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Hey, what do you use to make your gifs? I'm looking for some new programs to use.

Well if you’re using your computer, I think it’s but they automatically put their watermark once you make your gif. But I use my iPad a lot more so I use 3-4 apps. First is Best Video to download the vids that I’ll convert to a GIF (it is a safari type app so just type in in the link bar so you can turn your vids into mp4 and download it and save it to your camera roll. Second is Squareready to crop the video. Third is Vonto put subtitles on my cropped videos. Then I use 5s GIF to convert the videos I cropped to GIF and also crop out the whiten part of the video (because in Squareready, it automatically squares your videos)

I’m not good at explaining things but I hope you understand it lol.

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/post/43544347299/some-bowie-bunny-gifs-first-gif-is-made-by I know you wrote you didn't make the third gif but do you happen to know where it's from? It's to die for and I'd like to see the interview... :)

I spent the past hour trying to find that video, and I can’t find it omg. It’s missing in the void! I’m sorry :’(. This video was everywhere a while back, and now it’s no where to be found. That’s always the case, when you’re not looking for it, it’s everywhere. When you’re trying to find it, it’s gone.

I just know that it’s during the early 90s, around 1991 - 1992, when Bowie was was in Tin Machine. It was a Tin Machine interview. If anyone else is able to find it, please send it my way!

I’ll give you a link to a different video, it’s also during Bowie’s Tin Machine era and it’s super cute and dorky. Hopefully you hadn’t seen this one before!




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