Ja, men Sonja sa at han har vært manisk hele tida. Hvem er Sonja? – Eksen hans.
Yeah, but Sonja said that he’s been manic the whole time. Who’s Sonja? – His ex.

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Do you have any Snart Siblings headacanons from their childhood, present day or anything.

I’ve been sitting on this ask for a day or two because on the one hand, so many, but on the other hand I was like “but I explore a lot of them in my writing already so I’m not sure what to say” and then I freaking clued in that not everyone who likes my blog probably has wanted to slog through my multiple 100k+ word fics to get a read on how I explore the Snart sibling dynamics in the background of the fic.

Sorry I’m an idiot who forgets I engage with multiple disparate parts of fandom sometimes. In my head it all blends together most days. My headcanons have also changed a lot with new information we got from Legends, so the ones that come through in my fics aren’t fully ‘accurate’ anymore anyway.

Also, I’m gonna focus on headcanons for their childhood/backstory, and I’ll try to this with in point form, but I’m not good at random headcanons and mostly just give full backstory thoughts, so heads up on that. 

Under a cut because long, and mostly angst.

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“Lady Melisandre wore no crown, but every man there knew that she was Stannis Baratheon’s real queen.”

(late) Inuvember AU Week ➸ (Game of Thrones, Stannis Baratheon & The Red Melisandre ➸ ft. Sesshomaru and Kikyo)

*Dedicated to my most amazingly brilliant some kind of wonderful overseas queen @magical-campanula <3 *

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sheriattani replied to your post “It’s sad that not everyone can respect Andrew’s right to privacy, and…”

Yes, if you recognize an image as a private photo send a message, not a comment, to the person who posted it. Some pictures that look private are not. They’re from movies. Personally I prefer the ones I can give a funny caption to but that’s me.

Okay, if you want to boil this down to whether I sent the original poster a message or not, that’s up to you. I didn’t this time because a) this wasn’t someone who just mistakenly posted a private pic, they’ve done it before and don’t seem to care, b) I was talking to a friend a the time, who did leave a message (and a comment), and c) I wanted to leave a comment/reply on the post, so that people who do care about not spreading private pics of Andrew got a chance to see it, and didn’t reblog without knowing. But point taken; the next time I see a pic that I think/know is private, I’ll make sure to both make a comment and send a message to the person in question.

I am honestly not trying to pick a fight with you or attack you. Like I said, neither my original post nor the pic in question had anything to do with you. I’m probably more conflict averse than the next person, but I’m not going to shy away from stating my opinion (though in a respecful manner). Again, the reason I made the original post, is that to me this all comes down to respect for Andrew. We all know how much he values his privacy. That’s why I find it sad that his wishes in that regard aren’t respected, when people wilfully post pics they know are private. And the way I see it, if someone wants to post a pic of Andrew, but isn’t sure where it’s from, it shouldn’t be posted.

By extension, and in reply to another comment you made; Yes, I do think anyone who chooses to post pics of people online should do some “research” into the source, and make a conscious decision whether it’s okay to make the pics public. It doesn’t matter if it’s Andrew, a friend or a random stranger. In my opinion, everyone deserves to keep their private moments to themselves if they want to. And to me, missing out on a cute pic of Andrew with a funny caption is much better than the risk of him having his privacy invaded. 

Now obviously, I am not in a position to tell anyone what they are “allowed” to do. Everyone is completely free to make their own decisions, and to post whatever pics they like. I just know I won’t be part of spreading them. And I’ll try to make sure as many people as possible know when a private pic is circulating, so that they can choose for themselves whether they want to contribute to keep sharing them or not. 


So, what I’m sure you all want to know about first: there will be seven posts tomorrow. It will be a text series, one post per member, but the subject is a surprise~ It is something that someone requested, and I figured it would be good to post it tomorrow since TOMORROW IS THE FIRST ANNIVERSARY OF THE DAY I STARTED THIS BLOG!!!

I love each and every one of you so much. The rest of this might be sort of rambly/ranty, so feel free to skip it, but I’m gonna say it anyways. It will be under the keep reading thing, so feel free to not expand it. It’s just stuff about my mental state and what’s been going on~

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Fanwalker questions: you can answer these for any or all of them! Cause of spark ignition, abilities/magic/skills, where are they now, driving goal/purpose, aaaand favorite pastime :D

Claudia’s spark ignited out of the rage and pain of losing her oldest friend to the syndicate, where she then found herself in a Avacynian church.

She’s an extremely skilled demon summoner and excels at magic that binds and exiles. Currently she has caught the attention of a small flight of angels that are trying to gift her with traditionally white-aligned abilities, but she is having… difficulty.

She’s currently on Ravnica, scheming to what amounts as a coup to release the souls that are trapped in debt by the Syndicate

Her favorite past-time is… being an elite. She has recently taken a mantle of humility upon herself as she works with angels but deep down she feels most at peace bedecked in jewels and finery, drinking wine and discussion among her peers.

Mirr’lu’s spark ignited during the ceremony to become a priestess of Svelyun. As they draped the silver-and-pearl embroidered sash around her shoulders she was overcome with such love and devotion that she was whisked away to Lorwyn.

Mirr’lu uses auras and enchantments to bring out the best in those around her. She’s a spellcrafter, diplomat, and priest and her training reflects that.

She is currently on Zendikar, helping the merfolk there recover and rebuild after the eldrazi.

Mirr’lu is desperate to save her people. As the homarids advance and her people are pushed further to the brink she seeks the help of those who might help. As the situation is becoming more dire she’s trying to learn if there are ways to shield non-walkers from the blind eternities so that she might transplant her people to a new plane.

Her favorite past-time is music, song, and dance! Etlan Shiis was an artisan colony and she loves any sort of art or craftsmanship

Slimewalker’s spark ignited after she/they became self-aware and intelligent after consuming a planeswalker’s spark. She found herself an oddity in Mercadia until a wizard and spellshaper found her and treated her kindly.

Their magical abilities are limited as they’ve only been sentient for a short time. Currently, slimewalker is at their strongest when pushed to the edge and upset or injured. When enraged, slimewalker loses their humanoid shape and reverts back to their original ooze form, destroying and devouring every threat around them. She doesn’t enjoy this.

Slimewalker travels between civilized planes and their major marketplaces. Currently they’re visiting Fiora and finding themselves very at home.

She’s trying to find a way to become better at being a person. She doesn’t enjoy her beastlike past and would like to be normal and make friends. 

She also very much enjoys shopping.

Kitsune (Placeholder name: “Ran”) will give you a new account of how his spark ignited each time you ask. If you press him about it he’ll insist that one of the stories is correct, and he’ll tell you if you guess which one. These are all lies.

Ran is an exceptional archer and his magic is based in illusions and mimicry.

He is currently on Innistrad, taking care of an elderly woman left alone after the wake of the Eldrazi. He can never stay for long but her modest house is filled with trinkets and magical items and decorations from his travels. 

Ran is mildly paranoid and is constantly on the move between planes. He insists he’s multitasking while on the clock and won’t provide more answers than that. Despite his busy schedule he always seems to make the time to stop somewhere for a souvenir or seven. 

Ran loves being the center of attention and making others laugh, especially if he’s getting paid to do it. Although he tries not to get close to people he likes running errands and giving gifts as a way of showing gratitude.


lmao ok so i have this whole idea where tomeki gets visions of flowey and wants to help him so she sneaks out of the house while metta and blooky are out (probably on tour) and climbs all the way up mt. ebott and through the underground to find him!!

i crave that cute bonding shit

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