Hanging out with Hoya and the guys at the dorm, but he keeps being distracted

Scenario: you’re hanging out with your boyfriend and his bandmates, but he can’t seem to concentrate on the movie you’re all watching
Rating: secretively steamy
Word Count: 2226

Movie night wasn’t exactly a regular thing with Hoya, especially not when it was with Hoya and the rest of his group. And so, when he asked you over to their dorm to watch the latest in some low-budget horror franchise that Sungyeol was into at the moment, you definitely couldn’t say no. It had been ages since you’d been able to hang out with the rest of Infinite, least of all since you’d been able to do something as normal as watching a movie with your boyfriend of two years. Hoya was always so busy, even when Infinite weren’t promoting and it was hard to pin him down for quality time.

As you slipped into the back staircase of his apartment building, you calculated that it had been exactly 21 days since you’d last been alone with him. 21 days of only exchanging messages on kakaotalk, of quick little voice or video messages, hurried phonecalls at 2am when he’d finally finished at dance practice. You worried constantly that he was pushing himself too hard, that he wasn’t taking enough time for himself, and yes – you’d admit, selfishly – not making enough time for you.

You reached his place at the same time as Woohyun and greeted him enthusiastically. He patted you on the head, as was his usual ‘hello’ and asked if you’d reconsidered becoming his fan instead of Hoya’s yet. You blushed a little, glad that Hoya opened the door before you had to answer. He grinned upon seeing you and reached out, but at the last minute he noticed Woohyun and instead of the bone-crushing hug you’d been expecting, you were treated to an awkward stroke on your arm and an invitation inside.

You knew public displays of affection weren’t really Hoya’s style, but still felt a little put out by your boyfriend’s greeting. Kicking off your shoes, you followed him into the living room, where everyone else was already gathered around the big screen. You waved and said hi, feeling weirdly nervous despite having known them all as long as you’d known Hoya – after all, you’d started out as one of their stylists during promotions for Back.

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Pretend : Jungkook X Reader One-Shot

      When you were a little girl, you loved to play pretend.  That way, you could be anything you wanted.  Your favorite game was housewife. That way, you could be with anybody you wanted.  As you grew older, your dream husbands ranged from pop stars to to rich business men….That is, until you met one boy in real life that caught your attention.

     “I’m just not the relationship type…” Those words rang in your ear as you picked up your phone. He wasn’t….but that didn’t matter to you.  You would just pretend that he was. In your mind he was the perfect boyfriend, and you vowed to convince him that you were the perfect girlfriend. 

     “Hey, Kookie!”  He chuckled at the nickname and greeted you in response.  “Hey, _____.  What’s up?”  “Oh, nothing.  My parents are out on business again and I got kinda lonely.”  “Want me to stop by and keep you company for a little while?”  “Would you, really?”  “Yeah, sure.  I don’t have anything to do at the moment,” he said casually.  “Great! Gimmie about an hour to make myself semi-decent looking?,” you giggled.  “Alright.  See you in a bit.”  You smiled to yourself, hanging up and standing to look in your mirror.  You quickly fixed your hair and put on some make up before heading downstairs.

     ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…,’ you thought, pulling a batch of fresh cookies out of the oven.  Just the, you heard the doorbell ring.  You placed the cookies on the counter and swiftly moved into the living room, fixing a crooked pillow before opening the door.  “Hey there,” Jungkook smiled.  “Hi. Come in.  I was just about to put in a movie.”  He walked in and glanced at the DVD player, recognizing the disc in it.  “No way!  That’s my favorite movie!”  “Oh, really?,” you said as convincingly as possible, considering you already knew that.  “Yeah, and-…You baked cookies?”  “Chocolate chip.  Want one?,” you asked, making your way into the kitchen to grab them.  You offered him the plate and he took one, almost groaning in satisfaction as he bit into it.  “These are great, _____.  Y’know, you’re gonna make the perfect wife for some lucky guy one day,” he grinned.  You blushed at his words and answered, “Yeah…’some guy’…”.  He looked at you almost apologetically and said,  “_____, I hope you don’t feel hurt by wh-” “Want another cookie?,” you cut him off, pushing the plate towards him again.  He sighed and took another.  “Thanks…”

     By the end of the movie, you had fallen asleep on his shoulder.  He was a bit surprised at first, but didn’t have the heart to wake you up, so he let you stay there.  This was dangerous territory he was walking on; the thin line between friendship and relationship…But, he couldn’t bare to see you hurt again. 

