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“Twenty years in gotham how many good guys left, how many stay that way”

i love the DCEU fandom

Imagine about to have sex with Carl but being caught by Rick and your older sister, Rosita.

(So I know this request wanted me to write it smutty…but I don’t know i’m not comfortable writing it with too much detail…so this is as far as it goes. I tried my best for the “talk” hope it’s okay XD Hope I got it right and you all like it :D (ps.Lol at Glenn XD thank you for requesting him to be in it) Gif not Mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

You were in your room, sitting on the bed with Carl and playfully kissing each other.

It had been a long day working around the house and finally you both had time to rest and relax.


Since you’ve met up with him and the others, you had been inseparable.

You liked his fierceness and how he always tried to make you laugh. His smile and everything about him. While he liked your cheerfulness and bright personality, needless to say he fell head over heels for you.

You both became a couple quick enough and everyone knew about it. They all thought it was cute to see young love and you two together.


You were kissing each other and slowly it turned into a make out session.

It was soft at first and suddenly he wrapped an arm around you pulling you even closer to him.

You chuckled and feeling a little bolder, you fasten your pace and kissed him roughly.

It went on for a while, you had moaned and whimpered and suddenly his hands were roaming your body.

You followed his lead and couldn’t resist doing the same. You felt his hardness and broke away from the kiss.

You looked him in the eyes and he couldn’t help but look at you as well.

You were both flushed and sweating and out of breath.

He chuckled and said “Should we…should we go further?”

You gulped but you couldn’t deny you wanted to be with him that way and nodded.

“Yeah…we’ve been together for quite some time…it’s only natural for us to feel this way…”

He smiled at you and you couldn’t resist taking off your shirt.


You heard his laughter and suddenly the door to your room opened and gasps could be heard.

“Carl!? Y/N!? Oh my god! What is going on?!”

In a state of panic, you grabbed your shirt back to cover yourself and Carl didn’t hesitate to help you.

You closed your eyes hoping it was all a dream. However, hearing Rick’s and your older sister, Rosita, you knew it wasn’t a dream.

Still trying to cover you and get you to put your shirt back on, Carl started to raise his voice.

"Dad! What are you doing here?!”

As you put on your shirt back on, Rick looked at Carl and you was in disbelief.

“What am I doing here?! What the hell are you both thinking?! Do you even know what could happen if you got her pregnant?! Please tell me this is the first time and it’s not a regular thing?!”

Carl got up and held your hand, responding to his father.“Yes! It’s our first time…well it was about to be…until you walked in…I-I wasn’t thinking of getting her pregnant…I just really love her that’s all…" 

“You are unbelievable…Did you knew you could’ve gotten her pregnant?”

As Rick talked and shook his head, your sister made her way towards you and grabbed your arm to get you away from Carl.

She fixed your hair and with a stern look and voice said "Y/N, what are you thinking? This isn’t something to joke around about!”

You glared back at her and got your arm away from her grasp.

“I’m not joking around…i’m not a kid! I know what i’m doing! I mean…we love each other…it’s only normal for us to do it…”

Rosita shook her head and wanted to slap you but knew better than to just hurt you. She looked at the both of you and said “I know you love each other…but this isn’t a simple matter…what if something happens afterwards…”

You wanted to cry but at the same time didn’t want to let them see you that vulnerable. 

“I know what can happen! But we love each other…and it’s unfair for us…to no do it…”

“Unfair? Y/N, t’ll be unfair for everyone here, if you got pregnant or sick!”

Carl got closer to you and grabbed a hold of your hand. 

“Stop yelling at her! It was my fault! I’m the one who lead her to this…”

You were shocked and looked at him. You shook your head and looked back them and said “No! I-I wanted to do it too…It’s not just Carl’s idea…”

Your sister and Rick were shocked that the two of you were talking back and couldn’t help but argue. You raised your voice at them and Carl suddenly looked back at you and signal you to stop.

He lowered his head and looking at the ground said “Alright!…We get it! We screwed up and we’re sorry…”

Seeing him that way, you had no choice but to do the same.


Rick and Rosita looked at each other and knew they had to do something about it.They understood you loved each other and things were bound to happen. 

They then realized it was their responsibility to explain to you the whole process and do what any normal parent would do.

They both got closer to you and Carl and sat you down on the bed. With serious tones and expression they had explain to you the consequences and mostly what could happen after sex.

It went on for quite a while and reluctantly they had told to practice safe sex if you ever felt the urge. 

You both understood their point of view and knew it was all out of love and care that they were scolding you.

As they were done, they warned you to not do it yet and just wait for the right moment. You promised them that you would.

They told you their goodnight and walked out of your room. 

You both sat on the bed for a while and started to discuss the issue and express your feelings about your situation.


When it got a little darker outside, knowing that he would’ve broken his promise if he stayed in your room, Carl got up and started to walk out of your room.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait for a little while…”

You chuckled and mockingly said “Yeah…Wait until the right moment! whenever that is…”

As he got to the door, he turned to look at you and couldn’t resist laughing and kissing you goodnight.

