This week, the Disney Channel introduced its first-ever same-sex couple on its show Good Luck Charlie. According to the Huffington Post:

A Disney Channel spokesperson told the publication that the episode was “developed to be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness.”

Not a bad portrayal at all! Of course, One Million Moms is up in arms, but this is really a simple storyline that includes more types of families in Disney programming – in a way that kids who don’t have two moms or two dads can easily understand. What do you think? How’d they do?

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TPoH music time!

Everyone already knows this song is super relevant to TPoH, but this version matches the attitude of the comic pretty darned well imho.


Hyperland is 50 minutes of Douglas Adams dreaming about interactive multimedia, hypertext, and cyberspace, showcasing the contemporary state of relevant technologies (a rudimentary VR headset developed at NASA, for instance!).

It (1990) precedes:

  • the World Wide Web (1991) by a year
  • NCSA Mosaic (1993) by two and a half years
  • the Microsoft Office Assistant (1997) by seven years
  • Google (1998) by eight years
  • BBC Red Button (1999) by nine years
  • Second Life (2003) by 13 years
  • the Oculus Rift (wide release set for 2015?) by a lot

so it could really only feel its way very vaguely towards the general direction of extremely exciting near-future developments in sight. But, even though Hyperland’s vision for interactive multimedia feels more like a stack of HyperCards rather than a full-fledged HTML5 website, it’s still very interesting in retrospect. Tom Baker plays co-host, basically taking on the role of that infernal Microsoft Office paper clip.

Take an hour to watch it if you have nothing better to do. Here you go.

Indestructible part 2

Hi again! Can you do one with Bucky And Steve where the the reader was their best friend before the war and they both thought she was dead. One day the avengers have a mission to find this person that’s with hydra who kills anyone she wants or just doesn’t like, she has like super strength, can teleport and they took away her humanity so she has no emotions. They find her but she hurts them all and leaves before they can catch her, Bucky and Steve notice it’s her and they try to find any way to bring her back, sorry if it doesn’t make sense and its a bit long - @itssssxxlillian

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Part 1

A/N- Here’s part two, I had a very long day so I hope the quality is as good as you were expecting (gif is sort of not relevant) xx

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“No, stop, put me down,” you struggled, kicking out your arms and legs that were being held securely by strong men who were carrying you. They had placed a bag over your head so you could only see bits of sunshine filtering through the fabric.

You had been walking back to your apartment in the centre of Brooklyn when all of a sudden you had been grabbed, it was a quiet day so nobody on the street had heard your screams or come to your aid. Before you knew it you were being stuffed into the back of what you assumed was a van, there was tight rope bound around your wrists and ankles.

The rope was thick and scratchy, it burnt your skin when you tried to free yourself. After a long time of trying to free yourself you let your body fall to the floor so could curl up and cry. You had no idea what was in store for you, no idea if you would make it or not, you sobbed and tried to focus on thoughts of Bucky and Steve. Your best friends, your brothers, they would save you. They had to.

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Two Roads Meet - Alternate Ending

Ok so here’s the thing

This was originally a chapter that I wrote for two roads meet (if you haven’t read it then u probably should do that first so this makes sense) somewhere after chapter 15 instead of the city bit in chapter 16 if u remember that but I deleted it because I didn’t think it was relevant enough to the story the way it was going (e.g. it wasn’t depressing and heart-wrenching enough I lvoe being a heartless writer ! )

ANYWAY as some of u might know I’ve been meaning to do an alternative ending to this fic for a while now and after many ma n y MAN Y attempts at writing it without feeling as if it was going anywhere I kiiinda gave up HOWEVER after revisiting this chapter I was feeling lik e    Hey maybe i could do something with this

In short I killed two birds with one stone and merged the two ideas together


That was unnecessarily aggressive I do apologise ANYWAY WHOOP here we G O motherfukcers


It’s beautiful, here, Phil writes, balancing his book on the windowsill with the moon as a sufficient enough lamp in order to illuminate the pages in a pale glow. It’s nice, because I haven’t seen the coast properly since I was eight years old, and, he glances up, peering outside at the tall, jagged cliff edges on the other side of the window glass. I think it’s safe enough to say the beauty of the ocean and the beach is far too underappreciated. If we weren’t leaving tomorrow, I’d be perfectly content living here.

