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Cows milk doesn’t leach calcium from our bones, however almond milk is great as long as your not allergic to nuts.

It does though. Cows milk makes our blood acidic, and to normalize our blood ph, calcium is released from our bones (x)(x)(x). Large consumption of cows milk is linked to weak bones, fractures and osteoporosis. Not to mention different kinds of cancer, mainly because of Casein, the main protein in dairy. Scientists at Harvard have urged people to stop consuming dairy for years.

Vegan microwave brownie is the best thing ever.

Seriously, put 4 spoons flour, 4 spoons sugar & 2 spoons cocoa in a mug. Mix it real good. Add 2 spoons oil & 2 spoons water. Mix it again. Chuck in microwave for 2 minutes. So fucking delicious.