My favourite parts from Max’s pokemon video with Kohe

Kohe: “Starfish man” 

Max” hAHA *cackles*

Kohe: “he looks pretty baller is he like some new shit”?…”is he huge”?

Kohe:”It’s kind of a name you would give an animal that looks like a hairy old kinda cunt.”

Max : *weird indescribable giggle*????

Max: *gets really excited about the english names being like Jackie Chan and asks about the japan ease names*

Kohe: “shrimp”

Max: “what does that say, since it’s not a Pokemon:?

Kohe: “Fighting cube 01″



soma au where maka is a werewolf and soul is a vampire in a world where the two hate each other like cats and dogs

but neither of them know the other’s true species because:

they meet online and they email and video chat and they both make excuses for whatever, like:

“yeah I can’t video chat tonight, my period hit, I get really emotional and it gets kinda hairy” - Maka on the night of the full moon

“oh these dark circles? yeah I don’t really sleep well and honestly, I haven’t been to a doctor in a long time, but I think I’m anaemic” – Soul

and they’re on opposite sides of the world and Maka always asks why Soul’s awake in the middle of the night and she asks him if he’d prefer if she stays up, but he says he’s a “bit nocturnal so it’s fine”

Maka gripes over shaving her legs bc the hair grows back really fast, Soul grumbles about how he’s always really thirsty hungry but he’s on a vegan diet because he thinks killing is inhumane, and they bond over little things even though they’re in a world that would have never given them a chance to interact if they had been in just smelling distance

and they both think the other’s human, and it worries them both how attached they’re getting when turning a human is a very bad thing, but loving a vampire/werewolf isn’t even a crime bc it’s never happened because the two species can’t stand the very presence of each other

so imagine how meeting the other in the airport would go

I want this AU like nothing else but I already have like 40 god help me

This is probably a super weird thought but today I couldn’t stop thinking about how tinies just view giants, like just…..human forms are so intricate and flawed and easy to mark and blemish, to a tiny everything is so magnified and I just…I just wanna gush about like cute ass body positivity scenarios here alright!?

Like I’m a hairy person and 80% of the time I’m a-ok with that, but sometimes I can’t help but think that it makes me seem gross and stuff (mainly because people go on about it a lot)
So I had the idea of a giant being very self conscious about being a lil fuzzy when a tiny is near, like they cover their arms and don’t like showing their tum because of the peach fuzz.

But the tiny doesn’t find it disgusting or weird, it’s just another interesting intricacy to their friend!
They think their tum is super fluffy and cuddly, their arms aren’t gross they’re so much fun- granted it’s a lil sore when the tiny uses their hair to climb up their arms, but the tiny just doesn’t care that their giant pals a lil fuzzy!
They don’t spend all day staring at every little blemish or hair like it’s a defect on a work of art, each and every thing the giants insecure about is just one brushstroke on a magnificent work of art!

Same goes for giants with scars who’s tiny friends love to trail them with their fingers, giants who’s acne prone skin is permanently bumpy who’s tiny friends like to snuggle up to their cheeks and kiss the tip of their nose!
Giants with knarly fingers who find tinies love to climb and play around in their hands!!

Just…just tinies inspiring body positivity ok!!
It’s good!!!
It makes my heart do the happy thing!!!!

(Long story short love ur body it’s cute as heck alright, be u smol or tol!)

When people draw kinda chubby and hairy McCree is like, probably why i feel good about myself sometimes and like him a lot.
I think its also important to see him like that for me as a transmale who is genetically short and plump because of my mom and my mom’s mom. I just see so much in him and it makes me feel good about myself because people love mccree whereas a lotta times i dont love myself.

i know YGO characters are infamous for their ridiculous haircuts even among other anime designs l but i don’t think they’ll ever be able to top yugi’s original ‘do even when making deliberate attempts at doing so. they kinda blew their weird hairy load on him without even trying and now they just can’t recreate that magic again. nobody can.

i have on rare occasions seen hair even wackier than his BUT he’s still the winner because i factor in irony and permanence. your Anime Hair Score is docked 15% if i can confirm your artist was literally thinking “how can i make the hair more absurd on purpose so people will go Woah That Hair is Absurd” when designing you, and a whole 40% if you are a character who appears very minimally and/or hardly ever moves. yugi has that haircut while also being the main protagonist, and thus has an optimum ratio of “must be drawn like this” and “must be drawn a lot”


The tricky thing about claiming “rules of nature” when making a species is that the rules present in nature aren’t… really that consistent? The only reproductive rule that seems to stand across species is “species will generally display whatever behaviours and appearance give them the best shot at survival in their given environment.” It is true that the “males are larger than females” rule only really seems to apply to mammals and some birds – if we say that males always have to be the bigger ones, then we actually discount the large majority of the animal kingdom (bees, tortoises, snakes, scorpions and spiders, deep-sea fishes, etc etc etc). Here’s a huffpo article on it if you’re interested in animal biology that illustrates it pretty well. 

Even then, though, the “males are bigger” or “females are bigger” rules don’t necessarily hold true for all mammals/all reptiles/all birds/etc. Birds of prey generally have bigger females, but species like birds of paradise with highly exaggerated ornamentation on males fit more with our notion of what a male/female difference “should” look like, for example. In mammals lions and elk make good examples of dimorphism that favours bigger, flashier males, but there are also species like blue whales and black myotis bats that favour larger females. You can find some species of Empidid flies where females have developed ornamentation (inflatable abdomen sacs, etc) that exaggerate their fecundity in order to attract males, so even rules like “the males have to have more ornamentation” don’t necessarily hold true 100% of the time.

But even with all that, the most important thing here: rules of nature do not apply to a make-believe species in a make-believe environment? Breeds like Snappers and Nocturnes are very clearly reptilian-looking, but it’s Undel-confirmed that all dragons are warm-blooded, for example – they can and will pick and choose which “rules” get to apply, because it’s all entirely fiction. There’s literally zero pressure on given reproductive strategies because we just click a dropdown list and bam they have made some eggs. Sure, we can invent some species where males and females are identical, because why not? We can suppose that male Guardians are larger and have big beards to impress females because why not? So it kinda follows that we can hope for one breed out there to have large imposing females covered in spikes and scary war-plumage because… why not? Y'know? We chucked being “realistic and true to nature” out the window when we made six-limbed animals with scales and fur simultaneously that puke out magical bolts of pure shadow, and even if we do need to somehow be scientifically accurate about our dimorphism, we’re actually being wildly inaccurate by claiming the majority of species on Sornieth need to have bigger, craggier dudes.