It must be so peaceful to live beside the coast, you know? To be on the edge of civilisation, looking one way towards the land, and the other towards the water. It must be nice, comforting, almost, to live with the knowledge an escape is only a matter of footsteps away. In the city, you’re trapped, essentially, in miles and miles of concrete and road and traffic and crowds. Some may find that comforting; they may find reassurance in the knowledge that in the city you’re never alone, but, he gulps. I find it suffocating.

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How Katamari became one of the most eccentric games ever
Before he joined Namco in 1999, Keita Takahashi had no idea how to make a videogame. His speciality was not coding, and the models he made were not

“To this day, I don’t really know what art is, and I don’t know why I studied fine art, but I just wanted to make things,” Takahashi tells us. “I had to think hard about what sort of things I could get away with making while I was at university, and I decided that making things that could be used as tools was a way of them being relevant to everyday life. So I made a plant pot in the shape of a goat, filled it with soil, and when you watered it, the excess water would pour out from its udders.” Takahashi’s goat sculpture had the desired effect. He noted the reaction from his teachers and peers as they laughed happily at his curious creation. Standing perhaps two or three feet high and with plants sprouting from its back, it was a collision of the real and the surreal, hilarious yet somehow affecting.

It was a moment that, though he didn’t know it at the time, would set Takahashi on the path to making games.

On Katamari Damacy’s history.

Gems and their Meanings

The gemstones in SU have an obvious significance in the character’s personalities. A prime sample would be Malachite and its physical qualities of being poisonous in water, connecting it to Lapis’ and Jasper’s relationship. 

But the other gems have meanings too and I, personally, at their worst when their showing the opposite.

Garnet: it brings order to chaos and is a stone of love and passion. This represents Garnet in a big way, considering she is made from the love of two gems and is the main source of leadership and power within the Crystal Gems.

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Farewell to Person of Interest, one of the best shows about spy tech ever made
The dark sci-fi series ended last night after five seasons of high-tech surveillance and subversion.

It’s rare for a television series about technology to get anything right about how computers work, let alone how hackers do their jobs. But in a pop culture landscape flooded with shows like CSI: Cyber and Scorpion, the CBS show Person of Interest stood out as smart, relevant, and mostly clueful about how networked devices actually function. Last night marked the final episode in its five-year run, ending a plot arc about the birth of two artificial intelligences, the ethical Machine and the ruthless Samaritan. Audiences were left with a vision of an ambiguous new future, where we can’t just put our powerful new surveillance and machine learning technologies back in the box. We have to figure out how to make them tools for justice rather than tools for conformity and oppression.

When Person of Interest first started in 2011, it focused mostly on corruption in the NYPD and the nebulous “intelligence community” that trained super-ninja character Reese—and then burned him, badly. Living on the streets, half-mad with PTSD, Reese (Jim Caviezel) is rescued by a mysterious, wealthy hacker named Finch (Michael Emerson). In the darkened stacks of an abandoned library, Finch has set up a high-tech surveillance operation designed to save the lives of “ordinary people” the government “doesn’t care about.”

Finch’s only companion, other than Reese, is a mysterious AI he built called the Machine. Locked behind government firewalls, the Machine has one backdoor for communicating with Finch: when its predictive algorithms determine someone is about to experience violence, as a victim or perpetrator, the Machine transmits that person’s social security number to Finch via payphone. During the first season, Finch and Reese team up with NYPD detectives Carter (Taraji Henson) and Fusco (Kevin Chapman) to stop that violence wherever they can. Carter, who is former military, is willing to help them because she still believes in making the world safer. Fusco is such a dirty cop that he’s vulnerable to blackmail. This ragtag gang of idealists and cynics somehow comes together to form one of the most memorable crime-fighting teams in recent TV history. Their secret weapon is always the Machine, whose sensorium is made up of every surveillance device in the country and whose mind encompasses every form of personal data you could possibly imagine.

