was on his chest, a mini tanned pug hopping over his head, then an English Bulldog nipping at the hand that was petting him. “Oh I just wanna squeeze the shit outta all of you.” He mumbled as they all went to his face, licking him, “Doll can we keep’em?” Tig asked as he looked at Venus who was recording him, “Why of course sugar, but I get to pick the names, darlin’.” She told him and he smiled happily as he played with his new babies.

You held your little schnauzer and Abel gasped, “Awe that’s cute.” Abel said then looked down and noticed a little golden retriever his small hands picking up the puppy making Jax smile. “Daddy!” Abel squealed as he hugged the little blondie that looked like all three of the Teller males. “Abel buddy I don’t know.” Jax started but Tara knelt in front of him, “Are you gonna feed him?” She asked softly and Abel nodded, “Take care of him?”

“Duh mommy I love him.” Abel smiled cutely, “Fine.” Jax sighed then Abel handed the puppy to his father, the older man smiling as he quickly fell in love. “Maybe a dog is a good addition to the family.“ The man said.

You looked over at Juliet who sat in Juice’s lap his arms around her petting the dachshund in her lap who was softly asleep, “What are we gonna name him?” Juice grinned as he kissed Juliet on her cheek, “I think we should name him…Marley…no how about good Ole JC?” She smiled then pressed a kiss to Juice’s lips.

You then cast your glance over to Happy who was staring down at a little blue nose pitbull, her paw pushing at his leg. “Back off, I ain’t lookin’ for any puppies. Shoo.” Happy growled but the little girl just nipped at his jeans making the man scrunch up his face, “Scat, Shoo, Go away…persistent little shit.” Happy smirked as she let out a little bark, Happy leaning down and scratching behind her right ear. “Awe look at the Killah with a baby.” Juliet cooed and he growled as he backed away making the puppy whine.

You kissed your puppies nose then walked over to sit next to Chibs who was occupied with a Scottish Terrier, that was a really good coincidence. “Aye lass, that’s a cute baby ya got.” He smiled and you nodded, “I can say the same for yours.“ You smiled and Juliet went over to you and Chibs, petting the black puppy in the man’s arms. “Aye Juicy boy looks like he’s enjoying the new puppy.”

The three of you looked over at Juice who was now laying down on the couch with JC on his chest, both men snoring away. “We named him JC.” Juliet smiled, “They’re my two favorite boys.” You loved how Happy your friend was and it warmed your heart. To think that you only met the MC because of a flat tire.

Youre puppy licked at your chest and Chibs tapped his nose lightly, “Lil’ pervert.” He chuckled and you nodded, “Just like the rest of the men in here.” You smirked and he nodded. “Well everyone, My sweet Tiggy  and I are gonna take these little angles home.” Venus smiled and you grinned wide as you saw her lift her purse, the little pug inside, she sure looked fierce.

“Yeah, I’m gonna head home and show the kids their new brother.” Opie said as he lifted a black pug up, it was weird since he was so huge with a little puppy fitting in his hand, “See ya later Opie. Give Lyla a smack on the ass for me.” You winked and he rolled his eyes but smirked as he headed out of the club with Tig and Venus. All three people holding little box puppies.

“So everyone heading out?” You questioned, everyone but Happy nodded before bidding their goodbyes and heading out of the club house. You looked over at Happy who’s eyes were looking at the puppy that was trying to climb up his leg since he still refused to pick her up, “I ain’t keepin’ you.” He told the pit as she shook his head, “Nope, I ain’t doin’ it.”

You smirked then walked over picking up the puppy, Happy’s eyes glaring at you slightly, “What are you doing?”

“Well since you don’t want her, I’ll take her.” You said and held in a yelp as she nipped at your hand, biting down at your fingers. The puppy looked over at Happy and barked, you watched him bit into his tooth pick and grunted, “Give her to me.” Happy grumbled and you handed him the puppy, “Good, now you better treat her right Mister.” You winked before walking away leaving the man to his new princess.

You woke up to a weight on your chest, making you grunt then your eyes snapped open as you heard a bark, “Well good morning May.” You smiled as you looked at your dog who you named Mayhem, May for short. You let the puppy attack your face with tons of kisses and you felt happy to know that there was always gonna be a friend with you. Yeah she was your sweet heart, your lil box baby.


