she moves with ease and while it may not always be swift and graceful she still is lovely

he told her that he wanted to get to know her in ways no one has ever tried

while that may be frightening to some, she was ready, she was ready to show the world the little pieces of herself that nobody had seen or tried to find

the way that her body curved and every imperfection that seemed to not really be an imperfection

how her laugh was contagious but only when it was real, how her brown eyes looked when they were brimmed with tears, begging not to be spilled out

how she loves tomatoes and painting her finger nails any shade of orange, how she touches the tip of her nose when she is nervous

she wanted someone to find her and decided that she was something to behold

she knew she wasn’t art and that she’s not a masterpiece

she’s something altogether different

she’s waves and waves of emotions, she’s a banyan tree and the roots connect her to every person she’s ever met

she has memories that would make you sigh, she has fears that would make you upset, but she has so much hope and love still to give

this boy was going to be lucky enough to see something that no one every has seen, she wasn’t some new landmark to explore, she wasn’t just a stop on the way. she was going to be the whole journey for him, he wasn’t just looking for a destination, he was going to enjoy the ride 

she’s depth and feelings, she’s your new favorite song and she’s thunderstorms on a summer night, she knows that you’re not perfect and she still wants you by her side. 

she might not always get it right but my goodness this girl is alive and she’s every changing and nothing in the world has ever seemed to make as much sense as to get to know her more

this boy knew he was about to embark on a journey that would not only change who he was but he knew that it could possibly change the whole structure of his world

she was something to behold, no doubt about that


#look at the way charming reacts to regina’s vulnerability #no but seriously #how many times do you think he has seen regina like this #the only regina he remembers is the evil queen #and now he finally sees the real regina #regina let down her walls and it’s like she’s 18 again #she just wants to see daniel and be happy #at this very moment he realizes that she’s not as heartless as she looks #look at how his eyes scan her face on the second gif #like he’s trying to read her expression #he literally can’t believe that the person in front of her is the one people used to call monster #at this very moment he just knows that she’s like everyone else #and this my friends is character development


angel-of-death-2015 submitted:“Really…? REALLY?!”


Omg!!! Her eye. I feel sick to my stomach looking at that picture and reading the comments.

Those men are absolutely disgusting. God they’re gross. Please don’t let them breed daughters, I just pray they don’t.

What’s so disturbing is our current culture’s insensitivity to abuse on women. Especially black women. You saw that with the Ray Rice situation. Rihanna’s situation. And currently the Bill Cosby situation and R.Kelly. People are so used to their misogynistic and sexist beliefs about women, that they literally feel men can do no wrong and it’s the woman’s fault most of the time. Especially when it comes to black women being the victims.

It’s so disturbing, how so many black men harp at the chance to blame black women victims of abuse when it happens. Such cold hearts, such insensitive nature, it’s quite disgusting. But they turn on the empathy or sympathy when it’s about themselves or something non woman abuse related.

What’s even more disturbing is how quick our culture, I’ve even seen it on here plenty of time, will immediately empathize if the roles are reversed, as if society doesn’t cater to men enough, even abusers of women. No matter if statistic support the abuse of women being grand, people immediately empathize with men due to the fact of their deeply embedded misogyny, sexism and patriarchal beliefs. It’s really said what I’m witnessing these days. People blaming victims of abuse when they try to keep men from harassing them.

A woman was killed, women have been beaten and left bloody, and people run at the chance to blame the woman. I hate the way society treats women, nothing has changed.


Psy mingled with both Chris & Beyoncé at the 2013 MET Gala and he looks awfully close to be someone they just met. My first guess was that Psy is actually a trusted confidant to the Knowles/Martin clan but that didn’t sit right with me so I dug deeper. Psy is the key to all of this. If you look at Beyoncé’s mouth she seems relaxed but looking into her eyes you can see a hint of worry and even more telling is the look on Chris’ face he looks surprised and frightened. Now, I want to look at the color of Bey’s lipstick and look at Chris’ lips and then take note of how disheveled Chris’ suit is (keep in mind this is the MET gala). Beyoncé and Chris were obviously kissing that night, I know for sure and I think that Psy walked in on them kissing when he was trying to ask for a simple picture leading to the flustered and rushed pictures above. Whatever happened that night something is smelling and it smells like romance. #INVESTIGATECHREYONCÉ

happy birthday @spellwovennight! i tried to put together a few of your favorites– college au, derek/stiles, and into the woods

also on a03

“You can get class credits for it,” Laura says, with a knowing look in her eye.

