Between Earth and Hades (Part 4)

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Pairing: Erik X Reader

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: You know when people make you think about your past and you’re like, “Well that was sad, lets try not do it ever again.”

-Part 1- -Part 2- -Part 3- -Part 4-

Your team show up to console you, offering some advice in your troubled time of not sure what the hell you’re supposed to do with what you’re feeling. During the lull of being taken off of missions you are stuck waiting patiently for the time to end, Erik offering some help to empowering your abilities in the meantime.

Ed eyed you from the couch while Jan and Ivete arm wrestled on the coffee table as you told them not to do many times (there was no way the cheap wood would survive their victories much longer). The team had invited themselves over after hearing the news, deciding they’d opt out of the next few mission. You felt it had a lot more to do with not hurting your ego than them not being able to wing it without you. After they settled around your tiny apartment you offered dinner, but you weren’t exactly pouring your love into it.

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Today’s Zeroth World Problem: bats.

Easton makes the bats that make youth baseball go round. More accurately, they make the bats that make the baseball go over the fence. Easton has figured out the space-age composite materials and other rocket science-y voodoo, and combined that with masterful marketing savvy to ensure every kid out here has one.

They run from $150-$300 depending on the model; we got the Mako Beast pictured above on sale for $210 (he used a bunch of his Christmas money) back in April. Look at it today. In addition to bearing the normal smears of baseballs long departed, the outer coating has spalled and cracked to the point that it’s no longer safe to use. And it lost much of its pop before that. Too much kinetic energy gets dissipated in that loose layer on contact when it should be transferred into the ball, instead.

The good news is that they back it with a 1-year warranty and they will honor it with the same or newer model, and fairly quickly, like ten days. The bad news is that our post-season run starts tomorrow. The worse news is that about eight kids on the team use similar bats and all but one look like this. (Since this happens to all of them, I guess Easton counts on people not taking advantage of the warranty?) One forward-thinking parent ordered their replacement last week, so it’s likely many of the boys will be sharing that bat this weekend. I wonder if it’ll last until Monday.

Two additional gotchas: 1) the governing bodies of youth baseball are changing the specs for bats next year to make them less bouncy (and presumably more safe), so any replacements (warranty or repurchased) will be illegal after January 1, and 2) Danny’s moving up to Pony league next year, and the specs for bats there are different (and changing Jan 1, too) so we’re well and truly stuck. I’ve heard that Easton gives new bats to every team who makes a game that gets televised, so, I guess we have to limp along until then.

Everything you are is a compilation of the people you have met or loved. You love the smell of gasoline because your dad used to breathe deep and smile when he pulled up to the station. You bite your tongue when you’re tickling someone because your mother used to. You smoke cigarettes because you saw a beautiful girl do it once in a movie. Your laugh is built off of every laugh you heard as a small developing child. You love Elliot Smith records because a pretty boy played his vinyls the first time you laid in his arms and felt at home. You love chocolate milk because of Saturday morning cartoons with your brother. You put a pencil behind your ear because your grandfather always did. You think lame jokes are funny because of the funny girl with freckles who told them every morning on the bus ride to school.

Everything you are is pieces of someone else. And someone else is pieces of you too.

—  Halsey (Jan 16, 2014)
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I have seen a lot of stuff floating around decrying the treatment of Jin. I don’t want to negate the fact that he is often sidelined, because its true and I agree. However, I want to remind people not to deminish and undervalue his contribution to BTS so far. He is an important part of BTS, no one can argue against that. So I am just putting this here… Some of my favourite Jin vids and moments.

Remember, BTS loves Jin and Jin loves BTS.

Here are some more:

After some discussion with @mirrorada I have come up with the following plan…

Head in September (including headcap and at least one pair of ears!)

Torso in December (All three parts)

Hands/Foot-Paws in Jan (Maybe hooves, too?  I dunna.)

Arms/Legs in April (Legs might be changed to plantigrade to save myself from death.  We will see.)

I will do my very best to provide once a week photo updates, even when they don’t look like much change.  My invitation to poke me with sticks to keep me on track remains open.


Vivian Gibson by Truus, Bob & Jan too!

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />German postcard. Ross Verlag No. 3347/1. Photo Orplid-Maestro Film. Could be for the Orplid production <i>Angst. Die schwache Stunde einer Frau</i> (Hans Steinhoff 1928).

British actress Vivian Gibson (1898 - 1981) was a star of the German and Austrian silent cinema. After the arrival of sound her film career ended.

OVA 75.5 End Credit Caps W/O Credits

The DVD had a creditless version

Momoi: Here Tetsu-kun!
Kise: If you don’t eat you won’t grow!
Kuroko: That’s impossible…

Aomine: I won’t lose to you!
Kagami: Bring it on!
Riko: Don’t lose to him! Kagami!

