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Is it just me or does it look like Louis kisses Harry's palm before he pulls his hand away from his mouth in the third gif? He leans into it before he pulls it away and it looks like his lips are dragging across it. Just when I thought that particular Larry moment couldn't get worse, what the hell.


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even though parks and rec is my absolute favourite show ever (b99 is second and v close) no kiss can beat jake and amy's third johnny and dora kiss ITS SO SOFT AND SWEET AND I CAN STARE AT GIFS OF IT FOR HOURS

Honestly I love Parks and Rec so much!!! It’s my favorite completed show ever, like I love all the character development and I love the character-to-character relationships explored on the show and that it’s never just about Leslie. Like yeah obviously she’s a really important part of the show but she’s not the show, you know what I mean? Like I love that the show can easily put the focus on a different set of characters and it’s not a burden to watch. I just love that they’re all connected and their friendships are really strong and healthy and they all love and support each other and!! I’m never gonna stop loving Parks and Rec!!!

And a lot of the reason why I like B99 so much is because the dynamic is so similar in terms of how the squad interacts with each other. Like each relationship has been explored in at least an episode and they all love each other and support each other just like in Parks and that makes me so!! Happy!! I love how light and positive these shows are!!!



Here’s a fantastic look into how Taijiquan can be used in a street fight. Some of the applications might look a little flowery but, take a closer look, and you’ll see just how efficient they are.
He uses a fantastic array of close quarter blocks to hold off his opponent and then, with speed, he goes for the limbs, twisting them and dragging them. If you look at the second gif, he blends a simple block into a hell of a (painful) takedown.
In the third gif, he uses a simple-yet-effective throat strike to push the dude in black away. Try it. If you push your fingers into someone’s throat or the fleshy part under the chin and then just walk foward, they’re going to feel super uncomfortable, super quickly. Do it with actual force and they’ve got no other options than to back away. They’re fucked.
It’s hard to see what he does to the guy in black in the fourth gif. It seems like a face strike and a swift kick to the groin. Enough to hold someone off for a few minutes. Then he stands his ground and uses the most Taijiquan-like of techniques to push his other opponent away. Taijiquan believes in internal, core strength so planting yourself and shoving, is enough to push someone far enough back so that you can run away if needed.
In the last gif, he does what many people say if the best thing to do in a group fight: he puts one attacker between him and the other attacker. If you can use an opponent as an obstacle, do so. He grabs the guy in white by the base of his neck and swivels him around. It’s not a drastic strike. It won’t necessarily cause him a lot of pan, even. But it does move him to where he causes the most hassle for the other opponent. Great stuff.

I recommend watching the whole video (here) because, at the end, there’s a nice free-for-all where he uses all his techniques against both opponents coming at him at once. It’s really nice to watch.


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Prompt 20 with Steve Roger’s

20. “Let me punch him, just this once.”

“Steve, no.” You held back your boyfriend by the arm, wrapping an arm around his waist. “He’s not worth it.”

“He shouldn’t be that disrespectful towards you, Y/N.” Steve grumbled, a heavy glare set on his face. “This is the third time.”

“But it still doesn’t bother me.” You insisted as you tried I calm down a fuming Steve.

“But it highly bothers me.” Steve replied, sucking in a deep breath as he turned to face you. “Let me punch him, just this once.

“No.” You sternly replied, giving his forearm a gentle squeeze before pressing a kiss to his lips.


“Maybe next time, by not today.”

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favourite hairstyles on b.i?

My all time favorite hanbin hairstyle would be this one

black, a little curly and (not too much) but a bit pushed back :)

My second favorite isn’t too different 

black hair with bangs :)

And my third favorite 

is his red hair *_* doesn’t matter if pushed back or not he just looks awesome with red hair idk 

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But the third gif tho. His face profile... Sweet Jesus

all of it is so good. but the second gif just specifically makes me think of like an AU where Peeta is a cocky rich asshole, sitting in a board room, totally disinterested, and then in walks Katniss, the new CEO taking over his father’s company.

