Alright!! I’ve finished Nagisa finally! Aaah, I kinda rushed the painting a bit, so it may look a bit messy, but I like it enough! I hope you guys do too!
Again, this is free to use, and I’ll be making the rest of the Free! character lockscreens!! Rei and Rin will be next!

Makoto | Haru 

youtube is like a hole in the ground. you blindly reach your arm down not knowing what you’re going to pull out. further and further, your arm is shoved down the hole. you dont even take a second to think about stopping. you just want to find the possible treasures buried deep inside. soon, the entire top half of your body is down the hole. it is dark. you’re afraid. but you keep shoving your hand further and further down. before you know it, you’re just falling down the hole now. all of your limbs are buried deep in the ground along with the rest of your body. you just keep falling and falling. it’s too late to turn back now. you’re in too deep. there’s no end in sight. suddenly, you see a light. it’s not a welcoming light but you feel kind of eager to get to it just to see what it is. finally, after what feels like hours, you reach it. you plummet out of the sky onto the ground. you see the hole in the ground in front of you. you’re in your backyard again. a bit worried you rush back to your house and check yourself in the mirror. your once young, flawless face is now wrinkly and saggy. your hair has turned completely white and you always feel cold. you have spent your whole life in that hole. congratulations you filthy nipple.

As long as I could remember
Everyone saw her

She was a brilliant sight to behold
Everyone stared at her flames unabashed

As long as I could remember
She was explosive and inviting

But all flames will go out eventually
And all the brilliance will become nothing but ash

And just like that
She became dull and unexciting

And just like that
People stopped staring

“No one likes to think about leftovers.”
She had once said to me smiling but not really

She looked tired
her eyes were blank
I saw her this time

The rest did too
One final dismissive look
And then no one saw her again

The Legend of Korra poster collection will be released on October 11th, 2016. Above are some preview images.

The cover page and first five posters are official previews from this source and are all but guaranteed to be included. The rest of the images are a few of the posters that have been released over the years that we think could end up being included too. There will likely also be scenery/background and concept art if the ATLA poster collection is anything to go by.

The final book will consist of 42 pages at 12x16 inches.

Preorder at Amazon here.

What most likely happened earlier probably
  • MatPat: Gee, I'm so excited for next week's video! I can finally, once and for all, try and lay this to rest. Let me just go online to see how people like the last video and --
  • MatPat: *goes online*
  • MatPat: *begins weeping uncontrollably*
  • MatPat: NOOOO!!!!! I WAS SO CLOSE!!!!

i want to spread awareness about belovedshirts and 1991inc because you can own these sweaters. you can have them on your body
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the bottom two rows are styles from 1991inc while the rest can be found at belovedshirts
also both sites sweaters run in different sizes so don’t assume you’re the same size on both sites like i did (all sales are final, too) 
belovedshirts runs smaller than 1991inc 
anyway yeah spread this around and buy cool sweaters!!

I’m sure John has seen hints of it but canonically John doesn’t even know about the bee thing yet. I imagine Sherlock knows a lot and has read a lot and knows that he will at some point devote himself to studying them but has placed that to the side for now to focus on things more relevant to his work

But can you imagine when they are finally together and the first time John finds out the full force of Sherlock’s love for bees. Sherlock tells him all these cool facts about bees and about how he wants to keep hives. He talks way too fast like it’s a deduction until he’s sort of out of breath and blushing 

and John is like “omg this is the nerd I’ve chosen to love for the rest of my life” and he’s just smiling at sherlock like “this amazing idiot”

and sherlock stops at the expression and is like “john?”

and john is like “nothing. please go on. i love it. i love you. i fucking love bees.”

no offense but like can we talk about the rest of the finale? cophine aside, so much shit actually happened??

  • the neolution board
  • evie is dead like fuck that doctor turned the worm against her
  • alison and donnie living with helena HOLY CRAP
  • krystal “i’ve been told i’m a 10″ goderitch meeting sarah “a 7 on a good day” manning
  • charlotte is as scary as kira
  • why are the kids so scary on this show??
  • but for real susan told her a lot apparenly
  • she knows too much for a little kid
  • kira talking about all the clones still out there and my heart broke
  • ira is too good for this world too pure
  • ferdinand teaming up with rachel against the sisters
  • sarah hopping on a freaking chopper to go save her girl cosima
  • like fuck where do i even begin with rachel??
  • she owns the entire world, my ass included
  • the rachel/susan kitchen scene
  • the rachel/susan lab scene
  • the rachel/susan bedroom scene
  • how did they even shoot this wtf???
  • rachel ducan fucking losing her shit 
  • sarah is honestly all alone in a creepy island #SaveSarah
  • susan telling rachel the neolution founder is actually alive and is possibly the person behind everything??
  • cosima stole the cure so what is rachel left with?? was she lying to the board???
  • also shit there are so many groups within neolution
  • THIS SHOW IS TOO MUCH FOR ME *collapses*

SO MUCH HAPPENED BESIDES COPHINE YOU GUYS!! and this list above isn’t even complete, like so much happened in 45 minutes and yet i see nothing of it on my dash.

closed with jamesraydean

Daryl stalks back to camp with sunburn, torn jeans, and less squirrels than he’d wanted when he set out that morning. He forces himself to drop the food off first and walk slowly as he searches out J.R., trying not to look like he’s too concerned. He finds J.R. sat in front of his tent, Hays playing with a toy car in the dirt beside his father. Daryl greets J.R. by dropping a hand to the back of his neck and squeezing a silent hello. 

