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I Don’t Mean It Pt 6

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

All the stress had taken a toll on your health and sadly, your body could no longer take it. Your colleagues had found you passed out in the hallway at work and that was when you finally decided to take a few days off. After deciding to leave Taehyung’s life, you were overwhelmed with how much you would be losing. 

You wanted to slowly ease out of his life. And you knew that once you gave him up, you had to give the rest of them up too. They had grown to be like your second family, and it broke your heart everytime you thought that they probably didn’t feel the same way about you. 

But when you saw Taehyung’s texts, anger somewhat bubbled up in you. He’s the one who didn’t want anything to do with you, so why did he care if you were suddenly sick? And who was he to get mad again? You clearly didn’t do anything this time around.

You decided to face him once he came back home. You figured it would bring you the closure you both needed, seeing as he clearly had something left to say to you.

The boys kept assuring you that they would come see you once they were back in town, but you almost dreaded the day they came back, knowing that it might be the last day you got to see them.

“You can do this Y/N” you told yourself over and over as the days passed by. You didn’t know when exactly they were coming back as their schedule was never really set in stone. As each day passed, you felt more confident that you didn’t need them. But one night your doorbell rang, and your heart sank. It was time. 

A/N: thanks for waiting for part 6! Who wants part 7? Also, I think for part 7, I’m not going to have any texts, hope thats ok?? PLEASE let me know what you think of that. 

“No don’t play Bach. Play YOU.”

*plays Irene’s Theme*

Could have played the piece he wrote for John and Mary’s wedding, but nope. He played Irene’s Theme.

Oh the metas I could write

i hope isak and even are cuddling on isak’s bed at this very moment because it’s the weekend and they’ve both been stressed all week since school has started up again, and biological classifications are too complicated for isak to realistically memorize, no matter how many flashcards he makes. i hope even’s been running his fingers through isak’s hair so much that it’s sitting like a tangled mop on his head, and i hope even’s snapchatted it to the rest of kollektivet (who are probably all assuming they’re having wild monkey sex) telling them that isak’s finally found something he can sweep his gross teenage room with. i hope isak just shoves his bio book at even in frustration and asks even to read to him because maybe just maybe isak can get through this if he hears it in even’s voice. even is so flattered that his smart studious ridiculously hot boyfriend trusts him to help that he stumbles over the words in an effort to be as efficient as possible (even if he doesn’t understand shit), and he gets to the end of the chapter before he realizes that isak’s sound asleep. i hope even curls up against him then and presses a kiss to his forehead, and i hope when isak struggles to lift his heavy eyelids, even will whisper, “what, monera aren’t the most interesting thing ever?? what happened to biology being your subject??” and isak will protest because he’s super intelligent, okay, and even has to kiss him to shut him up because that’s the only remedy for isak’s stubbornness. 

jackson doesn’t have a proper rest since 2014, because jype is the shittiest company and turned him into got7′s promotion team, and now that the finally get to sleep for more than a hour and in an actual bed, instead of standing still or on the airport’s floor, y’all call him ‘disrespectful’ and ‘rude’????? simply because he’s too tired to hang out with mark’s family???? HE LITERALLY GAVE UP OF HIS HEALTH TO MAKE US AND THE BOYS PROUD AND THIS IS HOW U THANK HIM????? WANTING HIM TO FEEL GUILTY FOR SLEEPING?????? HE PROBABLY WON’T GET TO REST LIKE THIS FOR THE REST OF YEAR SO LEAVE HIM ALONE AND LET HIM BREATHE

hamelin-born  asked:

Omega!Hux and Alpha!Kylo had a meaningless one-night stand years ago - back when they were Lieutenant Hux and Apprentice Ren. They never even exchanged names. Years later, when Kylo Ren comes on board the Finalizer, he meets Hux's child - who is exactly the right age, has all-too-familiar eyes, and a Force Presence that /burns/ like the rising sun.

Kylo has never met an omega before.

He’s been told that they smell divine; like the most forbidden of fruits, where biting into one would mean eternal damnation of the soul for giving in to such a tempting creature. Their very skin is meant to glisten with lusts and wants, their needy heats setting them apart from the rest of the galaxy. They’re rare, craved by alphas and envied by betas. A true prize, worthy of a budding knight like Kylo Ren.