Character: Bucky Barnes
Summary: smutty drabble because I have serious writers block and wanted to get something out but this was all I could manage, hope you like it anyway

 She’s curled up into his hulking figure, tiny hands splayed across the hard planes of his chest, cold nose pressed into the crook of his neck leaving a smattering of icy kisses that have him shivering. She breathes in deeply, feeling gunpowder fill her lungs with a freezing numbness. His movements are rigid as he wraps an arm around her, the cool metal of his arm biting into her soft skin. He’s looking down at her with those big blue eyes, wider than the ocean and ten times as deep, there’s a storm in his mind and a kaleidoscope of guilt within his heart. She’s bright and stained with a million colours and he wants to kiss the music of her laugh off her curved lips until he can feel her happiness in his chest, but kissing isn’t the plan for tonight.

His calloused fingers stroke over her sharp collar bones, gliding down her chest and reveling in the way he feels her heart flutter beneath them, he sucks red letters onto her neck as she arches into him, full breasts pushing into his palms, a whine spilling from her parted lips. He curses, voice low and rough and shooting straight down to her core as she grasps at the waistband of his pants, tugging them down in one smooth motion. He lets out a shuddering breath as she drags her hands over his thighs, dark hair flopping onto his face as he grumbles out a few choice curses,

He groans as the tips of her fingers dance along his shaft before she grasps him firmly at the hilt. His eyes soften and his lids flutter, mouth parting slightly as she pumps him once, twice, -

She slides down the bed, eyes locked with his, before blowing softly on his tip, grinning as he groans out, burying his hands in her hair. She licks slowly, from bottom to top before engulfing him in her mouth, humming at the hot heaviness and the salty taste of his pre cum.

Her body’s soft and plush pressed between his legs and his eyes are flickering from her plump lips wrapped around him to the smooth curve of her butt, but hers are locked dutifully on his face, capturing every reaction, every twitch of his stubble-dusted cheek, every flick of his tongue and every clenching of his jaw…

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It was just a dream you're alright, carla and stan mystery dads au before she leaves him for thistle

“Stan? why are you up?” Carla pushed herself up into a sitting position, her husband was sitting on the edge of the bed as if he was about to leave.

“Oh uh, nothin’ just a bad dream,” Stan answered as he stood up, he was rubbing his neck and his eyes were looking over to the side away from her. “I was just gonna get a glass of water.”

Carla narrowed her eyes, she’d recognize those tells anywhere. The dream must of been about her. She flipped the blanket open and patted the spot That Stan had vacated, “Hop back in bed love, tell me about it.”

Stan dragged his feet back to the bed and sat down. Carla covered him back up, but he still sat stiffly and avoided eye contact with her. “I uh, dreamt you’d kicked me outta the apartment. You uh, you didn’t want me around the baby,” he looked away after he finished explaining, as if he was afraid his dream would come true after voicing it aloud.

“It was just a dream Stanley, It’s alright,” Carla put a hand on the side of Stan’s face so that he would look her in the eye. 

Stan laid his face on her shoulder, and rested a hand on her growing bump. “I. know babe. I just, sometimes I worry you’re gonna realize what a loser I am and come to yer senses”

 “Stan I recognized how much of a dork you were after spending five minutes with you,” Carla smirked as he looked back up at her. “ That’s why a fell for ya love, you know I’m too savvy to marry someone I don’t care about.”

Stan smiled and bumped his forehead against hers, “Yeah, suppose that’s true.”


Family (M!Corrin x Felicia) 

Corrin and Felicia’s wedding was a small, quiet, but peaceful affair. Flora just felt so incredibly happy for Felicia. The older twin could always sense a spark between Felicia and their lord. They were a pretty good pair, in her opinion. They both wanted the other to feel on top of the world.

Flora was thankful that she was able to reenter her sister and lord’s lives in time to bear witness to this.

After their encounter in the sea, Flora was ashamed. She felt as though she could never look Lord Corrin or even her own sister in the eye again. Sure, they had forgiven her, but Lord Corrin forgave everyone. That didn’t make Flora right.

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Roni stretched opening her eyes and taking a look around…this wasn’t her dorm. “Where-” she said sitting up and looking around. She remembered going out to get her mind of the numerous voicemails her parents left her….much of anything else a blur.

Minion Marinette

“All shall love me and despair!”

Marinette groaned as she looked in the direction of the voice. Was it too much to ask that she got one nice afternoon out with her friends without an akuma showing up? She’d even been having a conversation with Adrien! An actual, proper conversation, where she only barely tripped over her words, and only blushed when he smiled and winked at her, taking her hand and telling Nino that he and Marinette could take him and Alya down in a water fight any time.

She’d been enjoying herself, damn it. She’d been having a good time in the park with her friends, and here came an akuma to ruin it.