Derek has to admit, he’s been ignoring some of his gen ed requirements, and an independent study in the theater department would be great for boosting his GPA and lowering stress.

But it’s theater.

“What are you guys working on again?” Derek folds his arms.

“Into the Woods,” Laura replies. “Look, I’m just the stage manager, but this quarter’s turnout was really low and I really need help getting the sets together. All you have to do is paint, I promise. Please, Derek?”

And this is how Derek finds himself on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons outside BHU’s art building, painting a forest mural. He’s got a few other murals to paint but it’s self-explanatory, and he and the other set tech, Boyd, get along well. It’s actually really relaxing, and Derek doesn’t have to interact with the cast much at all.

Derek has to admit Laura was right. This is a great idea. He finds himself looking forward to the time rhythmically painting and the companionable silence with Boyd; it’s a highlight of his week, especially as his other classes are getting incredibly difficult. He was worried that Laura might try to convince him to try out for one of the parts, but she’s been busy choreographing dance moves along with her other duties.

One of the best things is that Derek can come in and paint whenever he wants; he gets a key from Laura and he can come in at any hour to the art lot and work on the murals. Boyd takes the most advantage of this, as he’s on the track and field team and has competitions all the time, and it isn’t long before Derek is coming and going at all odd hours.

It’s early evening, and the actual theater class has been over for a few hours. There have been a few people going in and out of the auditorium, but Derek is alone, adding details to a tree, completely in his own world, singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack. If he gets a little carried away in one of his favorite songs, no one needs to know.

“I am the one thing in my life I can control…I am inimitable, I am an original…” Derek is totally lost in the song now, harmonizing and singing the final few verses, flicking his paintbrush at a tree leaf with a flourish.

“Whoa. Who are you and why are you not in my musical?”

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She looks up, her eyes drowning in tears, and lets out a laugh. Her laugh once made him feel like everything was beautiful; in this moment it sent a shiver down his spine. Slowly their eyes met and he flinched from what he saw in them, so much disgust and betrayal it chilled him to his core. She choked back a sob, for just a second the mask fell off, and he wanted to run for her and hold her in his arms. She coughed once, and uttered three little words that held so much power, “I feel nothing.”
—   Excerpt from a book I will never write #590 // i.l.k // i’m not heartless i just cant get hurt again

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Companions reaction to SS asking them to slow dance. (to End of the World by Skeeter Davis).

Cait - Refuses at first, but seeing Sole looking at her like a kicked puppy, she puts her hands on their shoulders spinning slowly, her eyes trying to look everywhere but them, because by looking at them she risk becoming as red as her hair.

Curie - She quickly accepts, dancing is something she had heard about, but never really done it. Sole explains this is a danse where you just rock into the rhythm together, but she is eager to try anyway. The closeness of their bodies is making her feel all sorts of things, such as fluttering in her belly. She makes a self note about researching on this subject later.

Danse - He lists about 20 reasons why they certainly shouldn’t dance right now, but as he looks down at their pleading face, he accepts. He is rather akward about it, not to mention that he is completely out of the rhythm, nut he has to admit that is is calming, in a way.

Deacon - He spuns them around and holds them close, trying to make them feel nice, but rather uncomfortable as well. He did not expect Sole to put their head on his shoulder and lean into his touch like this. He never was the one for complaining, though.

Hancock - He grabs thier hand and brings them closer, gently rocking them. They might not be completely in ryhthm, but neither of them does really care as Hancock does everything to get them even closer to him.

MacCready - His eyes flutter and he sttuters a short ‘ok’ out. He blushes the whole time, his eyes making and breaking eye contact with theirs, he’s trying to stay in the rhythm. He gets rather more relaxed later on, but he is rather awkward at the beginning.

Nick Valentine - He shruggs and takes off his coat, before he takes hold of Sole’s hand, spinning them around and pulling them to him. They are moving in rhythm and he always keeps eyes contact, his reward being Sole’s flushed cheeks.

Piper - She says ‘yes’ maybe way too quickly, much to her own embarassement, but Sole doesn’t seem to notice as they sway softly with her. She keeps stepping on Sole’s toes , constantly apologising, but they always shush her with a smile.

Preston - He smiles and immediately pulls them close, rocking them perfectly. Despite theem being his general and friend, he holds them very close, the space between them almost not existing.

X6-88 - He refuses poltely, they have a mission to accomplish after all.


Rhodey hits Sam gently on the chest, drawing his friend’s gaze over to where he’s looking. Sam whistles slowly as Rhodey mumbles, “Would you look at that.”

