am i the only one who always think that hob is so,,,,,fcking kissable,,,,like everything about him is so lovable nd u really just wanna adore everything abt him for the rest of ur life like his eyes? they are so puffy nd soft nd pretty,,,,so kissable,,,his nosie? so pointy nd cute that u just wanna kiss it,,,,,his ears? they get red so easily they are so cute nd kissable,,,,,his neck? so sexy a real estate for soft butterfly kisses,,,,his lips? so pink nd soft nd so so beautifully carved u wanna worship it w kisses,,,,his freckles? they seriously rested at the most kissable places,,,,,,idk he’s so lovely nd cute nd soft i just wanna love him so much ajsdhsjka :’(

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idk about you but one of the reasons why I love Henrik is that he has such a nice voice to listen to, especially when he speaks English. It's really deep, and just has a generally nice tone. Also the fact that he seems to have a generally nice personality, and is über tall (nice figure) that if I were to stand next to him I'd look like a dwarf

Ahhhh this is so cute! I love this. omg omg omg can we all just talk about everything we love about the skam actors for a bit? yessss appreciation time peeps. Send me reasons why you love our angels. <3 

But omg seriously his voice is incredible anon. It is so smooth and genuine and kind. Like I cannot deal. and when he smiles and laughs and just literally lights the world up I forget how to breathe. How is he even a real human? I cannot deal. hahaha omg he really does make everyone look like a dwarf. It is honestly such an endearing quality. Ahhh anon just imagine him wrapping his arms around you and you resting your head against his heart because he is that tall and omg this is adorable I can’t handle this. 

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It's so bizarre that there are still people questioning Harry's strategy and complaining about him being so low-key for the last year or so...What purpose would it have served for harry to stick to the spotlight that whole time and risk overexposure before he even had anything to promote? Not to mention the fact that he deserved a break and a chance to work on something special with actual privacy. Now he's refreshed​ and ready to come out strong, I think everything has been brilliant so far

Honestly him and Jeff are geniuses for this. And honestly idk why people expected him to just be out an about all last year like?? If he’d done that then it wouldn’t have been as big of a deal for him to come back now.

every episode of house ever
  • *episode opens with patient going about their every day life*
  • patient: owww my everything
  • *patient goes to hospital*
  • house: okay guys got any ideas
  • literally everyone: ehh probably meningitis
  • house: well you're wrong give him a lumbar puncture
  • foreman: house despite you being the head of our team we obviously know more than you
  • house: *joke about foreman being black*
  • foreman:
  • house:
  • foreman:
  • house:
  • chase: hey cameron you wanna bang later
  • cameron: fuk u
  • chase: eyyy she wants me ;0
  • patient: oww my everything
  • cameron: the patient is getting worse house what do we do
  • house: pfff fuck if i know
  • cameron: damn house you suck you're a terrible doctor he obviously has meningitis
  • house: give him some drugz idk
  • cameron: wow guys did you hear house telling us to give the patient drugs? damn he's a great doctor wouldn't you just like to bang him?
  • chase: >:(
  • cuddy: house go work in the clinic
  • house: no
  • cuddy: do it or else
  • house: ugh fine
  • *insert some comic-relief scene of house in the clinic with a dumb patient*
  • *meanwhile the first patient gets worse*
  • patient: owww now my eyes are green
  • chase: house his eyes are green and he is literally on the brink of death what do we do
  • *insert a 3D animation of how the disease works with voice over of how it works*
  • house: only a shot of the super-duper-illegal anti-titty deflation vaccine that has not yet been made legal can save him now
  • cuddy: NO
  • house: YES
  • cuddy: NO
  • house: YES
  • cuddy: NO
  • house: fuk u bitch i do what i want lmao cuddy? more like slutty ayyyy
  • *house gives patient cure*
  • patient: wow, doctor! by some miracle you've cured me! And even the chronic pain in my back was fixed!
  • house: yet another symptom of your titty deflation
  • wilson: how did he have titty deflation? he doesn't have titties
  • house: shut up, wilson, you were probably irrelevant this episode
  • *"You Can't Always Get What You Want" plays*

no offence but the whole pillow merch stuff makes me so uncomfy like??? first we have yurio who is literally 15 and doesn’t need to be sexualised or anything like he’s a kid leave him alone??? and then we have yuri and victor and idk if it’s just me but it still makes me feel really gross lowkey bc like they’re a canon m/m couple which is great but i feel like this just kind of helps add to the gross fetishisation of them and idk no thanks not a fan catch me never reblogging any of that content to this blog lol

So we all know that Akaashi is beautiful, but imagine him being the least photogenic person on the planet. Like, he’s the guy whose eyes are always half closed, and if it’s not his eyes then it’s a weird angle. Doesn’t know what to do with his hands. He takes amazing selfies, but if anyone else is in control of the camera, forget about it. Bokuto and Kuroo get a huge kick out of it. Akaashi tries so hard to figure how other people look normal in front of a camera, but he just CANNOT. “_____ has tagged you in a photo” is his worst nightmare.