Adrien’s hand grasped hers more tightly as he looked too, his eyes wide, and jaw set. He looked as annoyed as she felt.

“Run,” he said, tugging her arm to drive her ahead of him. Her every instinct screamed at her to put Adrien before herself, but so long as he was close and she didn’t lose him, she could bite it back. She needed to get her friends out of here.

That included Alya.

“Alya!” She shouted. Nino was keeping up with them, but Alya had peeled away and dragged her phone from her pocket.

Adrien’s hand slipped around Marinette’s waist as he pushed her onwards. “I’ll get her,” he said, “keep going.”

“Don’t need to tell me twice!” Nino said, running ahead.

Marinette ran another couple of steps, and then stopped, and turned to find Adrien nowhere to be seen. She couldn’t let him run back there, he was in too much danger, and she could see Alya standing stock still, her phone pointed at the approaching akuma which was turning everyone it could reach with the sweep of a hand into a loyal worshipper.

“Alya!” She shouted, running back for her friend, legs pumping, heart racing. She needed to find Adrien, but he was nowhere in sight, which meant Alya was in more immediate danger. Fear gripped at her throat as she reached Alya, grabbing her by the shoulders and dragging her backwards.

“These are great shots!” She cried, but she didn’t seem bothered or offended that Marinette was ruining them.

“Come on!” Marinette yelled, dragging Alya with her.

She felt it before she saw it, the wave of energy approaching, from the right hand side as the akuma advanced, and swept towards them to attack.

She felt the blur of black leather and golden hair barrel into her and Alya, picking her up right off her feet, her legs flying in the air behind him as he ran, Marinette under one arm, and Alya under the other.

She clung to Chat as he ran, all the way up to where Nino was hiding before he deposited them both. He put Alya down a little less carefully than he did Marinette.

“You need to be more careful,” he said, and Marinette blinked, stunned, her thanks and requests to him to find Adrien too dying in her throat. She’d never seen him look like that before. Was it fear, or anger? She couldn’t tell.

When Chat turned without another word and vaulted back towards the akuma with his baton, Marinette wasn’t sure if he could tell which it was, either.

So I’m watching Dark Matter on Netflix and it’s a totally adequate sci fi show. It’s not particularly ground breaking or anything, but it’s a decent distraction and it fulfills my need for adventures in space. The only thing that keeps bugging me, is the character of Five is constantly referred to as a kid. “I’m just a little girl” she pouts when she’s not allowed to go on dangerous missions. The whole crew calls her “kid” and basically through the dialogue I’m guessing she’s supposed to be around 14 or 15, especially since there’s an episode where they find a dead teen who looks like he’s 15 and she says “he’s around my age. I probably knew him.”

Here’s the thing… she doesn’t look like a teen. She looks nothing like a teen. She’s short. She’s totally short! If you squint, compared to the other male cast members (who all look to be around 5′9-6′2) she looks potentially younger just because she’s short. But she doesn’t look young. She looks like she’s in her 20s… which she is. And the leader of the ship, Two, is mothering her all the time but that actor is 26 based on IMDB, and Five’s actor is 22. So it’s a four year age gap and we’re all supposed to pretend that Two is a grown up and Five is a young teen.

So basically every time someone has a line about Five being a kid, I roll my eyes because she’s obviously a short adult.

I call shenanigans. The show is a fun show, but I can’t suspend my belief enough to think the first actor is supposed to be a young teen, and the second actor is supposed to be an adult. They look roughly the same age. Short isn’t young. Short, is short.

Let’s Just Put Our Weapons Down Tonight

Let’s Just Put Our Weapons Down Tonight (and Pretend That We’ve Had Enough)

Summary: Jane’s thoughts at the end of the finale (that horrible painful heart shattering scene, remember that?)

She was exhausted. She was exhausted and she was in pain. But she had figured out that her body had learned a long time ago how to run on pure adrenaline, and how to shut down the pain, how to use it. So, her being tired, and her being in pain, those didn’t matter. No, when she stood in front of him, his gun pointed straight at her, a look in her eyes she had never seen before, not when they were taking down bad guys, no not even then, she realized that was just tired. Tired of fighting. Ever since she got out of that bag, all those months ago, all she had done was fight. She fought for herself and she fought for others. She fought for what she believed in and she fought for what she was told she had believed in. She fought her own battles and she fought the battles of others.

And she was so tired.

She was so tired of fighting.