Mating has never been high on Kylo’s list, not even when he presented as an alpha when he was in his late teens. Alas, he finds that, on this night in a tacky bar in a dusty town, Kylo’s needs have gotten the better of him.

He moans, delving back in for another kiss off the pretty redhead he’d managed to pique the interest of at the bar before he’d offered to serve him drinks back at his accommodation. Kylo had smugly accepted. After only a few shots and cocktails, Kylo has the redhead pushed back against the nearest wall, consuming his lips in a desperate kiss.

“You’re beautiful,” Kylo whispers, tasting the remnants of their last fruity shot on his partner’s lips.

“So I’ve been told,” the redhead replies, pushing Kylo away from him for a moment.

Kylo watches eagerly as the other begins to strip, his nimble fingers unfastening the button of the high collar of his jacket before shedding it.

And it’s then that Kylo smells it.

“You—you’re an omega,” Kylo gasps, taking in the seemingly glowing form of the other, lapping up every inch of his pale skin.

“Aren’t you lucky,” the omega says, sauntering forwards, making sure every twisting movement is exaggerating the curves of his body; the sharpness of his hips, the plumpness of his ass, the perkiness of his nipples. “A night with an omega.”

The omega is suddenly upon him, chest pressed against the front of Kylo’s dark robes, his hand rubbing the front of the alpha’s pants. Kylo gasps, growling, before hoisting the omega up until his long legs are wrapped around Kylo’s hips and they’re back against the wall, kissing as though their lives depend on it. Unable to help himself, Kylo buries his nose in the omega’s neck, and feels as though he’s elated.

The omega already smells of sex, as though heat is radiating from his skin, but there’s a uniqueness to his scent that Kylo has never sensed before among anyone. Kylo picks up the scent of ash, as though the fire isn’t just in the omega’s hair colour but in his heart too, flickering away, threatening to burn anyone who comes too close. But underneath the threatening layers of heat and fire, the omega smells sweet; like a freshly baked pastry drizzled with a fruity syrup and covered in sugar, just begging to be liked before being devoured by its hungry customer.

Kylo drools.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Kylo growls, feeling the omega shiver in his hold. “I want to see beneath your beautiful.”

Yes, alpha,” the omega whines, craning his neck upwards to allow Kylo better access to the hot underside of his jaw. “Please. Fuck me.”

Lost to the intoxicating magnetism of the omega in front of him, Kylo doesn’t bother to ask the omega for his name. It’s a fling, a quick fix for the needs of his inner alpha. It’s the best fuck he’s ever had, but it means nothing.

In the morning, Kylo dresses and leaves before the omega has a chance to wake up, feeling that his sexual urges have been satisfied but there remains a coldness in his chest as he walks towards the door, his heart even jumping when he hears the omega whine softly in his sleep.

But regardless, Kylo leaves, returning to his shuttle and leaving the town before the planet’s sun has risen.

What has happened is irrelevant, and Kylo knows he’ll never see the omega again.

Whether he’s content with that is another matter entirely, and one that he quickly pushes to the back of his mind before he returns to Master Snoke.

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Achievement Unlocked.

I’m an avid gamer. I’m totally hardcore. I am what many call an achievement whore. I will play any game: shooters, racing, and more, though there are quite a few I must say I abhor. There are plenty of games where I’m mentally sore, as in all of these games there’s never a high score.

You see, most indie games make me fully depressed, as who can really say who is really the best? No achievements or scores? Well then there is no test! I must rank at the top, above all of the rest. I will be the greatest. That is my final quest! And with my innate skills I am truly quite blessed.

Now I know what you think, “this guy’s totally mad!” And to hear things like that, well, they don’t make me glad, but don’t worry too much! It’s not like I’ll get sad. I’m not one of those guys who plays games and are bad - I don’t play DOOM then go shooting schools, moms, and dads. I just sit in my room tapping on my keypad.

Although, recently I haven’t felt quite the same. All the games that I play are becoming quite tame, like the vigor has died. Like my lust has no flame. I have played less and less, friends no longer exclaim that I’m truly the best, that perfect is my aim. But fortunately now, I have found a new game.

It happened yesterday driving home for some fun when I looked at a text without seeing him run. From the crosswalk he flew, landing hard; he was done, and as I reeled in shock, something changed my vision: words appeared in my mind. Since then I’ve bought a gun, as the moment he died the words showed my score: 1.