Takao: What’s wrong Shin-chan?
Midorima: My lucky item is gone -nodayo
*His item was mushrooms*

Himuro: There was no flavor so I put it in….did it taste bad?
Midorima: WHAT?!

Murasakibara: More importantly I want seconds~!!!

Akashi: It’d be nice if we could face each other again.
Furihata: Uh, hai! Gladly!…..

Tsuchida: You can’t feed a dog sweet stuff!

Kiyoshi: Well Nigou is special
Hyuuga: *insert stuff about Tokugawa Ieyasu being born on Jan 31 too*
also any Basara fans see the reference


Riko: Huh? Where’d Kuroko-kun go

End of credits


Juliette Binoche by Truus, Bob & Jan too!
Via Flickr:
French postcard in the Le jour se lève series by Editions Humour à la carte, Paris, no. ST-170. Photo: Jean-Pierre Larcher.

Today I discovered at least three other people in garden have the same terrible, dirty mind I do.

Amber discovered, and I’m quoting this here, “tiny mushroom dicks” while she was watering.

We have fruit trees that are prone to ‘shrooms in the soil, and it looks like one of them in the back actually had some that broke through the plastic garden pot, but they grew in stunted in such a way that they look like a bunch of really fat, tiny mushroom penises. :D I thought I was just thinking the wrong way when I said but, but she cackles and goes, “Yeah, that’s what Jan said too!” (Jan being the other cashier out there.)

And then of course I had to show it to Alys, who got a kick out of it, and she was talking about showing it to Ed before she left. She showed a picture of it to our head cashier, who got a cackle out of it.

So yeah, just goes to show you can still have the dirty sense of humor you do at 20+ years of age.

It’s just a shame that Js on vacation. She’s the type of woman that would have gotten a kick out of that. But at least Alys and Amber both saved it to their phones and we all got a kick out of it. Certainly made my Saturday a little easier to deal with.

That, and the fact that it’s a Saturday, which means it’s my last day.

Master and Mistress - Part One

Author’s Note: Sorry about this. Had a dream about Jan and suddenly, bam. (This seems to be a regular thing lol)

“Get out.”

The tone was final, no room for arguments. But she tried anyway.

“Joshua, I…”

He couldn’t even look at her, simply raised a hand to interrupt, his back turned toward her.

“I said. Get. OUT!” it was more like a snarl than a demand, and she flinched. She had heard Joshua angry many times…but this was on an entirely different level. Tears prickled in the corner of her eyes, quickly filling and spilling down her cheeks in watery black trails. She gathered the skirts of her gown and turned, rushing out the door and away from her prince, her heels the only sound on the floors as she choked back sobs. Her chest felt tight with anxiety as she sought the sanctuary of her old room, too upset to even go to their shared bedroom.

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Life goes on

Adjusting to parenthood and a more normal life after years of superheroing and saving the planet had been surprisingly easy for Hank and Jan.  Well, surprising to Hank since he had first been afraid it would be complete chaos, with a thousand different ways to fail miserably as a father.  It turned out he felt quite comfortable in his new role, and wondered every day how he could ever have been hesitant about the whole thing.  Life with Jan and Ollie was the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he wouldn’t change a thing.

It did come with the occasional worries though, like today.  Hank had had a call from the daycare earlier on in the afternoon.  They had tried to call Jan but she was in a very important meeting with some overseas investors and couldn’t be reached.   Ollie had been listless all morning and didn’t want to play or eat, and was coming down with a fever.  

Hank had rushed to the daycare to find a grumpy Ollie, who clung to him as soon as he saw him and wouldn’t let go, his little face pressed in the crook of Hank’s neck.  

Two hours later, father and son were lying on the couch in the city apartment, Ollie fast asleep, sprawled over Hank’s chest.  His fever had gone down a bit, much to Hank’s relief, and he grabbed his phone to text Jan with an update.  He knew her meeting would last all afternoon, and although he had texted her before that he took Ollie home from the daycare earlier, he hadn’t given her any detail yet.  

[Hank] Hey honey!  Finally I had to take Ollie to the doctor this afternoon…  turns out he has an ear infection :-(  Antibiotics for ten days…  He’s feeling better now, his fever is under control.  We’re at the apartment, waiting for you!  XXX

He hoped Jan wouldn’t be too worried, or feel bad about the whole thing.  It was the first time Ollie got sick without having his mommy near him.  Hank sighed and stroked Ollie’s back lightly.  “Don’t worry buddy…  Mommy will be back home soon.” 


H.B. Irving by Truus, Bob & Jan too!
Via Flickr:
British postcard by J. Beagles & Co., London, no. G 273 C. Photo: Doyer St. Studios. H.B. Irving (1870-1919) was a British stage actor and actor-manager. He was the eldest son of Sir Henry Irving. Despite his many roles on stage and in the silent cinema, Irving is now best known for A Book of Remarkable Criminals (1918), which he wrote as a legal expert.