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I'm really worried about passing when I do eventually work up the nerve to come out. I'm pretty overweight, round, I'm kinda hairy which is great lol, but I'm worried about my hips, my bum, and the shape of my body mainly. I was wondering if you had any tips to help me pass? Like, not just the body shape but everything, clothes, hair, exercise, etc..? And if I shaved the peach fuzz on my face currently, would it grow back thicker or does that not really work with facial hair? Thank you :)

What works for one person might not necessarily work for the next as everyone’s appearance, and the level of compromises that you’re willing to make with your own personal style, is individual.

Wearing a binder can obviously help to hide your chest, and depending on the shape/size of your chest you might need extra help from wearing clothes which help to detract the eye away from any left over bumps. Wearing open shirts over the top of a t-shirt can help, as can patterned clothing.  Avoid clothing that clings, but also to avoid anything particularly oversized as they can be problematic when it comes to the hip area (unfortunately long t-shirts are in fashion a bit at the moment which doesn’t help matters).

With trousers it’s often a case of just trying various styles to see what works best to minimise your hips and bum.  Some people find wearing them slightly lower on your hips can help, although not low enough to show half your boxers off.  If you struggle to find trousers which accommodate your hips, it can be worth trying wearing a waist size up, but a slimmer cut than you would normally wear to avoid them looking too large.

Hair is another tricky topic, but the good thing is that it grows out quickly.  It’s generally best to avoid going too short on the top (buzzcut style), but a short back and sides often works quite well.  If you have a rounded hairline, then you might find a fringe which hides it works in your favour.

Building muscle, particularly in your upper body can help to give you a more masculine shape, but it’s important not to neglect the rest of your body entirely.  Unfortunately, you can’t target specific areas to loose fat from, your genetics will determine which areas you lose fat from first.

As for facial hair, shaving peach fuzz (vellus hair) doesn’t make it grow back into “proper” facial hair (terminal hair).  For a brief while the hairs can sometimes appear darker as the ends are blunted and won’t have been bleached by the sun, but it doesn’t change the state of the hairs permanently.  Some people feel that shaving peach fuzz off helps people read them as male anyway, as it’s usually only prepubescent boys or women who have peach fuzz, and it can help emotionally.

~ Alex

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Green, pink, and yellow ;3


Green (8 facts about my appearance): for a while I denied calling my hair black and insisted it was just really dark brown (apparently it is black and I have been lied to), I’m 5′4, my nose is kinda big and I have been made fun of for it before (mostly from my at the time best friend who thought it was funny), I’m half-japanese but I look pretty white so not many people know about it unless I tell them, there’s a weird floof in my hair and I control it 50% of the time, I have a scar through my right eyebrow because I cut it on the corner of a picnic table when I was three, I’m kinda hairy but it doesn’t bother me that much, and I bite my nails a lot so right now they look like weird little nubs

Pink (four facts about my parents): My parents are the cutest old couple I’ve seen because my mom is a smol 5′2 Japanese woman and my dad is a 6′1 Caucasian bird watcher, my favorite thing to watch them do is bicker about which bread to get at every grocery store we go to, my mom is an extrovert and my dad is an introvert and it’s actually real cute, and I’m closer to my dad then my mom mostly because of how similar our senses of humor are

Yellow (7 facts about my childhood): I’ve gone to the same arts camp all my life (specifying it would tell you where i live, but It’s an amazing camp), I started singing around three because my entire family is obsessed with broadway, my first time singing in front of a crowd was when I was five during a karaoke bingo night (I sang an 80′s disco song), I used to be afraid of men with ponytails, as far as I know I never had an imaginary friend, my first kiss was in preschool, and my mom used to try and teach me about feminism at a very young age (considering how I am a feminist now, it seems to have worked :3)

this took really long but thank for asking friendo :3