Seriously though….

look… look at the difference…

Someone once mentioned something about Ardyn having moments of clarity, and at first I wasn’t sure that I agreed… but idk… this scene… may have been that. When was the last time he had to face his past like this? I mean, I get that everything he’s doing is BECAUSE of his past, but… it just looks like, now that he’s having to explain it to someone else (which he’s arguably never done before) it’s kind of hitting him…

Ardyn knows he’s a monster. He knows what he’s doing is terrible. And he’s not happy about it… at least… not in this one instant.


I screencapped these from this video

man but honestly few things fuck me up as much as when adam says in trb “i think you’ll find i do pretty much everything quiet”, because on one hand, as a massive introvert, i super relate– but on the other hand, when you think about the heartbreaking implications of that sentence, it’s like, fuck. fuck, of course you do

you laugh quietly because your dad is always angry, you cry quietly because the neighbors don’t care about your bruises; you’re quiet about your achievements because the kids from the trailer park don’t really care about your straight As, and you’re quiet in school because you’re ashamed of your accent; you think quietly because it makes it easier to pull apart your emotions and sort them into logical containers, and you love quietly because you don’t quite know how yet, and because in the dusty back roads of henrietta, virginia, a boy who loves girls and boys is not quite safe.

you brave, lonesome boy, of course you do everything quiet; how could it be otherwise? 

Can we just talk about the way Naveen looks at Tiana?!?!?!!

Especially at the part when she’s dancing during Mama Odie’s solo number. It’s the first time he’s ever seen her completely happy and FREE instead of stressing about work and constantly being tied down by her worries about how she’s going to achieve her goal. He sees a more carefree side to her, and you can tell in that moment while he’s staring at her dancing that he suddenly realizes that he absolutely loves seeing her so happy. That she, more than anyone, DESERVES to be happy. And that because of that he’s going to do anything and everything to make sure that she will get what she’s worked so hard for because her happiness is now the most important thing in the world to him. Like idk these two always just give me a lot of feelings their relationship is so beautiful Aggghhffsdxe@$%fgccfft:$!ewrcf!##!! *CRIES* 😭😭😭

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i have hella muse for a plot where the guy is a total small town farmer boy. like getting through high school was a pain cause he isn’t book smart or anything like that. all he’s ever known is hands on work (working on cars, farming, tinkering with household items, gardening, etc.) one day he’s selling fruits and veggies at his family owned stand on a hot summer day, and he meets a girl who’s the total opposite of him. she’s all brains, works at a law firm maybe, drives a benz. she’s everything he’s not. however, that southern charm will swoon any girl who’s had her heart broken one too many times by the same type of guy. he’s different, and she loves that about him. idk i just think it would be cute. could be m/f, m/m, or f/f.

Some things Percy probably does because he’s a New Yorker
  • He talks really, really fast 
  • Like some people just stare at him not knowing what he said because he strings his thoughts and sentences together rapidly because c’mon he lives in Manhattan where everything is high pace 24/7
  • He talks really loud! His voice carries over well. He’s so bad at like talking softly. And people can often hear him from like a mile away lmao 
  • Annabeth jokes that she could be on the other side of MSG at a Rangers game and still be able to hear him 
  • He basically lives off of pizza, bagels, and bacon egg and cheeses. Like he’s always stopping to get a slice or pie at his local pizzeria, or at his bodega to get bagels before school or something like that
  • He’s very proud of being a New Yorker. Like we tend to be proud to be from New York, I don’t know it’s just a thing that we do (except when we complain about it all the time)  
  • Anything that is north of the Bronx, he considers Upstate New York (even though it is not. Bitter about it) 
  • The dude can weave through crowds so fluidly. He is a master of evading people barreling down the sidewalks
  • He walks really fast! In New York, if you don’t walk fast everyone hates you.  
  • He is really good at doing things with other shit and noise going on around him. Construction is everywhere, always making a lot of noise, so he’s used to it and it doesn’t bother him as much
  • He can drive a car, but he lives in the City. It is a hellish nightmare to drive through there and to get out without possibly dying in the process. So he’s not the greatest driver in the world. But he can parallel park easily. 
  • He jaywalks like it’s his fucking job. He fears nothing when he needs to get somewhere (ahem, late to school)
  • He curses a lot. Every other word that comes out of his mouth is some kind of swear (except in front of his mother)
  • He has his favorite sports teams (Mets, Jets, Rangers, Knicks) but he usually supports all New York teams (except Buffalo, way too up north and he forgets about them a lot)

i love this moment. it’s a glimpse, i think, of the real sukeroku … or sukeroku as not seen solely through kiku’s eyes. idk! there’s just such a weight on him, a heaviness that doesn’t get any significant place in the narrative because kiku didn’t know about it, and everything we know about sukeroku in the show is as told by kiku (or konatsu), both of whom idealize him in different ways. he doesn’t know what to do. and essentially, after this point, sukeroku gives up. this gets glossed over in the telling–whether because kiku is preserving konatsu’s feelings, or his own, or he just doesn’t know–and even when sukeroku makes one last attempt later to perform rakugo again, there’s something missing. just a little bit. both of them know kiku didn’t deserve to inherit yakumo’s name. but knowing that doesn’t matter. doesn’t change anything, except how you feel about it.