I finally got a solid draft of the next chapter of WS written, which means I should have the final version posted in a few days (after some serious editing). Look for it before the weekend.

Sorry about the delay, guys. I haven’t wanted to whine too much on this blog, but work has absolutely been killing me since January. When I come home mentally drained, even if I have plenty of time to write, all I want to do is rest my brain. The problem is once my brain is finally rested, it’s time to go back to work and drain it all over again.

I do think part of my struggle with this particular WS chapter is that the beginning is meta-heavy. (Which … kind of sounds like a musical genre.) The end, however, is very light and happy. It made me happy when I wrote it, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

The beginning, though. I kind of hate the beginning.

I think future chapters will be easier for me to write because of the levity of the content, so hopefully the updates will come more frequently! I’m really excited to write the last two chapters in particular. I’ve been looking forward to them for months. JUST YOU WAIT.

Imagine about to have sex with Carl but being caught by Rick and your older sister, Rosita.

(So I know this request wanted me to write it smutty…but I don’t know i’m not comfortable writing it with too much detail…so this is as far as it goes. I tried my best for the “talk” hope it’s okay XD Hope I got it right and you all like it :D (ps.Lol at Glenn XD thank you for requesting him to be in it) Gif not Mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

You were in your room, sitting on the bed with Carl and playfully kissing each other.

It had been a long day working around the house and finally you both had time to rest and relax.


Since you’ve met up with him and the others, you had been inseparable.

You liked his fierceness and how he always tried to make you laugh. His smile and everything about him. While he liked your cheerfulness and bright personality, needless to say he fell head over heels for you.

You both became a couple quick enough and everyone knew about it. They all thought it was cute to see young love and you two together.


You were kissing each other and slowly it turned into a make out session.

It was soft at first and suddenly he wrapped an arm around you pulling you even closer to him.

You chuckled and feeling a little bolder, you fasten your pace and kissed him roughly.

It went on for a while, you had moaned and whimpered and suddenly his hands were roaming your body.

You followed his lead and couldn’t resist doing the same. You felt his hardness and broke away from the kiss.

You looked him in the eyes and he couldn’t help but look at you as well.

You were both flushed and sweating and out of breath.

He chuckled and said “Should we…should we go further?”

You gulped but you couldn’t deny you wanted to be with him that way and nodded.

“Yeah…we’ve been together for quite some time…it’s only natural for us to feel this way…”

He smiled at you and you couldn’t resist taking off your shirt.


You heard his laughter and suddenly the door to your room opened and gasps could be heard.

“Carl!? Y/N!? Oh my god! What is going on?!”

In a state of panic, you grabbed your shirt back to cover yourself and Carl didn’t hesitate to help you.

You closed your eyes hoping it was all a dream. However, hearing Rick’s and your older sister, Rosita, you knew it wasn’t a dream.

Still trying to cover you and get you to put your shirt back on, Carl started to raise his voice.

"Dad! What are you doing here?!”

As you put on your shirt back on, Rick looked at Carl and you was in disbelief.

“What am I doing here?! What the hell are you both thinking?! Do you even know what could happen if you got her pregnant?! Please tell me this is the first time and it’s not a regular thing?!”

Carl got up and held your hand, responding to his father.“Yes! It’s our first time…well it was about to be…until you walked in…I-I wasn’t thinking of getting her pregnant…I just really love her that’s all…" 

“You are unbelievable…Did you knew you could’ve gotten her pregnant?”

As Rick talked and shook his head, your sister made her way towards you and grabbed your arm to get you away from Carl.

She fixed your hair and with a stern look and voice said "Y/N, what are you thinking? This isn’t something to joke around about!”

You glared back at her and got your arm away from her grasp.

“I’m not joking around…i’m not a kid! I know what i’m doing! I mean…we love each other…it’s only normal for us to do it…”

Rosita shook her head and wanted to slap you but knew better than to just hurt you. She looked at the both of you and said “I know you love each other…but this isn’t a simple matter…what if something happens afterwards…”

You wanted to cry but at the same time didn’t want to let them see you that vulnerable. 

“I know what can happen! But we love each other…and it’s unfair for us…to no do it…”

“Unfair? Y/N, t’ll be unfair for everyone here, if you got pregnant or sick!”

Carl got closer to you and grabbed a hold of your hand. 

