1. you have a toothbrush in her bathroom. you have a toothbrush in her bathroom and a hair brush in her drawer and her mom knows you don’t like rice so she always makes noodles instead when you’re over. you talk in the dark and her soft breath on your collarbone makes you want to cry. don’t.

2. she always falls asleep before the movie’s finished so you pause it before the climax. you always let her sleep for 20 minutes before poking her in the ribs. she giggles awake and pushes you off the couch. laugh, but don’t look. the crinkles next to her eyes will make it too hard to sleep tonight.

3. she’s on your bed sighing every 45 seconds about algebra and you’re on your computer scrolling through the wikipedia article for Henry VIII. she goes down the stairs without a word and comes back with two cups of chocolate milk; your favorite. thank her, turn back around and close your eyes. try as hard as you can not to kiss her. succeed.

4. you’re at an end of school party that she dragged you to. she spent the first hour and a half glued to your side but then she got distracted and hasn’t come back to where you’re stitched into the corner of a couch playing tetris on your phone. she finds you and wordlessly pulls you away, a manic smile smeared across her lips. she pulls you into the woods where no one can hear you and you can’t see her. she tells you how she made out with some soccer-playing idiot boy who doesn’t deserve her time of day. she says it was amazing, describes it in detail and your ears start ringing. be glad she can’t see you. look up at the stars all bleary-eyed, chest split wide open and curse every god you can name for giving this girl to you. you deserved better. even I know that.

5. forgive her.

6. when she sits next to you at lunch, give her your applesauce. she always forgets how much she loves it and it will make her kiss your cheek. take that kiss and press it deep into your bloodied heart so you can pull it back out when the monsters come to play at night. they’ll tell you she’ll never love you. show them the kiss and tell them she already does.

—  how to pretend to be straight for her, vol. 2, by windy sharpe

So, I wrote a gift thing for youguysimserious and machawicket who I blame thank for making me obsessed introducing me to Arrow. I just wanted to say a quick thanks for being so nice and for all the wonderful story recommendations. I have an almost endless amount of reading for summer. Any way, this is a little Summer Travel AU. I used to work at the House of the Mouse and you’d be so surprised what people will do… x Jen

Things that’ll get you banned from Disney World

“Those ears look good on you.”

Felicity smiled and cut her eyes in Oliver’s direction. Her tongue swirled around the almost finished, melting ice cream cone as she surveyed him.

“Should’ve got yourself a pair.”

“Nah,” he leaned back against the bench where they were seated, pulling lightly at ends of her newly shorn hair. “I wouldn’t look quite as cute as you do in them.”

“But you would look cute.”

“Of course.”

Felicity laughed and licked a line of chocolate ice cream dripping down her thumb. Every day of their little road trip adventure, she was discovering a new side to Oliver. Sure, there was still so much to deal with, a lot of angry conversations in their future, she had no doubt.

But this? She hadn’t expected this fun and playful side, or the side of him that was willing to just sit down and relax.

“Now, that’s something I think you’d look great in.”

Felicity’s eyes followed his gaze toward where a pretty brown skinned girl stood, dressed as Princess Jasmine, a very dapper Aladdin at her side.

“There’s so much wrong with you, I don’t even know where to start.”

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Seeing with my eyes shut

When I write, I shut down my inner editor. I sit at my keyboard and play. I dump words onto a page as fast as I can, because creative me has a very short attention span and likes to take lots of breaks to do things like examine the contents of my refrigerator and google Colin Firth. So I let go of my inner censor. I just sit down and write.

Inner editor comes back later to punch things into shape. And I have to say, I get a good laugh at some of the things I find. For instance:

“She closed her eyes and looked down at the counter.”

Really, creative me? Really?

a-daydreaming-fool-for-you asked:

the smell of bacon was the first thing arlana noticed when she woke up, sitting up groggily rubbing the sleep out of her eyes she looked around the room. then she began to panic. "this isn't my room! how did i get here!" she asked herself.

Epsilon was too busy cooking bacon and eggs for the surprise visitor he brought in yesterday to notice the panicked exclamation from upstairs,
Mumbling an incoherent tune he continued to cook breakfast for him and Arlana

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hi may i request for a gif reaction of all 7 members when the girl they like rejects them? xD thx lol

oh dear lord. you have no idea how painful it was to do this.


Suga: *very frustrated* “Okay. Okay, wow.”

Jungkook: *doesn’t look at her for the rest of the day*

(kookie that bish doesn’t deserve you so you better)

J-Hope: *starts sobbing uncontrollably*

Jimin: *disappointed chimchim* “Jeez, fine.. I’ll be over here if you need me.”

V: *re-evaluates life* “Am I not good enough for her?!?”

Jin: *can’t stop looking at her with those damn puppy eyes*

Rap Monster: *so very mature about it* “Um….okay. I guess I’m cool with that.”

i swear i will slap any bitch that does this

iam-reginamills asked:

Can we have a sneak peek for the next chap?? :DD pretty please with cherry on top?

You’ve technically already had one … but 


Unbeta’d and subject to edits, as usual!

