“I’m not sure if that’s your best option here,” Lane said softly, head lifting from the table where he’d been scratching out raw calculations on a napkin – last minute ‘homework’ from his father, no doubt. The man had been trying to shift Lane’s focus towards the company for quite some time and now, as he lazily calculated a client’s profit, Lane was desperate for any sort of distraction. So, when conversation was initiated, he took the situation in stride. Twirling his pen between his index finger and thumb, he furrowed his brow slightly. The other’s conundrum brought forth more expression than he’d exerted all day, thanks to these tedious finance equations. “I mean, given the array of possible consequences… wouldn’t you say the potential drawbacks would outweigh any personal benefits?”

Joshua appreciation post

Joshua Hong. He is a very different kid. One minute he is 100% gentle and sweet the next he rudely does an (awkward) body roll or does a handstand or says he digs this 18+ song about sex. Nonetheless: Kitten. He’s a freaking kitten okay.

His voice in general is wow. Like a warm cup of coffee with about three hundred packets of sugar: he’s very sweet. When he speaks english, how do you say it? It’s like it was made just for him bc he says everything so perfectly. (But it’s just english? NAH, this is HONGlish we talkin bout). He is also very good at singing and hops on the chance to sing if he can (as shown in seventeen on sukira; he channeled his inner adam levine).

He’s an only child. From LA to Seoul. The distance man, distance. He looks a lot like his mother which really idk i think it’s adorable okay idk maybe its just me.

He’s quite awkward at times but it’s ok i mean i’m awkward too yay. But more than awkward, he is nothing but kind and rarely (if at all) gets angry. Did i mention he plays guitar? That he wears snapbacks and beanies like its nbd? Oh and him in hoodies and sweaters?goodness. He also can bboy pretty well for not being a “dancer”. He and the8 are the “looks innocent but could actually go thug on you at any moment” squad, and i love it tbh.

I could write more since he’s my current bias but, eh, i’ll save it for later. -end-

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I honestly don't know whether louis is actually having a baby bc none of he other boys, his family r friends have congratulated him, so that leads me to believe he isn't a dad, in all honesty I am just hoping the baby isn't his

i’ve reblogged a lot of posts that pose all the questions i have about this situation. people cite Louis’ lack of excitement as a sign that it’s fake but i can see him being subdued in order to protect the baby. but that being said then why on earth would he let this story go to press in the first place????? so there’s that. then the timing of everything. the shady weird family leaks. the media reactions. the way this is being handled by his side.

idk anon, there are just a lot of moving parts. i feel like a punching bag just taking each blow and moving on yknow being my punching bag self. it’s chill.

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10:27 and it's been 3 months and he's still all I think about and I don't know what to do. I can't help myself linking him with everything I see or do and I hate myself for it :///

go buy a fish and name him somethin like idk frederick and take care of fredrick 24/7 invest ur time in fredrick try to draw him and send snaps of fredrick and then wowza the name u will have in ur head all day will be fredrick!!! and u will be able to chill and be smiley and be thinking of a cute tiny fish all day 

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Okay, so my boyfriend and I have been getting into a lot of arguments lately, and I really like him, but our relationship isn't healthy. I know couples argue but not as much as we do, and every time we argue I get the mentality that we shouldn't be together, but then I think about it again and I don't want to lose him. Also, he takes offense to EVERYTHING. And idk how to not offend him. But I'm literally battling myself as to whether or not we should break up and I have no idea what I should do.

I’m so sorry to hear but I’m honestly the worst person ever to ask relationship advice to tbh… I think the most important part is to talk and tell him how you feel and what he feels. Try to figure it out if there’s a way for you to solve your problems. As I said, I’m the worst with relationship so maybe any of these tips could be helpful :)xx

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bitchy opinion: people are way too obsessed with tayvin. like yeah it's nice to see her in a happy relationship and all but I mean he's not some godsend. also like can people stop saying omg they are gonna get married and have the cutest babies and did you see the underwear pics I'm sure Taylor loves them… blah blah blah it's annoying and feels really invasive. and like oh when she writes an album about him it's going to be so nice and happy like??? idk I'm just so tired of SOME tayvin shippers

true like as if taylor’s entire world was better because she’s dating him now like just a reminder for everyone that she was happy before her boyfriend and she’s happy now like taylor isn’t some half of a puzzle that was missing a piece and now everything is right because she’s found it no no no she is a whole person


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Kinda embarrassed to be asking questions about astrology but here goes: I'm Cancer (f) and my bf is Aquarius. When we started dating we were super tight, we'd talk so much about everything and anything but now it's like eh.. Fading away. Idk what I should do to keep him interested!! I mean, he seems interested with his words and all.. But I'm not really completely buying it. :(

listen to your gut if you think the spark is gone it really may be gone :(

Aquas seek friendship the most in a relationship, and they may start getting bored or distant if you try to rush the touchy romantic stuff too fast. try upping the communication, go on a date somewhere cool so you have something to talk about. try to make him laugh and turn every conversation into a stimulating one.