You didn’t want to let him go but as he backed away, you saw Glenn standing behind him.

It shocked the both of you and you tried to explain to him that nothing was happening.

Seeing you both panic and red, made him laugh.

“Guys..guys…it’s okay…I get it you love each other…i’m not here to yell at you…I’m here for something else…

He threw a pack of condom at Carl and he caught it. As you looked at it you were both shocked.

He winked at the two of you and said “Just don’t do it where everyone can just walk in or hear you…alright…be safe guys!”

As he walked away, Carl smirked and looked at you.

Another thing i’m disappointed with The Fosters summer finale is the lackluster return of Sophia. It annoys me how much she was ignored for the most part by just about everyone (although Brandon, Jesus, Mariana and Lena wasn’t around) except by Callie, Aaron and Stef, who thankfully saw that creepy bastard following her. BTW that creepy guy mistaking Sophia for Callie was all too predictable. It frustrates me that a great character like Sophia isn’t being used to her full potential. I would love to see her bond more with the rest of the Adams Foster family outside of Callie and Brandon, especially with Mariana and Jude. I think that they have a lot of potential as friends. Plus Sophia could help get Brandon and Callie together. If there’s anyone that i think will be pro-Brallie, it’s Sophia. After all, she notice that Callie lights up whenever she talks about B.

BTW i hope that they’ll keep Sophia out of danger should she be in the winter premiere. I would like for her to run into Lena and Brandon, alert them about the creepy guy following her, notice that Callie is gone and somehow find Jude and Noah.

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prompt request: chika waking up riko to watch the sunrise or vice versa? :'^)

tbh i feel like riko would not be a morning person at all, lmao. anyway, this is pretty short, but i hope you like it anyways!

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We are very happy to announce, that yesterday, after 9 months of waiting, our little Melody was born. She’s healthy little prune, has ten fingers and ten toes. Anna is doing well too, they are both resting and sleeping. I couldn’t be happier.. Our little Melody is finally with us and ready to see the world. 

Thank you all for your support! Anna and Melody gets to go home soon too and i vow to protect my little girl, ‘till the day i die.
Not All Heroes Wear Capes (But They Do Wear Raincoats) - Chapter 3 Archive of Our Own
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Chapter 3′s up! This time, it’s in the physiotherapy room. Still all @tastymoves‘s fault. Tags for @elletromil@agentdagonet@mockingjaybeevicious, @machtaholic@hartwinorlose because I can.

There’s fun and helpful links added to the Ao3 version, but here’s the text for y’all:

Part 1 Part 2

Eggsy rested in the tub of water, soothing his strained ankle. He’d fucking nailed that final vault, though, and he considered himself lucky that he’d not ended up like Samir. He’d met the guy at events in the past and he was nice enough. Too nice for a busted leg, especially.

His phone beeped, then, and he smiled at the text message he’d received: ‘Don’t injure yourself further or we’ll never get through the last of those rubbers,’ Harry’d sent, and Eggsy snorted.

‘I’m in PT—come keep me company?’ he sent back. ‘I’m all alone. Bring one of those rubbers an’ we’ll make a bigger dent in the strip.’

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08/20/2016 – 11:20 ||

I couldn’t decide which picture I liked more so 😅 just thought I should incorporate my two favourite things together!

My last bullet journal is finally full! I used all the pages, and just in time too! I move to my dorm in just 15 days!! So Rest in Peace my sweet journal, you’ve been good to me 💕
Now I get to do my favourite part of journaling – setting up my aesthetic lol

Lara-Su Concepts

some rough character deigns of Lara-Su for my Mobius XX Years Later AU fan comic thingy….

Of course there is some influence of Kunckles, Julie-Su and the old Lara-Su designs. Maybe a little Sally/Amy thrown into too? I’m not sure where to take the character to make her feel different considering how “Sega” like all the echidnas are. Even if I depart from the sonic style and try to do my own. 

Anyways these are just the initial steps. I’m going to draw up some concepts for the rest of the new FFs. And then work on cleaning up/finalizing some designs. Hopefully I’ll have turn arounds and a height chart ready by the end of next month.    

P.S. I need a new scanner. Mine stopped working and I had to use my phone to take these pics. 

Hiatus... Not really...

I did not take a hiatus. I am still here. I just don’t have enough time, at present, to make posts and all but rest assure that I am not taking down this blog of mine. I am just really busy, as of the moment, since I finally got to do the things I want after studying for a really long time. Let’s just say that this is my post-college leisure time. Also, since I have been away for almost a month now, I missed a lot of you guys. LIKE REALLY MISSED YOU! I missed spending TOO MUCH TIME IN THESE BLOGS (warning: I shall be tagging people which means I am also shamelessly promoting their blogs) @taetaetown 🌽🌽🌽 @itsyourluckytae @rapsae @sung-jaelly-fish @big-bangtans @jimins-shit @agustdeity (is this the old cypherslut??) @become-the-story @bwibelle @bts4554543 @vjin @yuniizu @yourdailyseokjin