“Hey.” He finally lets his bow down off his chafed shoulder to rest against the tent. “Y'all good?”

y'all can be bittersweet about how things went out with ski lodge but if you really care about any of the girls, you know that they have never been this happy before and the way both of their faces light up while being with the boys they like is what you should be focusing about. I could spend the rest of my life watching maya looking at josh like that because I know how much that simple look means to her and how having josh saying he likes her too is legit what she’s been dying to hear all along. I could spend the rest of my life watching riley smiling to lucas like that because I know how much she’s been waiting to finally smile genuinely and just appreciate the fact that someone is choosing her. if you really care about these characters, you care about their happiness and that’s what we got today.


Even though Samson: Wolf of Skyhold AU bested the rest…

…I’d like to think the rest as winners too, cause you people actually took your time to vote ^o^ While they can’t be comics, I hope sketches and blurbs will do!

2nd - This is the couple on Isabela’s ship,  going back home after completing Alistair’s quest in Until We Sleep AU.

3rd - Fenris finally catching up to Hawke in Skyhold…after much nagging and profuse apologizing from the respective husbands.

4th - Blackwall doesn’t give flowers to his Inquisitor? Naw son, he gets her ‘blooms’ all the time…as in the bruises he receives while protecting her on the battlefield. Tank Life ;_;

5th - The AU ending scene at the balcony if these criterias are fulfilled:

  • Every flirty conversation choice is taken except the one disparaging Bianca.
  • Blackwall is either not recruited, or romanced but not forgiven.
  • Varric walks away on his own volition after 'Well, shit’ (Approval dependent)

(Let me have this futile dream, damn it T_T)

Anyway, hope you like 'em! And thank you for participating :)


Batfleck&Robin~ It’s not my fault

“Twenty years in gotham how many good guys left, how many stay that way”

i love the DCEU fandom

Girl Meets World Fanfiction

Title: Excuse Me?

Summary: The events after Shawn and Katy’s wedding

Pairing: Rilaya 

Rating: T

After Shawn and Katy had left to go pack their bags for Fiji, and Topanga had finally dragged Cory to bed (he was a sobbing mess after Shawn left) Riley, Maya, Auggie and Ava were all left, sitting silently in Riley’s room.

“I’m really happy for you, Maya.” Riley smiled, wrapping her arms tightly around Maya’s shoulders.

She rested her head against Riley’s, “Yeah, I am too.”

“So Riley,” Ava jumped off Riley’s bed with a smirk, going to sit beside the two girls by the bay window, Auggie following suit, “When are you and Maya gonna get married?”

Maya’s eyes almost popped right out of their sockets.

“Don’t be silly, Ava,” Auggie spoke up, “They’re already married.” He held up Riley’s hand, “Look, they’ve got rings.”

“Uh…” Riley blinked a couple times, “We’re not married.”

“Sure ya are.” Ava corrected, “You’re always saying those romantic things to each other, kinda like my mommy and daddy used to when they were married…” 

“We’re best friends.” Riley told them, noticing that Maya was completely frozen in place.

“Mhm.” Ava muttered sarcastically, rolling her eyes at the two. 

“Really. Maya and I are friends, sisters even.” Riley looked between the two kids, seeing the look of disbelief on their faces, “…I have a boyfriend.”

“Then how come Maya always looks like she wants to kiss you?” Auggie questioned, “The way daddy looks at mommy.”

“What?” Riley rose a brow, noticing how Maya’s cheeks went kind of red.

“She’s always staring at your lips.” Ava commented.

And then Maya was standing up, “Alrighty then, maybe its time for you two to go to bed.”

“But I’m not tired!” Ava argued as Maya began to shoo them both out.

“Yea, you are.” And she shut the door after them, going back to sit beside Riley, but keeping her gaze directed at the floor.

A few moments of silence later and Riley found herself fidgeting with the rim of her dress, “So…” 

Maya didn’t say a word and so, Riley kept awkwardly talking, “We gonna talk about it?”

“I’d prefer if we didn’t.” 

Riley nodded, understanding her point and keeping quite for a second or two before mumbling a faint, “You stare at my lips?” She glanced at Maya, who still wasn’t looking up.