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That poem on the Third Star gifset is gorgeous. You are so talented it made me tear up a bit. Thank you for sharing that with the world, it's beautiful and just... Wow. It took my breath away. Thank you, thank you.

Thank you–I’m thrilled that it touched you so!  James is so achingly beautiful, and Benedict brought him to life magnificently; he’s in the top 4 or 5 of my favorite BC characters.  Many have been the times that I can’t watch the last 20 minutes of Third Star because it just guts me emotionally.

I also have to thank @dangbenedictfor gracing me by using that bit of poetry on her lovely gif set!

And I must recomend an amazing, gorgeous prequel fic about James (Davey appears in it too) called The Golden Hour (on AO3) by @tallulah99.  It’s funny, sad, beautiful, with a bit of sexual content; it’s so true to James’s character & plight, it will fill your heart with wonder, and your eyes with bittersweet tears.

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…and because I can never get enough of James (hope you don’t mind!)…

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…but let’s leave him with a smile, shall we?

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Yoongi x Reader

Genre: kind of smut, mostly angst

Word count : 1262 

Prologue First Chapter Second Chapter Third Chapter Fourth Chapter

Fifth Chapter

The night had just begun and I was anxious to enter its depths . I was impatient , yet afraid . I was fully ready to let him in tonight , which was contradicting with my established rules and pride , as if I denied their existence , honestly I’m sure I’ll regret it later , but I’ll worry about it when that “later” arrives . After all , there were always consequences for each of our actions , but I don’t feel like knowing what comes after …. that . I had no idea what to call it exactly , it was far too unrealistic , it was like we were in some drama , whose ending will not satisfy its viewers , making them forsake such things . I sighed .
-You’re pretty quiet . - his sight did not escape the road and he kept stepping on the gas , quickening the pace of the car , as though he had been trying to evade the night himself , or maybe try to succumb to it .
-Are we supposed to discuss something ? - he lightly raised his hands from the steering wheel .
-Anything is better than this fucking silence . - he slightly raised his voice , he cursed , which made me tremble a little , I noticed his muscles stiffening and it somehow aroused me . I’d probably have an orgasm a couple of times by just listening to his voice , while he’s touching my body with his stunning hands .
-Then why did it have to be me ? - he smirked .
-Good question . No matter how much I try to give myself an answer , nothing makes sense . Tell me , according to you , why did it have to be you exactly ? - I shrugged .
-Maybe you’re attracted to my body ? - it sort of sounded like a question itself .
-It’s not only your physical attributes . Something else leads me to you - I wanted to believe in his words but deep down I knew they were lies , said by a cunning deceiver .
-Maybe - I shrinked in my seat and just stared at the window . Not long after we stopped . Are we really going to do it in the middle of nowhere ? The door opened and the midnight air made my skin shiver .
-Are you coming ? - I raised my brow and followed him outside . He lied down on the bonnet of the car and I laughed .
-Do you really think we’ll be having sex on your bonnet ? - he looked at me , dead serious .
-Why not ? - I found the whole situation hilarious .
-Why yes ? - he relaxed his head on the cap .
-If you’re worried about anyone seeing us , you shouldn’t be. My family owns this land , and during the night it’s unlikely anyone would pester us . - and this was supposed to calm me down ? I lied next to him . -To be honest I have always wanted to lie like this with the woman I loved , under the clear sky filled with stars , talking for hours .
-Why are you deflowering your dream with someone like me ? - he held my hand tightly .