She ignores her gut, ignores every fibre of her being that’s screaming this is wrong, watches as Robin clicks off the television (a move that’s met with a loud groan of protest from his son) and pulls Roland up onto his lap. Regina inhales, drops onto the couch next to her boys and takes Roland’s hands in her own.

He looks up at her, eyes dark and wide, full of the curious endearment only a child is capable of, and she can’t help but give him a smile; Roland returns it in kind, but only for a moment, and then it falters.

“Regina, why are you sad?” He asks, and oh. Maybe her smile wasn’t quite as convincing as she thought.

She swallows hard, throws a glance to Robin who looks just as much at a loss for words as she feels. “I’m not sad, baby. I’m excited,” she lies, forces her smile wider and her eyes brighter. It catches, like a flame to dry grass, Roland’s mouth turns upwards again with a smile that reaches his eyes and shows off his little milk teeth.

“Why are you excited?” He asks, beginning to get giddy, and good, yes. Regina needs him to feel excited, needs him to focus on the good of this whole situation rather than the bad.

“Do you remember how I told you Henry lives across the ocean?” She asks, and Roland nods happily. “Well, I miss him very much, and I was thinking I would go back home to see him again.”

She watches as the light leaves Roland’s eyes, as his shoulders deflate and he leans in to Robin’s chest, and she knows. Without so much as asking him what’s wrong, she knows he thinks she’s leaving him. Her eyes flick back up to Robin, and she feels her heart pull at his expression. He’s trying, she can tell, trying to mask how much his hurts and give her an encouraging look, but he’s failing - maybe not to anyone else, maybe to an outsider, a stranger, he would be pulling off the at-ease happiness he’s attempting to convey, but Regina is no stranger. She can see each word she speaks is cutting her boyfriend like a jagged blade to soft skin.

But she can’t think about that right now. They have to put Roland first, have to think about what’s best for their boy, and this is it. She thinks… knows… Deep down she knows it’s right, that they can’t subject the poor tot to anymore traumatic paparazzi experiences like the ones he’s had to endure over the past two days. So she takes Roland’s face in her hands, strokes her thumbs over his little cheeks - they’ve still got that edge of puppy fat to them, something she misses about Henry (her nephew is growing bigger by the second, and she aches whenever she remembers him being this small) - and brings her brow down to touch his.

“Hey now, where’s that smile gone, Mister?” She teases, and he shrugs somewhat dramatically. Regina leans back, covers his hands with hers once more and squeezes. “I was thinking… how would you like to come with me and meet Henry?”

It’s there, the reaction she and Robin need, the awe in his eyes, the amazed grin that has his mouth dropping open as he takes in what she’s saying. She feels a pang of guilt, he has no idea what this really means, is far too excited about finally meeting the nephew she’s harped on about for months to so much as contemplate what else going back home with her could mean. It breaks her heart, the ease with which she tricks him, and as a painful ache grows in the base of her throat, Regina forces her smile wider.

“I was thinking me and you could get on a plane and fly across the ocean to see Henry! How does that sound? Would you like to do that?”

He nods furiously, looks up at Robin to see if this is really happening, if he’s really allowed to go on an actual plane and fly in the sky, then looks back at Regina. He bounces up and down on his father’s lap, takes his hands from hers and claps them together happily. “Yeah!” He breathes out, “And we can see the chickens at your farm, and-and the horses! You can teach me and Daddy how to ride the horses!”

Robin steps in then, takes in a deep, shuddered breath to tell his son, “Well, I’m afraid I can’t come with you, little man. This trip will just have to be you and Regina.”

“Why?” Roland asks, a puzzled scowl springing onto his face.

“Well… Because…”

“Because someone has to stay here and look after Jack,” Regina says, saves Robin the explanation that guts him whenever mentioned.

“Right,” Robin lies. “And hopefully I’ll be able to come and be with you and Regina real soon.”


Ah… What can I say. I feel like a mother whose son has just told her that he wants to live as the girl he’s always felt he was. So, here I am watching him toss out his worn out pair of work jeans. He’s stopped wearing that ridiculous baseball cap and shaken all his lovely long locks free. He…, or rather, ‘she’ is putting on her first dress–just something I used to wear, several sizes too small for her. She peeks into the mirror, half scared and so unsure of what to make of herself, saying to me with a mirthless laugh, how hideous and ridiculous she must look, while I am thinking that she’s the most beautiful and brave girl I’ve ever met. She turns a few times, scrutinising her reflection, holding her shoulders up in an effort to make herself appear smaller, less masculine. She catches me looking at her, and almost immediately her eyes cast down. “I wish I wasn’t so tall,” she smiles meekly. “It’s hard to get a date.” Her gaze returns to the mirror and with a tired smile she mumbles to herself; “Will this get any better?”