Her cheeks became even more red, “No…”

They both knew that wasn’t true.

“We’re…Just friends, right?” Riley wouldn’t stop staring at her and it was starting to make Maya feel uncomfortable.

She gulped, looking back at the brunette, “Right.”

“Good.” Riley nodded.

“Uhu.” Maya agreed, directing her gaze away from the younger girl. She was pretty sure her face would just stay red forever after that embarrassing moment.

Neither one of them said a word for a couple seconds, and the silence was starting to become just plain awkward.

“…Wanna go to bed?”

Maya responded almost immediately, “Yea, good idea.” 

After changing into their PJ’s, brushing their teeth and climbing into bed, they found themselves lying a little too close to one another…with their arms wrapped around each other…and their legs tangled together…and their faces still flushed.

“We’re not just friends are we…”

“Not even in the slightest.”

But I am willing to overlook these infinitesimally small flaws in return for the ceaseless flow of wit, invention and intelligence being delivered to me via a set of performances so finely calibrated, by turn so careful, so showy, so heartbreaking, so hilarious, and always so attuned to each other that together their story is even greater than the sum of its astonishing parts.

…As for last night’s episode, a reworking of Conan Doyle’s The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton for a privacy-obsessed digital age – I can’t be sure, but I think it was perfect…

This final part of the triptych not only had all the attributes that make every episode of Sherlock great, but made further sense of the previous two from this series and set fair the next one to be something of a humdinger too. It makes the rest of telly look like a clunking mass of decrepit, ill-fitting parts. It’s solved the problem of how to integrate and represent new technologies onscreen. It repeatedly solves the problem of how to update, expand and reinvigorate something without losing its spirit. And it has solved the problem of how to invest modern fictional characters with modern real people’s knowingness, our constant self-awareness, the all-pervasive irony that is now indivisible from ourselves and how we live. “I’ve thought long and hard about what to say to you. These are prepared words, Mary,” says Watson, because creators Steven Moffat’s and Mark Gatiss’s genius lies in realising that we no longer live in a way or in a world in which we can even pretend that they could, in his situation, be any other way.

To the very best of television, everyone, and thank you.

—  The Guardian [x]
The Tomorrow People 1x13: Reactions






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-she barely had any time with John on the lair =(







Imagine about to have sex with Carl but being caught by Rick and your older sister, Rosita.

(So I know this request wanted me to write it smutty…but I don’t know i’m not comfortable writing it with too much detail…so this is as far as it goes. I tried my best for the “talk” hope it’s okay XD Hope I got it right and you all like it :D (ps.Lol at Glenn XD thank you for requesting him to be in it) Gif not Mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

You were in your room, sitting on the bed with Carl and playfully kissing each other.

It had been a long day working around the house and finally you both had time to rest and relax.


Since you’ve met up with him and the others, you had been inseparable.

You liked his fierceness and how he always tried to make you laugh. His smile and everything about him. While he liked your cheerfulness and bright personality, needless to say he fell head over heels for you.

You both became a couple quick enough and everyone knew about it. They all thought it was cute to see young love and you two together.


You were kissing each other and slowly it turned into a make out session.

It was soft at first and suddenly he wrapped an arm around you pulling you even closer to him.

You chuckled and feeling a little bolder, you fasten your pace and kissed him roughly.

It went on for a while, you had moaned and whimpered and suddenly his hands were roaming your body.

You followed his lead and couldn’t resist doing the same. You felt his hardness and broke away from the kiss.

You looked him in the eyes and he couldn’t help but look at you as well.

You were both flushed and sweating and out of breath.

He chuckled and said “Should we…should we go further?”

You gulped but you couldn’t deny you wanted to be with him that way and nodded.

“Yeah…we’ve been together for quite some time…it’s only natural for us to feel this way…”

He smiled at you and you couldn’t resist taking off your shirt.


You heard his laughter and suddenly the door to your room opened and gasps could be heard.

“Carl!? Y/N!? Oh my god! What is going on?!”

In a state of panic, you grabbed your shirt back to cover yourself and Carl didn’t hesitate to help you.

You closed your eyes hoping it was all a dream. However, hearing Rick’s and your older sister, Rosita, you knew it wasn’t a dream.

Still trying to cover you and get you to put your shirt back on, Carl started to raise his voice.

"Dad! What are you doing here?!”

As you put on your shirt back on, Rick looked at Carl and you was in disbelief.

“What am I doing here?! What the hell are you both thinking?! Do you even know what could happen if you got her pregnant?! Please tell me this is the first time and it’s not a regular thing?!”

Carl got up and held your hand, responding to his father.“Yes! It’s our first time…well it was about to be…until you walked in…I-I wasn’t thinking of getting her pregnant…I just really love her that’s all…" 

“You are unbelievable…Did you knew you could’ve gotten her pregnant?”

