hey listen to me

when will ppl realize how kind and wonderful emily urie is and actually leave them alone bc ive been seeing people bejng assholes to them and they reeeally dont deserve it because any time ive ever interacted with them (which is a bit of a rare occasion but we talk sometimes nonetheless!!) they have been NOTHING but kind to be and their opinions are so well spoken and…yall just…need to leave emily alone

{{Okay. Just here to say that I am so over shipping wars in both the Digimon and Naruto fandom. I mean, come the hell on. People should be allowed to ship what they want to. They are here to rp and talk about what they like, not to please you. So stop arguing and bashing the series just because your ships are or are not canon. To be blatantly honest most of the ships I love aren’t canon but I love both the animes/mangas. I love Digimon Adventure. I love Adventure 02. I love Naruto, Shippuden, and Gaiden. Regardless of if my ships became canon or not.

I love Taiora
I love Mimato
I love Koumi
I love DaiKen
I love DaiKari
I love KenKari
I love Daiyako
I love NaruSaku
I love SasuKarin
I love SasuSaku.

Sure, most of my ships did not happen but am I bitter? Hell no. I’m just happy that I get to see more of my favorite characters. If you dont like what people ship thenn UNFOLLOW THEM. ULTIMATELY IT IS THEIR CHOICE. ENJOY THE SHOWS AND MOVE THE HELL ON


•ᴥ• awrf!

breaking news: adorable husbands finally get a puppy!

inspired by kiss-my-pikachu‘s request | more phan doodles here

Okay let’s talk about art a little.

I’ve gotten some criticisms (and complaints) and was linked to some websites/art forums/other forums where others had strong opinions about my art style, so I feel like a little explaining is in order !

  • “Maryne’s art is too child-like/all characters looks the same”

True and true. 

But I have to point out that it’s part of a trick that a lot of artists, especially on the internet, use all the time. 

“Sacrificing quality for quantity”

Most of you know me by now, and know how invested I am on social medias and how often I post very long or short comics and basic illustrations. 

My posting pace is one of the reason why this blog works, and this blog working means publicity, which is super important for an artist. But you also know that I have a job and a life of my own, and while I’m a lot on tumblr (working, tumbling and watching shows at the same time is a skill of mine), drawing for it is a thing I only do on my free time.

Summary: I gotta post a lot, and I gotta do it fast!

So while most of my art looks like that:

When it comes to my job or serious personal projects, it looks a little more like that:

10 minutes against 45 minutes.

(Also note that it’s traditional art = scanning + cleaning takes tiiiime and you can’t correct your mistakes)

When people expect a 30 panels long comic for tumblr and I have to do it on my free time, you understand why I choose the first option (although it’s usually a little bit better looking than that :’)).

So, I could post “adult looking” art, but then I’d have to post only 2 or 3 things per weeks instead of 6 or 7. 

I do understand how off putting it can be when I draw NSFW stuff, though. I’ll remember that and take extra care and time into NSFW pieces from now on (so of course, expect less of them).


  • “Her angst is weak and she tries too hard”

This is actually true, especially for the “Where is Carmilla” one. I was new to the fandom when I posted “How is Laura”, and it was linked to a tragic event on the actual show, meaning: I had the element of surprise, hence why it worked so well. After that, everyone expected me to do another and another and another, but all the effect was lost + telling that big of a story in only 30 panels didn’t work, and to be honest I didn’t have the time or energy to add 30 other panels. Same for “Who is Angie”.

The “Perry is grounded” one was clearly just a joke so it doesn’t really matter.

While I feel sad when I read things like “her storytelling is shitty”, I do understand where it comes from but also know that you guys can’t really judge that by the work I post on tumblr. But I do get it and hope that one day you’ll hold one of my personal graphic novels and give me an honest judgement :)


  • “She does a lot of english mistakes”

I am french guys HAVE MERCY. Hell, there must be like 40 on this post alone. But I’ll make sure to find a beta among my english speakers friends, if it can make you all enjoy my work a little better! :)


  • “Her characters doesn’t look like the characters”

That’s not how things works, everyone has their own style and while I could make them actors-like, I just don’t want to.


I think I got everything.. the rest of what I’ve seen isn’t worth talking about.


All of this is not me being bitter, I do enjoy criticism when it’s actually helpful and intelligent, which from what I’ve read, it was, most of the time. Criticism leads to amelioration and while some things were just gratuitously mean, some other things were helpful :)

All of that to say, I’ll never stop trying to be better, either for my personal work or for you all in here. Also you are all the best, thanks for sticking with me and my antics.

- Maryne