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Would you please do a blurb on one of them (or all) being waited on by you at like a finer or something and then they try really hard to get to know you because they like you? Idk man I just always imagine this happening. Or like as a barista at Starbucks. Btw, HAVE YOU SEEN ASH'S GLASSES?!?

Ashton’s glasses [grabs inhaler]

okay so aw just imagine like you’d be in the diner thing and like you would know that 5sos is literally there sitting down together around a table and you would have to serve them but you wouldn’t make a big deal of it, bc, like, they’re just normal humans tbh. and when you went over you’d ask if they wanted anything to drink/eat or what not and they’d kinda just look at you like, do you know who we are? are you about to freak out? is this going to be a big scene? but you’d just stare back at all of them like dudes just tell me your order

and I mean as soon as they realised you didn’t give a fk about them being famous they’d instantly like you. And just think all night they’d be like all staring at you and then hitting each other across the head if you caught them staring and then they’d all laugh and like literally they would keep asking for more drinks and stuff just so you had to keep coming over and each time they’d ask something about you when you came over like, ‘so what’s your name?’ and they’d be trying to be all flirty and start saying things like, ‘so, gorgeous, what time do you finish?’ and you would be so embarrassed because you’d think it was just a joke and they were being stupid and you’d kinda ignore the questions and just laugh a little and try to get away

But in reality, ashton would actually be really really like into you. He would just think you’re the most beautiful girl to walk on the planet. And he wouldn’t really be joining in on the asking you pick up lines and stuff and you could see he was kinda quieter than the other three but you just thought maybe he is just a quieter lad. Like unlike the other three, who were staring at you jokingly, like, you assumed it was a game they were playing to see who could stare longer before you notice, ashton was kinda distant from them and when he looked at you he would be kind of in a daze. And he wouldn’t even realise he was staring at you, and the couple of times you asked him if he needed something else to drink he would just shake his head anxiously and it was kinda adorbs really

And then later, omg, it’d be pretty late and they were the last table still in the diner and michael cal and luke would leave and they’d like wave to you on the way out and do a stupid cat call and stuff and you’d be like wtf lol and just laugh, at least they made your shift interesting. But then you’d look over and Ashton is still in his seat and then you’d realise oh they didn’t pay their bill. So you’d grab the receipt and take it over and gently put it on the table and you’d smile and just say, ‘nice of them to leave you with the bill,’ and ashton would for some reason look stupidly nervous and he would kinda just stare really blankly at your face for a moment. And you’re just like omg wtf is he okay. But then he’d snap out and shake his head and quickly laugh and be like, 'haha yeah' 

While he’s grabbing out his wallet you’d see his fingers shaking while he was taking out the note and you’d be thinking like holy shit am I that intimidating or scary like omg and you’d actually feel bad and then you’d hear him clear his throat and he’d kinda just stutter like, 'u-um, so, I was just w-wondering, I mean, if you don’t want to or anything then that’s cool, but um, do you- like- w-wanna hang out some time?’