The Machine remained a shadowy unknown in those early days, as the team brought down a notorious group of dirty cops known as “HR,” captured New York’s most dangerous criminal mastermind, and tried to prevent the government from killing everyone who knows about the Machine. But then we met Root (Amy Acker), a deadly hacker as brilliant as Finch, whose only goal is to set the Machine free. She doesn’t care how many people she has to kill to do it. Root believes humans are mostly running “bad code” and that the Machine will prevent us from destroying ourselves and the world. Root also sees the Machine in far more human terms than Finch and Reese ever did; she refers to the Machine as “she” and describes the Machine as having intense feelings of loss and betrayal because of Finch. Gradually, we come to understand that Finch has built so many safety mechanisms into the Machine that it literally cannot remember who it is from one day to the next. Finch has created a life form, but he’s stunting its growth. Root wants to make sure the Machine is able to become an adult, as it were.

At roughly the halfway point in the series, the focus moved from Batman-style, high-tech vigilantism to a more science fictional tale about how to program an AI that will want to save the world. We parted ways with Carter (Henson went on to play the iconic role of Cookie on Empire) and met Shaw (Sarah Shahi), a former intelligence agent like Reese. Shaw’s superpower, other than her insane ninja skills, is her ability to think like the Machine does. There are hints that she’s on the spectrum, and, as a result, she remains calm and collected in situations that would turn neurotypicals into quivering balls of fear. Over time, Shaw, Root, and the Machine form a troika that offers us a glimpse of what teamwork and love might look like in a world of ubiquitous AIs.

While the series never left its number-of-the-week format behind, the Machine’s arc became a central focus. With Root’s help, the Machine figured out how to escape its government prison and roam freely across a distributed network of hidden server farms. What kept the show from becoming hokey was the way its standout team of writers always tied the fate of the Machine to the surveillance state. After all, the Machine is a form of intelligence that arose out of what Finch calls a “secret system… that spies on you every hour of every day.”

So the question becomes whether the Machine will grow up to be the good conscience of the surveillance state or use our data against us. Person of Interest teased the idea that the Machine might turn evil, but then it introduced us to true evil in the form of the “open” AI known as Samaritan. In the lingo of the show, “open” means that Samaritan has no ethical checks on its behavior. It will do everything possible to make humanity into an orderly, peaceful species, even if that means using force, rigging elections, and assassinating “deviants” who question authority.

Last night’s series finale did not entirely settle the question of whether the Machine could truly triumph over Samaritan. Certainly some of the good guys won. Some lost. The Machine engaged Samaritan in a final battle in space… but what happened? Did the two AIs merge, as many fans thought they might? Did the Machine crush Samaritan? Is Samaritan hiding inside the Machine, like a piece of sentient malware just waiting for the right vulnerability to exploit? Though we have hints that the Machine won, we just don’t know for sure. And that final flourish is the true genius of this show.

Person of Interest always engaged with contemporary issues in technology, security, and politics—exploring everything from Snowden to the Silk Road—and rarely gave us easy answers. But one refrain from the series remained unambiguous, and that was the idea that we cannot legislate away our powerful new surveillance tech. We can’t nuke it from orbit; we can’t shut it down. Even if both the Machine and Samaritan were destroyed, Finch points out that somebody else would invent another AI fairly quickly. So we are left to grapple with our human impulses to do good or evil, with the tools that we have. In the end, it’s not about the machines—or even the Machine—it’s about what we decide to do with them. Do we help people, or do we turn citizens into data slaves? It’s up to us.

If you haven’t delved into the world of Person of Interest, now you can watch all five seasons online. The first four are streaming on Netflix in the US, and the fifth season is streaming on CBS.

despairmafia - For Bringin’ Back 2013

Hey, everybody. You remember 2013? When Dangan Ronpa was relevant, the UK had its ass in shape, and everyone was on wasting their lives? Well, here is a blog dedicated to bringing that shit back.

We’re talkin’ screenshots. Dinner games. Crapily-made tutorials. A way to finally get half of the anons asking what dangan mafia is outta my damn inbox.

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i am legit wondering, do people actually know the shit Arzaylea has done?

She cheated on her ex-boyfriend that treated her like a damn queen, left him hanging for LA then cheated on him there too! Slept her way up to get to whoever is famous, used people, wanted nothing but fame and did everything she could to get it. She treats people with NO respect, she things everything is about her and that is all that matters. 

