i’m tired af at seeing posts saying that fandom “ignores” kent parson’s faults. maybe that’s true for the dumb crackfic that makes its way around tumblr, but there are tons of truly thoughtful and deep works exploring kent’s faults and personality and personal trauma like having your best friend overdose. to say that fandom “ignores” that side of kent is lazy cherry-picking and does nothing to bolster your argument to anyone. good fucking night.

Imagine Concept

An imagine based on ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight?’ where Tom and Reader reconnect after years of being a part and Haz and Jacob get a bit sad and jealous because they’re loosing their best friend.

This is what I get for having a Disney marathon @ 2 a.m. I blame Todrick Hall’s 90’s Disney video though…that rendition of CYFTLT had me in my feelings and so did the Broadway version 😪

Okay goodnight 😂✌🏾️


Saku-chan talked! 💕 Thanks to Google, that translated for me.

It’s warm when you’re next to me.
Nobody can see the place that comes to this room.”

hhhey, havent updated in a while

mostly cause of a personal problem and just in general not feeling mentally well

ive just had no motivated to draw anything at all this entire week either

and as petty as it sounds, i dont feel that much motivated to update when i know that at most 10 people are going to see it

i mean i love everybody who does keep up with my silly lil blog, and i feel guilty for feeling sad and unmotivated just cause not a lot of people actively look at my blog

and also i feel guilty for having not updated in a while

but i just dont feel well and completely unmotivated

so once again im going to take a break, im really sorry - Big D

Tagging Game-5 things about me

i was tagged by @thoselittlethings-defineus  thank you i love these posts!

5 things you’ll find in my bag:

1.  pens

2. my wallet 

3. house key

4. headphones

5. gum 

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:

1. extra blankets

2. new pretty notebooks 

3. empty water bottles everywhere 

4. glow in the dark calendar (its about moons/space and its the best thing I bought all year)

5. laundry I have to put away 

5 things I want to do in life:

1. travel around Europe

2. decorate my own house 

3. get a job I actually love

4. know what I want to study in college

5. adopt so many shelter animals 

5 things that make me happy:

1. Bastille 

2. listening to music in the rain

 3. new pretty notebooks 

4. coffee 

5. baking 

5 things I’m currently into: 

1. Bastille

2. space 

3. learning about history  

4. music 

5. baking 

5 things on my todo list:

1. do my hw

2. get a parttime job

3. do better in my chem class 

4. look at colleges

5. clean my messy room 

5 things people may not know about me:

1. I still have my favorite stuffed animal from when I was little (which is a small cat I named Yosho)

2. I am so unorganized 

3. my middle name is my mom’s first name

4. I hate getting all dressed up for special events 

5. idk how to style my hair (other then straightening it)

Thanks again for tagging me! I’m gonna tag @12aclocksharp @screamaboutmurder @witheachtuboficecream @diggingmygravewithicarus @some-sweetsimplicity and @phanielintheden   sorry if you’ve been tagged before