i’m honestly so invested in joaquin - not  just joavin as much as i love them together - but joaquin as his own character. like why is he in the southside serpents? does he have a family? is he gay? bi? is he out? how old is he? if he’s kevin age why isn’t he in school??? i have?? so many questions and i just wanna know everything about him

ok but does anyone ever reminisce on the old brendon? everyone talks about the split and the earlier music and ryan. i mean i know we still have brendon, he’s in the band (he IS the band) and we get new content of him pretty often, but just celebrating fever era brendon? pretty odd? vices? 

during afycso, brendon was so new to everything, and pretty inexperienced. idk if anyone else feels like this, but the effort he put in was so visible back then (not saying it isnt anymore). 

and then during p.o. era, he was just so happy and smiley, like a little flower boy, especially live shows. i don’t wanna bring up ryden but he seemed really happy around ryan. brendon just seemed really happy during pretty. odd. era. 

and then vices, well the bow ties and vests were so awesome, there isnt much else to say besides that he seemed salty and bitter

too weird was its own thing altogether, prime forehead era. like that pic of him in the blue suit with the cigarette? his forehead was so big.

and then bachelor era. well, i’ll probably have more to say looking back, but just, i feel like it’s so cool seeing people progress like this, yes, there are preferences, but it’s just so awesome to see how far brendon has come.

that being said, I would sell my soul to be a fan back in the afycso or pretty. odd. era. what if ryan and jon had never left or what if brendon becomes emo again next album era or what if there’s a reunion and ryan, spencer, and jon come back or what if-

consider my messy rambling of a Hance Au:

okay so Lance’s family is kinda teasing him about not dating anyone. jokingly. but lance being the lil insecure baby he is kind of takes it seriously. at this point, lance kind of admires hunk from the distance, but he and hunk aren’t super good friends at this time (they are in one class together, and maybe talk once a day) but hunk finds out about it somehow, and, being the stand up guy he is, offers for lance to tell his family that they are dating. and things kind of spiral out of control from there? the more time lance spends with hunk the more he begins to fall for him. hunk means everything to lance, but lance’s biggest fear is that hunk means way more to him than he does to hunk. everyday they get closer, and everyday lance is like “wow, idk how i could possibly get any closer to him” and then the next day. BAM hunk lets him wear his sweatshirt when he gets cold or hunk is saying i love you- but they both think the other means it platonically. lance’s family absolutely adores Hunk, they don’t suspect anything, and from the outside it looks like they have a perfect relationship but on the inside they are both FREAKING OUT
Andrew Shaw ready to make difference
Out of all the players the Montreal Canadiens could have as their You Can Play ambassador for diversity, equality and inclusion, they have Andrew Shaw.

ok actually after reading this i’m significantly less bitter about the whole thing

like on the inside i want to be like “that sounds fake” but idk… i also don’t want to be bitter about everything…..

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why do u think ppl get obsessed w Brendon and panic? this is such a dumb question but Im high AF and I have been sitting here for an hour thinking about it. like why do I sit here for 8 hrs a day n look at his dumb face wtf

Idk he’s a very sweet dude and people get obsessed with everything but he does have an air of more personal comfort when it comes to interacting with him. It doesn’t feel like you’re necessarily talking to a celebrity even if you look up to him extremely, it’s more like you’re talking to a friend he’s just. There. And I think it’s easier for people to head towards a place of comfort which he tends to supply with his music and his whole general Vibe. Also he’s pretty and makes dick jokes.

Btw can we talk about how important Pepe as the second captain of the NT is? Nani’s out injured so Pepe gets to step up and as much as I love Nani and everything he represents in this NT i’m looooving this Cris x Pepe captain duo. Pepe stepping up at the award ceremony the other week filled my heart with joy as well - like the way everyone was refusing to speak so he just stepped up and took the front stage which doesn’t happen a lot for him since he barely wins awards at ceremonies like this (much to my annoyance). Anyways, what I mean he’s that he’s aways in the shadows and to see him get just a tiny bit of time in the spotlight this past week has been refreshing as hell. He deserves so much more love and recognition. And he seems like he makes a great captain ❤️ i hate it that within a week he’s going to be back to being sidecasted and ignored at Real 😔

  • Bellarke: Has had a relationship developing since S1, literally is going to go from enemies to friends to lovers, went from a point where Bellamy was considering having Clarke killed to always protecting her, Has Bellamy literally admit to refusing to live in a world without Clarke, Clarke willing to sacrifice 50 of her people to keep Bellamy alive because in reality she cannot live without Bellamy, doesnt let Clarke suffer killing hundreds by herself, watching each other sleep, Bellamy admitting he was angry that she left him, Lexa noticing that Clarke worries about Bellamy more than anyone, Clarke loosing shit knowing that Bellamy is missing, Bellamy willing to get killed by Ice Nation to go after Clarke when she was kidnapped. Having Bellamy and Clarke both be willing to sacrifice anything and everything for one another.
  • Haters: GOD I HATE THIS.....SHIP..