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excuse me where when did liam say that quote ???? Is it a real quote ?? I'm going to die


I seriously can’t get over how chill Zeref is being about everything

“I love my little bro so much I resurrected his corpse, but y’know I really hate living right now with this curse n’ all so I’m gonna screw with his emotions and threaten him so he can kill me nbd”

“I’m the emperor of this pretty swank country and all it’s people love me, but man the value of life is lost to me now so imma just annihilate everything k?”

“Oh the ultimate demon I created who is also my beloved brother is coming after me… Yes, maybe he can finally kill me and get me off this planet”

Honestly, Zeref’s behavior so bizarre, yet I’m totally cracking up here

I definitely think Nathan is drugged in that photo..

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Idk if it’s just me, and I hope no one takes this the wrong way because I believe everyone is passionate about their bias but I 1000000000000000000% believe Ri stans are the most passionate about him, like, have you seen how hard they work for things, in order for him to be recognized as one of the greats? Like, I just can’t help but admire the love and time Ri stans put into everything. I feel like I’m rambling and none of this makes sense, but like, Ri stans, y’all are great, and I applaud you for everything you do!!

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I'm sorry if I sound somewhat ignorant but, wouldn't it be necessary to officialy report Calvin/Oli to 1DHQ and major autorities for sexual assault and everything they've done so they could actually stop being around the boys? I feel like while no one made an official report/testimony/accusation, nothing will happen because they can't do anything about it when they have "no victims" since at least 99% of the people who reported them were anonymous. Just thinking... what's ur opinion?

Good point. If anyone who sees this knows someone or has been assaulted by these guys, PLEASE report them!


the other day I was reading travel reviews with my father and we came across one where this woman said the landlord made  “joke” sexual comments about women renting from him and she was uncomfortable having to be near him and I was like “ughh what a creep” and then my dad legit lectured me about not believing everything I read and I was like

hold up Imma let you finish but to be clear you are lecturing me on what it’s like to be a woman rn?

the odds are if some girl has the momentum to speak up and say someone made her uncomfortable he prob made her HELLA uncomfortable bc really women are made uncomfortable by men all the time so to actually say something you can bet your buck there was something very legit afoot and regardless it’s frustrating that men think they can and should lecture women (their daughters!!!) on being ~chill~ and not ~jumping to conclusions~ when honestly

if you don’t trust someone who says a guy is a creep you can end up dead so haha? yeah I’m going to call him a creep if another woman says she gets bad vibes 

I think if you’re going to be the parent of a girl (or ANYONE but particularly a girl) then you have a responsibility to educate yourself so you never feel like it’s your right to tell your daughter to not trust other women’s comments about creepy men

ANYWHO, story over

i always feel bad for thinking that dan is my favorite out of the fantastic foursome bc i dont want people to think i like dan just because of his looks and i really do love the other three but dan is my child and i relate to him so much an d this causes me more stress than it should

Honestly it’s so annoying and frustrating seeing and hearing parents talk about their sons misbehavior like it’s something part of their gender, and using the same old excuse “he’s a boy” and when it’s a girl who does the same thing it’s “she’s a girl she should know better”. How?¿¿ No wonder boys turn into fboys when they’re older beacuse they always have the excuse of “he’s a boy” and its always someone else saying it for him and soon or later they start to understand what these words mean and think they really have more control then girls and everything revolves around them.

idk these parents know nothing about parenting but maybe they know how to grow a damn tree. Beacuse building a childs character and personality, like teaching them manners is kinda like growing a tree. When you’re growing a tree you have those tree supporters that help the tree grow straight and guide it. Well yeah it isn’t that hard, children are like that as well. You have to start with them when they’re little or they’ll grow up with a ugly personality, and it will be too late to fix it.

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lets talk about jackson coming back and bumping into stiles and 'woah wait what the fuck happened to that sarcastic kid?? give him back to me??' and noticing how different and troubled he is and making it his personal mission to bring back a lil bit of the old stiles and constantly teasing him and bringing up old jokes and taking him bowling but then stiles breaks down like 'nO everything is not okay you cant just act like that bc you got to leave' and idk where im going with this BUT UGH

ok i’m crying??? also idk why the idea of them bowling makes me dksiqkskalf but it doES esp when they’re eating greasy food and joking together and having fun like they’ve always been like this and then stiles by some miracle bowls a strike and he’s laughing until all of a sudden he’s crying in the middle of the bowling alley and he tells jackson everything, all the things he can’t tell scott, from his mom to how much being possessed sucked because every death he caused brought him back to hers, all the way up to when he really did of his own accord kill someone, and jackson just holds him and lets him get it all out because even though stiles didn’t specifically tell him so, he can tell it’s something he hasn’t told anyone else and he needs this. and he drives stiles home to make sure he gets there okay and he walks him to the door and stiles lingers there for a second before asking him “could you…would you stay?” and jackson nods and awhile later they’re laying in bed and they’re not touching, but they can feel the others presence there and it’s comforting. and jackson says, quietly, “you know, if you kill anyone else, you can always call me to help you cover it up,” and it’s so insensitive and for a jackson regrets saying it, but then stiles huffs out a laugh and nudges him with his shoulder and says “thanks” and even though he doesn’t say it they both know what he’s really thanking him for 😊😊😊😊😊 i’m fine

