daehyun forcing poor jun to sing 🎤 (ft. the maknaes revenge 😏)

  • Danny: You know how on iPhones, you can create voice messages, like little memos? Arin handed me his phone so I could look up something and I couldn't help but notice that, oh, I don't know, reading four of these randomly off the list...these are titled: "Big Dick," "I Love Fuckin' Bitches," "Make The Pee Pees," and "Fart Chamber." Just no fuckin' context.
  • Arin: And there's also "Eat Healthy."

This is a stuffy that has the ability for your caregiver to send you voice messages! They have a little heart that lights up when you have a new message. There’s an app to do it with it but it’s available on almost all smart devices.
Your caregiver records a message, sends it out, ( you’ll have to send it to your stuffy from the app) but then, you can hear your caregivers message and even record and send one back!
This is great for cg/l who don’t live together/have to be away from each other a lot. 😇

Bryce Papenbrook as Henry
  • Bryce Papenbrook as Henry
  • Voice Memos

I met Bryce Papenbrook (Henry’s voice actor) today. And wow, he’s a really great guy! We talked a lot, and he even told me a bit about what it was like when he had first started reading his lines for Henry. So, I asked him to say a little message in his Henry voice. The first part was special for my friend, magericken. And if you’re a Henricken fan, it’s kind of that, too! (We even talked about the ship a bit haha.)

But yeah here you go!

You get a voicemail message from a friend. Her voice sounds a little … weird. Like a chipmunk who had too much to drink.

After her message, you’re told you can push a button on the phone and hear another kind of message: say, job listings in your neighborhood or tips on how to stop the spread of Ebola.

That’s how a new game called Polly works. It was designed by computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University to help get useful information to people with little or no reading skills.

How A Drunken Chipmunk Voice Helps Send A Public Service Message

Illustration credit: Hanna Barczyk for NPR

Looking to get a little extra money

Would any of you be interested in voice over commissions? Like $1-$10 for short little message things and a negotiable price for longer more character driven things (like $30 for a one-take minute long recording, and maybe $15 for every additional minute after that?).  If you’re interested you can reach out to me through the Tumblr messenger or email ( ) with the script details and I can give you an estimate.

If you would like to hire me for more professional projects that require multiple takes, direction, and a longer tenure, the price would be different depending on the nature of the project, but my prices are negotiable.

If you are interested, please let me know.



Voice Demo

*** late night calls.


           it’d taken dora a few minutes to make up her mind. as amused and a little delighted as she’d been to hear his drunk voice message, she was a little worried, too. where was he having those seven shots? what if they were just the beginning? she let about an hour pass, thinking over and over, before finding his contact in messenger and video calling him.

ok so. i have wanted to get into podficcing for a while now. i love listening to fic, i already sent little voice messages to my bff with my favourite parts of stories, and really want to contribute to fandom.
however i have one glaring problem: i’m not a native english speaker.

i mean, i’m not a beginner. i speak english on a c1(-c2?) level, and was in a bilingual class for 6 years before i graduated. i just don’t feel confident enough, i guess?? i can’t tell how noticeable it is that i didn’t grow up with english as my first language. would that annoy people? any opinions, or does anyone have experience with being a non-native podficcer? any tips would be helpful!