And so she stood there, the blood of her latest victory, the blood of her once lover turned enemy, still smeared across her skin. The ashes and smoke still soaked in her clothes, into her skin. She had barely laid her weapons down long enough to catch her breath and yet there she was again, forced to take a stand again, forced to pull on her shield and carry her armor. But she was so tired.

She watched him, studied him, and knew he was drunk, knew that his reflexes would be off, and even if they weren’t, she knew she could take him. She could take him down and run, live to fight another battle.

But she just watched him, found his eyes, the same ones that had endlessly brought a smile to her lips when they shimmered as they gazed upon her, now dark with anger, with hate, with malice.

With heartbreak.

Pain and anguish that she knew she had caused, unwillingly it may have been, but it was her fault. And he still didn’t know the half of it.

So she just stood there, tossing her weapon, her shield, her armor away - and he had always been all three, her strength, her protector, her safety -  and let him take her, let him win this battle.

Because she just wanted this war to end.

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GOM + kagami see their gf has a secret tattoo

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. Thanks for the request!

Kuroko: He would get a peek of it when the sleeve of her jacket slipped down her shoulder, exposing her arm. She’d pull it up hastily and he simply wouldn’t bring it up. That is until they were sipping their milkshakes and he would look her right in the eyes and say. “So. Would you ever get a tattoo of your favorite Neko Atsume cat on your shoulder, ____-san?”

Kise: “_____-chii you have a tattoo!“ He would shout, startling her a a few others in their vicinity. She’d sigh and shrug. “Is it a big deal, Ryouta?”

“No, it’s really cute that you have a kitty on the back of your neck, ____-chii!”

Aomine: Her skirt would fly up in the wind and she’d frantically pull her skirt down again. Aomine would catch a glimpse of something surprising. He’d grab her skirt and lift it up, making her yelp and scurry out of his reach. 

“What the hell, Aho!?”

He’d just grin and cross his arms over his chest. “You have a sexy tattoo, ____! Geez, why am I only finding out about this now?”

Akashi: He’d catch a glimpse of it when her socks slipped down. He saw an intricate black band of ink around her ankle before she pulled her sock back up. He just smiled and squeezed her hand a bit. “Now, is that what you’ve been hiding all this time? It’s quite cute, flower.”

Midorima: They would be studying together and she’d stretch out her arms so she didn’t cramp. Her shirt would ride up and he’d see the tattoo on her hip. He was extremely confused. He thought tattoos were pointless but there was something about her having one that made his chest tense and warm up. He’d say nothing, but it would bother him so much after a half hour he’d have to ask about it.

Murasakibara: She’d pull her hair to one side and expose part of her neck. Murasakibara would catch sight of the pastel pink and purple candy tattoo and stare at it as they walked.

“Nn… Candy.” He’d lean down and press a kiss to her neck, right on the tattoo, and she’d blush and pull her hair back to that side. “Hm? ____-chin it’s cute, lemme see…”

Kagami: Honestly he wouldn’t even care. He’d think it was the coolest thing ever. He’d ask about it a lot and run his fingers over the small design on her shoulder blade.

home is where you set your heart is set in stone

by kay_emm_gee

Clarke looked at Bellamy from across the Council room table. Her own resolution was reflected in his expression, as well as her own reluctance. His lips pursed and his knuckles pressed harder into the table surface as he leaned forward.

“So Clarke and I will lead the other two groups,” he said abruptly, shattering the tense silence as they tried to divvy up the dangerous task of taking down the nuclear reactors.

With Kane leading the main group and her mother staying behind to keep the camp in order, the remaining groups needed leaders. As fitting as it seemed that it would be her and Bellamy fitting into those positions, Clarke’s chest tightened with apprehension at the thought of being separated again.

She and Bellamy always found each other though, against all odds. So she lifted her chin and looked at him again, a promise on her heart and in her eyes that they would meet again.

He nodded, a small smile at the corners of his lips, because he saw her. He believed in that and in her. Clarke smiled sadly back.

{ Prompt: 1) A realistic season 4 Bellarke kiss 2) a sad kiss and/or a kiss of relief }

Words: 1110, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 97 of the kids aren’t alright (The 100 tumblr prompts)

Read it on AO3 at

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Mating season ( @catnoirsbadpuns)

Marinette blushed as she curled up on her bed. Tikki did tell her as she grew the side effects of being ladybug might appear, but she didn’t know it would be like this! And Chat was due here soon! She had invited the hero over so she could finally tell him who she was, but not like this! Her hair was done around her shoulders, her shirt sliding down to reveal a bra strap. She heard her window open and looked over, her eyes glazed over. 


