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(½) DM and JJ published the pix. At this point it´s safe to say Marg and Josh are dating although those webs don´t dare to confirm it. In the comments in DM somebody says Marg used to visit Josh in Montauk where filming. I wish them the best. She is out of the Seb life, I will ignore her the rest of my life. Now it´s time to Josh´s fans to know her and hate her. LOL !!

(2/2) I just hope Seb finds a new gf who makes him happy.  A co-star, a director (he likes female directors, two of his latest movies are directed by women) or a screenwriter (also his latest movies are written by women). My feeling is he will find her new gf in the movie industry since he is totally focused in his work. Nothing against the model girl but they have nothing in common. Fashion world seems to be very boring to him.

Mod: Or he’ll just concentrate on work and not get into anything serious for awhile. Or he’ll meet the cousin of the set accountant on one of his films, or the good friend of a co-star, or the woman he got into a conversation with at Barnes & Noble when he was looking for books about the subject of his next film, or the woman in line behind him on one of his multiple Starbucks runs. Or even a model - at his gym, or out running in Central Park, or at a fashion show, because there is more to a person than just their job. Sebastian pays the bills by lying professionally, often (at least to this point) in pretty shit movies, and we don’t assume that’s all there is to him. Why should we judge the entirety of who a person is based on their profession?


“C A S U A L”

what started from a sketch of Mike for forcenturies, end up becoming an entire sketch dump of all the hunks from Until Dawn in “casual” wear.
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Joshifer+ Clapping Laughs on Jimmy Fallon

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:Who is taller? Is it Josh or Tyler? They don't share their heights so we have no actual numbers to compare, we can only look at pictures or see them in concert or something. But neither of them is consistently taller in pictures. Sometimes they're like, they exact same height. Then other times Tyler is taller and other other times Josh is and it's so frustrating because it's like whO IS THE REAL TALL ONE HERE?? I feel like everyone just automatically thinks that Josh is taller because he just /seems/ like he would be taller. You can see that he has more muscle than Tyler and than your brain is just like "oh, well he's already bigger must be taller" but in more pictures he looks like the shorter one and I'm like ????? Really??? And then other times Josh is like 3 inches taller and I'm also like ????? Really??? Either way they're both fucking small have you seen them next to other people they're such tiny-ass beANS. I know they don't really want people to know how tall they are because we shouldn't worry about small things like this but I ask myself this quesTION EVERY DAY AND ITS SO FRUSTRATING I JUST WAN T TO KNO W? ?

I love how Jen can’t help but look at Josh’s crotch here. Has anyone taken note of how T I G H T his pants are??? So if the rip was right up the hem seam like he said in multiple interviews then his bulge was just right there, not being hidden. But also look at Josh’s hands, he’s separating the fabric to give her a better look of the rip. I just doubt that Jen was paying any attention to the hole itself, more likely what was through the hole lol.

Then end is cute too, where Jen starts twisting the ring Josh just put on.

okay but for real…can cbs explain why their camera work only fucked up when it was anything dwsa involved?????? hmm?? like first not showing michael arden when his name was called, and then just not having the camera on the deaf actors who were signing? daniel went off screen to sign but the kept the camera on alex. missed one of josh’s lines and came a bit late to his next. idk that’s just kind of disrespectful and missing the point of then bringing the show to a non hearing audience……lol anyways…..dwsa didn’t get the praise or respect it deserved im pissed.

151115 Fansign

F: Who would you like to have a duet with?

JH: Joshua

JS: Jeonghanie

credit: @ JunJunPudding_

imagine that josh thinks he’s being really subtle about how much he likes sam (but he’s totally not at all) and then chris finally gets his own back like “hey man, you gonna take sam to the bone zone?” and josh just turns bright red


Eva Green & Josh Hartnett :: Penny Dreadful Premiere - Flicks And The City interviews