As Rick talked and shook his head, your sister made her way towards you and grabbed your arm to get you away from Carl.

She fixed your hair and with a stern look and voice said "Y/N, what are you thinking? This isn’t something to joke around about!”

You glared back at her and got your arm away from her grasp.

“I’m not joking around…i’m not a kid! I know what i’m doing! I mean…we love each other…it’s only normal for us to do it…”

Rosita shook her head and wanted to slap you but knew better than to just hurt you. She looked at the both of you and said “I know you love each other…but this isn’t a simple matter…what if something happens afterwards…”

You wanted to cry but at the same time didn’t want to let them see you that vulnerable. 

“I know what can happen! But we love each other…and it’s unfair for us…to no do it…”

“Unfair? Y/N, t’ll be unfair for everyone here, if you got pregnant or sick!”

Carl got closer to you and grabbed a hold of your hand. 

“Stop yelling at her! It was my fault! I’m the one who lead her to this…”

You were shocked and looked at him. You shook your head and looked back them and said “No! I-I wanted to do it too…It’s not just Carl’s idea…”

Your sister and Rick were shocked that the two of you were talking back and couldn’t help but argue. You raised your voice at them and Carl suddenly looked back at you and signal you to stop.

He lowered his head and looking at the ground said “Alright!…We get it! We screwed up and we’re sorry…”

Seeing him that way, you had no choice but to do the same.


Rick and Rosita looked at each other and knew they had to do something about it.They understood you loved each other and things were bound to happen. 

They then realized it was their responsibility to explain to you the whole process and do what any normal parent would do.

They both got closer to you and Carl and sat you down on the bed. With serious tones and expression they had explain to you the consequences and mostly what could happen after sex.

It went on for quite a while and reluctantly they had told to practice safe sex if you ever felt the urge. 

You both understood their point of view and knew it was all out of love and care that they were scolding you.

As they were done, they warned you to not do it yet and just wait for the right moment. You promised them that you would.

They told you their goodnight and walked out of your room. 

You both sat on the bed for a while and started to discuss the issue and express your feelings about your situation.


When it got a little darker outside, knowing that he would’ve broken his promise if he stayed in your room, Carl got up and started to walk out of your room.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait for a little while…”

You chuckled and mockingly said “Yeah…Wait until the right moment! whenever that is…”

As he got to the door, he turned to look at you and couldn’t resist laughing and kissing you goodnight.

You didn’t want to let him go but as he backed away, you saw Glenn standing behind him.

It shocked the both of you and you tried to explain to him that nothing was happening.

Seeing you both panic and red, made him laugh.

“Guys..guys…it’s okay…I get it you love each other…i’m not here to yell at you…I’m here for something else…

He threw a pack of condom at Carl and he caught it. As you looked at it you were both shocked.

He winked at the two of you and said “Just don’t do it where everyone can just walk in or hear you…alright…be safe guys!”

As he walked away, Carl smirked and looked at you.


Duscae is awesome. Really enjoyed it. Some things could do with some work but I know this is no way a final product. 

Iggy was the best surprise for me. I thought I’d dislike the serious butler but he ended up being so funny and I just enjoy his banter xD Promto was my fave from the start and I think he still is. Gladio…I wish he had more character about him…he had moments but I’d like to hear more from him. I love Noct but his english VA is not what Id imagined at all. It’s too deep and sounds muffled compared to the rest….

But anyways, I still love it and I can’t wait to play the final version! 

Attention all Interstitial Cystitis Sufferers!!!!

I suffer from really really bad IC that wakes me up every morning after 4-6 hrs of sleep to mind melting bladder pain that increases my hot flashes and nausea like you wouldn’t believe (which are already pretty bad bc of fibromyalgia). The IC keeps me from going back to sleep too bc the pain, bladder urgency, and flashes of even WORSE pain are anything but conducive to rest. 

I have, however, finally gotten this nightmare under a bit of control.

“How?” you ask?

By drinking matcha tea for the last month (at least two cups a day), I no longer wake up in the very early morning dying of pain. My bladder does still hurt but it’s sooooooooooooo much better it’s amazing! I’ve gotten some quality of life back and I’m not as worried about going places early in the morning bc my IC isn’t out of control!!! IT’S AMAZING!!!!!!!

So if you suffer from IC like me, please please PLEASE try matcha if you can. I know it’s expensive but you’ll save money on medication anyway and if you shop around you can find better deals, especially if you go to asian food stores I’m sure. 

That said, please check out the links I’ve offered here too bc from the shopping around I’ve done this matcha seems to be a great value, brand, and it’s organic. Going as organic as possible is important if you have IC bc it’s important to keep as many unnecessary chemicals out of your body as possible bc they can also irritate your bladder.

Please try matcha if you have IC!!!!