when your almost-notp is the fandom’s fav and you have to act like you’re Fine and Normal

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Ye that makes sense. Jr is a grown ass man who can take care of himself

yeah!!! like…….people personally disliking large age gaps is fine that’s a boundaries thing and all that and they’re allowed to feel that way etc etc etc

but just………..people act like “uuuuhhh well roadhog is older so OBVIOUSLY he would be manipulating junkrat” and it just….a lot of times it feels to me like there’s an unspoken (or even sometimes fucking spoken!!! lmao) “because junkrat can’t take care of himself” and it’s just…..ew.

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Can you draw Tom and Tord in each other jackets? Like Tom in Tords jacket and Tord in Toms? And they are both mad at each other and embarrassed

fhsjdk sorry  i didn’t make them mad/embarrassed but heres this

Well, isn’t this neat?!

So, Olympic swimmer Tom Shields was asked by EW what his “pop culture favorites” are and he mentions the Grumps!

“I watch ‘Game Grumps’ almost daily, which is a YouTube show. They put out a lot of content, and Dan [Avidan] and Arin [Hanson] are really funny. They’ve helped me normalize a lot of things. It’s kind of a new phenomenon in my life.”

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