     The next day at school, you walked into class to see  one of your female classmates sitting next to Jungkook…in your seat.  You decided to walk over, despite the fact that the two were obviously flirting.  “Good morning,” you smiled.  She rolled her eyes as Jungkook raised an eyebrow.  “Morning.  Um,sorry, _____, but we’re kinda busy right now…,” he articulated as nicely as possible.  “Oh, sorry.  I just wanted to give you the rest of these since you liked them so much last night,” you smirked slightly, hanging him a bag of left over cookies.  “Last night?,” the girl asked, leaning away from him.  He sighed and tried to explain, but she just huffed and left.  You sat down in your seat and asked innocently,  “What’s wrong with her?” “You know exactly what’s wrong, _____.  You just intentionally cock-blocked me…for like the second time this month!”  “It wasn’t intentional!  I just…”  “You just what, _____?”  “I just think that we are-”  “Friends!  Friends, _____.  That’s it; just friends.”  “I know that!  You never stop reminding me!”  “Well, it seems like you keep pretending we’re something more than that, and we’re not,” he said with an extremely serious tone.  And suddenly, you were forced to face reality.

     Over the next few weeks, you had cut off all contact with Jungkook in a vain attempt at trying to find something else in the real world that interested you.   Or maybe someone else.  With no luck in doing so, you decided to stop looking for your happiness in other people.  Eventually, you realized that your childhood dreams of being the pop star or businessman’s wife should have been dreams of being the pop star or business woman, yourself.  And now, that’s what you wanted: to focus on yourself.

     You were sitting home alone one night, eating dinner, when you heard a knock on the door.  To your surprise, you opened it to see Jungkook.  “Uh…hi…”  “Hi…Can I come in?”  You nodded and stepped aside, closing the door behind him.  “I’m really sorry, _____.  I was kind of a jerk to you, especially since I basically yelled at you in front of ev-”  “It’s fine, Jungkook.  I shouldn’t have tried to make you something you’re not.  You had every right to be upset because it’s true: we’re not dating.”    “…About that….,” he said timidly, twiddling his thumbs as he stepped forward.  “I kind of…want to…try…,” he continued, looking into your eyes.  You paused for a second, folding your arms.  “Jungkook, do you think I’ve just been sitting around waiting for you to decide that you like me and-,” noticing your volume slightly increase, he pecked you on the lips to calm you down and stop your rambling.  “No, and I don’t expect you to say yes…But what I do think is that I made a big mistake because…I miss you, _____.  I miss the way you used call me Kookie, and the cute little voice mail messages you used to send, and movie nights, and your cooking, and just….you.”  “So, your only reason that would convince me…is the fact that you miss me?”  “No.  I have twelve other reasons and they’re all covered in chocolate chips,” he said, holding out a bag of cookies with a hopeful smile.  You bit your bottom lip to hold back a grin and took the bag.  “I’ll think about it.”

Maybe living in reality isn’t such a bad thing after all…. 

anonymous asked:

What are your other Stucky headcanons???? I'm curious

*cracks knuckles*

actually most of them are ones that ive seen on my dash and have since adopted, but i guess I’ll give you the ones that are MY headcanons

  • steve holding the metal hand, even though he isn’t sure if it has feeling. it doesn’t, but for some reason bucky finds it comforting anyways
  • bucky gets really into movies and steve is just overjoyed and so they go to the cinema together all the time but they watch cartoons at home first
  • the first baseball season after bucky remembers, tony flies them out to LA to see a dodgers game 
  • they hate it
  • its just not the same
  • bucky and steve become really tight with jarvis and play a shit ton of pranks on tony
  • at one point they’re making out and nat or tony or someone comes looking for steve and clint is like, standing guard outside the room and just refuses to let anyone enter
  • seriously i have this whole idea that clint is their number one shipper
  • steve and bucky fight eachother as training all the time but nat is never really comfortable with it 
  • until of course she joins in and the other avengers just watch this three-way-badass-super-ninja-soldier battle and its just like
  • magic to watch
  • after that the three of them really mostly train with eachother
  • steve and bucky of course have private “training” sessions at home
  • steve leaving bucky super cute little voice messages on his phone
  • cosplaying as batman and robin
  • sunday afternoon cuddle sessions
  • at one point they go try to find their old apartment and theres these two girls living in it and steve and bucky say hello like hi we used to live here together and the girls laugh and say oh were you two fucking eachother too? 
  • idk something like that it totally happens okay shut up
  • steve initiated their first kiss
  • and most of them after that
  • bucky and steve leave little post it notes for eachother all over the apartment
  • it takes bucky longer to drop his 40s slang than steve
  • bucky still calls him “stevie”
  • the first time bucky dresses in a suit and tie, he has to get dressed twice if you catch my drift
  • oh yeah that totally reminds me
  • they LOVE pacific rim
  • they watch it together and get all nerdy about how 
  • “oh my gosh do you think we’re drift compatible" 
  • they make eachother little bracelets that say drift compatible and everything
  • steve demands to be mako 
  • and bucky loves being raleigh
  • but seriously they’re such nerds and huge gossips, too
  • they have running bets about tony and pepper, and nat and clint
  • about who will propose to who and how and how long til the first kid and stuff like that
  • ugh
  • i just
  • steve and bucky, man
  • steve and bucky