-I wish you didn’t spoke so lowly of yourself - I didn’t reply . I just looked up , holding my mouth shut . This side of him , he was so tender , that eager man who was ready for anything to conquer my body was not around . He was kind , gentle , warm . Though this had nothing to do with what I felt from the touch of his hand . Like electricity it flew across my body , making a stop between my legs . The frantic need to caress him , kiss him , look at him arch his back under me … I bit my lip . I really did desire him , and I could elate him only this night . I rose to my elbow and just before I got to kiss him , he placed his lips hungrily to mine . The deep and wet interlock made me moan . I was certain he was capable of using his tongue on other places too , just as well , as long as we stumble on each other on such terms . His tongue was slithering craftily between my lips , he made me place my hands on the cover so I wouldn’t fall because I was starting to lose balance each time he kissed me . I ran my fingers through his hair , caressing it softly at first then lightly pulling it , it was too soft , too tempting . I sensed him run his hand through my back .
I liked the way he placed his lips on mine , it was somehow special , as though telling me he truly wants me . I sucked his tongue , I knew what pleasure he was giving me , and the noises he was making indicated he enjoyed it aswell . He looked so vulnerable , yet so rough and tough , it was like I was kissing two different personalities at the same time . I broke the kiss for a couple of seconds in order to straddle him . He restlessly removed my dress , uncovering my chest .
He ran his hands across my naked back and I groaned when he bit my lower lip while he was massaging and painfully tugged my nipples .
-You’re so beautiful . - he broke the interlock that moment and snuggled between my breasts . -You smell so fresh , it’s driving me crazy .
-I want you - I moaned . I need to feel him inside me , to know we’re one , I wanted to satisfy my desire to have him at that very moment . Just when he was about to say something , I unbuttoned his pants and mercilessly placed his entire length in my hand , from the head to the root . I felt how he shivered , wail out of sheer pleasure , it made me excited . He was so hard , hot , making me burn on the inside .
-What are you doing to me ? - Yoongi gripped my hips , heavily lowering my bikini  . -You’re so cute while you’re going down on me , I want to throw you on the ground and lick you all over until you start begging me to take you from behind brutally .
-I’m begging you from now . - I whispered . His thumb paved its way and with a swift move touched my moist from pleasance vulva .
-I barely touched you , and you’re already ready . - I rested my palms on his shoulders and stood up . I was just above his aroused member . The feeling from being so close to him was killing me , so I slid on him . The awareness of him being in me was so primary , so natural , it was driving me mad . We were face to face , eyes to eyes ,  so erotic , as if we were undressed emotionally in front of each other . Sex wasn’t a game for me , I was always looking for security , reliability and it’s true that his words hurt me on our first meeting . For me the act was trust , an action that shows how much two people love each other . We were moving in complete harmony , me and him , like never before . For the first and last time I felt him so close to me despite our different worlds . The act of copulation of two individuals should never be underestimated , it’s formed on an emotional and physical level .
-I’m close . - he soughed and tossed his head . I could tell I was also pretty close . With just a couple of movements I felt him spill inside me , completely unabated . My voice reverberated in the wilderness , I sank my teeth on his shoulder and lost it all . I lied down in his arms , naked , vulnerable , shivering . Still pulsing inside me , he could barely breathe . I was exhausted . I didn’t have the stregth to get him out of myself . I just laid there , clenching myself to him shamelessly .

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Ugghh I watched the TW panel and I didn't think I could dislike Tyler Posey more, he's such an embarrassment and so self absorbed and annoying and ughhhhh! I think Holland's done with him as well. He kept saying shit and she'd just ignore him and I was just thinking yeees girl blank the asshole!!

Ha! Oars of me doesn’t want to watch at all and the other part agrees.
The third part can’t wait to see the gifs.

so i just watched the Steven Universe episode “Mr. Greg” and.

Holy. Shit.

i was out camping when it came out, so the first i saw of it was a gif set from Pearl’s solo, “It’s Over, Isn’t It?” and. i honestly cannot explain how much i love this episode. now, i’m not a huge fan of SU. i watch it when it’s on and reblog cute fanart, but i…don’t really follow it. i haven’t seen probably a third of the episodes and the episodes i have seen have been out of order, but “Mr. Greg” gave me everything i’ve wanted from this show(i’m gonna put this under a cut cause it got bigger than i expected whoOPS)

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