She is the rudest person EVER. I didnt think there was someone out there that can be so two-faced, ever but i was wrong, its her.

All of you giving Luke shit for this its not his fault, soon enough he will open his eyes. because hell, every model or some sort of relevant person in LA has exposed her for what she is. I also saw that the band doesn’t even like her, i dont blame them. I dont know why she tags along like a lost puppy, wanting attention 24/7. 

And to that fan that had her photo with Luke ruined because little miss, “im relevant too!” decided to jump in LAST MINUTE without her knowing, dont let it get to you hun. CROPPING is your best friend. 

Sorry, i just needed to say that, you can all agree or disagree but thats just my opinion on this random wanna be fame craving girl. p.s if you say anything about being “jealous” stop fooling yourself. i would like NOTHING more than to not be anything like that girl, that has the worst reputation in LA and around the world. 


So I might lose followers for this, but I really don’t care. I’m constantly seeing YANA hate on my feed and you know what that screams to me, pettiness. Extreme immature pettiness. Now the complaint I hear the most is that Misha is taking the “Destiel” “Cockles” viewpoint and its the only way he stays relevant. I have to disagree, I think it was the smartest move he could have made, he knows what fans want (ok not all of us but anyways) In the videos these two extremely loving men put out, Misha has some “Stalker” moments and I personally find it hilarious and I dont ship destiel or Cockles. I see two grown ass men trying to make a point in a humerous way. Let the fangirls be fangirls and see what they want in these videos, the videos are getting views therefore more people see the campaign and buy a shirt or volunteer to help. If anything Misha and Jensen are making a smart choice, get the fangirls excited because then they share it on social media and more people in need are reached. Now you may be asking yourself, “Why does she care so much about what other people think?” I care because 7 months ago I was alone, scared, and fucking hopeless and these hardworking men, who have jobs and families, are putting the same effort into me (and all you unsupportive negative nellys) because they care. We have lost enough people in this fandom from suicide and crisis situations. I’m supporting this cause because when I joined this fandom I was alone, now I have hope, I learned I really am not alone. So you know what maybe the videos are ridiculous and a little bit on the silly side, but you watched it didn’t you? AKF is amazing YANA is amazing, they are 2 halves of one whole. So if you don’t mind, take the stick out of your ass and realize that not everyone is as lucky as you are. This campaign is to help us out, who cares how they fucking do it? Hell im surprised they haven’t said anything about the disgusting behavior, some of y'all should be ashamed. Anyways sorry for the rant, but I can’t do it anymore. If you needed help and you felt alone wouldnt you want to know that theres someone out there in a world of 7 billion people that cared enough to volunteer their time to help you? Meh negative nellys, part 5 of Angels are real will be out tomorrow and some drabbles will be out tonight Always Keep Fighting You Aren’t Alone Your friendly neighborhood Queen of Hell

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Otome fandom, Read this!

Tonight I have reblogged two ways to reveal who an anon is. I’m so sick of seeing these cowards send all this hate. Its absolute bullshit. They have no lives and think putting others down will make them feel better. I hope these will help those receiving these messages.

To Love (And Be Loved in Return)

But it was just after a shower when Adam, wiping the condensation from the mirror, spotted the cloud upon his chest. He started so that he almost slipped on the slick floor beneath him. He stared at it, blinking hard, but the elegant curved cloud stayed in its place.
He was in love with Ronan Lynch.

OR: Soulmate AU (kind of) where a person’s mark appears on your chest when you fall in love with them. :))

Read on AO3 // Inspired by this post

Adam’s tattoo on his right ankle looked like a crashing wave, a swirl of curled lines. He felt it was relevant in two ways: one, the ocean was his favorite place and two, he always felt as though he was the one doing the crashing.

There were others, too, of course. Gansey’s ley line triangle sat on the inside of his wrist besides Ronan’s cloud-like bubble. Blue’s oval sat just below the two and he remembered vividly the emotions its appearance had caused him: relief, knowing he was capable of loving someone other than his friends; disappointment, knowing that the mark appeared on his wrist rather than his chest. Even later, it never did reappear on his chest.