“Stop yelling at her! It was my fault! I’m the one who lead her to this…”

You were shocked and looked at him. You shook your head and looked back them and said “No! I-I wanted to do it too…It’s not just Carl’s idea…”

Your sister and Rick were shocked that the two of you were talking back and couldn’t help but argue. You raised your voice at them and Carl suddenly looked back at you and signal you to stop.

He lowered his head and looking at the ground said “Alright!…We get it! We screwed up and we’re sorry…”

Seeing him that way, you had no choice but to do the same.


Rick and Rosita looked at each other and knew they had to do something about it.They understood you loved each other and things were bound to happen. 

They then realized it was their responsibility to explain to you the whole process and do what any normal parent would do.

They both got closer to you and Carl and sat you down on the bed. With serious tones and expression they had explain to you the consequences and mostly what could happen after sex.

It went on for quite a while and reluctantly they had told to practice safe sex if you ever felt the urge. 

You both understood their point of view and knew it was all out of love and care that they were scolding you.

As they were done, they warned you to not do it yet and just wait for the right moment. You promised them that you would.

They told you their goodnight and walked out of your room. 

You both sat on the bed for a while and started to discuss the issue and express your feelings about your situation.


When it got a little darker outside, knowing that he would’ve broken his promise if he stayed in your room, Carl got up and started to walk out of your room.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait for a little while…”

You chuckled and mockingly said “Yeah…Wait until the right moment! whenever that is…”

As he got to the door, he turned to look at you and couldn’t resist laughing and kissing you goodnight.

You didn’t want to let him go but as he backed away, you saw Glenn standing behind him.

It shocked the both of you and you tried to explain to him that nothing was happening.

Seeing you both panic and red, made him laugh.

“Guys..guys…it’s okay…I get it you love each other…i’m not here to yell at you…I’m here for something else…

He threw a pack of condom at Carl and he caught it. As you looked at it you were both shocked.

He winked at the two of you and said “Just don’t do it where everyone can just walk in or hear you…alright…be safe guys!”

As he walked away, Carl smirked and looked at you.

I don’t want to be the kind of person that people write stories about. I don’t want my name written on clouds or screamed from the tops of mountains and cliffs. I want to live a simple life with a peaceful mind. I want the roof above my head to be filled with tiny sparkling lights. I want to get all my sleep in your arms - if I could have it, I want my final resting place to be your arms too. I want to go through people unnoticed and unobserved, much like the wind. I want to be able to remain unassuming and unexpecting after meeting a new person. I want to bake cookies and eat them with you. I want to live life sticking to my principles through and through. I want to live life like I want to be after I die; without worry or judgement, drifting in the ocean all alone with you for company, and no end in sight.
—  oscarsins

“Adagio” read here

YOI ballet au

I don’t want to spoil too much but I actually wrote this fic based on my own personal experiences I’ve had with ballet and I’ve enjoyed writing it so I hope y’all like it :D

It’s a WIP rn but I have the rest of the story outlined and hopefully will be updating every few days 

tw for eating disorders

Weeks - Andre Burakovsky

words: 985

As you sat in the WAGs suite you began to worry. All you saw was Andre blocking a shot and then writhing in pain on the bench. Then, he got up and walked towards the locker rooms. You were hoping he would be fine and that it was just a precaution to sit him out for the rest of the period. However, when he didn’t return after intermission, you began to worry.

Heading down to the locker room you hoped it was nothing too serious, but when you entered the room and saw him still sitting there, his hand was completely bruised with shades of purple and blue. He didn’t notice you at first, a group of medics still standing around him, asking him to rate the pain. Finally, after what felt like forever, they all looked up and saw you standing there.

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sjdslhjk my Christmas break has finally started and I am so exCITED to just…rest omg _(:3」∠)_ 

I’m exhausted. Too many social engagements, working like crazy to wrap up everything at the office for the year, getting SICK, having to stay in London for three nights because of goddamn train strikes Southern can go suck a dick i am sO ANGRY ABOUT TRAINS 

hnnng ANYWAY. 

I’ve got two more commissions to finish this year, which I hope to get done by the end of the weekend, AND THEN ALL OF THE PERSONAL ART. I’ve been feeling so itchy and creative recently so not being able to draw anything has been AWFUL :< I want to properly relax with self-indulgent art during my break, and FYI I will be streaming as normal this Saturday!