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“Okay wait. Can we stop joking around like we’d ever actually date? It’s really starting to hurt…” Ladrien

Sometimes, Adrien would admit, Ladybug’s lack of confidence could be a little annoying. It annoyed him to no end that she couldn’t see just how amazing she was. In their couple weeks of secret rendezvous (most of which ended with one pressed against a wall with the other’s tongue down their throat), Adrien had learned that Ladybug was not the most optimistic person like he thought. It was refreshing to see her flaws, but it also led to moments like this.

The tears pricked at the corner of her eyes but she tried to look tough and put together. Adrien could see right through it but elected not to mention it. “Ladybug?”

“I come here,” she said, voice choked. “We talk. We kiss. We play games. And it’s been fun. But I think it’s time to call it quits.”

He tried to step forward, but she backed away from him, the back of her thighs against the armrest of his couch. He froze in place. He knew she could read the pained and confused expression on his face. “I don’t understand.”

“Why is this so hard for you to see!?” Ladybug cried. “I’m a superhero! I come here and I pretend to check up on a civilian but I don’t think making out really counts as ‘checking up’.” She fidgeted. “We can’t go out on dates. We can’t hold hands on the street. We can’t date like normal people, and it’s taken me almost a month to see it.”

Every word drove a knife through his heart. “We can, though,” he protested. “Who are you?”

She hugged her arms to her chest. “I can’t tell you.”

“Why not?!”

Because!” She yelled. “I’m fooling myself into thinking you would ever like me and it hurts more when I see you when I’m not Ladybug, knowing what we do but you don’t!” She breathed deeply. “I’m done getting hurt.”

Adrien’s mouth opened and closed, processing her confession that she knew him beyond the mask. She realized what she said a moment too late, and she sucked in a breath, her expression horrified.

“I have to go.”

“No, wait, Ladybug!”

She was gone in the split second it took for Adrien to find his voice again. He stared after her departing figure, his once beaten and bruised heart rejuvenated once again. “I’ll find you,” he whispered to no one. “And we’ll stop joking around.”

Dialogue Prompts

Wanda had a collar on in the prison. Some kind of power-inhibitor or maybe an electro-shock collar to keep her subdued. They had bound her arms to her chest inside a straight jacket. She looked blank and her eyes were glazed over, so they may even have drugged her. They had her collared and chained down like a wild animal.

Seriously, Ross. The last thing you want to do when you have a prisoner that powerful is to make her into your enemy. Because when - not if - she gets free, she’s not going to forget it.

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(1/5) Pietro could barely keep his eyes in his skull, he’d thought he’d done quite well acclimatising to life in the States. He could talk like them, he’d gotten a hang of the slang, and all the other clichéd things that Americans did. (He’d even registered to vote.) But the shops? They were a nightmare, first there were all the different brands, then every shop was filled to the brim. Plus buying in bulk? What was up with that?

(2/5) He rubbed his eyes, trying to remember what Darcy had said to him before she’d gone off in the other direction. But all he could recall was the way her tongue had wet her lips, her teeth grazing across them, her big blue eyes looking up him and then the mesmerising sway of her hips when she walked away. He was sure she’d said something about tampons, and maybe a size? Or a style? Or was it a specific brand?

(3/5) He tried to replay the conversation again in his head, but even with all his focus on her sinful lips he couldn’t make out her words. He rubbed face /again/. ‘Screw it!’ He thought, grabbing a brand that sounded vaguely familiar (he had a sister, he understood the basics of it all) and rushed off to find Darcy. And no the older lady who’d been glaring at him since he’d stopped in front of the tampons had nothing to do with it…

(4/5) He slowed at the painkillers, Wanda always had the worst cramps, and so maybe that’d be nice to get for Darcy. Oh, and that heat pack that sticks on your skin, and chocolate, Darcy loved that kind of chocolate, plus that pack of biscuits, Wanda said she craved salt around her period. And maybe he should grab… he came to stop in front of Darcy, his arms overladen with so many different things, all trying to fall on the ground.

(5/5) He went to say something, anything to explain, but then he just kind of shrugged and dumped it all in the cart. Darcy cracked a smile first, the kind that made the whole world seem a little brighter and her eyes sparkle but then started howling with laughter as she picked up the tampons from the midst of the cart. “I didn’t know there were so many types.” His voice sounded small and helpless, which seemed to make Darcy laugh even harder.

i’d apologise but it was fun to write and it’s nice being able to test my own writing abilities :)

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that was awesome and cute as hell, oh Nonny! You’re a treasure!