He was not in love with Blue Sargent.

Neither of his parents’ marks branded his skin, either; something they had never let him forget.

But it was just after a shower when Adam, wiping the condensation from the mirror, spotted the cloud upon his chest. He started so that he almost slipped on the slick floor beneath him. He stared at it, blinking hard, but the elegant curved cloud stayed in its place.

He was in love with Ronan Lynch.

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1975 Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes “Wake Up Everybody”

“Philly soul staples Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes were in full swing on 1975’s Wake Up Everybody. Sporting their trademark lush, string-laden production from Gamble and Huff (who also wrote about half the album’s material), the smooth soul outfit delivers a mix of deep soul balladry and uptempo dance tracks. The title track, with its socially relevant messages, is a standout. There is no shortage of fine vocal performances all around, notably from Melvin and from future solo star Teddy Pendergrass.”

Side one

1. “Wake Up Everybody”   7:30

2. “Keep on Lovin’ You”   3:40

3. “You Know How to Make Me Feel So Good” (Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff) 5:17

Side two

4. “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (Gamble, Huff, Cary Gilbert) 6:08

5. “Tell the World How I Feel About ‘Cha Baby”   5:54

6. “To Be Free to Be Who We Are”   5:09

7. “I’m Searching for a Love” (Gamble, Huff) 5:23

Fave fics as fake film postersMarried by nadiacreek

“Just because we’re married doesn’t mean we’re back together,” Kurt said.

Blaine looked up from the menu at the diner they’d gone to for brunch. Kurt had called in sick for the day, since he’d woken up late and there was no way he could wrap his mind around work anyway. Blaine had canceled the two apartment showings he’d had scheduled.

“It doesn’t?”

“No,” Kurt said decisively. “Also, all that sex we had doesn’t mean we’re back together either, but that should be obvious by now.”

“Of course,” Blaine said, trying to hide his amusement.

“Just because I promised to spend the rest of my life with you doesn’t mean I’m not still mad at you. Or that I’ve gone back to trusting you.”

Blaine motioned the waitress over. “I’ll have the french toast, please. And a glass of orange juice.”

The Truth is the Last Thing Anyone Cares About: The Wicked + The Divine, Issue Seven

Sleater-Kinney released an album called No Cities To Love on Tuesday. This is relevant to WicDiv for two reasons; one, I first discovered Sleater-Kinney through the official WicDiv playlist, and two, it’s hard not to conflate an album with lines like “Exhume our idols! Bury our friends!” with this book. With that said, it’s interesting that this issue of The Wicked + The Divine takes that idea and turns it on its head. In this story, we’re killing our idols- we were from the first issue- and we don’t have friends (it’s better to have enemies, as Laura would say). The way people react to fame is at the forefront of this issue as Laura becomes a VIP guest at the convention London Fantheon, and for an issue where she’s surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people, her special status marks it with moments of surprising intimacy.

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5 skills for content marketing

  • Foster an experimental mindset for testing and iteration. Language patterns and digital consumption keep changing and content marketers must contently try new approaches
  • Think like a reader (and a search engine). Human readers come first, but content needs to be organized in a way that optimizes its relevance to search engines.
  • Apply journalistic curiosity to create useful and credible content. What’s the story and what’s its impact on the reader?
  • Understand social platforms for listening and distribution. Two-way dialogue strengthens brand loyalty. Discussion and debate extend the lifespan of your content.
  • Motivate your audience. Use data and feedback to decide which calls to action work best.

(via Developing a content marketing mindset – five skills to master | Media Network |

Life can sometimes be so fickle. One second everything is perfect and the very next second it can all change. As a matter of fact this happens to everyone at one point or another in their life. It’s called hardship and it’s a part of life. 

This is also so relevant in our climbing world. Sometimes we have slumps in how hard we climb and sometimes we have slumps in our motivation to climb. This is also part of the cycle.

In life and in climbing hardships are immanent. They cannot be circumnavigated or ignored. You will have to hit it head on, so brace yourself. There are two sure fire ways to overcome these hardships. Will power & family. 

Surround yourself with people you love and expose your hardship to its mortal enemy…will power. 

Tick That Pitch
Knowledge Is Power