I can picture it now....
  • Ressler is looking for Liz at a location where he believes she is at. Liz is actually there but he doesn't know it...yet.
  • Liz is trying to be quiet hiding but hears the footsteps of her old partner coming.
  • Liz:*internally going "oh shit, this is the end"*
  • Ressler:CLEARLY sees Liz there and they make eye contact.
  • Liz:Has this terrified look on her face *Internally thinking "just get it over with, Ress"*
  • Ressler:Gives her a sympathetic look, then turns to the team of FBI agents(Who didn't see him find her) and says aloud, "All clear, she's not here" and leaves.
  • Ressler would totally do that!!! I can totally see him let her go...again.

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Regina and Emma, two complete strangers, sit next to each other in the movie theatre. Out of instinct Regina reaches for Emma's hand for moral support during a splatter scene.

Thank you for the prompt! ;)

Regina grimaced as the girl in the screen opened the door to the basement. She averted her eyes for a second before looking back, unable to not see what was going to obviously happen in the movie.

She had yet to understand why Kathryn had insisted that it would help her fear of horror movies actually trying to see one alone. It was ludicrous. And terrifying and she was going to kill her friend once the film was over and she was free of the horrible writing and even worst acting.

Sucking on her bottom lip and trying not to scream when the camera zoned on the smirk of the lunatic’s face before he started to stab the girl senseless she tried to grab something, reminding too late that she was in fact seated next to someone who didn’t know her at all.

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What if Cosima gets sick again and she’s thinking about doing a risky procedure that may save her but has a high risk of killing her. Before she goes in Delphine tries to stop her, “ I can’t lose you.” Cosima looks at her with the saddest eyes and replies, “You already have.” Before she is wheeled into the operating room.

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Fitzsimmons of course. And I have so many options for prompts that it's really really hard to choose, but how about this one: “We both came to this amusement park as the third wheel in our groups and keep ending up sitting next to each other on all the two-seated rides” AU

“The ferris wheel?” Jemma raised an eyebrow. “I just don’t understand why you have to keep picking two-seated rides,” she added, softly, just for Bobbi. 

“Oh, you know, Hunter is such a sap. You and Fitz seem to be getting along though.” 

Jemma shrugged. “I don’t think he likes me much.”

“Right,” Skye said, rolling her eyes. “Oh look, front of the line! You two go first!” She pushed Jemma forward. “Have fun!”

“She still thinks they’re the odd ones out,” Bobbi said once Fitzsimmons were out of earshot. 

“Ugh, for super geniuses, those two are dumb as hell. We’re the ones in relationships, and yet their sexual chemistry is probably going to suffocate us all.”

“Do you really think they haven’t figured out what we’re doing?” Bobbi asked. 

Skye gave Bobbi a pointed look. “Dumb. As. Hell.” She shook her head. “It is so tough to ship these idiots,” she sighed. “They should be lucky we are so dedicated to the cause.”

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The new Victoria's Secret model, Regina Mills, catches Emma's attention.

Thank you for the prompt!

“Very well” Deep green eyes peered over the lens as a pale chin nodded her confirmation. “Just another set and we will be done”

The model nodded graciously and did a few more poses as different cameras, including the one the green-eyed woman had between her fingers, clicked and flashed.

Emma smiled warmly at the model as she moved away, closely followed by another mode who smiled, her eyes looking intently at the camera with that mix of wit and intelligence Emma usually adored to see.

Clearing her throat and taking as many photos as she could her mind wandered once again at the new model she had met earlier in the day; a beautiful brunette with enchanting eyes and a killer figure that had made the blonde almost swallow her coffee with foam cup and all.

“Emma” Belle had said warmly as she introduced them both “This is Regina Mills, one of our new faces here”

“Pleasure” The blonde had said, still looking at her coffee too tired to try to function properly and hating her morning job. Belle had been the one who had helped her enter in the industry so she usually was thankful of the types of works and girls she gave to her to work with. However, when she finally looked at the brunette woman next to her friend she almost had a heart attack.

“Uh… Emma Swan” She dumbly said, trying not to die with her first coffee of the many other that will surely be following it. Regina had smiled and answered in the most soft voice Emma had ever heard “Pleasure is mine Miss Swan” Emma had fumbled with the hem of her shirt as she had glanced back to Belle who sported an amused look on her face for a second before replacing it with her usual naïve-looking smile.

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Why I'm So Quiet

*spending time with a crush*

Brain: Oh my gosh she looks incredible tonight! Her outfit is stunning, her eyes are practically glowing in this light and her hair looks so soft! My god, man. Why haven’t you complimented her yet? Say something. Say literally anything. You have a mouth, I gave you the words, come on!

*Twenty minutes pass in completely awkward silence* 

Mouth: So you…. um… smell… nice?

Brain: Aaaaaaaaaand this is why we don’t use you, mouth. 

Open starter (come rp!)

Max walked out into the darkened desert down, modern down the drain, she wore leather boots, rugged leather pants, an odd black patched up button up shirt and a black cowboy hat. She looked up as the moon rose higher into the sky, a sharp toothed smile on her face as her red eyes looked around. “Got to get in the element.” The wind rolled through, followed by a stereotypical tumbleweed. Then another, making her smile vanish. “These things are huge!” She complained.