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what went down at the hospital today

got there early as usual but they delayed giving me my iv by like an hour because

my heart beat was like scarily fast and my blood pressure was high

apparently my heart was super fast at my last visit (the rheummy from hell) too but they shrugged it off

nurse was terrified to give me my iv after she asked about my heart at home and i said id been getting heart palpitations every ten minutes

finally got my iv but nurse couldnt find the vein

when she finally found the vein blood went all over the floor rest in pieces me

patients keep bugging me about what im drawing and complementing my sense of fashion

says i should be a designer

dont have the heart to say its video game fanart but thank them anyway

literally the last person in the clinic getting my iv at this point i feel bad making the nurses stay late they usually go home at 5 it was 6

might have gotten shuffled to another rheumatologist (again)

apparently i have to make another appointment which means ill have to wait 4 months instead of visiting next month like i was scheduled to joy

SSO Journal


Rowan accompanied me to complete the quest with Jonas on South Hoof. Afterwards he seemed a bit sluggish until we completed the Hermit’s races. Rowan is still an early jumper but has gotten better at jumping uphill. Everything was going fine until the Greendale races. I could tell that Rowan wasn’t focusing like he should have been. This was exemplified in the Paddock Island wilderness race where he was all over the place from jumping too early to jumping too late and he kept refusing to go at one point. Rowan finally got it together after I put cotton balls in his ears to block out some annoying people. That seemed to help until we got to the Baroness’ show jumping tracks then he returned to being unfocused so I finished for the day. After a few hour break we trotted from Cape West to Firgrove. Then Rowan and I met up with the rest of the club and meandered from the Jorvik Stables paddock out to Dino Valley. ~ Shadow

my school’s multimedia lab gives students access to the entire adobe creative cloud (and a bunch of other stuff, like final cut pro and poser and gamemaker and all sorts of neat programs) and today i was able to try editing with premiere pro and with final cut. usually i use imovie for my editing projects, and i gotta say i expected to like FC more than PP because supposedly it’s imovie on steroids. but…. premiere pro….. is so smooth…….. once you know how parts work it makes so much sense…….. and it’s compatible with the rest of the cloud. so i got to try out after effects too!! holy shit, in the four hours i spent in the lab i learned how to do like half the things that i always saw in my favorite YT videos and wanted to try. it’s way easier than i thought. (that said, of course there’s a lot of nuance and of course i’m not great yet and of course i’m not 100% on how to integrate after effects projects into premiere yet and of course there’s a lot of stuff i haven’t even tried. but i pulled up the tutorials that adobe links to on their own page, and following that + dicking around i was able to do a lot more than i expected i could do in such a short time. god i love after effects i’m so excited to be able to do a lot of way neater stuff with it)

and so of course i was super excited about the whole adobe suite (since photoshop -> after effects -> premiere pro is a really common workflow from what i can tell) so i got home and decided to try and make some photoshop stuff? and holy crap, i’ve been using photoshop for about a decade, and there’s really basic stuff i only just realized i could do, because i thought “hey, i can do something related in the other programs, wonder if that’s feasible here.” AND IT IS, BECAUSE ADOBE IS AWESOME.

Welp.  I was right about them losing.  But really, what else can I expect after Sawamura was left on base not once, but twice.

Despite all guilt hanging around, I really don’t think Sawamura blames anyone.  Ochiai, on the other hand, probably blames everyone  Well, maybe Furuya for not pitching in a way to fufill a pitcher’s duty.  And probably himself, for not being someone the team can trust more.  All of this serious!Sawamura is pretty intense though.

I love the first years.  Probably one benefit of them losing is that we’re going to get more of them.  And it looks like Okumura’s tragic backstory might finally be unlocked.  About time.

Definitely not now, Okumura’s right that it’s way too soon, but I could totally see Amahisa and Sawamura being pal sometime in the future.  

What I want to know is why is Sawamura sitting all alone away from the rest of the team!!?!


Guys… My nail biter friends… I’m going to hardcore endorse the Seche Vite fast dry topcoat. It’s about $7 per bottle and it’s. Amazing.

You know how when you do your nails you gotta do the base coat. Then one coat of polish. Then wait two minutes to do another. And then wait ten minutes to do another. And then, depending on the quality of the polish, wait half an hour to do another. And then finally, the top coat, and then spend the rest of the day too afraid to use your own hands.

Well with Seche Vite top coat you can literally slather all four or five coats on at once, not giving a fck about bubbles or imperfections or streaks and immediately put on this top coat. This top coat will smooth out your EVERY FUCK UP. It will also dry your liberally applied polish in like, five minutes. Leaving you free to do whatever the fuck you want for the rest of the day.

It will also continue hardening over the next 24 hours, so if your 6+ layers of nail polish looks puffy, it will slowly flatten down to a more natural look.

It is also STRONG AS HELL. I am a compulsive biter and picker and it still lasts me a good a week and a half. It would probably last much longer for someone who doesn’t have these habits.

And short of taking some sandpaper to it, it will stay shiny. You can use it with any polish, and it comes off with any regular nail polish remover.

Legit, this product is why my nails are normal length again after so many years. It’s magic or some shit.