A stunning (h/c) in a (f/c) dress had just stepped out of the elevator, and she’s looking around the room. Her entrancing (e/c) eyes flicker over the dozens of Tony’s guests as if looking for someone, but the two men don’t notice that small detail. They’re completely distracted by her beauty.

“That right there,” Sam says, looking at Thor and gesturing over to the woman, “is one of the most beautiful women you can find here on earth.”

“She’s so hot.”

Thor smiles over at the woman. “She is my girlfriend.” Sam and Rhodey freeze, turning slowly back to face the demigod, who has a challenging look on his face.

“Go have fun.”


Thor nods at them before walking up to you and kissing your cheek.

Rhodey sighs and takes a long sip of his drink. “Damn.”


Listen, Shawn. Angela’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a girl. But you don’t know it because you haven’t looked into her eyes yet. Look into her eyes.

Cory Matthews to Shawn (BMW Chasing Angela, 5x08). Shawn proceeds to do so and realizes Cory is right.

In case anyone doubts the importance of the Lucaya Creativity scene or Riarkle in STEM…this concept has always been important to Jacobs.

You Can Stay As Long As You Want

read it on the AO3 at

by jacyevans

When Derek arrives upstairs, Erica takes one look at him, rolls her eyes, and takes the bags of groceries from his hands.

“So I see Mr. 5B has arrived,” she says, leaning against the counter, shoulders shaking with laughter.

Derek hates his pack.

Stiles and Scott are the new tenants in Derek’s apartment building. While Derek and Stiles attempt to ignore their burgeoning interest in each other, their respective packs make sure nothing will keep the two idiots from falling in love. Except maybe the faulty elevator.

Words: 3826, Chapters: ¼, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
The Breathing Habit

I was sort of prompted by @glances-and-stares (and @magicalpostface inspired me with this to write something for a Floof Fest. The fluffiest thing I write is my Habit series. So, here is a fic with no death, no angst, nothing remotely Shondaland-ish!

She does this thing.

“You look breathtaking” people say, “You took my breath away” others say, “You leave me breathless” cheesy romantics say. I never truly understood these sayings until I met her.

The first time she did this thing was the first time we kissed. I could feel the wet grass making my suede shoes damp as I ran to catch her up. The cool evening air stung my warm cheeks stride by stride. When I reached her, I told her I was going to kiss her and told her not to say anything. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and smiled briefly. I smiled because she looked so shy, so unlike Dr Amelia Shepherd. I put my hand to her cheek and I kissed her. It started so soft and so slow, almost imperceptible, and once I realised she wasn’t going to pull away and slap me, I deepened the kiss.

The best bit about this thing she does is that it’s so effortless. She never means to do it. She doesn’t know when she’s doing it. It just happens because she is being her.

I felt her fingertips on my elbow. I remember it as much as the feeling of her lips because it was such an unexceptional place to touch, and yet, when her fingers began digging in a little deeper and making their presence known, I felt it in every single cell alive in my body. My breath immediately hitched in my throat and had nowhere to go so I had to break the kiss. The kiss that I never wanted to end was broken due to her breathtaking fingers on my elbow.

She does this thing.

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Until then...

Her fingers weaved through
the long grey hairs
of his curly beard,
slowly reaching
for the soft skin of his neck,
where she clutched him
using both her hands.

Her aquamarine eyes spat out
the same passionate fire
as he had always
her voice had matured,
but her intonation hadn’t changed,
she spoke melodic, even in her anger.

“Sad old man,
what have you done with your life?”


Two people petrified,
the intimate touch
sweet memories of bygone times.

She regained the softness in her eyes,
looking at his weary face,
his droopy eyes
and the
perpetual frown
imbedded in his forehead.

How she wished she could’ve been there
to give him crow’s feet and
other laugh lines.

She gasps,
loosening her grip on his neck
with trembling hands,
his eyes lit up
and she saw
the loving gaze of a younger man.

So many years she had tried to forget
that boyish grin, now sparkling,
finding its way
back into her heart again.

Everything’s coming back to her,
now his tender hands
once more
caress her waist
with a slight, but dedicated pressure.

The life they never had flashes
in front of her eyes,
now stained
with tears
of could be’s and could’ve hads.

She whimpers,

“Sad… sad old man,
what have you done with your life?”

The frown is gone,
his droopy eyes seem rejuvenated,
big and brown and full of wanting her,
as they’ve always been
the way she’d remembered them,
secretly cherishing them.

His boyish grin –

“It seems to me, it is just beginning.”

- M.A. Tempels © 2016