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I feel like Combeferre would be similar to Courfeyrac in that he wouldn't let anyone know when something was wrong because he's supposed to be the calm and collected one in the group, so he hides it whenever something's wrong and manages to start to convince even Courf and Enj that everything is alright when it isn't and then one day he just snaps? Idk this is kind of random but I was just thinking about it

Honestly, in this regard at least, I definitely think Combeferre would be even worse.  Like Courfeyrac wouldn’t like people to know if he’s feeling upset and sad because he’s supposed to be this little ray of sunshine and cheer; he doesn’t really know how to deal with himself when he’s feeling depressed and he doesn’t want anyone else to deal with him like that either, so that definitely creates problems for Courf. (see: Runaway Courf au)  But he knows when he’s upset, he just tries to hide it behind forced enthusiasm and smiles.  I think this is even more encompassing for Combeferre.

He’s supposed to be the mature one, right?  Like he has got it put together; he’s the one everyone goes to for advice; he keeps everything level when things are going out of control.  He’s their guide, a steady compass of sense, and what use is a compass if it wavers, right?  So while Courf might hide when he’s sad he’ll definitely not disguise his anger or irritation or confusion.  But Combeferre absolutely will. I’ve always headcanoned Ferre having a somewhat flat affect, like he’s just doesn’t have as wild of facial expressions as some of his friends – which means he’s a champion at poker or deadpan jokes, but it also means he can be really hard to read, and it can be really hard to tell when he’s upset.  It’s not to hard to tell a fake Courfeyrac smile, but it’s much harder to tell a fake Combeferre smile.

Hell, he’s probably even manage to half convince himself.  Just ignoring the build up of pressure, insisting that this is okay, this is good, this is normal, he can deal with this, he totally can, he always deals with it.  And so he never takes care of it when it’s a small, manageable problem because he so convinced it’s not a problem, and just lets it grow out of proportion.

So yeah, Combeferre would just be getting more and more stressed until something finally gave. Like one spring he needs to decide on his minor but he’s interested in everything and has been having the worst time choosing something, and exams are coming up, and he did really badly on his last O Chem lab but is too embarrassed to ask Joly for help studying because he’s supposed to be good at this, and he hasn’t had time to read any of his own books in weeks, and he agreed to take on some extra work for the ABC because everyone was working themselves into a fit over not knowing what to do with it so he just calmed everyone down and helped re-allot the work they had to do, because that’s what he does.  And then Enjolras comes over one evening to talk about just how frustrated he is with Grantaire and Combeferre tries to be patient but he’s tired and has heard this so many times and sometimes he’s just doesn’t have the energy for constantly comforting other people and he snaps.

It starts with just a couple snide remarks that kind of throw Enjolras off, because Combeferre is a sarcastic little shit but never when someone is honestly here for advice, but he pushes on because it doesn’t quite click, and then Combeferre shouts.  He throws his book aside, and yells at Enjolras and rages against Enjolras and Grantaire’s pig-headed crushes, seriously could they both just get their heads out of their asses so everyone else can move on??? and against people bothering him when he’s working and everything and anything and just keeps going and going.  Courfeyrac ends up stumbling out of his room, baffled and freaked out, and Enjolras is just staring but fuck it all, they are his best friends and they realize what’s happening and so they gently take him aside onto the couch and rub his back until he calms down.  And as Combeferre begins to peter out, when the angry shouting maybe starts to lean more towards tears, he starts to feel disgustingly guilty about what he said because he didn’t mean it he just couldn’t deal with it all…  But Enjolras and Courf understand, and they’re just feel bad that they didn’t realize how stressed Combeferre was getting before it got out of hand.

And yeah, just triumvirate comfort cuddle puddle after that.  Because everyone forgets that Combeferre’s human – Combeferre included – and that he needs to have an ear to listen and a shoulder to help carry the burden, as much as he is those for other people.

one thing that i think is interesting about theo is that he’s obviously one of the bad guys, but his werewolf eyes aren’t blue. like, you’d expect someone who works with/for the dread doctors to be ruthless and not even blink while taking another life.

so, either theo’s motive is more noble than we think (maybe it has to do with his sister he obviously loved and still mourns for) and working with the doctors is an unavoidable evil

or his story is made up and he wasn’t bitten, but made by the doctors, so supernatural rules don’t work on him. maybe he’s a successful experiment? i found it suspicious that he’s able to shift into a full wolf, something we’ve only seen on talia (an alpha) and derek, who’s lived as a born werewolf for 20something years until he mastered the full shift. i don’t know if we can add malia to this list since she’s a werecoyote, but anyway, she was born too, not bitten.

scott is a true alpha and hasn’t mastered the full shift. why would a bitten beta (actually omega since he doesn’t even have a pack) be able to do it?