Long story short: I’M BACK, WOOP WOOP. 


i dont want you
i need you
i crave you
i crave for you to be mine
i crave to be yours
i cant fall asleep because the thought of your arms wrapped around me consumes me
i spend day and night thinking about how it will feel like to kiss you
how your pink, soft lips will feel against my own
if our lips will fit and move together perfectly
i wanna feel your hands roam around my body, until they finally settle on my hips
i wanna feel you slightly pull away to catch your breath, resting your forehead on mine
i wanna see your awfully contagious smile in that moment, bringing me so much joy
joy followed by worry of having now fallen in love with you too deeply
this is not a childish crush anymore
this is love, and im terrified
-all the love, butterkid
ps- idk what to post so i’m giving y'all this thing i wrote (that i will probably delete soon js)


Fuck this scene killed me. Kei had always have this self deprecating air about him and after a while you figure out that it’s his defense mechanism. He got pulled out of a match because of an injury. He allowed himself to be escorted to the infirmary even telling the rest of the guys to hold forth while he was gone and then - and then - Akiteru (his brother, his forever hero, the person he never wanted to see him in this state) comes up and sees him at his weakest. Naturally he would turn to his defense mechanism of just casually putting himself down just so it all seems like it’s no big deal for him, that this is actually good because he can finally rest he’s no good now anymore anyway and at the final critical stages too, what a shame, but that’s okay because at least now he can finally rest what a relief. And then AND THEN he makes THE FACE just as soon as he turns his back to Akiteru and Yachi because godfuckingdammit this wasn’t supposed to happen, he was supposed to finish the game, and they were supposed to win with him there and Akiteru watching by the stands and he’ll be so so so proud of Kei just like how Kei was so proud of him when he was the ace in middle school and he was Kei’s hero. Imagine what this moment felt like for Kei, Kei who is so afraid of failing that he resolved himself to just not bother trying at the start of the series because what’s the use if you’re just gonna be disappointed in the end anyway. Kei who is so afraid of failing that it took years, people from other teams and his best friend literally shaking him and telling him it’s okay to try before he even did. Imagine what it felt like for Kei (atop the burden of worrying over how his team would hold up without him) seeing Akiteru seeing him fail and imagining that this was what it must’ve felt like for Akiteru in that moment years ago - seeing the one person you never want to disappoint see you fail.


Flustered - Christmas Prompt - Coach Finstock

-gif source unknown-

Christmas Prompt: #12. Character A got caught under the mistletoe with someone they hate and Character B rescues them. – Requested by @halegalaxy00

Warnings/Labels: Student/Teacher (Possible Underage Reader Disclaimer)

Approx. Word Count:  1,000

A/N: I don’t know how I like this, but it’s all I got right now. It’s meant to be more fun than serious I think.

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I have finally finished to the brim a bullet journal!! Goodbye “Enjoy the Journey”, hello “Be Wild”! :D I almost went with getting a fancier one, but as I told a friend, it just doesn’t seem right to be like all the rest (more importantly I love ringed notebooks sue me). Loving my first page. 💕

My goal with this new one is to experiment with more layouts and add more art + doodles of my own, making it a planner/journal. [Nov’s theme is very exciting, too. ;D]


Now that we know Stiles is gonna be in 6B and Lydia’s most likely going to tell him that she loves him in the mid-season finale, I really want cute little moments between them all while fighting the big bad of the last half.
Like, I want little tender touches here and there, and cute cheek kisses and quick pecks on the lips, and hugs from behind, his chin resting on her shoulder. Maybe even a few sleepovers because Stiles is still recovering from everything with the Ghost Riders.
The looks too, I want the heart eyes on full volume.
I. Want. Everything.
Give me Domestic!Stydia!

Omg, that ep of RWBY though!!!


It was so nice to finally see Ms.Calm-and-collected-Weiss just totally lose her shit for once, and just be done with all the bullshit! I’m also really interested in the rest of Ren’s backstory now. And Nora’s too. Like, did Raven’s tribe destroy their villages? How did they meet? I’m so looking forward to knowing these things!

Holy shit - Tyrian is fucking nuts, like goddamn! At the same time though - the fact that he’s a scorpion faunus is really cool. But I still hope Qrow kicks his ass.

I just -akhsfdlkfh. This episode was SO good!